Friday, 25 December 2009

Xmas (Disappointing) Countdown in Hong Kong

MERRY XMAS!!!!!!!!

Am in Hong Kong now, having been awake for more than 45 hours and witnessed the most disappointing Xmas countdown ever~

Can you believe like people were at The Avenue of the Stars area (at Nathan Road), the roads were blocked up, police were in the middle of the road, everyone was expecting SOMETHING, like, ANYTHING, to happen, yet nothing did?

You'd have thought SOMETHING was planned right? Like some performance of sorts, or fireworks, or SOMETHING~~~

Yah...even the moments to Xmas, and the moments after.....were just people standing there, waiting....waiting....waiting.....and then, it's like 00:05 already, and NOBODY took the initiative to countdown. There was like....just....waiting..... =.="

Even the police couldn't take the initiative to tell people there was no performance or anything like that (which didn't really warrant the roads being was barricaded like National Day and the president was coming or something...)
Then people just started leaving...

Damn anti-climax man......

So we decided to go the area just outside of Avenue of the Stars...

I heard that buildings were decked up in Xmas lighting decorations every this time of the year~

Anyway, I was telling you guys about 风云2 and how you should not waste your time on it and that I would blog about it right? I've yet to find appropriate pictures to aid in my article, but if you've friends who've watched it, I'm sure they can tell you how =.=" the show is. Yup it's so bad it didn't render just me, but almost everyone in the theatre hall, speechless when the show ended. Many people were like fidgeting after the first half of the show...and if you're someone impatient, you should leave within 1 hour. More on that if I can find pictures..Going to concuss now~

Presents!!!! and Santa Claus,

Thursday, 24 December 2009

Merry Xmas!

Hello! I'm in a mad rush to pack now so I can fly to like, Hong Kong later. Got loads to tell you (what's new? Yah I know I know I've been missing...SORRY!!!!!)

I've got loads of stuff to write about I think the next 2 days you shall see quite a few entries...(if I'm not too busy with my other best friend in Hong Kong).

For now, very very important advice:

Do NOT, under ANY circumstance, watch Storm Warriors (aka 风云2). It's crap. Worse than the Halloween 2 I told you guys abt before. DO NOT WATCH IT. Spend your 10 bucks on like...I dunno...mail it to me or something. Or go give them to the buskers. Or buy those glow sticks I'm sure many places will sell these few days, or that Xmas hat hair clip those guys in town are selling to raise funds for I can't remember what purpose already. Just don't bother with 风云2. I dozed off 3 times (at least). You can go watch Treasure Hunter. At least Jay Chou and 曾志伟 are funny and 林志玲 is eye candy.

I'll tell you more when I get to Hong Kong okay?


Love, Peace, Joy, Santa Claus, and Presents,

Thursday, 17 December 2009

An Evening with QiuQiu 洪萩庭

I know...this post is LOOOOOOOONNNGGG overdue, but I've been out and about so much these past few days everything is still spinning for me~ =D and I just recovered from a badly inflamed swollen red eye. It's still pinkish, but at least it's not oozing pus and swollen or sore, so I'm happy. Also, I just got the photoshopped pictures from my best friend (For the uninitiated, that's Miss 洪萩庭). My FIRST EVER PHOTOSHOPPED PICTURES ON MY BLOG LEH!!!! 抢先看!

Here goes....

I told you Wei Lie was supposed to help us take pictures but he was summoned back early for his shoot so we had to take pictures of each other instead right? Yeah, so we did, and I was quite impressed with QT's Photoshop skills. She managed to blend 2 pictures to make 1!

Loving this picture of us~~
She first took a picture of me, then I went to the (almost) exact place where she stood and took a pic of her. And tadah! Nice!

I love Arab St...that area has so many of these nice old shop/house fronts...and they give me that back-in-the-good-old-days kinda feel~


This one's taken with my camera instead of hers, with different settings. As you can see, the colours are more vivid so the whole feel's different from the ones she took. =)
This one's un-photoshopped though...
I'll stick to posting those she took so this post feels more consistent. More on my pictures another time!

This one's cute. You can see her half of the picture on her blog.

