Thursday, 24 October 2013



These were my favourite 2 lines in the entire movie Rhythm of the Rain. I love the rain, and these 2 lines hold a special meaning in my heart. 

The movie was shot so beautifully, 方文山-style. This is his first movie as a director, and I would have to say it’s done well as a directorial debut. You would know how whimsically beautiful his lyrics are, if you are familiar with Jay Chou’s songs. (This is the guy who needs no introduction - he gave life to Jay Chou’s songs with his poetic lyrics.) The movie is no different - beautiful and makes you feel it, lingering at just the right depth, but not too much that it gushes out with emotion.

我很喜歡下雨的味道, 它每次都會讓我感到很清新. 我也很愛聽見下雨的聲音, 因為雖然冷冷濕濕的, 它會讓我內心覺得好窩心,好想跟心里特別的他躲在被窩裡.


Some things are just better expressed in Chinese, don’t you think? =)

Like I mentioned earlier, I had the honour of being flown into Taipei for the gala premiere of Rhythm of the Rain and rub shoulders with the director as well as the cast, thanks to Nuffnang and Paktor.
Vincent 方文山 himself. 

I was so starstruck that day (no I haven't really gotten used to seeing famous international/Taiwanese homegrown names around me). 九把刀,the author and director for《那些年,我們一起追的女孩》was there as well.

The 2 main characters in the movie - Alan Ko & Ginnie Han. 

It's Ginnie's debut acting stint, and in my opinion, I thought she did a fantastic job playing Yujie (Rain). You'd have to watch the movie to get what I mean.

Vincent and Vivian! (Macam friend lol) Vivian Hsu is one of those who doesn't ever age. Most women her age are playing mother roles. She's like a student in this one! And totally convincing. 怎麼這樣???太厲害保養了~

All celebrities have this "pose for photos" pose. 

As do I. LOLOL okok #FAIL!!!!
I can never get the hang of posing for photos. Especially solo shots. 

I need more years of training. ><

My gala movie ticket. When they premiered here in Singapore, I jumped at the chance to watch it again. It's so good, why not, right? Plus the ending was very open-ended the first time I watched it, and Vincent Fang said in an interview that the ending was actually revealed at the end, very indirectly. 

I'm glad I saw it again, because I figured out the ending~~~ Lol #sosatisfying.
Go watch it okay, and see if you understand how it ends. Beautifully transcribed, I think Vincent Fang is a genius.

For more information, go to 聽見下雨的聲音 Facebook page.

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Come, Let's Go Paktor

Have you ever liked someone and wondered for the longest time if they would be interested in “someone like you”. Or have to find out from mutual friends (that is, if there were any) to see if this special someone liked you back? Then risk embarrassment and having your friends gajiao you after that? I know right. High school days… ah~~~

For me, I find that it gets harder to meet and have a crush on a guy after we start working. In school there was like so many guys to choose from even if you are just in one class. (Think about the numbers in an entire cohort of students.) Then when we start work it’s just colleagues and most times we don’t get to change colleagues every year.

Before you start thinking I’m some desperado, I’m not okay. Just saying. I have a really good friend who has never ever ever been attached in her entire life. It’s not like she doesn’t have an amazing personality, or that she looks hideous. She’s pretty smart and holds values dear to mine. In fact I always wondered why she was never seeing anyone.

She just never found anyone who caught her attention (okay she did find one, but he doesn’t even live in Singapore) or shares the same interests as her, and given that she now works in a museum, I really don’t wish to see her marrying a statue. #choichoichoi

What if there is an app which you can like someone anonymously, and if he likes you back, then allows you guys to start talking? Meaning if you “like” him but he doesn’t “like” you back, you remain anonymous? Not bad right? You will only get to talk to each other when you mutually like each other, it’s like the cupid answering your prayers. Lol.

The thing is, this app now exists.


It’s aptly called “Paktor”. I think it’s such a cute name that all Singaporeans (and Malaysians, and of course, Taiwanese) can relate to when it comes to dating. For the clueless, "paktor" is a Hokkien term for dating. It’s a Singaporean app which is expanding to Taiwan, which means you can soon meet cute Taiwanese guys and girls! Woohoo!

