Thursday, 21 November 2013

New Cover: 我最亲爱的

Been a while since my last one, so here's another. I actually uploaded this a few months ago, but I don't know why I didn't post it here. Go easy on the critiques ok? Enjoy. =)

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Sponsored: E-Magazines from Booktique

I was doing some spring cleaning the other day, and I found a huge stack of old magazines. Under my bed.

Seriously??? (I honestly think I have more in other hidden areas of the house. Maybe another 2 drawers’ load.)

I think it’s a waste to throw magazines away, just like I wouldn’t throw books away, especially if these magazines are packed with good, useful content. Like “10 Hairstyles to Try for that Hot Date” or “Property Investment In Singapore”. A bit extreme hor my content examples, but you get what I mean right? You might want to revisit these articles again sometime in the future (though I hardly do). 

My point is, I just can’t bear to throw magazines away. And the worst part about keeping them? Clutter and storage. Housing in Singapore is expensive enough as it is, it just doesn’t make sense to make use of 2 square feet of your home worth a few thousand dollars, to store old magazines. 

Enter Booktique Magazines. An app available exclusively to Android users. For now.
Which means iPhone/iPad users, fret not, an iOS version is coming out soon! ;)

Booktique Magazines, like its e-bookstore counterpart Booktique, is proudly brought to you by StarHub. Fret not, for non-StarHub users, you can still create a HubID to use this app, and registration is absolutely free.
What I love about this app is that it has a pleasantly surprising variety of magazines not easily available on the market. Think Asian Geographic (for those interested in nature), epicure (for food lovers), Motor Culture (for the motorbiking lovers), and even Hooked (for the fishing enthusiasts).
Those of you keen to start biking can now have easy access to SPIN Asia! I’m a total cycling idiot, with only enough knowledge to rent a bike at East Coast and Pulau Ubin and ride around the normal leisure tracks. If you are like me but want to get serious about biking, this might be what you need.

Okay, even though I know zilch about cycling other than the act itself, I’m a licenced motorbiker, for those who don’t know. Yeah baby, I ride them monsters…  #soundswrongIknow
Don’t nag at me about my helmet being too high. I had a freaking bun of hair inside at the top of my head, which explains why. But yeah, even though I drive too, I really love riding. And safety is something very important to a rider. So is finding out new information about riding. =D

So I was super excited when I found this magazine inside Booktique Magazines:

There are magazines more suited to the ladies, and even on parenthood, in case you think they only have really serious and “guyish” magazines:

There are magazines for pet lovers too~ ^.^

You can log onto to browse and purchase the magazines.
You may also browse the Store in the Booktique Magazines app, but they will redirect you to the website to make your purchase. =)
You should see the magazines you purchased in your Library.
Just click on Download and you can start reading!

You may also browse the Store in the Booktique Magazines app, but they will redirect you to the website to make your purchase. =)

(Apart from paid magazines, there are also FREE magazines like the Property Guru you see here! There is quite a variety of free titles to choose from, so go take your pick!)

The downloaded magazines will appear in your shelf so you can access them anytime, without the need for mobile data.

No more hard copies for me. I mean it. That means I shall never ever worry about magazine clutter lying around the house in my room, toilet, kitchen, yada yada. You get the idea. And I never have to throw anything away. Muahahahaha~ #hoarder

Oh and the best part? Some of these magazines don’t even cost anything. 

Wait, is that the best part? Or is it the fact that I don’t have to roll the magazine up and giap under my armpit when I’m out with it? Or that I can bring 10 magazines out without feeling the weight in my handbag.

The wonders technology can do~ Now all I need is a portable charger for my smartphone… ^.^


I was feeling so darn bloated the past 2 weeks, and feeling super sleepy all the time, and I couldn't understand why. It got to a point when I was totally not productive, would just wake up, eat, and then feel sleepy again and head back into bed. 

Not having many appointments which required me to go out did not help.

So there I was, feeling damn pek cek cos I couldn't get anything done, not even blogging cos I was feeling so bloated and lethargic all the time. I started my spa regimen again. I got lazy for a good half year cos I was lazy to clean the bathtub after each spa. Lazy la~ Fat die orbigood. See what happens?

I brought back a waterproof phone cover when I came back from Shanghai in August, and that was like my best purchase ever. The thing about being inside a bathtub doing the spa treatment is that you have to relax and sit there for 20-30 minutes just...relaxing. 

You know us right? Gen-Ys who can't stop using our devices (don't care what you say I still gen-Y~~~). Especially with the new Sony Xperia Z which is waterproof I have been people posting pictures of themselves in the shower watching videos. >< 

#notavoyeurshot Taken off @OngXavier's instagram. Other than being impressed with the phone I was really very curious as to who took this picture for him while he was watching MarxMae. Lol.

It's only a matter of time before all the devices start having that capability. Waterproof I mean. Not voyeur. 

For now, the waterproof case rocks balls man. I could sit in my bathtub and read. (I can't really watch anything cos the bubbling of the water is pretty loud.)

It was in my bathtub that I discovered Google Play now have Books!!!! And there is a Play Books reader app, duh, allows you to read the stuff you've downloaded on Google Play. Hallelujah~~~ I call it the law of attraction, that is, when you want something and you somehow draw it to you. 

I wanted to feel better. To get out of that lazy-fat rut. And I stumbled upon The South Beach Diet book. I contemplated for a long time whether I wanted to get it, because I'v heard of many Hollywood celebrities who have tried it and succeeded. Also because it sounded like some seafood diet and I'm a crazy seafood fan. 

