Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Moment Watches. 52 Moments, One Each Week

When I was first approached to do a little write-up about Moment Watches, I took a look at their website, and I said yes immediately. There were to be 52 watches, with a new one debuting per week. We will never know what designs are coming out next, simply because of the whole philosophy of how this brand works - each watch design has a story to tell.

As long as anyone feels strongly about something, or they have a story they want to share with the world, they can do so via an artwork, and submit this piece of creation to the brand. If your story/picture is compelling enough, it will become a design on a Moment Watch. 

Here are some of their watches:
I really really like this one. To remind us sometimes to not take life too seriously. 
And also to console myself that it's really ok cos I'm almost always late. >.<

Not that I'm encouraging you to be late, but you know, sometimes you just take that little bit longer to do your makeup cos your mascara kena your eyelid, or you really really suddenly have a tummyache before you leave the house (happens to me A LOT!) or you're just having that little chat with your mum/child before you leave the house. You know, anything urgent or pleasant. 5 minutes is really ok. 

If you're observant enough, you will see that the minute-marks have ALL been pushed 5 minutes to the right. So even if you're 5 minutes late you can playfully show your watch to your friend and insist you are on time. ;)

This week's design. It has a chinese character of the word "dream", with a guitar as the body. To remind us to chase our dreams, no matter how dire the situation is. Read the story here.

This one below spoke to me the most, of a sperm and an egg meeting. Read on:

"There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heaven."
A baby is conceived when the conditions and circumstances in the mother's womb are exactly right. So, be watchful for opportunities in your life to conceive an idea or a project. Sometimes you may only get one chance, a window of opportunity, so don't let it pass you by.
Be prepared at all times by striving continually in the direction of your dream. You are handpicked, your life is special, your dreams are unique, your moment is serendipitous, your time could be now. 
- Moment Watches

All the stories of these watches can be read on the Moment Watches website. I didn't like that last watch until I read its story. Then I fell in love with it. 

It's beautiful how sometimes, once you know the story behind, you appreciate it so much more. Like a friend. Or a family member. You know their story, and sometimes this makes you love them more than if you didn't know.  

This watch was given to me:
The third design launched. This one is pretty meaningful too. 
It's named "Be Determined. Moment to Persevere."

Be determined. Moment to persevere.
The idea of becoming an osteopath first occurred to Josh in high school when osteopathy healed him from a back injury. Despite his academic background not matching the requirements needed to undergo osteopathy training, Josh changed paths and did extra work to catch up and get on the right track. Although it took him much extra effort, his determination paid off in the end.
Inspired by Josh's spirit of perseverance to press on relentlessly, moment by moment, month by month, this watch design is a reminder that each second can be a step closer to reaching the end goal. 
                                                                                        - Moment Watches

 All their watches have interchangeable straps so once you have a few watches you can start mixing and matching to create different looks. Of course the straps can be sold separately, but not the watch itself. I would recommend getting another whole watch altogether. Variety! 

You should keep going back to the site to check on what they have in case you find one that really speaks to your heart, if you haven't already.

Moments Watches. ;)

I have 2 brand new pieces of this exact design "Be Determined. Moment to Persevere." to giveaway! 
You read right...


Write me your story. Tell me about a time when you persevered and you saw results! You might still be persevering and have yet to achieve your goal, but I want to know how you overcame all odds to be that step closer. 

Send your entries to thatsilvergirlcontest@gmail.com, together with your name and contact number! Winners will be notified via email/SMS! 

Closing date for submission is 7th May, 2013 by 23:59hrs. 

To view more Moment Watches, visit their site here.

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Get a Smaller Face. For Free.

You heard me right. You don't have to pay anything. Nor buy anything. Nor be coerced into signing any package unless you really want to. I'm inviting you to a trial session of Doctor's Care Derma Skin Tech Program.

What it Does?
  • Brightens your complexion
  • Balance uneven skin tone
  • Lightens freckles & pigmentation
  • Deep cleanses your skin all the way to the dermal layer
  • Firm up loose/saggy skin
  • Plumps up skin so wrinkles fade away
  • Make your face smaller and sharper!
Sounds too good to be true right? Since when are such good things free? And it's just a facial treatment. No injections. Nothing invasive. 

Get that skeptic out of your head. In conjunction with LJH and Lolita, I am REALLY offering a trial session for the first 30 of you who sign up. 