I had the honour of being invited to the movie gala premiere of “Rhythm of the Rain” 聽見下雨的聲音 in Taipei. Speaking of this movie, you must watch okay!!! Will be blogging about this next! It's Vincent Fang's directorial debut! If you don't know who that is, refer to picture below.

Paktor is the official campaign sponsor for the movie’s Love Lock Fence (there is this scene when the characters in the movie were at this love lock fence and they saw Alan’s lock that says Alan loves Sun Yi Rou?), that was how I got to know of its existence.

These Love Lock Fences are inspired by the fences on Pont de l'Archevêché in Paris, on which lovers secure padlocks to symbolize love and eternity. Indeed, love is in the air!

Speaking of Love Lock Fence, have you ever placed a lock on any of such fences?

I haven’t. =)

Like the picture above said, lovers fix locks on Love Lock Fences around the world to symbolise commitment to each other in love. I’ve never been to one with a lover.

I’ve ever only seen 2 such fences in my life. The first one was in Cinque Terre, Italy. That was from my flying days.

See all the locks?


The second one was at the flash mob at 100AM when the cast and director of 聽見下雨的聲音 were there to help promote the movie and the Love Lock Fence.

For me, it’s only meaningful if I fix the lock together with someone I love. And I was just with friends then in Italy. And I don’t have my lover around when I was at 100AM. (That’s the old Amara Shopping Centre by the way.) So I’m still waiting to fix my lock. ;)

Lovers, if you are looking to fix a lock with your significant other, you can head over to JCube level 3. There’s a Love Lock Fence for you to buy a lock and pledge your love for that special someone. 

All proceeds go to the Singapore Association for the Deaf so you will also be doing something else meaningful. =)

Back to Paktor, you see that logo at the top left corner of the lock which the artistes were holding? That’s the Paktor app logo if you are looking to download it on Google Play Store or Appstore.

It works on a double-blind concept, which means you only have access to chat with each other when both of you "like" each other. Otherwise, it’s just a thumbs up to their profile. Safe? Yes. No malu? Uh huh. No fear of rejection. Yay!

It connects with your facebook account so for your own sake please choose a nice profile picture so people can see you. Or at least choose a relevant picture, meaning if your picture is a dog then it might show that you are a dog lover, or something like that. The key thing is for people whom you wish to attract, get interested. Don't worry, Paktor doesn't post anything on your Facebook page!

You can change your settings like your profile picture and your matching preferences, like within 1km radius and age group.

Would be great if there are other matching preferences that I can set, but as this is a young app, I’m sure they will work on it. Who knows next time matchmaking agencies might not survive thanks to this app. Lol.

I tried it out today and it’s actually quite fun. After sieving through so many profiles, I found one which caught my attention, and minutes later I was notified that it’s a match and he liked my profile too! That got me excited for a while because it’s like, so cool can? Lol. #cheapthrill

Of course I can then choose to chat with him or keep looking through more profiles. No obligations to connect. Good eh?

For the shy types or people who work in an environment where it’s really hard to meet new people, it's the perfect solution! You should definitely give this a try. You can find Paktor on Google Play Store, as well as on AppStore. And don’t need to thank me if you found someone special to fix your lock with okay? Thank Paktor. (Want to thank me I also won’t say no la of course ^^)

I just got my never-been-attached friend to download this app. And I’m waiting to hear if she finds anyone.

You can find out more about Paktor at (They even have a brand new candid reality series titled “You’ve Got a Match!” on their site, where it follows one of Paktor’s bachelors as he embarks on a series of three dates). Alternatively, you can go to their Facebook page at

Good luck!

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Changed My Banner Picture

Some of you might have noticed that I've changed my blog banner. 

