Friday, 31 January 2014

Happy Chinese New Year!!!

Gong Xi Gong Xi!!!!!

Last year, my supposed luck for the year of the snake was cited as bad by so many fengshui sources. But well, it seemed like I had a lot of work, as summarized in my last post. So if having so much work to do meant that it was a crappy year, this year wonderful things are going to happen. 

According to many fengshui master predictions, those born in the year of the Ox will enjoy amazing career, wealth and mentor luck. And then I read the Ang Mor predictions for horoscopes and Geminis are supposed to have great career, wealth and relationship luck. So put 2 and 2 together and you have a pretty strong combi right? Heh~ *an shuang*

I sorta just moved to Taiwan, and these predictions sort of gave me some kind of assurance. You know how sometimes you are so hopeful about something but you just aren't sure and you wish someone would reassure you that it's all going to work out? This is it for me. 

So tao hua luck is supposedly good for those born in the year of the Ox but not so for Geminis. Erm, I don't know how that is supposed to work. Lol. I ended my LDR late last year due to many factors - distance, goals, etc (we are still friends of course), so in terms of relationships, it's a void for me now. 

In a way maybe that's not so bad, as it gives me the ability to focus on pursuing what I've been putting off for too long. In the past, I was someone who would sacrifice anything for my relationships. I was a hopeless romantic who put my man before anything. 

If I brought anything away with me from my last relationship, it's to be more clear-headed about my goals and what I wanted to do. Dalton is a pretty focused and dedicated man when it comes to work, and I guessed a bit of it rubbed off onto me. In a way, our distance helped me learn, because there wasn't anyone for me to be dependent on, or cling to. Come to think of it, actually I grew up the most when I was with him, so thank you D. =)

Tao hua, apart from meaning relationship luck, also means popularity, especially for people in showbiz/entertainment. So having good taohua luck means you will like me more yes? Lol. I'm probably not going to be in any long-term rs for the next 2 years (since the Ox and Gemini thing sorta self-conflicts, I won't risk it) and put that energy into my career and my work. When I've chionged enough for my career, I'll consider a good man. N hopefully there's still one perfect guy left for me. I have a pretty strict criteria, listed here in this post. (I think the list has grown longer since that post.) Lol.

Ok, enough of tao hua talk! I haven't made any resolutions for 2014 cos I seriously really believe in fengshui and how the stars' alignment will affect my life, so here are my resolutions for the year of the horse! If you haven't been keeping up with your resolutions since 1st Jan, now is a good time to redo. ^.^

1. Drink more water (2 litres per day)
2. Exercise 4 days a week.
3. Get to 47kg, and stay there.
4. Sleep 7 hours a day
5. Read one book a month.
6. Blog 3 times a week.
7. Be punctual.

Last year I did monthly resolutions and that kind of stopped after March. So I'm just going to keep it simple this year with things that I've wanted to do these few years but just didn't. (Why oh why???) 
This list is going to go on my door and wall to remind me daily to stick to them. This is going to sound like a commercial, but I'm going to say it anyway cos I mean it from the deepest bottom of my heart - "Because I really want to make 2014 great." 

Enjoy your CNY visiting and feasting today!


Wednesday, 22 January 2014

2013 Achievements

I know it's already the 22nd of January, but I feel like I need to do a recap on 2013 to remind myself of what I have done, so I know how to set my goals for 2014. I can feel my 2014 being good. You know how sometimes you just get a hunch about something and then it happens? 2014 is a good year, I just know it. It's already beginning to feel like it. ^.^

So let's see what I have done last year!

1. Journey with Me as Lydia (Channel 5)

2. C.L.I.F 2 《警徽天职 2》as 沈文霖 (Channel 8)

3. Koffee Did It 《都是小黑惹的祸》as Miss Lim (Channel 8 乐乐窝)

4. Bingit (Episode 8) as Sally (Suria)

5. Me, Myself & Isaac as Aubrey (Okto)

6. The Dream Makers 志在四方 as “二姐” 李佩君 (Channel 8)
Super glamorous expression. Lol!

7. Mata Mata as Mona Fong (Channel 5)

8. Little Detective 《芝麻小侦探》as Miss Tay (Channel 8 乐乐窝)

Hosting/Variety Shows
1. Kids CEO (Channel 8)

2. Emceed for Canon Pixma event
3. Emceed for 5 weddings (and sang for 2)
4. Guest Appearance on MTM 美丽在握 (Channel 8)
5. Regular Appearances on Lady First Sg 女人我最大新加坡版 女子军团成员 (Starhub Cable TV)

1. Fourlies

Print Ads/TVC
1. Singapore Airlines Business Class

2. Silky Girl 20-Hr Eyeliner (Starring Jayley Woo)

3. Growing Up with Yeo's

4. FDP Hair - Ambassador

Short Films
1. Discoteca
2. 7 Years
3. Piu Che L'Amore
4. AfterGlow
5. Scent of Ah Gong 

Before I started writing this post I had no idea I've done so much! I'm blessed to have been given so many opportunities to flex my acting/hosting muscles in 2013, and the biggest blessing to me was to have known Pauline Lam from Lady First. All my life I've been waiting for a connection, a link, something, to allow me to make the plunge to go to Taiwan. 