I first knew Qiuting when we were both contestants in the Mr and Ms Singapore Polytechnic Pageant 2005 (MMSP). Thanks to the guys from SPSU, my application was entered without my knowledge. And thanks to the guys from SPSU who entered me in the competition, I now have this best friend whom I love so dearly...
Neither of us won the pageant (wonder, we were both runners-ups. But what we have now is something to smirk about. ;)

Beats any prize the pageant offers (the prize for that year's pageant was a MAJOR cock-up failure btw...)

We initially went hunting for this so we could use it in our photos...but somehow...halfway through the session they went missing, and we only like realised it a few days later! KUKU!!!! Lol~

I look like I'm half squatting-shitting with a playful

Then she decided to let down her hair just so she can have a different look...
She said she's used to looking messy so don't say I'm mean and posted her messy photos!

So I decided to change my hair too~ I tied mine up. She let hers down...


Hair check! Hmmm....okay please reserve your comments~~~ Lol~
The hairpiece belongs to her. And she got it for like $2.90!!!! You got to hand it to Qiuting for finding REALLY NICE cheap bargains, somehow....

She just made me look...what can I say? Wow...
I'm not saying I'm DAMN chio here okay...the focus is on the way the pictures turned out, plus her photo-editing skills. Of course...erm....a pretty model helps make the perfect picture too.... =P

I saw this 花草树木 thing on the wall and I just HAD to take a picture~
Yeah this is unedited...
I really should get my own copy of the software hor....

It was getting dark, so we adjourned to Bugis Street..... look for FISHBALLS!!!! hahaha~~

Best Friends Forever~~~

There's more, but I'll put up Part 2 another time okay? With my unphotoshopped photos...I just sent those to her...maybe she'll do something with them
We'll see....

Best Friends and Love,

Monday, 14 December 2009

Xiaxue Is Getting Married!!!

OH MAN~~!!! I CANNOT BELIEVE IT!!!!!! When I saw her tweet saying she's officially engaged, I GASPED! Lol~ You know she's like The Blogger right? Anyway I've been busy these few days, I haven't got time to blog. And I told myself once I get the chance, I'm gonna read her's and Cheesie's blog and BLOG ABOUT IT!!! Lol~~~~!!! And guess what! QT BEAT ME TO IT!!! Lol~ (No updates on XX's blog yet waiting!!!)

Anyway, Mike (her fiance...omg suddenly it's FIANCE!!!!) was SOOOOOOO sweet and romantic!!!! One day I hope my Prince will be even sweeter...(WHAT??? DREAM CANNOT MEH??? MAYBE WILL HAPPEN ONE OKAY!!!) Go read Cheesie's blog now to understand the whole thing!!! It's so "AAAWWWWWWWWW"~~~

*Envious until~~~~~~~*

Congrats to Xiaxue and Mike! May you have a BEAUTIFUL WEDDING ahead!
(I'm so looking forward to it already! Haha!)

Saturday, 12 December 2009

An Afternoon (few hours) with 杨伟烈

The title sounds like some magazine competition "Win a date with our Eligible Bachelor" or some interview with a celebrity or something. Lol~

I started out wanting to blog about the camming session I told you about with Qiuting. BECAUSE We FINALLY MET UP!!!!!!!! Like, not bumped into each other on the streets or at some event or party or whatever, but MET UP!!!

Prior to that, I went for my riding practice, and had gone to visit Jerry (杨伟烈) at 《魔幻世界》's filming location as he apparently had a break of at least 5 hours because his next scene is a night scene.

《魔幻世界》's done by the same company which did 《Fun学去》 by the way~ (Refresh your memory for you - that's the kids' programme me and Sugie are currently hosting and is on air every Sunday, Channel 8, at 10am.) That's Wawa Pictures! Which ALSO did 《一切完美》 and 《一切完美2》! They produce such great work! (I'm not saying so because I am their artiste okay...I genuinely feel so, which was one of the reasons I signed on with them.)

So looking forward to the show!!!

Anyway~~back to my intended content.

I said I started out wanting to blog about the session with QT right? But because I met 2 good friends on one same day, I shall separate the meeting Jerry and meeting QT into 2 blog posts as I feel they should be given individual blog post attention.

See how much I value them?

猜猜那位狼狈不堪的 uncle-looking person 是谁?

Eh I'm not some mean person who's poking fun at a poor hospital patient okay? I don't do stuff like that lor~

It's Jerry 杨伟烈!!!!

