Saturday, 25 June 2011

25th June 2011

I've been spending the whole morning trying to arrange my pictures. You see, with shoots, chances are I will be shot anytime, so holding a camera trying to snap at surroundings which intrigue me can be tricky. Some were taken with my camera whenever I can, the others, with the phone. Geez... So putting them altogether, and trying to make sure the orientation's right, can take a while. Aiyah all those of you who blog knows what the hell I'm talking about.

First and foremost, today is my mum's birthday, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUMMY!!!! You're forever 30 in my heart~ ;) I'll see you for your birthday dinner party tonight!

Secondly, today is Social Media Day at SCAPE!!!! I'm thinking if I should head down for a short while, because at 4pm I've to go meet my 'stylists' who are dressing me up for Pradhana Vizha, which takes place TOMORROW EVENING!!!!!!! How not to panic you tell me? You tell me la! I just got back like 2 days ago and I haven't got anything to wear. Cham...

Anyways, if you are to be lucky to catch me at SCAPE later, congrats okay. Chances are I'm just going to be there for less than half an hour. =P Then I'll need to go get my costume ready for tomorrow night, THEN I have to rush to my Mum's birthday dinner party. See? Am I busy or what?

At the same time I'm being frantic about having to put up a post because I did promise u one yesterday but I was so busy running around I didn't have time to. My bike battery dried up just as I needed it, together with changing the engine oil and making sure other things aren't dying on me. So I had to fix it up yesterday, and that took me the whole afternoon. And a load of other stuff I can't remember.

What exactly happened yesterday??? Geez...everything seems to be a blur.

Ah, and I've to pick my Transformers tickets winners today! Thanks for all the entries! I'm gonna go have fun reading all of them like, now.

I know this is abrupt, but talk to you later, or tomorrow, okay? Though I've a photoshoot tomorrow so that might mean I won't be available. Wah help....

Okok gotta run. See ya at SCAPE! (If I'm there!)

Love loads,

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Clearing the Weed

I AM BACK!!!!!!!!!!

2 weeks in Cambodia and 1 week in Vietnam, and now I'm back home, black from the sun. It was 41 degrees celcius in Hanoi today, did you know that? And when you're doing a shoot in these countries, it means you'll have to be in the sun. A lot. And despite the Nivea Extra Whitening Inner Cell Repair Body Milk and Neutrogena Sunscreen (SPF50) ON TOP OF THAT, and hiding under a scarf and a hat whenever I could, I still came back at least 3 shades darker. Bummer.

Oh well, I'm back to report that I am back (DUH~!) and that I am safe, except for the skin cells. And yes, to clear some weed from the blog (Yes my blog 生草 already, I can see that...) It's been a week since you last heard from me...long time isn't it? Feels long...considering the fact that I haven't really blogged much for the past 3 weeks. I've yet to sort out my photos and luggage. Will update AS SOON AS I CAN (with pictures!), so check back tomorrow or something okay? Or look out for my tweets. I usually do a shoutout after I blog. ;)

Just wanted to say I miss you guys, I miss the writing, got tonnes to write about dating as far back as my Hong Kong trip to other mixed emotions I've experienced these last few days.

And oh, today's the last day for submission of your entries to the Transformers movie ticket contest. Have received SO MANY entries I'm having a blast just reading through them. You submitted yours yet? ;)

Talk to you a bit later! MUAX!!!!!


Thursday, 16 June 2011

Win Movie Tickets to Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon!!!!

Woohoohoo!!!!!!! That's one highly anticipated show man!!! I know because I know there are SO MANY Transformers fans out there. 

Oh come on, tell me you haven't seen a Transformers logo replacing the Toyota/Honda/Mazda/Hyundai/Nissan Sunny/Mitsubishi etc logo in front of and behind a car. I won't believe you. I've seen so many of those on the roads myself, even on motorbikes (I even have friends who "zeng" their bikes to have the Transformers-inspired lights and sounds!!!), so I know, confirm guarantee plus chop, that there are many here who love the robot cars.

And guess what? Thanks to FOX International Channels and STAR Movies VIP Access, this Silver girl here would like to reward you guys who always come visit me on my blog, with, get this...with...

in 3D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay to be really honest, I prefer this poster:
More sut right? Never mind
Anyway, here are the details:

Where? At the Cathay
When? 28th June, 6:45pm

What do you have to do? 
Easy! Just tell me why you want to watch the show so very badly, and why, among so many others, should I pick you? No need to write loooong looong looong loooooong lor sor essays (unless it's really entertaining), just a few short paragraphs will do! 