I blame my incompetence back in 2005's Project Superstar for not scoring me an opportunity in singing back then, but at the same time, I was glad that I was given a few years to hone my skills in PR, acting, hosting, and generally being a better person. To allow me to be more ready for what comes next. So I've made the leap and plunge. I moved my ass to Taiwan, and though I'm starting from scratch again, I'm willing to learn and work harder than before. 

That being said, I'm not giving up on Singapore. You will still see me, and you can still engage me to host/sing for your events and weddings. Or ask me to do a Singapore production. If my time permits, I'll be most willing to come. (It gives me an opportunity to go home and be with the family too.) =D 

2014, I hereby embrace you with wide open arms. Muuuahhh!!!

Friday, 17 January 2014

Review: Dorra Slimming - Woodlands Civic Centre Experience

What do women want? 

For me, it's a spanking career I'm in love with, a hot doting husband I'm madly in love with, and a body everyone else would be in love with.

I'm trying hard to work towards the third one, with my main focus being on my lower body. It's like if I lose weight my top half of the body loses weight first (that includes my chest area), but the tummy hip and thighs stay put. I have to attribute that to me being female. Because of the higher estrogen levels in my body, we tend to store more fat in the lower body for biological "child-bearing" purposes.

So I've been doing jumping jacks and looking to buy a skipping rope in Taipei. Being a woman who's not physically too exercise-active, of course I'm always looking for more comfortable ways to lose those inches. I'm sure you have done the same. So what have I tried again this time?

I have to say I've never heard of dorra Slimming before, so when I found out that they have been around for a few years, I needed to see for myself who they are and what they can do.

dorra is a tummy, hip and thigh slimming expert using technology from France, and they can help deal with fats that you've been carrying with you since young, newly acquired, or post-natal. 

They have 6 outlets across Singapore, and I went to the one at Woodlands Civic Centre. I've lived in Woodlands for the most part of my life, and I had no idea they were there. I really need to go out and walk around more. 

When I went I was first brought into a consultation room. The consultation explained to me about how triglycerides and fat cells work, and I was horrified to relearn the fact that fat cells can only expand up to 3 times it's size before they multiply, and once they multiply they can never be gotten rid of (unless you go for liposuction to physically suck them out, but it's highly invasive and post-op care is also very mafan, so I wouldn't recommend it).

What dorra's treatments claim to do is they will help to make the fat cells smaller by applying a booster gel onto your targeted areas. This gel consists of microcolecules which are able to penetrate deep into your skin to reach and burn excess fats, and it helps to reactivate lipase activity. Lipase basically is an enzyme in our body that helps to break down lipids (fats). 

They will then use a "Hammer Roll" massage to help increase blood circulation and absorption of the booster. It also softens the fat so that it can be more easily broken down and flushed out of your body by means of your body's natural wastes. 

At the end of the session they will apply an "Oxy Gel" to help your body with the metabolism of the fats.

These are all the boosters available. They will pick one most suitable for your needs.

After the consultation, my body fat analysis was taken using a body composition analyser. This thing helps to let you know about ur BMI, percentage of muscle fat, protein and body fat, water and salt content, as well as your waist hip ratio, amongst other important indicators for weight loss so you have an idea of how much and what you need to work on.

I was then brought into the treatment room and my measurements were taken. A picture of my targeted area (tummy) was also taken so that I could see the difference later on.

I was told to lie down and feel my love handles before and after the treatment. Before they felt just...fat and hard. Lol. And my left side was a little bigger than my right. And after the treatment when I touched them again they were like really soft and tender! They really meant it when they said their treatments could "soften my fats"! 

I was surprised to find that the treatment only took about *20-30 minutes, and it wasn't cold or wet or uncomfortable. In fact I was replying emails and messages with my phone for a while and before I knew it treatment was done! 

*Your first session would take 90 minutes due to consultation and taking measurements. Subsequent treatments will only take about 20-45 minutes, depending on whether u wish to shower after. =)

The most amazing part? They said one session can burn 600-2400 kilocalories, and is equivalent to a 10km run! O.O Give me this treatment anytime! 

And now for the embarrassing tummy pictures. Don't judge me. I had a lot of parties, dinners and gatherings for Xmas and before I flew to Taiwan cos I have many friends who love me, and I'm doing my best to drop the fats now. ><

So fat omg. But do you see the difference after one session??? 

You can expect to lose 14-30cm in 2 weeks. But here's a tip for you: if you wish to lose weight and decide to sign up, go every day if you can, or at least 4 times a week. Drink loads of water so you can flush out the fats, and be strict with your diet. Give yourself 2 weeks. 