我们还算挺有缘的 - 2005年在 Teenage Icon 首次碰面。虽然有印象, 但当年彼此都对对方不熟,也没说过话。 2年后又在 Be A Star 比赛见面- 他是参赛者,我是嘉宾,对他的歌唱实力刮目相看。之后又有机会一起同台在Heeren 的 atrium 合唱 “天天夜夜”。当年的我歌唱实力马虎的不行, 跟他合唱压力好大~

他唱歌很棒喉~~~ ^.^


也不知曾几何时我们变成了朋友 (好像是今年的事), 不时会一起去喝咖啡,唱唱 ktv (这时的我可能歌唱技巧进步了,和他唱歌也没像以前那样stressed到要命了。)

I have no idea how come I suddenly switched to Chinese~ haha~ I shall switch back to being bilingual for the benefit of my non-Chinese-literate readers. =D

 自拍 angle FAIL!

 Angle PASS!
But he's got a spastic expression...not sure if it was done on purpose though...if not...erm...yah, SORRY JERRY!!! (I feel weird addressing him as I shall now refer to him as either Wei Lie or 伟烈 okay? That's how I always call him la~)

 Trying to act like a beng still trying to acting seh even after becoming injured...

 He looks short here....but he's not okay?
超搞笑的 pose...

WHAT?!!! 我的笑点很低不可以昧?


空手来探班还偷吃人家的 goreng pisang~
It was one of the best goreng pisangs I've had in years man...most I ate in recent years were somehow always either lao hong, not crispy, or just not nice...this one was SEDAP~~~

Time to change location!
The shoes were damn gross la! Dunno why he chose to use it as a prop for the picture...and the company-sponsored water... I suspect he's got a serious inferiority complex so he purposely acts salah because, well, acting 帅 would require more effort to look convincing....

See what I mean?

Kidding la! I think he looks fine the way he is! =D
Not to mention he makes me laugh. A lot. Almost every time we go out. So I'm HAPPEE to have him as a friend!! ;)

Out of nowhere, he sprouted this question:
“Eh, 你的酒窝比较深还是我的比较深啊?”

We've never compared dimple sizes before (not that many people have the chance to since not everyone has them~) and I could only see his and him mine right? So we decided to take a picture:

and then I said
Eh? Wait.....WAHAHAHAHAHA~~!!!
I'm just commenting on what I saw, but as soon as the words came out, he gave me a weird look, and we both burst out laughing!
Him “不是应该这样的昧?”

But it's TRUE!!!! Mine is a round hole what...and his is 一条 one ma....

Because he had a long break right? So after checking that he's REALLY not needed in the next 3 hours, I dragged him with me to meet Qiuting. At the same time, we could use a photographer ma~~ If not I take her she take me then photoshop together damn shiong one you know! I was sparing a thought for Qiuting, as well as relieving Wei Lie from doing-nothingness. So thoughtful hor?

Thing was, he was still in his hospital patient clothes when I dragged him to Arab Street...

He looks wrong in this setting, but he's very sporting!

He kept acting like he 中风 at Arab Street.
 But I love his spontaneity!

QT's a damn spontaneous person too~! Love these friends....

Somehow shortly after we arrived (like, within an hour?), the production crew called for him to go back as they wanted to do the shoot soon...and it wasn't even nightfall yet (It wasn't even 5pm!). Guess they found a way to make the scene look night-ish. And so he went back..

Me and QT ended up taking pictures of each other, ourselves....sigh~

But I think we took some really nice pictures~ I'll get more pictures from her...then I'll share them with you soon k?

I'm tired already....

Birthdays, Spontaneity, and Love,

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Thank you =D


First of all, I wanna thank all for you for coming back. It gives me drive to keep writing. =) And I am thankful that you guys either

  1. like my writing
  2. like me, or *shy* love me (don't shy la~~can just tell me...I won't tell...)
  3. are concerned about the happenings of my little life
  4. OR!!! OR!! OR!!!!! 
  5. somehow ACCIDENTALLY stumbled here, or was brought here by some weird unknown forces, which means we are somehow fated to meet, right?