And there's more~

In conjunction with the launch of STAR Movies Pack available on Starhub TV, (this includes all your favourite movie channels - STAR Movies, STAR Movies HD, STAR Movies On Demand, and Fox Famile Movies!!!), when you subscribe to the STAR Movies Pack, you will get a chance to win
1. A Subaru Forester 2.0X;
2. A Trip for 4 to DreamWorld, WhiteWater World, and SkyPoint in Gold Coast, Australia;
3. Loads of other fantastic prizes!!!! 

I don't know about you, but I would like to win the car myself~! Eh even if I don't drive it, I can sell for quite a bit of money lor! COE is now 53k leh! Don't play play~~~ current market price for that car is about $110,000. That's 110k. One can do a lot with that money~~~ ;)

And if I don't win the car? The trip for 4 also shiok right????

I think it's time I get the Star Movies Pack myself, after all, it has all the good shows like 

Avatar (MAD LOVE THE 3D GRAPHICS!!!!!), Toy Story 3, 50 First Dates, The Sorcerer's Apprentice, and even that Justin Bieber show. Yah, THAT Justin Bieber show, like it or not. As long as it's a popular show, they'll air it. ^.^

Promotion period's only from 14 June to 14 August 2011!!! 
And when you subscribe to STAR Movies Pack during this period, you'll get Free Upgrade or $4 your monthly subscription for the first 3 months!!!

What are you waiting for? Subscribe already!!! 

Oh...huh? *wonders why everyone's still here*
 OH!!!! *slaps forehead* want to win that pair of tickets first huh? Yes yes of course, silly me...

Write in and tell me why you want to watch Transformers 3, and why I should pick you. ;)

Remember to include in your write-up:
1. Your Name.
2. Your Contact Number.
3. Your Email Add.

Send the entry to

Go on, start cracking. It won't take you too much time, I promise. Even if it did, hello? It's Transformers 3 we're talking about here! You know? Transformers 3? Optimus? Bumble Bee? Hot babes?

Need I say more? 
Don't puke la!!! Cannot take humour meh? I'm not that bad what, just not hawt enough for Director Michael Bay to pick me. 
*envies Rosie Huntington-Whiteley*

Okok I know some of you are really busy. So I've just decided that the closing date for submission of your entries will be on the 23rd June 2011, 23:59hrs. Hooray!!!!!

Ain't I nice? ;)

Good Luck!!!

Monday, 13 June 2011

Thank You, Media.

You guys should know by now that I am now in Cambodia. For those still clueless, I'm here to work. No not to plough the soil and work WORK, but to do an info-edutainment programme. This is the very first show I'm hosting on my own (yup NO MORE CO-HOST!!! *GASP!!!*), and to be honest, I'm a bit nervous about how it would turn out on TV. I haven't hosted any show of this nature before (previous shows I've hosted were part-scripted, like "Fun Learning" and "Closet Affairs" done 6 YEARS AGO~), so I was kinda afraid that I may have gotten a little out of touch with hosting.

Most of you who have never done hosting will never know how different it is from acting. Firstly, you need to have a good enough dictionary at the back of your head, so you can whip out adjectives just *snaps fingers* like that. I admit I haven't been reading enough Chinese books, and I've been doing a lot of non-Chinese shos (Tamil and Malay!!!!) so my Mandarin has been rusting in the brain. *guiltily averts everyone's eyes* 

Now all my languages are bua tang zui. Sibeh cham. 

回到新加坡第一件事就是去书架把妈妈的华文书翻一番(妈妈的华文书是多到~~~~),挑出一本来看。Too used to being fed lines (I've been acting A LOT, and with acting, we have a script prepared for us, so it's very different). Not good. Time to start feeding my brain with vocab so I can make my own (good) lines. Better late than never yeah? ;) 演艺圈这条路不会给你太多机会的。 有给你的时候,一定要准备好,把握良机,把最好的呈献给大家。^.^


Well, before I go on I want to tell you guys a bit about the show. It's called 《娃娃看天下》 by the way. Basically each episode I have a different kid with me, exploring and finding out what the natives or the local people's lives are like. As much as we can, we try to get close and experience what they do, so the kid has a comparison and realise how lucky we are to be children in Singapore. The show aims to let our local kids learn, understand and maybe even empathize with the children in other countries. We want to have them understand how fortunate they really are, and to be grateful for everything which they may have always taken for granted. Meaningful? I sincerely think so. =)

 You know, for this industry to experiment with using a host who have no prior experience or formal training, it takes a lot of faith. Most hosts go through co-hosting with other senior experienced hosts before they get a show they can call their own. I sincerely want to thank Wawa Pictures and Mediacorp for giving me this opportunity. I'm sure everyone's worried about how I will perform, and whether I will make the show a success. *nervous grin* I'm still learning the ropes, like how to bring out information, how to interview and lead my other partners in the show (the tour guide and the kids with me) such that everyone gets to contribute something valuable and with content (and not just silly banter and laughing and god-knows-what). 

