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Review: Tiny Away Escape @ Lazarus Island

It's been a loooong hiatus since I last blogged, and I'm back! Hello!!!!! Blogging really takes quite a bit of time as compared to just posting on Instagram or Tiktok, so you'll probably still see more frequent updates there. If you want more on-the-go content, please go follow my IG thank you! Here's my first come-back post dedicated to our little caravan experience on Lazarus Island. Previously we could only visit Lazarus Island, and you can't camp overnight. There were no toilets, no shops, nothing, and if you were stranded there for the night, good luck. Camping permits are still not a thing for Lazarus Island at this time of the post, but you can stay overnight on the beautiful peaceful island, in a tiny house. These tiny houses are literally caravans that are super well-equipped, you can live in them. I've always wanted to experience caravan living when I travel overseas, at the same time I don't really want to deal with pouring out my own poop lol.

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