Here's an overview of the treatment which I have personally tried, as an LJH ambassador:

This is the place where we will be holding the sharing session. I will be there to answer any queries you may have. =) If you get lost, the number above is the one to call.

My Before face. I never thought I would see a difference. But just read on...

 The therapist will first cleanse your face of course, and then she will apply this lotion on your face which works with the Derma Skin Tech machine to further expel toxins and other dirty stuff from your face. This is not just any lotion. It is negatively charged, meaning it has negative ions which works with the machine which is set at positive ion mode. 

This, like how positive and negative forces work on magnets, will draw out the impurities in your face.

Only half my face was done first so as to be able to show you a difference in my left and right face.

You can do this together with a friend so you can still chat/gossip during the session. For busy ladies like us who hardly have time to really catch up, this was perfect. Of course, the therapists get to hear our latest news. Lol.

After the first step which was cleansing step, the therapist will then wipe clean your face. Bear in mind a proper cleansing of the face was done prior to the treatment.

Yucks. All these dirt was still on my face even after I washed my face? 

The machine was then set to sonic massage, negative ion mode, and used with the same massage gel. This mode helps to maintain skin elasticity. The massage function also improved blood circulation in the skin. Whatever dirt was left in the skin was also pushed out due to the vibrations as well as the negative-negative charges.

I am confident my face was then thoroughly cleansed. 

Next comes your choice of treatment. At the moment the Derma Skin Tech Program offers a choice of whitening or anti-aging treatment. More will be offered in due course. I chose the whitening treatment, thus the whitening ampoule was used.

This time just the negative ion mode was selected. This last step is known as ionthophoresis, where the machine's negative charge will react with the negative ions in the whitening ampoule to push all the goodness of the ampoule deep into the dermal layer of the skin. If you're just applying skincare, it goes only to the epidermal layer. This process ensures the ampoule applied on your face penetrates deep into your skin.

 And the final result of one side!

 Oh can you tell that the right side (your left) of my face actually got smaller? Like someone pressed on my face. Lol. Woohoo!

Need to get the other side done so my face is balanced. Don't want to walk out the salon with one side bigger than the other.

And the final "After" pictures!!!!

 No botox. No invasive procedures. Just a relaxing facial massage type of treatment.
Want to try it for yourself? Or bring your mum maybe? ;)

 I am lolita. ^^

Okay, When, and Where is This Trial?
  • 20th April and 21 April, from 12noon to 6pm. 
  • Lolita, Marina Link @ Marina Square #B1-12 Singapore [Call 65-63389981]

Just register here by the 18th April and you'll also get a goodie bag worth $68 free.

Should you be interested, you will be able to bring the machine home at a heavily discounted price. Also, the whole range of LJH products will be available if you want to test out any products I might have mentioned, eg. colour of the sun pact, the egg pack facial soap etc.

See you there! 

P.S. Guys are welcome too! =D

Disclaimer: None of the pictures have been edited for the fair review of the treatment stated. 

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Zardoze Model Search: Model for Her World, Female & 女友 Magazine!

I would like to start off this entry by thanking Zardoz e Singapore for appointing me as one of their fashion ambassadors. It is a great honor and, honestly, one that would allow me to train my own fashion eye. *goes to my wardrobe to throw out things that shouldn't be there*

I'm looking forward to being dressed by the international label. ;)

 Being a model has never crossed my mind because, well, I never thought I had the figure to do it, and plus, I didn't think people who would engage models would bother with me since I am only 1.61m tall.

Then, I realized, hey what am I talking about? I might not be able to do catwalks, but I can do photoshoots! Confidence is key, and as long as you work that body, anyone can be a model!

Having said that, I'm sure some of you girls out there have that talent already, and you just look good in front of the camera. Zoe Tay has it (Hoorah for petite girls!!!), Fann Wong has it, and they both started out as models when they were really young. Want your own hit at fame and glamour? How about this, a chance to model for Her World, Female, and 女友 magazine? 

If you don't take that chance, you will never know. 

Zardoze Singapore is holding a model search, and the top 3 winners will be given a chance to model for a professional advertorial for Her World, Female and 女友. Yes, ALL THREE MAGAZINES!!!! If this doesn't kickstart your modelling career, I don't know what will. (Yeah, work it baby!) The top 3 will also get to keep an outfit of their choice by Zardoze!

