Saturday, 7 June 2014

Time Management & Water Conservation?

You must be thinking: What's the correlation? 

This question arose due to something that I personally encounter on an almost daily basis. Okay here's the scenario: I usually only shower once a day, and that is after I come home, before bed. I have friends who only do morning showers and they eeeeewww at me for not taking a shower before I head out. Hey, I get myself clean before I go into bed every time, so my bed is clean right? And I save myself the hassle of waking up early to shower and wash and THEN blow-dry my hair when I'm already running late. 

On the other hand, it irks me when people tell me they only shower before they go out. Sure, you appear clean every morning when you present yourself to the world, but you come home dirty and sleep with all the dirt you bring home??? If you are one of them, it's okay with me as long as you don't judge me for not showering before going out. I have my own rationale behind it ok. 

I'm side-tracking. Lol. You must be wondering erm....then....? Hahahaha~

Right, so I was saying I only shower once a day, and of course I choose to do it at the end of the day when I've been out, perspired, got smoke/rain/dust particles/whatever nonsense stuck on my skin and face and hair, and just smell far from fresh. Makes perfect sense for me. 

Then, of late, I have been implementing exercise into my life, and I noticed that if I manage my time right, I will take one less shower. 

Does it all come together now? 

If I wake up and decide to workout in the morning, I will of course work up a sweat and need to take a shower after my session. Then I'll go out in the day and return having to take ANOTHER shower before I go to bed. BUT if I decide to workout at night after I return home from work, I'll only shower once. And I'll only need to blow-dry my hair once which is great because blowdrying long hair is a biaaaatttchhh. (That's actually the main reason why I dislike washing my hair more than once a day!)

So you see! Proper time management can actually allow you to save water! Of course there are other methods like showering yourself while bathing your dog (yup I practise that too!) and the ones I've mentioned in this post

You can also install a thimble in your tap. Doing so will help you save 5% off your water consumption!

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Allure Beauty West Mall Returns!

Hello!!! Just a little shoutout today because I haven't made much noise in the last few weeks. A regular filming schedule ANG blogging doesn't agree with me. So I shall stop trying to make empty promises about blogging 3 times a week. 心有余而力不足 you know you know???

Lol. Anyway just to let you guys staying in the west know...that 
Allure Beauty West Mall is reopening today
Yay! Now you can go back and get that facial/eyebrow/eyelash fix! Do head on down today if you are in the area alright? =D

As proud ambassador of Allure Beauty, I would like to wish Allure Beauty a Happy Birthday! It's their 12th anniversary this year! And to celebrate this, they are offering $12 promotions! 

$12 for IPL and Eyelash Perming??? OMG??!!! If I'm not working today I'll definitely be there but unfortunately I have a shoot till late. Still!!!! Go enjoy the promotions okay! 

P.S I'll be there at the Tiong Bahru outlet next Friday between 6-7pm and Saturday between 2-4pm for their Tiong Bahru anniversary celebrations! So see you next week! ;)