Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Uniqlo x Shop Online Lah

Ever since I discovered online shopping, I have been a firm believer in it. "Shop online lah!" has been my favourite line to say whenever someone tells me he/she wants to try to find something in the stores. Because, well, I don't have to pay for someone else's commercial rent, so it's almost always cheaper to buy online.

While browsing through qoo10 (my current favourite online shopping site for any kind of nonsense I can think of - macbook chargers, iPad glass screen protectors, keyboard covers, projectors, lamps, name it), I stumbled upon SOL, which stands for Shop Online Lah! I was looking for hangers, which you will see in my next post. I opted for the self-collection method as their office was in Yishun, near my old place at Woodlands. Also, I like going to their offices when I can, so that I can see the full range of items they have. and sometimes their prices are even cheaper than listed on Qoo10 (no commission taken ma). They also have an online shop of their own now if you wish to check them out. 

I am a fan of not wearing too much when I sleep, so I was pretty excited when I stumbled upon these in the SOL office. 

I brought this back in black, turquoise, white and pink as well. A little sexy. A lot of comfy.

Love wearing just like this when I'm going to bed. Not very convenient when the postman or deliveryman comes with a parcel, but I love it anyway. Uniqlo panties are the only ones I actually buy these days. Seamless, comfortable, snug. Just the way I like it.

(Give them a call or drop them an email if they have yet to post this item up)
Bottom: Uniqlo

Photography by Daniel Ho Photography

Monday, 13 July 2015

Brand Ambassador for Allure Beauty for 2nd Year!

Very exciting news!!!

With Angela Tnee, Founder and Managing Director of Allure Beauty
I am very proud and honoured to announce that I have been appointed Brand Ambassador for Allure Beauty for the 2nd year running!

Signing the very important contract ;)
I remember my very first experience with Allure - that was in year 2010. I was new to blogging, and I received an email from their PR agency asking me to review the eyebrow embroidery service. At the time, eyebrow embroidery was relatively unheard of, although I have come across it. I wasn't too sure what it was though. Was it tattoo? Was it like sewing thread into the skin like what embroidery literally is? What is it??? 

Not being presumptious, I figured that since I don't know, many people wouldn't either. (Hey I read up so much about beauty stuff!) But then I kind of like declined the offer at first, as I am one of those girls who actually have eyebrow hair. I know of friends who shaved off their eyebrows when they were in secondary school just so they can draw their eyebrows easier, and of girls who have overplucked their brows. For some of them, the brows just didn't grow back. (Yikes, I know.)

Anyway, like I said, I declined the offer, as I figured it wouldn't make much of a difference since I have brows and they were just going to kind of colour it in. I have to give it to the PR girl for being persuasive though, lol, because in the end I figured, oh well, I have nothing to lose, and since eyebrow embroidery was a relatively new thing then, no one has done any reviews, and people would want to know more.

So I went, and was I glad I did! Because that blogpost turned out to the one of my most read posts (google "eyebrow embroidery" and you will find it right there), even until today, and it brought quite a bit of business to Allure, and with positive feedback from readers! As a blogger, I think that is a very satisfying feeling, to know that what you have written about actually benefitted the business as well as the customers who tried the service. 4 years later, they asked me to be their brand ambassador, and I was more than happy to say yes. =)

This is my second year with them. They have been a wonderful team to work with, and every experience with them has been pleasant. To a better future ahead together! 

I love you Allure! <3

Friday, 3 July 2015

Why Did You Go Away?

Just wanted to share something that happened today, because I haven't really talked personal much in a long long time.

Today, after dinner with the boyfriend,  we were just window-shopping at the mall before he goes for his gig. I then saw at the atrium something which caught my eye, and we went and checked it out. Okay, I went and checked it out, because he soon walked off to look at other stuff. I think I didn't take too long, maybe 5 minutes max? And he did walk back over to check on me about 3-4 minutes in. When I was done and thanked the salesgirl for answering my questions, I tried to look for him around the booth, but he was nowhere to be seen. 

Now, of course I got upset. When we go out together, you don't just wander off missing or too far away without first informing me of where you want to go, even if you have zero interest in what I was looking at! I walked around the entire atrium, and in the end decided to call him, after having reached a state of exasperation and anxiety. 