The director, Bee Yian, has been most patient and motherly and have been teaching me bit by bit how to go about doing this show. Despite having to shoot, taking care of everyone's welfare, thinking of possible content (you think it's so easy to be a director ah?), she takes care to guide me whenever she can. I'm trying to pick things up quickly too so that she doesn't have to worry about me in future shoots. I may have to start talking to myself a lot at home. And read, of course. And more Taiwanese infotainment programmes to see how those guys do it. The Taiwanese are REALLY good somehow.  

Oh, and I've been nominated for Vasantham's  Pradhana Vizha's Best Newcomer!!!! 

OMG!!!! *swings underwear over my head and skips around the hotel room* 

I can't tell you how happy I am because I REALLY put in a lot of effort for Vyjayanthi, the Tamil show I did earlier this year. It was my very first lead role, and the producer Gayatri took a bet by picking a non-bigshot (me) to star in her show. 

That's Gaya3 and Vyju~

Those of you who have not watched it, please go have a look (subtitles included) at Tell me how I fare, and whether I stand a chance? 

Thank you Vasantham. Thank you Eagle Vision. Thank you Mediacorp. 
Being nominated is a big thing, and I'm really grateful for the recognition. A big, fat thank you to all of you who have tuned in to Vyjayanthi and made the ratings sky-high. *watery eyes*

*walks away to get tissue to dab tears of gratitude and joy*

Muhuki Lots,

p/s. That's my version of muacks, hugs and kisses, for those who don't know. ^.^

Ad: Haute Urban

I'm sure you know plenty plenty plenty plenty PLENTY of blogshops selling clothes. What about shoes? I only know a few doing shoes, and one of them is

 Their shoes come in a HUGE RANGE OF SIZES!!!!! And I mean HUGE~~~~
Sizes 34 all the way to 48!!!
Doesn't matter if you have fairy feet or you're known as the Dua Ka Soh (Big Feet Aunty), there's something to make your feet pretty! YAY!!!

Their selection is awesome to the max~ From sporty (school!!!!!)...

To sporty sexy...

To sexy...


Then there are the sweet-sweet-looking kinds:

I even found shoes suitable for that best friend's wedding, or prom! Good idea to get them now, otherwise you'll never find them when you need them later in the year. Trust me. I've been there. 

 They have serious shoes for work too~

And quirky-fun types....

 I love this pair!!!! Colourful and statement-y without being TOO loud. =)

Haute Urban also carries a collection of boots! I love boots, and I love wearing them especially when I'm riding. They give enough protection to the ankle area. I had a little accident remember? And I was all covered up EXCEPT my ankles! I wore covered shoes, but my ankles were exposed, and that was where my flesh came off. (EEEKS!) So lady riders, if you're reading this, please make sure every inch of your pretty skin is well-protected yeah? For your feet, let boots do the job. Plus they make you look damn SUT! ("stylo")

There are nice winter boots too! Good idea to get a pair before you head to that cold cold country for your holiday. No, a very cold feet is NOT fun. Keep your feet warm to truly enjoy the snow and ice. =)
Then there are these few pairs which I like, but wasn't sure how to classify them. I'll just call these "pretty shoes":

Does this remind you of a particular monogrammed brand? ;)

When ordering their shoes, please remember to add one size to your original shoe size. The sizes are cut smaller than your usual sizing, so if you happen to be a Charles n Keith size 38, order size 39 from Haute Urban to get a better fit.

 Haute Urban has not only shoes, but bags as well!!!!! How convenient~

 OMG Cath Kidston - inspired pouches!!!!

 My picks:

Their sprees take about 2 weeks after the spree closes for the goods to arrive, so order in advance before that important function okay? There's currently a spree going on, and the deadline is 18th June! If you want to get your shoes SOON, go order now! If not you got to wait another 1 or 2 weeks for the next spree, and another 2 weeks to get hold of those pretty shoes. Dan si mi? Hop over to Haute Urban now!

Huay Ka,
That Silver Girl