The top 10 will receive exclusive tickets to the Zardoze Fashion Show and After-Party at the Audi Fashion Festival. These are prestigious fashion events, and renowned designers, stylists, and fashion gurus are going to be there. Rub shoulders, and you might see yourself catapulted into supermodel status if you have that spark (of course, being hardworking helps too).

Raring to go? All you got to do is Like the Zardoze Facebook page, upload a full-length picture of yourself, share the picture on your wall and get your friends to vote! 

Easy peazy.

Public voting will determine the top 10 finalists, but Zardoze Singapore will of course choose their Grand Prize winners. 

Good luck on your modelling journey!

Company Overview
Zardozë is an international fashion brand focusing on high-end fabrics and hand-made embellishments. Officially launched in Singapore in August 2012, Zardozë is set out to reward the confident woman.
Founded in 2011, Zardozë came in as part of the Grayden Capital Group and is quickly transcending into the field of fashion. Focused on handcrafted embellishments, it now simply stands apart. 
Assembled with a strong creative framework and a culturally diverse team of top designers, Zardozë encourages, supports and represents their freedom of expression.
Zardozë now takes course in redefining fashion.
General information
Zardoze is currently available at:

Robinsons, The Centrepoint
176 Orchard Road #05-05
Robinsons, The Shoppes Marina Bay Sands
#B2-09 Canal Level

INDONESIA (Jakarta) : 
MUSE, Plaza Indonesia Shopping Center – 105A, L2
MUSE, Plaza Senayan Shopping Center – 162C, L1

MALAYSIA (Kuala Lumpur) :
Robinsons, The Gardens, Mid Valley City - Lot G-211,
Parkson Pavilion, 168 Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur

For more information about Zardoze, visit the Zardoze website, or click here to go to their Facebook fanpage.

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Unfeeling, and Feeling

Have you ever felt like you don't feel anything? Like you just feel numb? It sounds like an oxymoron but I have been there. Not too long ago.

For a good period of time, especially during the month of March, I didn't feel anything. No happy, no sad, no anger, nothing could upset me, nothing could make me smile from the inside, nothing could make me laugh with all my being, nothing could make me cry.

Except when I'm in a movie.

That was the only indication I could still feel, when I could be moved by a story.

I wondered if it was because I had been so busy, everyday was the same - I wake up, prepare myself, head out the door, work, come home, shower, prepare my scripts for the next day, sleep, wake up, repeat. Plus my work required me to sometimes give out so much emotion that by the time I'm done, my emotions have run dry. I just wanted to go home and hug my poor neglected dog to sleep.

I remembered I had to do a crying scene. The director wanted me to feel the scene and drop that tear. I tried putting myself in the character - didn't work. I tried to think of a past relationship which hurt so badly then - I couldn't feel anything. I tried to think of a once-beautiful friendship which has headed in a direction it wasn't intended to. This one made me feel that pinch a bit, because I think it still matters, but it couldn't conjure the tears I needed for the scene...

I realize in a good way, I had moved on from the past sadness in my life. They happened, I cried, they hurt, I moved on eventually. And I guess allowing myself to grieve during the process of hurting helped. I could now talk about them without feeling sad, sorry, angry, hurt, or anything. They were just circumstances that happened.

I was cheerful most of the time. But somehow, something was missing. Yes, the bf is a thousand miles away, and maybe that played a part. I wasn't exactly sure why I was feeling that way. Every day, as I rode/drove to work, I had a good period of lone meditative time in the car. (Yes, driving a route you are so familiar with allows you to do that. Drivers should understand.) In that brief half an hour there/back, I would feel grateful. For all the opportunities that came my way and are constantly still knocking. For the chances that people give me. For being able to do what I set out to do, and truly enjoy. For the people who love me despite me not being able to give them the time I would so love to and that I feel they so deserve. For my health, and my family's, such that I never have to worry about anything and concentrate on my work.

Even today, I still do that. Gratitude keeps me grounded, and reminds me not to take things for granted.

This month started well. Despite my busy-ness, which I really kind of enjoy sometimes, I took time to get started on my second career. I got my property licence last month, and I started attending workshops to upgrade myself and kickstart this path. I've always liked making people happy, I've always loved the stage, performing, and I've also always loved looking at homes. I remember when I was a schoolgirl staying in the hostel of my high school, I would go for morning jogs along Bt Timah just looking at the different houses.

This is something that I've been wanting to do since my days as a stewardess, when I realize I enjoy doing service, that I could go into real estate. Of course a huge part of me still loves performing, which was why it took me so long to get started on this. Now I'm here, officially a real estate agent.