The above picture has been edited, and it came from this.
I was trying to figure out a way to use this picture and have my whole face but that didn't work, and I thought the accidental cinematic crop which revealed only so much of my face looked pretty good, so that became my new banner. (Plus it didn't show my eyes which my eyelid tapes were so obvious on. Oops. Heh~) 

What do you think?

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Review: Halloween Horror Nights 3 at Universal Studios Singapore

My favourite Halloween event every year is back!!!

I'm serious when I say it is my favourite. I've never missed a single year since its launch in 2011, and this year shall be no exception. Each year they impress me with the set, the costumes, and the whole general effort put into making it successful. Universal Studios 就是不一样. The only thing which I think is not done well enough would have to be just the trailer for the 3 evil sisters. The normal trailer looks pretty good though.

The actual Halloween Horror Nights 3 (thereafter known as HHN3) is so much better. Of course, it would be difficult to match a video to the whole experience. You just have to go experience it yourself.
I wouldn't want to spoil your trip to USS's HHN3 this year, so I won't share TOO much. Just a few tips and insight into what I got from the media preview.

This year, there are going to be more nights spread out over the Halloween period, increased from last year's 7 nights to 10 nights this year. So hopefully that helps spread out the crowd over more nights so the USS won't be soooo packed, and the queues shorter. Hopefully.

Scare hours are going to be longer. Previous 2 years' feedback was that people didn't have enough time to complete the whole experience. So instead of 4 hours, the park will be opened from 7pm to 1am, a good 6 hours for you to be completely scared silly. ;)

One tip: Go at 7pm. Better still, be there by 6:45pm. So you can still have time to wait for your friends who might be late, take pictures at the entrance, find parking, yada yada.

They made amendments to the entrance which used to be a scare zone. This year the entrance is kept clear so people are not stuck there spending too much time taking pictures and not having enough time for the actual stuff going on inside.

If you worry that going too early is going to spoil the whole scary experience, fret not. The haunted houses are all indoors this time, so there's no more outdoor haunted house. Which also means you feel less safe. Lol. Be spooked. ;)

Of course, for those who are really easily scared, there is a safe zone at Sci-fi city where you can take a break from the ghosts and scary shits happening elsewhere in USS. And maybe go ride the Mummy. 

Fun Facts
  • Magicians are engaged for the first time to create more special effects. If you're lucky, you might be able to catch some levitation acts. ;)
  • 5 gallons of fake blood will be used EVERY NIGHT at HHN3
  • 400 scare actors will be deployed for HHN3, with the youngest being 18, and the oldest 73. Whoa~~~
  • There will be themed dining available for the first time at the Discovery Food Court, and oh, Stay-n-Scream guests will be held here when the park closes at 6 so that the staff can transform USS into HNN3 set-up.
  • Yup, that means that in the day, the park is going to look pretty normal, like any other day when you visit the park in the day. Day visitors just need to pay $50 extra for the Stay-n-Scream tickets, and you get to stay on for HHN3. The good thing is that when HNN3 opens at 7pm, you are already in the park. Less queue time?
  • There is now the Frequent Fear Pass available, which allows unlimited visits on 6 non-peak HNN3 nights out of 10. Come as often as you want! (with different people? Guys...idea ah~ Bring different girls out to scare each night. Lol! Ok I DID NOT TEACH THAT. =P)
  • No outside food and drinks are allowed, so eat before you go in. Don't try to dabao food. And if you really wish to bring your own water, bring it in a water bottle, and not in a mineral water bottle. Just in case.
  • No flash photography and video recording at the haunted houses and attractions. Scare zones are fine. Not inside attractions. You get the drift.&nbsp;
  • And do not, I repeat, DO NOT go for HNN3 in COSTUME. You will not be allowed into HNN3 if you go in masks or costumes.&nbsp;
  • Dress appropriately. Try not to go in 6-inch heels. Or sexy party dresses. You might be sweating, depending on the humidity level for our local weather for the night. I recommend going in something light and cool.&nbsp;
  • Bring a small fan or something to cool yourself down if you wish. =)