I'm smiling. In a very stoned, steamed, and spaced manner because I am in desperate need of sleep. Funny how a moment ago I was feeling wide awake and the next I become some Resident Evil know, the thing that drags its feet and walks around hunched, with super tsui expressionless face, blank eyes, and arms that dangle limply by its side? I look something like that now...NOT pretty...

Oh well...

I was saying...I'm smiling (so maybe that makes me slightly prettier than the Resident Evil thingy), because of all the above reasons, especially....

1,2,3 and 4!!! HAHAHAHA!!!

(Told you I am in need of sleep.....)

Secondly, I wanna apologize for having disappointed you time and again. Sorry my dears~ Because you keep coming back for more, some of you several times a day, but then all you keep seeing is the last post you saw.

I've been experiencing life as it is (that means, in layman terms, going about my business, going out with old friends, meeting new people, taking time off for myself to relax and enjoy~ =D), and taking my motorbike lessons (been wondering how to blog about it with pictures cos I can't take pictures while I'm on the bike...later fall down how? Cannot blog leh...then you'll be sad right? I know~ *gives an understanding nod* I'll sort this out somehow...).

Basically, I'm living life so that there is stuff to update about ma...but because I always end up living my life (or days) to the full...that by the time I'm done...I'm been awake for way too long and am way too stoned to blog.

SO HOR! You lucky ones should also feel grateful that I am here now at 5am despite my head throbbing and feeling woozy and arms hurting and legs feeling say thank you and sorry.

Did I mention me and QT went out for our FIRST ever camming session? We've been best friends for so long, yet we've never never never ever gone out and taken pictures together before! The only ones we have are those taken at gatherings of sorts, like her bday party or some fans gathering or something.

Then there's that Hong Kong trip at the end of the year which I'm going with....another one of my 4 besties (Ya, I have 4. Will one by one intro to you peeps ok?)!!!

AND OH!!! Motorbike lessons! I passed the practical subjects I retook twice. Finally!!! YAY!!!

I got so much to tell you guys! Give me some time, okay?

Hopefully, by tomorrow.



Monday, 7 December 2009


I have no idea why, but I keep getting weird stuff happening to me online. And it's not just me okay. Xiaxue encounters them too (go read her blog post on "Crystal's Best Friend"), as well as I'm sure almost everyone here, especially the goodlookers.

I have deleted Part 1 of the thread cos I thought my reply would put him off, but apparently it didn't.

Part 1 is this guy asking me if I know so-and-so (or maybe it was him asking if I was so-and-so...can't remember cos I obviously do not know him or whichever friend he may be referring to...but well, doesn't matter, ya?)

That was a VERY clever after-kena-rejected-re-pick-up line. It is. Yes, I know people gotta meet to know each other (~~~duuuuhhh~~~~), and by that, I'm talking about first encounters, IN PERSON. For some of you who've asked me to add you on facebook, you should know by now that my account's quite private and the friend list is confined to friends and family only, hence I don't usually add people just like that. And I almost never meet a person online to know someone. Not since I stopped mIRC-ing, anyway...(that's at least...erm....8 years ago?)

What? I was young, okay? Plus, we all IRC-ed. Most of us.

Anyway, my definition of friends here, and ONLY IN FACEBOOK, means people who have somehow been in my life for at least an impressionable amount of time, like people I've known in primary sch, in nygh, in poly, at work, or competition mates, or something.

You get my point.


When I got this msg (after having NOT replied his msg), I sat there looking at the screen for at least a good 5-10 seconds. He's trying to ask if I know the country? He's probably from there, since his name has a character that looks like a c with a tail at the bottom - ç. Is that a Turkish lettering? I don't know.

And so what if I know Turkey? Yes I do. I've been to Istanbul a number of times...then? Uh-huh? So? And...?

You could say like "Have you been to turkey? I'm from there" or something, instead of a "do you know turkey?" which ends abruptly.

Or did he mean the bird?

I was actually wondering for a while okay - if he meant the country or the bird. Or if Turkey is someone's name. Eh possible what!!! Hong Kong got people called Monday hor! Singapore also got one Silver ma~
Notice he doesn't have the habit of CAPS-ing, so I won't know if he meant it as a proper noun or a common noun. Then again, in this day and age, unless you're unfortunate(or fortunate) enough to still be studying and having your compositions marked by an English teacher, no one gives a shit about CAPS. like how often do you sms or msn in proper english, right? especially when there is no 'dictionary' function like in msn, or if your 'dictionary' function is off in your mobile.