I made a promise to myself to do them both well, and the newfound drive has set off a whole series of feelings that weren't there for a long time - happiness, passion, energy, excitement. Somehow I noticed little changes in my life too. I actually felt upset when a friend said I was "very free" cos he kept seeing me on tv. When something matters a lot to you and someone discredits that one thing that means so much, hell you'll feel angry. I did, and I snapped at him, and actually, I'm kind of sorry I did. But it showed me one thing - I felt something!!!

Is it strange that being able to feel anger made me feel alive?

Of course I immediately switched my thoughts to other pleasant things so as not to keep myself upset. A friend whom I knew since I was 14 returned to Singapore for a brief period after having gone for a good 10 years, and being old friends, of course we met up. It's been so long, you know? And in the brief period that we did, he reminded me of the person I was so many years ago. I learnt, or rather relearnt many things about myself, and I went home and visited that little girl and her dreams from so long ago. I cried a lot that night, because I realized that I was happy again. That girl still lives in me, except she's a woman now.

Being able to feel...that feels really good.

If you've been in a rut, try this tip: amidst your already busy schedule, squeeze some time to do something you've always wanted to do. It could be picking up an instrument, reading a book, go on an unplanned trip for 2 days, anything that you want to do but haven't because you haven't had time. Squeeze out whatever little time you have to do something you'll love, sure you'll feel like you're in living hell while planning to do that, but you'll thank yourself when the time comes.

Otherwise, you can just continue feeling numb, and just wait for love to hit you. ;)

Pssst...something The Secret taught me is...love yourself first. Someone will come along if he/she hasn't already.

Friday, 12 April 2013

LJH Review: Cellabel M.C Sun Pact

Being a girl in our weather, though we get to wear sandals, heels, and sexy dresses and summer pieces all year round, can be kind of annoying when it comes to our makeup.

You know where this is going. And I'm sure you can relate. Okay so we need to apply our skincare products, sunblock, primer, makeup, and probably a setting mist to prevent our makeup from melting.

And still, you're going to look a mess by the time you walk from your home to the car/bus stop/mrt station. I see your heads nodding. No wonder some women don't ever bother with makeup.

I can leave the house without makeup, no problem, but sunblock? Hey, seriously? With our type of weather? No sunblock = skin damage, whether apparent on the surface or not. And I would usually have some form on makeup on, as I believe it acts as a barrier between pollution, UV rays, and a whole lot of nonsense in the air.

So here comes a question: You have makeup on, you leave the house, you perspire, and you blot the sweat and sebum away. Makeup has been applied over your sunblock, and you know sunscreen lasts only a set number of hours before its efficacy wears off. What do you do by the time it's 1pm? When the sun is at its strongest, and for office executives, it's lunchtime and you need to head out for food/lunch meeting?

I do a LOT of outdoor shoots, and couple that with a fixed wardrobe, set hair with loads of hairspray, and makeup that has to last all day (cos usually there's no makeup artist when we do outdoor filming), comfortable is the last word in my dictionary. My sunscreen would have worn off by the time 1. I arrive on set cos I've been sweating my entire journey there, or 2. it's lunch. Bear in mind that I might have a whole afternoon in the outdoors still. So haaaaaoooooo???

My BFF on my shoots - my Cellabel Sun Pact. SPF 50+ protection from UVA & UVB rays, as well as sebum control, plus it hydrates, and I can touch up my makeup and look less shiny on camera. Good stuff!

Made with a 7-tea complex extracted from Green Tea, Mum Tea, Jasmine, Lemon Balm, Rosemary, Lime, and Rooibos tea, this sun pact helps to soothe irritated skin and keeps other skin problems at bay. And believe it or not this powder HYDRATES the skin too!

 Comes with a small puff inside, as well as an extra puff refill. The compact also comes with a soft black velvet casing if you're worried about scratches. 

 The powder is formulated with high levels of minerals which help to maintain optimal moisture balance and soften skin texture. And I wasn't joking when I said it helps to control sebum. It also diffuses light, giving the skin a very "soft focus" effect.

Using ONLY the Cellabel M.C Sun Pact

If you're not a fan of heavy makeup, at least look good by looking like you have good skin. =)
I think basic nude makeup is courtesy, to your job and your clients. Not many women have naturally flawless skin, and even if there are, there are days when you have your dark eye rings, breakouts, and little skin hiccups. You can reapply this as often as you want without worrying about it clogging your pores or causing breakouts...