Here comes the real intro. There are 3 iconic characters developed - The 3 sisters of evil. See if you spot them when you're there ok? You can find out more info about them at the HNN3 Official Site. Like I warned, the 3 sisters' trailers weren't too good. But not to worry because the rest of HNN3 is superb. =)

There will be 3 scare zones and 3 haunted houses - we'll start off with what you will see when you follow the normal route:

As you turn right from the main entrance, you will see the Monster Rock show. I would recommend you not miss one as there is a special Halloween edition different from the usual one if you've already seen that. But because show times are only at 8pm, 10pm, and 12midnight, you might want to watch the midnight one as you exit. That is of course, if you come at 7pm and finish all the attractions on time.

Then as you go on, you will come to the first haunted house on your right. (If you are confused, here's a map.)

I really like this. It's basically modelled after a sunken cruise liner, and of course everyone has died in the ship. Except they don't know it. I love this one because it really feels like a ship. The floor feels like it, in the sense that when you walk, at times you will feel a little unstable and rocky, as if you are really on a ship. I have no idea how they did it, but that was really cool for me.

They made it kind of like the Titanic Artifacts exhibition, except scarier. There are the crew decks, the engine deck, the passenger deck, the room corridors, and steps between floors. One thing to note: do not run inside. Because there are steps (duh), you will fall. Will. If you run. Confirm.

Unfortunately, because it was so dark right, I didn't manage to take any good pictures.
But then that means you don't know what to expect. Heh~ Enjoy this one.

Next you will come to the main street, which is the first scare zone: Attack of the Vampires.

Set in Whittemore, New York.

Like the name suggests, this scare zone is all about vampires. I call them the ang mor ghosts. Lol.

This is my favourite installation - the New York Library. Looks really good, don't you think?

Then you will come to Sci-fi city, which is a rest point. Unless you are really hungry and scared and tired, I do not recommend a rest at this point. Come on just walk on la! The next part not scary one. Really.

Convention of Curses
I find this part really cute. It's the Egyptian street where the Mummy ride is. This part is where it's like a flea market of witches and other-realm beings selling curses. How scary is that right? =)

Remember I mentioned a levitation act? ;)

If you are lucky and in time, you might be able to catch the dark arts practitioners dancing. They have special dance performances at regular intervals throughout each night. =)

After the Convention you will then come to Songs of Death, the Chinese Opera Academy haunted house. This is by far my favourite.

Yes there is a Universal Express pass for those of you worried about the long queues. The queue is going to be considerably shorter if you get that. Otherwise I recommend going with someone you can really chit chat a thousand and one topics with, or go with a group of fun friends. So it's more fun when you're queuing. =)

Really really like what they have done to the place. The set looked really amazing.

This, I feel, was the scariest house out of the 3. I felt that the twists and turns in the house were never going to end and I was never going to come out. Cos it felt very long. And there were really scary elements like the ancestral tablets and joss papers and incense sticks around. And opera costumes *hint*. Especially if you are from a traditional Chinese family, this house will give you the spooks.

After you're done with this house you will enter the Forbidden Forest.
Those who have lived in the kampong might find this scary, as it has all the usual forest ghosts or ghosts which linger around trees. Like the Pocongs (jumping around wrapped in white cloth) and the Pontianak.

She's real, by the way. Not a prop.

To get to the last haunted house you will have to walk through the Forbidden Forest. There will be arrows leading you to the house, but let me warn you, you might walk in circles and feel like you can't get out of the forest. Because these arrows change directions periodically. To keep you within the forest...
Good luck getting out! ^^
And you will finally get to the last attraction - House No 13: Possessions. This is essentially a haunted house for sale. Think Conjuring. Or Insidious 2. Or something like that. Basically a possessed house.&nbsp;

So there you have it. A rough guide into the Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Singapore this year. A few things to note:

Get the Express pass if you really hate queuing. I'm recommend finding a good conversationalist to go with, or someone you can really really talk to, or your significant other, or an old friend you haven't seen in donkey aeon years, and catch up over queuing. I assure you by the time you are done with the night, you would have caught up quite a bit on each others' lives. Confirm plus chop.