For those who don't know what I am talking about:
Singapore, Silver Ang, Xiaxue, Raffles Place, Orchard Road = Proper nouns (aka specific noun with a name);
Country, girl, blogger, train station, road = Common nouns (referring to a thing)

Eg: Silver Ang (proper noun) is a girl (common noun) who loves Alton (proper noun, because it's referring to my particular dog)

Anyway, lesson over. Back to my point(s):

After not replying, still....

One day later...

 Did I mention I cringe at bad grammar? Or bad English, to be exact.

I'm not saying my command of the English language is fantastic, but I think the basics should be mastered. Come on, most of you Singaporeans, you studied at least 10-13 years of almost ALL of your subjects in English. Surely one can conjure up a proper conversational sentence?

I'm not saying you should master even the confusing stuff like present or past participle tenses or anything like that, which I'm sure many of you are frowning at now, thinking "what the hell, who cares". Heck, even I get confused sometimes at very profound advanced grammar. And did I mention sometimes confusing, too?


He kinda reminds me of our Ms Singapore World 2009 Ris Low's spoken English. Note that I say spoken, because her written English is actually quite can be seen from again, reference to Xiaxue's blog. It's not perfect or error-free, but I guess it's MUCH better than her probably-anxiety-caused poor enunciation and pronunciation. (I'm not going into the differences or some of you are going to doze off and become pak jiao. Google if you're sooooooooo curious.)

Okay, he's most probably not Singaporean, looking at his name (which I shall keep confidential) with the weird letter ç. He probably just took up English not long ago.

He's trying to say "why don't you send back a message", or rather "why aren't you replying?"
He did apply perfectly the rules of English taught in primary school - no short forms in written English like 'don't', 'haven't', and 'isn't', you got to spell them out, and he did. Except that "why don't you.." is not written English format so you can't break it up and say "why do not you..". It should be "why do you not....". Don't ask me why. The language says so.

And it was just a wrong choice of word, right? ('send' instead of 'reply')

Fine. I'll let it pass....

But I'm still not going to reply...because...I don't know...I already did. I said I didn't know him. (SIDETRACK: Here is a confusing one!! "I said I didn't know him" or I said I don't know him"??? I still don't know him so should it be in present tense? But didn't sounds more right hor? If in doubt, trust your instincts...*shrugs*)

Another day later...

I collapsed and laughed and nearly fell off my chair.

Thoughts literally RAN through my mind...
  •  The obvious spelling error. I'm sure he meant 'sweetly'.... Right? RIGHT?? If not; 
  •  I quickly went to click on my profile picture to check if my face was oily or case it really wasn't a spelling error and that he actually meant "you are smiling sweatily"... Nope. Profile picture looks nice. And NOT sweating.
  • At the same time, I find the fact that he SUDDENLY and ABRUPTLY changed his approach very amusing. Because I didn't reply right? So perhaps he knew that his 'turkey' and 'why do not you send' approach was not working and lingering on the edge of being pushy, and thus decided to change his approach to por-ing. (Too late my dear, plus it came out wrong~) Don't por me anymore won't work. Anyway you risk making another silly spelling error or grammar mistake.

On more than 1 occasion, I've been asked me if I have any 择偶条件 for my other half. I remember replying almost immediately, always the same answer -

1.) He cannot be stupid. Like. Stupid. Meaning he has to be able to catch what I say quickly, and understand. Same frequency and wavelength, in other words. I can't be with someone who is unable to 'catch the ball', or have the ball fly past him without him knowing.
Please note that the piece of paper counts for nought here, because I personally do not believe that having a degree or masters means one is DEFINITELY smarter than a O/A level cert / diploma holder. I need someone with high EQ and IQ, not a knowledgeable wise old man who's always somehow portrayed in pictures or books sitting under a tree.

I'm not saying the above-mentioned is stupid. I don't know him and I've not interacted with him before, so I won't know. You should be smart enough to see that this 择偶条件 thing is a sidetracked topic ya?

2.)  He cannot have a bad command of English. No need to be great, or fantastic, or use bombastic words   ALL the time. I don't mean that. I don't like that either (either he's really too atas for my liking, or trying too hard). I just don't like decoding msgs. (like the above) Proper language use can already be interpreted in so many ways, that's why we have Literature. Don't add more possible interpretations with wrong usage of grammar or diction.

