Friday, 11 October 2013

Why My Internet Does This To Me

I don't blame Singtel. After all which company wants a fire to disrupt their operations, right?

Just that why does it have to happen when I need to work from home?!?!?! On the days that I set aside n pushed other appointments away for blogging, this happens. ><

Sure I can bring my laptop to Starbucks or MacDonald's to work through the night, but I prefer to work at home la. Plus it's annoying when I'm blogging by myself at these public places and then I need to pee. Leave my laptop there meh? No right? Bring everything and go toilet, then come back later and look for a table again (n have to buy another drink?) You see what I mean? Ma fan max. 

And thus this is the first time I'm blogging from my phone and I have to say this - it's a pain in the pigu.

I really prefer to work on my laptop or desktop. The typing has less of a hair-pulling effect as compared to typing with the S4. Nope, the S4 is not made for blogging.

So Singtel, revive my Internet please? I wish upon the Singtel engineers all the brains and power to quickly complete this endeavour. >< 

Meanwhile...I shall do other things... like apply facial masks...

Oh by the way, I found time to watch Gravity today. And it was so so so so awesome. Sandra Bullock was amazing (she deserves to win an Oscar for this), the camera work was astounding, and gawd, anyone who appreciates acting and film production should watch this. It really brings you to space.

And please watch it ONLY in 3D. You won't regret it.


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  1. I think the worst part of working in public is being recognised. Imagine when you're blogging and in mid-sentence, someone comes up to you for autograph, take photo and interview. That's ma fan to the max.