If you really want to try your luck beating the queues, do the last house first and do the unusual route. The flow might not be as good. But you can try. Then again, other people might have thought of it too. So good luck with that. And pray not too many people have read this. Lol.

Halloween Horror Nights 3 happens at Universal Studios Singapore on the following nights from 7pm to 1am:

11,12 Oct 2013
19, 20 Oct 2013
25, 26 Oct 2013
31 Oct 2013
1-3 Nov 2013

You can get your tickets here at their official site, or you can go to any of the box office counters at the following locations:

Cathay Cineleisure
17 Oct - 20 Oct between 5-9pm on Thursday, and between 12-9pm on Fri - Sun.

Nanyang Poly (NYP)
Address: Blk A, Walkway outside Shopping Arcade (MSC Studio)
16 & 17 October (Wednesday & Thursday)

Students, you can flash your student passes to get discounted OPEN-TICKET (meaning you can go on ANY DATE!!!!) tickets at $50 each, and only at the above box office counters. That's a steal. Normal tickets are priced at $68 each.

Have a good time, and scream!

P.S. If you really can't decide which one to go for out of so many, I strongly recommend this one. Because everything was done so well. Actors, props, set, the whole experience. 2 thumbs up!

(Maybe) See you there! ^^

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Review: Sentosa 4D Adventureland "Fright Nites" - Finally Something Suitable for Children for Halloween!

I have to applaud the efforts of my juniors from Singapore Polytechnic for this Halloween attraction in Sentosa 4D Adventureland. For student work, I would say this is actually pretty good. The set was nicely designed, and the effects pretty decent.

"Fright Nites" comprises of 3 parts - "Trapped", "Panic House" & "Grip of the Undead". "Trapped" is the haunted trail which, in my opinion, wasn't very scary. Then again, I'm a really poor gauge for haunted trails due to the nature of my job. (I go there and I examine at the scare actors' makeup la...costumes la...props But I hear people screaming so I guess, well, to each his own. *shrugs*

After you're done with the haunted house trail you will be lead into the 4D Horror Movie Ride "Panic House". It's kind of like those simulator rides where you are on this carrier and you wear 3D glasses and it shakes and vibrates according to what happens in the "movie". (It's really more of like a horror short film cos it's just 10 minutes.) 

For this ride I advise sitting near the middle rows. I sat in the front row and the 3D effects were quite out of focus (maybe it's just me), and I kept seeing double vision. The visuals were pretty bumpy as it follows a girl who is trying to escape out of the haunted house. Overall pretty good, and you get surprise acts during the ride which could scare the shit out of some girls. For the braver audience, this might not do the trick for you.

The last part of the attraction is the "Grip of the Undead", and this has got to be my favourite part of "Fright Nites". It's basically a 4D shooting game where you sit on this motorbike-like thing that moves in-situ and you shoot at a screen like an arcade game. This gave me the most adrenaline rush out of all 3 because I was really kept busy shooting throughout. Also I think it was because I enjoy shooting games. Lol. 

Eh highest scorer in the group with 1574 points. Beat that~~~ (Tell me your scores when you go play okay?)

Overall "Fright Nites" didn't frighten me very much, but maybe it's just harder to scare me. For parents who wish to bring their kids to a Halloween attraction but are worried that your kids might be too young to take crazy scares (the other 2 halloween attractions in Sentosa - Halloween Horror Nights 3 as well as Spooktacular might be too intense for little children), I think this would be a good beginner attraction to go for. Have fun!

P.S. It doesn't end there. After you're done, you can go on for the usual 4D Adventureland show - Journey 2: The Mysterious Island. It stars Vanessa Hudgens so if you're a fan might want to catch it. =) This one you and your kids can be prepared to get sprayed, smell the atmosphere, and feel the wind, as if you are really in the movie. I really liked this. If only all movies were like this. 