Everything else, I'm not really particular... Oh, wait! Erm...size matters...but I'm not really asking for HUUUUGE~~~ Comfort is key, ya? =P

Back to the guy mentioned above.

It's been 4 days since. He has stopped sending messages.

And I did not reply him.
Because I can make him think I am offended when he realizes he said my smile was sweaty.

Okay I'm becoming pa jiao (The whole world spells it as pak jiao, but I feel that pa should be without the k. Try saying the word. No k one lor...Whatever...I'm babbling because I'm sleepy...) because I just spent 4 hours on this entry, and it's now 6:30am...

Goodnight world~

Saturday, 5 December 2009

Weird Imposters...

I was googling myself one day (just for the heck of it and cos I was really bored that day) and got a few interesting finds, one of which, on, disturbed me quite a bit:

 What the heck?
"I am the famous madpoh in sgforum.
I am Silver Ang Zi Hui of Project Superstar2005."
Nothing better to do izzit????
And the best part, this retard USED MY F#^&ING msn email!!!!! KNN!!!!!
No wonder I was receiving weird requests from strangers...okay, the requests were not weird, but the fact that strangers suddenly come and request to add me to their msn is very weird what!

By the way, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO add me on msn just like that. Especially if I do not know you.
Same goes for my facebook, friendster, email, or whatever. Anyway, that email account is no longer in use, meaning I'm just leaving it there to rot and grow maggots and hopefully get eaten by the maggots alive...; my friendster account is no longer in use, same thing, left to rot and hopefully decompose into more useful matter; and my facebook does not use the above-mentioned email address.
You can leave me messages on my blog, or my facebook. I WILL READ THEM. Just don't request for me to add you, okay? Anyway, I don't really like to go into facebook at the moment, due to some reasons stated in a previous blog post. SO DON'T BOTHER ASKING ME TO ADD YOU ON FACEBOOK, cos there is nothing more you will read in FB than you will read here.



Then...I went further on to read other posts by that arsehole "madpoh" who claimed to be Silver Ang.
Why am I so sure it's a he?

Read on:

You probably can't see. Here's the first post:

"Every since last sunday when after I had sex with a girl and torture her which makes me so high that I have nose bleed. After that my nose stop bleeding already but still keep on having runny nose until today.

Eat all sorts of medicine already but still cannot recover.

How now to stop the running nose?"

Cringe. I was cringing through the full post of bad grammar. And I was cringing having to REPRODUCE the above post in writing just so you guys can read it~

URGHH~~~~ *shivers*
What's wrong with him???

By the way, stuff a tampon up your nostrils, dude. *rolls eyes 372346345745623 degrees inside my sockets*

Then, the 4th post:

"What will happen when you are fucking a girl when she is having menustration?

Must be very fun because can take her blood and wipe it on her face and than make her drink the blood"

Help!!!!! I wonder, before I found this post, how many freaking people have read this and thought that Silver Ang is some retarded psychopath lesbian with bad grammar who loves having sex with girls during their "menustration"!!!!!!

Oh my gawdd!!!!!

I decided I CANNOT let my reputation wither and go down the sewage like that, so I decided to sign in with the forum just so I could clear my name. I offered this:

"Okay, I have no idea who this person who started this thread is, but he's definitely not Silver Ang... =.=" (get a life~)

For those who're really keen on knowing Silver, here's her blog =)"

Hope this helps~ bleah~~~

I DO NOT have sex with girls during their "menustration" and take their blood and wipe their faces "and than" make them drink the blood, okay?

I do not.

God bless~

Friday, 4 December 2009


Yesterday morning has got to be the sway-est ever~

I got so involved with packing n blogging the night before that I forgot the time and ended up not sleeping at all, then because I got to leave the house by 5:45 to catch the bus to work, I decided I shall make myself a hot tea with milk.

Which I did, then I decided to change up, during which I found a *GASP!!!* stupid mosquito bite on my left eyebag!!!!!!! NOW WHICH IDIOTIC STUPID HELL OF A MOSQUITO BITES PEOPLE ON THE EYEBAGS ONE???????

