Wednesday, 22 January 2014

2013 Achievements

I know it's already the 22nd of January, but I feel like I need to do a recap on 2013 to remind myself of what I have done, so I know how to set my goals for 2014. I can feel my 2014 being good. You know how sometimes you just get a hunch about something and then it happens? 2014 is a good year, I just know it. It's already beginning to feel like it. ^.^

So let's see what I have done last year!

1. Journey with Me as Lydia (Channel 5)

2. C.L.I.F 2 《警徽天职 2》as 沈文霖 (Channel 8)

3. Koffee Did It 《都是小黑惹的祸》as Miss Lim (Channel 8 乐乐窝)

4. Bingit (Episode 8) as Sally (Suria)

5. Me, Myself & Isaac as Aubrey (Okto)

6. The Dream Makers 志在四方 as “二姐” 李佩君 (Channel 8)
Super glamorous expression. Lol!

7. Mata Mata as Mona Fong (Channel 5)

8. Little Detective 《芝麻小侦探》as Miss Tay (Channel 8 乐乐窝)

Hosting/Variety Shows
1. Kids CEO (Channel 8)

2. Emceed for Canon Pixma event
3. Emceed for 5 weddings (and sang for 2)
4. Guest Appearance on MTM 美丽在握 (Channel 8)
5. Regular Appearances on Lady First Sg 女人我最大新加坡版 女子军团成员 (Starhub Cable TV)

1. Fourlies

Print Ads/TVC
1. Singapore Airlines Business Class

2. Silky Girl 20-Hr Eyeliner (Starring Jayley Woo)

3. Growing Up with Yeo's

4. FDP Hair - Ambassador

Short Films
1. Discoteca
2. 7 Years
3. Piu Che L'Amore
4. AfterGlow
5. Scent of Ah Gong 

Before I started writing this post I had no idea I've done so much! I'm blessed to have been given so many opportunities to flex my acting/hosting muscles in 2013, and the biggest blessing to me was to have known Pauline Lam from Lady First. All my life I've been waiting for a connection, a link, something, to allow me to make the plunge to go to Taiwan. 

I blame my incompetence back in 2005's Project Superstar for not scoring me an opportunity in singing back then, but at the same time, I was glad that I was given a few years to hone my skills in PR, acting, hosting, and generally being a better person. To allow me to be more ready for what comes next. So I've made the leap and plunge. I moved my ass to Taiwan, and though I'm starting from scratch again, I'm willing to learn and work harder than before. 

That being said, I'm not giving up on Singapore. You will still see me, and you can still engage me to host/sing for your events and weddings. Or ask me to do a Singapore production. If my time permits, I'll be most willing to come. (It gives me an opportunity to go home and be with the family too.) =D 

2014, I hereby embrace you with wide open arms. Muuuahhh!!!


  1. I was playing one of the supporting roles in "Koffee Did It!" and I learnt about you and your blog while watching. Keep up the awesome work. Hope to meet you in person one day. :)

  2. You, my dear, are one helluva talented chick. And I'm glad the time has come for you to go forth and sparkle. May the years ahead be filled with lotsa job recognition and satisfaction, and may love and happiness follow you everywhere you go. GOOD LUCK!