All slimming centres can help you lose weight, but if you eat char kway teow and loads of nonsense while going to slimming centres hoping they can do magic for you, you won't see any results. *duh* What they can do is help you break down your existing fats. You need to do your part to hep burn them even after your session is done, for optimum results.

Exclusively for my readers: 
Get a complimentary detailed body composition analysis done, just like the one I did, and get a FREE Customised French Formulated Slimming Treatment worth $300. It's the same one I did. =) 

All you need to do is call the dorra hotline +65 68818181 and quote "Silver" to make your appointment!

I know Chinese New Year is coming next. Jiayou and you can look good for CNY! 
Good luck with your slimming programme!

Friday, 3 January 2014

Happy New Year!!!!!

Happy new year guys!!!!

Sorry for the lack of updates! As some of you who are following my Instagram already know, I have finally moved my ass to Taiwan!!!

This is all really very exciting for me, because I have been wanting to do so for the past 8 years, but have never really found an opportunity to do so. Now that I have, I can't wait to see what life has in store for me here! 

I was supposed to be here on the 30th, but I couldn't fly because silly me assumed that I could fly as long as my passport has not expired. Don't make the same mistake I did okay - you need at least 6 months' validity on your passport to fly to most countries. 

And I felt so paiseh to all my friends who came to send me off on the night of the 29th... Lol...
Evangeline (my nail sponsor) & Mint who brought me meaningful gifts, and their partners Johnson and Colin. And my sis. ^.^

Kelvin and Matthew, my mates from when I was in SP's Students' Union! #wanttocryalready

Cheryl was gonna come too but I sent her a text asking her to u-turn and go home. Lol. Now I know who holds me dear enough to their hearts that they bother. ^^

My family was really sweet too. You know how Chinese families will give you an angpow before you travel for good luck? I almost cried when I saw this on my desk:
Even though it's not the first time I'm seeing them, those 4 words meant so so so much to me now.


Of course, there was my mum and sis and grandma and uncles and I'm really lucky that they are supportive. Thank you, each and every one of you. 

Anyway thankfully I was able to get my passport done within a day - went to ICA on the 30th Dec, got it on the morning of the 31st. Singapore ICA efficiency FTW! (And Cheryl came to ICA to look for me and pass me presents for me to bring to Taipei! So sweet!!!)

That means I'm going to ditch my 10-year passport and use my new biometric passport for my new beginning in Taiwan! I couldn't help thinking how apt it was. =D

So I flew over on the 31 Dec 2013 and arrived here at about 630pm in the evening, and I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing. The good thing is I get to countdown and officially start the year here, the bad is that when I finally got to my room and moved all my stuff in it was already night time and the streets are crazy filled with people who are coming to countdown. I live near Taipei 101, and like all town areas, countdowns are street-packed with people EVERYWHERE!

This is near Taipei 101. Crazy right???

My first moments after I got into my house was to get out and buy cleaning supplies. To clean the house so that I can sleep that night. Cos it's all just dusty and bare.


When in Taipei, one of the best things to do is to visit their night markets. The one I live near is called Lin Jiang Ye Shi. And according to my driver, this one and Rao He Ye Shi are 2 of the better ones. So visit the next time you are here ok? Shih Lin is overrated. ^.^

Not knowing what to expect but since my friend said everyone goes to Taipei 101 to view the fireworks, we went too. 

And we found out why later...

Mad beautiful omg!!!!! I can imagine that if you view from far it'll just look like the building exploded, but the view from the bottom was just amazing!!!

What happened after was so hilarious ok. We were supposed to join my friend's gf in a club, and cos she didn't bring her phone, we had to wait for her to call as it's a VIP-only place. We tried calling her friend but because no one picked up, the queue was super long, and we weren't very dressed for partying, we decided to abandon the partying idea and just go shopping at the mall while we wait for her cos the mall was open till 1am that night. 

Then I found a store that sells bed linen. 

So I bought 2 feather pillows, and my friend bought a super comfy blanket.
And immediately after we paid, his friend called and said she could bring us in.

So you can imagine what happened after that right? 2 jokers - 1 carrying a huge plastic bag of 2 pillows, and another carrying a huge plastic bag of duvet blanket, went into the hippest new club of Taipei, Hive. 

So diu lian. Lol!!! Hey, you only live once. How many times can you say you brought pillows and blanket to a club? I can say I have done it. Haha!!!

That's probably how I'm going to live my 2014. Do things I've never done before. Leave a footprint. 
And also, be the best I can ever be. No one's spoon-feeding me, it's destiny in my hands. 

I wish you everything amazing in 2014 as well, in whatever you set out to do. =)

And Mint, this one goes out specially to you - Happy Birthday! I can't be there with you this year, but my love remains. Another year of experience earned, a brand new year awaits. May you have achievements brighter and more spectacular than the fireworks from 101! Muuaaaahhhh!!!! XOXO!