It was 5:25 now, and makeup would be at 7:30am later. Will the bite go away by then?  One eyebag already looks bad. I'll end up with one bigger eyebag than the other!!! I was in too much distress and frantic frenzy to take a picture of the said image. But it probably looks like this:

Me looking super tsui and overall-y pissed off.
Thank god I don't have red blood-shot eyes to go with the said look...

Then, never mind. Cursing and swearing at the mosquito (I hope it gets piles from poking people on inappropriate places, like their eyebags, or nipples, or something....), I decided I shall boil myself 2 eggs to bring out for lunch later.

When the eggs were cooking, I went to make my bed.
As I was doing my duvet, my duvet accidentally knocked over the cup of hot tea (with milk) and the tea ended up on the bed at a corner. And I forgot to mention this: I had just changed my sheets about 5 hours ago. KNN!!!!!!!!!! Haven't even gotten a chance to sleep on it leh!!! %^$%&!^%^%@#%!!!!!!! AND MY HARRODS TEDDY IS NOW TEA-SOAKED!!!!!! ARRRGGGHHHH!!!!!!!

Cursing and swearing more....

I decided the more important Harrods Teddy shall be cleaned up first, so I ran to the kitchen basin to wash it up...lucky the stains came off pretty easily....which cheered me up a slight bit. I switched off the gas for the eggs, and proceeded to clean up my bed, the sheets, the pillowcase affected, and the floor around my bed.

Fast forward---->

Everything's clean (okay...not entirely...but I was rushing cos it's like 5:45 ALREADY!!!). My bedsheets, I shall come home n change them la. Then my duvet? URGH~ I just threw them onto the floor so that tmr (which is today) I can bring it to the drycleaners. NO DUVET FOR ME last night!!! U can imagine how hard it was to sleep without one, despite me only having the windows open and fan on.

I rushed out.
By the time I walked to the bus stop. I realised something.
MY EGGS WERE STILL IN THE POT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


You can imagine that my eyes rolled all the way to my arse at the un-smooth-ness (I don't think there's such a word, but I don't care cos u know what I'm talking about despite the word not existing....ah~ the power of understanding~~~~) of my early 2nd morning. And I didn't sleep....

Off to work~


Thursday, 3 December 2009

又在 Emo


在 fb 看见他的 status update:

我只能永远读着对白... 读到我给你的伤害... 读完了依赖... 我很快就离开...

不知道为什么心慌。。。还有感情的人都会想这个msg,是否是给自己看的,不会吗? 这句话,是什么意思?他写这句话的背后,还有什么含义吗。。。?是我想太多吗?

他那么喜欢周董的歌,我当然知道这是周董《搁浅》那首歌里的歌词。。。他还把那首歌的 mv 也放在他status update下。。。但为什么就选这两句呢?他把 mv 放进去,纯粹只是放 mv 而已吗?还是其实是一个要给某人看到的讯息。。。如果是,那讯息又是要给谁看的呢?



此刻, 我掉泪了...

为什么会掉泪吗? 这首歌,有那么感动到我吗?




这次, 他把王力宏的《Kiss Goodbye》 放在下。 王力宏当然,也是他很喜欢的一位歌手。。。

《Kiss Goodbye》 

每一次放弃你的温柔 痛苦难以释怀
每一次 kiss you goodbye
爱情的滋味 此刻我终于最明白。。。



刚刚还跟维健Derrick说我不喜欢上fb了,因为到处都会看到“他”的影子,因为“他”超爱到处在很多mutual friends 的 updates 留言,怎么样都会看到他的照片和所留言出现。。。Derrick还刚教我说fb有个功能,能让你 hide status updates,你不想看到的人的什么updates你也看不到了。。。我兴奋地谢了他后,想进去fb把“他”的 updates 都 hide 掉。。。笨蛋。。。为什么做不到。。。还弄巧反拙。。。

我知道把此刻心情写在我的blog会很有可能的,让可能喜欢我的男生,或我可能对他有一点意思的男生 (我是有喜欢的男生的。。。),因此对我死心,或断了我可能会有的感情路。。。但我希望你们可以了解,洪子惠,是有感情的。有些东西,不是说放就能放下。就如我之前的post有提到,用嘴巴讲,谁不会?