Fright Nites
Opening hours: 7pm to 11pm every Friday & Saturday, as well as the last Sunday of October
Price: *S$38.90 for adults & S$26.90 for children between 3-12 years old. 
*Unlimited entries on day of visit

For more information, please refer to

Friday, 11 October 2013

Why My Internet Does This To Me

I don't blame Singtel. After all which company wants a fire to disrupt their operations, right?

Just that why does it have to happen when I need to work from home?!?!?! On the days that I set aside n pushed other appointments away for blogging, this happens. ><

Sure I can bring my laptop to Starbucks or MacDonald's to work through the night, but I prefer to work at home la. Plus it's annoying when I'm blogging by myself at these public places and then I need to pee. Leave my laptop there meh? No right? Bring everything and go toilet, then come back later and look for a table again (n have to buy another drink?) You see what I mean? Ma fan max. 

And thus this is the first time I'm blogging from my phone and I have to say this - it's a pain in the pigu.

I really prefer to work on my laptop or desktop. The typing has less of a hair-pulling effect as compared to typing with the S4. Nope, the S4 is not made for blogging.

So Singtel, revive my Internet please? I wish upon the Singtel engineers all the brains and power to quickly complete this endeavour. >< 

Meanwhile...I shall do other things... like apply facial masks...

Oh by the way, I found time to watch Gravity today. And it was so so so so awesome. Sandra Bullock was amazing (she deserves to win an Oscar for this), the camera work was astounding, and gawd, anyone who appreciates acting and film production should watch this. It really brings you to space.

And please watch it ONLY in 3D. You won't regret it.


Sunday, 6 October 2013

So Many of My Kids Shows on Sundays!

It's Sunday!!!

Funny how things come to be what they have become.

In 2009, I left the airline to rebegin my journey in entertainment with Fun Learning as a host with Sugie. I was Wawa Jie Jie then. Then I suppose it was pretty well-received and subsequently we did season 2. Until today, I still have friends telling me that they are still seeing reruns of the show on Sunday mornings. ^^

Then in 2011 I was offered by Wawa Pictures (I'm grateful for the opportunities given by Wawa) to do a kids travelogue programme called "See the World"《娃娃看天下》where I bring a different kid to each city to let them experience life in that city. It just finished its reruns every Sunday at 10:30am on Channel 8. ^^
(Pretending to be) Game enough to eat a 鸭仔蛋,a hard boiled egg with an actual duck foetus inside, complete with feathers and all. O.O

I watched an episode the other day and I cringed. Lol. My hosting was SO raw! I don't know if I improved because that was actually my last TV hosting job before the one I'm doing. They say the more you do the better you become. I haven't been doing, which means my current now...??? Uh oh. Nah I hope I will be fine. I think? *fingers crossed*

My new work, Kids CEO 《我是CEO》will begin airing today at 11am.

This is an entrepreneurial show which challenges our kids each week to come out with a business proposal and to execute it. Based on net profit, as well as business strategy and service attitude, we'll determine the winning team.

And as you can see, I represent the red team, and Sugie, who's back as my partner-in-crime cohost, will represent the blue. =D


And then comes "Little Detective" 《芝麻小侦探》at 11:30am. Am I hogging乐乐窝? For the next few weeks, I think so. Lol.

This will be the very first production I'm doing with my cousin.

This is my cousin. You might remember her from many other Channel 8 shows, or from Mat Yoyo. ^^

In "Little Detective" I play an eccentric but kind teacher Miss Tay, who's dressed in the most number of cheongsams I've ever worn in my life. I kind of like the image, but she's crazier than she looks. Lol. You really got to watch to understand what I'm talking about. ><

For a rough idea, here's the trailer:

So catch me every Sunday morning on Channel 8, 2 consecutive shows from 11am onwards.
Every programme a different side of me. ;) If you catch the Fun Learning Wawa Jiejie storytelling snippets during commercial breaks too let me know. Lol.

乐乐窝掌门人?谁?我? 不要浆讲,我会不好意思的啦~
No I'm serious. I am grateful for all the opportunities given to me, and I strive to improve each time I get a new assignment. 感恩。加油!