Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Get a Smaller Face. For Free.

You heard me right. You don't have to pay anything. Nor buy anything. Nor be coerced into signing any package unless you really want to. I'm inviting you to a trial session of Doctor's Care Derma Skin Tech Program.

What it Does?
  • Brightens your complexion
  • Balance uneven skin tone
  • Lightens freckles & pigmentation
  • Deep cleanses your skin all the way to the dermal layer
  • Firm up loose/saggy skin
  • Plumps up skin so wrinkles fade away
  • Make your face smaller and sharper!
Sounds too good to be true right? Since when are such good things free? And it's just a facial treatment. No injections. Nothing invasive. 

Get that skeptic out of your head. In conjunction with LJH and Lolita, I am REALLY offering a trial session for the first 30 of you who sign up. 

Here's an overview of the treatment which I have personally tried, as an LJH ambassador:

This is the place where we will be holding the sharing session. I will be there to answer any queries you may have. =) If you get lost, the number above is the one to call.

My Before face. I never thought I would see a difference. But just read on...

 The therapist will first cleanse your face of course, and then she will apply this lotion on your face which works with the Derma Skin Tech machine to further expel toxins and other dirty stuff from your face. This is not just any lotion. It is negatively charged, meaning it has negative ions which works with the machine which is set at positive ion mode. 

This, like how positive and negative forces work on magnets, will draw out the impurities in your face.

Only half my face was done first so as to be able to show you a difference in my left and right face.

You can do this together with a friend so you can still chat/gossip during the session. For busy ladies like us who hardly have time to really catch up, this was perfect. Of course, the therapists get to hear our latest news. Lol.

After the first step which was cleansing step, the therapist will then wipe clean your face. Bear in mind a proper cleansing of the face was done prior to the treatment.

Yucks. All these dirt was still on my face even after I washed my face? 

The machine was then set to sonic massage, negative ion mode, and used with the same massage gel. This mode helps to maintain skin elasticity. The massage function also improved blood circulation in the skin. Whatever dirt was left in the skin was also pushed out due to the vibrations as well as the negative-negative charges.

I am confident my face was then thoroughly cleansed. 

Next comes your choice of treatment. At the moment the Derma Skin Tech Program offers a choice of whitening or anti-aging treatment. More will be offered in due course. I chose the whitening treatment, thus the whitening ampoule was used.

This time just the negative ion mode was selected. This last step is known as ionthophoresis, where the machine's negative charge will react with the negative ions in the whitening ampoule to push all the goodness of the ampoule deep into the dermal layer of the skin. If you're just applying skincare, it goes only to the epidermal layer. This process ensures the ampoule applied on your face penetrates deep into your skin.

 And the final result of one side!

 Oh can you tell that the right side (your left) of my face actually got smaller? Like someone pressed on my face. Lol. Woohoo!

Need to get the other side done so my face is balanced. Don't want to walk out the salon with one side bigger than the other.

And the final "After" pictures!!!!

 No botox. No invasive procedures. Just a relaxing facial massage type of treatment.
Want to try it for yourself? Or bring your mum maybe? ;)

 I am lolita. ^^

Okay, When, and Where is This Trial?
  • 20th April and 21 April, from 12noon to 6pm. 
  • Lolita, Marina Link @ Marina Square #B1-12 Singapore [Call 65-63389981]

Just register here by the 18th April and you'll also get a goodie bag worth $68 free.

Should you be interested, you will be able to bring the machine home at a heavily discounted price. Also, the whole range of LJH products will be available if you want to test out any products I might have mentioned, eg. colour of the sun pact, the egg pack facial soap etc.

See you there! 

P.S. Guys are welcome too! =D

Disclaimer: None of the pictures have been edited for the fair review of the treatment stated. 

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  1. I would love to try to this out, but I am 10.000 km away ^^
    Any idea of what the machine costs and if it is available (maybe even at a discount) to peeps on the other side of the world?