我多希望能挽回过去。。。怎么说,我也有错。。。我能要求什么呢?他还可能回心转意吗?可能不会了。我又能怎样呢?只能希望而已,不是吗?希望有可能我们能 “从牵手,放手,又牵手走过来。。。” (而这次我会格外珍惜能再拥有的。。。)希望说不定会有一天某人会让我爱得更深。


我说过了。这个blog "Silver Ang. As Is" 就是让你们认识最真的我。不隐瞒。不虚假。不刻意只让你们看到我漂亮,搞笑的一面。这里能让我抒发。。。就让我 rant, 好吗。。。?


Monday, 30 November 2009

K's Housewarming

I love gatherings!

Especially when you get to catch up with people you've spent loads of time with during a period of your life, like school, or work, or during a competition, or something.

Yesterday I attended K's housewarming! K's this guy whom I had a crush on for the looooooooongest time when I was in poly. (WHAT, cannot have crush issit???? I'm not the like means go all out and chase after kind of girl ok?!) We were friends in the Students' Union. Due to being in the executive committee together, the SPSU (SP Students' Union) spent a LOT of time together, preparing for camps, events, meetings, yada yada...and for some reason, quite a few of us ex-co members stay in Woodlands, so we'll always head home together on the MRT. *reminisce~~~~~*

He didn't move very far - Sembawang. And it was to an area I like very much....


I simply love this place, for the serenity, the quiet, seaside, the away-from-civilization beauty.
Quite contrary to what many people think, I'm not quite the clubber. I hate crowds. I look like I'm a party animal (thanks to my dad who gave me this face la) who loves shopping. I know. =(

BUT REALLY, I'm someone who loves to be with a few close friends rather than a big group of acquaintances; reading; taking walks by the beach; bringing my dog out; spending time with friends; watching movies or the tv (though I hardly get to watch tv for some reason - maybe cos my TV is in my living room and the living room is hot and there is no air-con or fan there).
I watched TV for the longest time yesterday though, because his living room is soooooo nice and comfortable (mainly the

The very enticing and strategically-placed TV...just waiting to be watched...hahaha!

Eh I realised I didn't take many pictures! HOW COULD I????? Grr.....
Hate it when I don't have pictures to bring out a I'll make less points today....*grouchy*

Oops...that's his dad... =P
My point here is...I love plants in the house! Gives the house some life~
Yeah I and my feng shui....

The very nice dining area~ Ahhh~~~ Fruits on the table...
It's these little little details that make all the difference~
*thumbs up!*

What is that????

You have to imagine my reaction okay...

Me: (hoping in front of that grey door) OH MY GAAAAAD OH MY GAAAAAAAAAAAAD

K: (watching with amusement) Ya.

Me: (still jumping in front of the lift) OHHHH MAAII GAAAAAAAAD!!!!

Yeah...I know! You'd think that this ex-air-stewardess would have seen it all...
No man.... yesterday, I feel swakoo like shit.... lol...

Anyway, he took me for a tour around the house through all 4 levels....and I cleverly forgot my cam~ Sorry peeps!
BUT I made him assure me I will get a chance to go again *grins from ear to ear*

I had a GREAT time chatting with his folks...I think I have a natural affinity with friends' parents. ;)
Or maybe it's just his folks.........

NO LAAAA~~~~ *waves my hand casually* I click with elders. *nods firmly*

And of course, I had a GREEEEAAAAT time rebonding with friends I've not seen in years!

as the empty bottle of wine and glasses prove it...

By the way....this is really good stuff
Brown Brothers Moscato Rosa
It's a sweet sparkling white rose~ *slurp*

That's K's brother Joseph sipping the delicious Moscato~

Our dear Matthew doesn't like bubblies....

No, he DOESN'T like bubblies........

This Cabernet Sauvignon looks more promising....

 and at this point Joey makes an enquiry.....I think....turns out they both studied a bit of wine...
I did too okay! Thanks to SQ~! ;)

"This, my dear, is then the good stuff.... "

See? Matt feels better already just talking abt this wine! He's not frowning!!!!!!

The best part? I didn't take ANY pictures of myself nor with K. The whole lot of you must be curious, those who're not in our K looks like~
Lol...oh well~ You'll get a chance....

Buay gam wan never take picture in his

Tadah! Next time~! Bye!