 ...and you never have to worry about the sun again, even if you have makeup on for a full day. ;)

How do you lay your hands on this? 
Visit LJH Cosmetics' temporary site (the main site is still under construction as they are very very very very new in Singapore, though I have to tell u too that the sales of their products have been pretty phenomenal) at Cosmetic-Singapore.com, look for the Sun Pact. I'm using #21 which is more in the pinkish tone. #23 is more yellowish. 

And just for my readers, key in LJHSilverAng to get an additional 20% off the current promotional price (U.P $88, Promo $68, With my code $54.40)! This discount code is valid for all purchases made at Cosmetic-Singapore.com till 19th April 2013. 

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Ad: Volupza

Summer is almost here!!!!!!!

Okay that is plain horseshit. Every time I see local magazines do that, especially the May/June issues with all the "Get Your Body Beach-Ready for Summer!" taglines, I think the exact same thing -

"What the hell are they talking about? We have summer like 365 days a year hellooooo?????"

But in the spirit of things, summer all year round or not, a lot of beach events are held in the middle of the year, and though it's 2 months away, it shouldn't be too late to start shopping for...


Me. 10 years ago. Would never go near a bikini. Okay, make that 5 years? I don't think I owned my first one till a few years back. And I don't really wear them much, not just cos I've never had the body to wear them, but more cos I've never had enough self-love and confidence to love my own body, no matter its shape.

And I always have some "I don't want to get tanned" bullshit excuse.

I mean, if she could be comfortable in a bikini, why not I?

Picture Credit: fm-base.co.uk
Yeah so I don't look like Miranda Kerr in a bikini, big deal. As long as I love my body enough, it'll grow to become the shape I will love more and more (The Secret taught me that mindset). It sounds delusional, but it actually works to a certain extent. Of course the diet and exercise needs to come in, but I think I'm getting there. Even if I don't, I'll love my body enough to not be ashamed of it. 

If you don't love yourself, who's going to love you, right? 

So, here's to a courageous me, doing a swimwear advertorial for the first time.
(I owe it to the fact that I really like the lady boss Weini.)

First picture will always be a cramped face. Nervous ma! Lol! I have been working out, but that doesn't mean I've lost all the weight I gained last Oct-December. I still want my flat abs in due time...

That aside, if I really just enjoy myself in the bikini, I think I look pretty okay. ;)

Wearing Candice in Rainbow Stripes by Volupza
Self love rules!

Marilyn Monokini in Sandy Nude. 
For this piece, I'm a pretty bad model. Go browse the Volupza website for a better picture. Lol!

Love the fabric though. The knitted details make this piece look very classy.

Wearing Vonie in Cream White. Look under Beach Cover Ups
 Beach wear should always be complete with a beach cover-up. For those moments when you're still wet but you wanna take a walk to grab a meal nearby. Man I am so looking forward to my girly trip with the GLOW girls in May! Yes I'm pre-empting you so watch this space for updates! (Expect more beachwear pictures then!) ;)

If you have followed me long enough, you'll know I have done another advertorial for Volupza prior to this, and that focussed on bras and some of their apparels.

This time, of course, if I find something good, I'll have to share it. Especially for the women and girls. 
If you go refer back to the previous ad, you'll know that I'm really not very busty. In the last year I have learnt what to wear to maximize what minimal stuff I have. And I have to be honest with you, this is a really value for money find:

Teaser shot. Lol. Nah this picture is to show you really, the side of the bra, without me baring my armpits in your face. The sides are thick, which means you can push all your side fats to the front. In Chinese we say you can 捞 everything to the front. If you actually go to the Volupza site, you probably wouldn't even pay attention to it because this bra, on its own (which means not worn on a person), looks a little erm...not very aesthetically appealing. BUT BUT BUT!!!! It's a whole new different story once you put it on.

The result?

有没有???I have bought bras from overseas that does the same job, but they cost me a few hundred dollars per bra. Let's say I can buy at least 8 of these with that money...

Wearing Mouret Deep-V Plunge Bra. Look under plunge bras in the Volupza website.

Good stuff 当然要跟你们 share 啦! 

Okay I've sacrificed. Time for you to do me a favour and hop over to Volupza to do some shopping! 

Warning: You might end up wanting to buy more than what you initially set aside. Though multiple visits are advised. ;)