For some reason I didn't *cue boingoingoingoing sound* and decided to search for Atkins instead. I've tried Atkins long ago, probably in my late teens, and it didn't work for me.


You must be thinking "Siao last time didn't work for you still want to try for what?"

I've read too many articles about it, and too many success stories, and for some reason I just wanted to give it another chance. 

Plus, they have a new edition and it's now called "New Atkins for a New You". I read the prologue and thought, hey, they've made improvements. Maybe it'll be easier to follow. And I made that decision to let Google take my money. 

Well well, waddya know? I started cutting rice, noodles and bread from my diet (not entirely yet), and it's just day 2 and I'm feeling on top of the moooooon~~

I was not sleepy as much, and strangely enough, my bloated feeling started to go off. And mind you, I was eating eggs and chicken and pork and loads of leafy greens. Just no refined carbs. Just that little difference. And whoa the effects were rather surprising. 

I'm contemplating doing the whole Induction phase when I get to Taiwan. Simply because I have a lot of friends wanting to meet me for lunches and dinners before I fly. (Guys! I won't be gone forever!!!) So I foresee loads of sinful foods that would make it a little hard to be on Induction before I go off. Till then, "bloat-free" and "energetic" is enough for me.

Have you tried Atkins? How was it for you? I'm really curious as to how well it worked for you. Motivate each other leh lai lai lai.

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Sponsored: Darlie Expert White

If you've realized in my Instagram posts in the few weeks in late September/October, I haven't been smiling with teeth a lot. 
Ya. Like this.

That's because I've been trying to do an experiment. By drinking a lot of black tea and coffee. I do brush my teeth of course, with a normal fluoride toothpaste. And I realize something. 

That if I drink a lot of black tea and coffee, I really get yellow teeth. 

Which explains why I've been smiling with my mouth closed. ><

And you thought it was just urban legend? It's true lor!

Need proof? Come I show you...


Then comes my saviour. 
I was told that the whitening effects of this toothpaste is phenomenal, thus I dared to do that little experiment above for a couple of weeks. 

I know. I'm sure you have the same doubts. If it's really that good, dentists will be out of jobs, right?

I tell you. It IS really good. You see, I did a little test...

I was pretty amazed with the results. I was actually considering a teeth-whitening procedure for a few months now, and right now, that idea has just been thrown out my window. =D

So how does Darlie Expert White work???

It was inspired by the professional dental whitening procedures - ultrasonic scaling and polishing. It even uses an ingredient similar to what dentists use - Prophylaxis Silica-micro particles, which is what helps to make teeth 3 x whiter.

Pssst...a research has been done and 88% of respondents agree on its whitening effects!

Think of using the Darlie Expert White to brush your teeth like using sunblock for your skin - it helps to create a whitening shield for your teeth against staining and tartar accumulation.

Without protection or with? You decide. I love my coffee, and I want my teeth white too.

In my package, I was given this black-bristled toothbrush as well. 

In my mind I thought it was just another gimmicky marketing thing that companies come up with coloured bristled toothbrushes. After some research, I was wrong....

The bristles are made from Binchotan charcoal, which is a very premium grade of Japanese charcoal valued for its lack of chemical additives and smoke-free properties. 
  • It is a very good deodorizer which helps remove plague and absorb odor-causing bacteria (no more bad breath!!!) 
  • It emits far-infrared rays which improves blood circulation! 
  • Bristles made from Binchotan also prevents bacteria from growing within the toothbrush!
Wow. Looks like we have a very hardworking toothbrush! 

Put these 2 together, and what do I get?

The bristles felt very soft to the touch, and I love soft bristles. I've always believed that toothbrush bristles should be soft so that when I brush my teeth, my gums get a nice massage without bleeding. The problem with soft bristles is that sometimes they don't clean as effectively. 

This toothbrush though, I must say, I was impressed. Soft, yet the slim bristles were very effective at getting pieces of stuck food out from between my teeth. My gums felt good during the brush, and I end up with nice clean teeth. Quite a good brush I would say, and I would even recommend it to people with sensitive gums. *thumbs up!*

The result of just one brush with the Darlie Expert White toothpaste?

Let's do a side-by-side comparison:
 Before                                                                   After

What happens a week later? 

Yes, just one week. 

I am a happy girl. ^.....^

Darlie Expert White is easily available at all leading departmental stores for just $5.90 for a 120g tube. 

I swear I will be faithful and I'm not going to use anything else from now on. 
Promise. ;)

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

I'm Happy

I don't know how to begin this post. You see, when it comes to certain topics I just freeze. Because I don't know how to talk about them.

You know how you haven't spoken to anyone in a long time because of whatever reasons, and then when you finally hear from them you feel so so happy that you cry? I don't know if any of you has ever felt that way, or if anyone has ever meant that much to you for you to do so, but it happened to me today.

I haven't been checking my emails regularly for about 2 weeks now (sorry for whoever has been trying to reach me), and when I did a few days ago, I saw a reply to a dear friend to whom I sent an email to last week.

The feeling was...I don't know how to describe it - it gripped me, in a very good way, the kind that warms me and makes me smile from very deep inside, and tear up because of that. It's a deeply genuine kind of happiness. =)

A lot has happened since, mainly good stuff, to either of us. And although none of us are really there to share in each others' lives, we know, thanks to social media, what the other has been up to.

It's a love hate relationship with the online world - good or bad, we take it all in. For now, I'm thankful it gives me the opportunity to stalk the people I care about. Openly. Hey, that's why we put our lives online, yes? Want privacy, don't come onto social media. That's just how it is.

I never thought an email reply could make my day. Have you written a personal letter/email to anyone special in your life lately?

If they mean enough, make time. =)