I now understand how my dog feels. Alton would go into a state of panic attack whenever I left the house. He's now almost blind, so he doesn't always see when I leave the house. I also try not to let him see me leave because he would scratch the door for a long time after I leave. I've been told that usually when I leave the house without Alton knowing where I've gone to, he would search the house in a frenzy, walking anxiously from room A to room B to the bathroom to the living room to the kitchen and then to room C and back to room A to try to look for me, and this may carry on for an hour after he discovers I'm gone. 

I'm not saying I am anxious like that. I don't think I have separation anxiety, but I do get annoyed when we are supposed to be hanging out together, and you go off leaving me with no idea where to find you. 

It didn't help that his phone's microphone is faulty, so I wouldn't be able to hear anything when he answers the phone, except when he switches it to speaker mode. I heard nothing, so I hung up. I then got really upset and sent him a text that went something like this -

Me: Hello?????
Me: Why did you just walk off like that???

He then called me back. After he told me where he's at, I hung up the phone and walked (grouchily) over to where he said he was.

I did not expect what I saw next.

He appeared in front of me with a big red rose in full bloom.

Him: Why you so fierce...?
Me: (Still upset) Because you left me standing there alone and I didn't know where you'd gone or where to find you!
Him: *gave me the rose in his hand* I went to get this for you...

This time I was in a state of upset and surprise, plus I was still angry but at the same time happy and touched, so don't try to imagine my face. It must've looked pretty contorted. And I must've looked pretty fierce still because he actually looked scared and upset.

Me: I was looking all around for you and I looked so awkward just now! (must be a face issue)
Him: But I want to buy flower to surprise you, and I cannot tell you where I'm going ma...

I'm a pretty tough woman to surprise, as he must've realised by now (will tell u more on another post), but I'm touched by his trying to surprise me time and again, just to put a smile on my face. =)

Sorry baby for being such a silly quick-tempered bitch. I blame it on waking up too early. But do know that I really really appreciate this beautiful rose, and all the flowers you've given me, and the gestures you often make in trying to make me happy. 

現在情緒比較放鬆了, 看到這朵綻放的玫瑰花��,我的心情是像這朵花一樣,是盛開的。

P.S. Also, note to self - Next time I'd rather let Alton know I'm going out, than leave him panicking trying to find me in the house without avail. 

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

15 Interesting Facts About Hotel Jen

Hotel Jensen have been popping up in our little island. But there is more to it than just a new hotel chain. I had the opportunity to stay here for a night, thanks to bff Cheryl Tay, who took many of my beautiful pictures below. Here are some facts which may interest you about this new hotel with a girl's name. 

1. Hotel Jen is a brand under the Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts group.

Shangri La has always been synonymous with luxury travel. The same kind of comfort, more fuss-free, friendlier, Hotel Jen is the fun alternative for the independent traveller.
Picture Credit: Cheryl Tay
Big rooms, with all you need for a comfortable stay.

Picture Credit: Cheryl Tay

Picture Credit: Cheryl Tay
Floor-to-ceiling windows, so you can enjoy an unobstructed view of Orchard Road.

Picture Credit: Cheryl Tay

Picture Credit: Cheryl Tay
Beds that you will want to roll around in all day.
Picture Credit: Cheryl Tay

For a nominal fee, you get to enjoy club lounge access which gives you exclusive check-in and check-out, all-day munchies, complimentary evening cocktail daily, as well as a special breakfast buffet which ends slightly later than the usual timing. This was perfect for me as I love staying up late, which usually means I often have trouble waking up for hotel breakfasts. So if I miss the breakfast, I'd still find food to eat here. 

Here you will also find newspapers, magazines, PressReader access to over 2500 newspapers and magazines if the ones in the lounge are not enough for you, and internet surfing desks. 

The Club Lounge is on the 19th floor, so a great view is guaranteed while you relax here.

2. Hotel Jen will take over all Traders' identities.

If you have noticed that Traders Hotels are disappearing, you are not entirely wrong. All Shangri La Traders Hotels are now revamped and transformed into, you got it, Hotel Jen. 

3. Hotel Jen is named after a virtual persona - Jen.

Hi! I'm Jen!  (Picture Credit: Cheryl Tay)
You wish. Lol. Okay I'm kidding.

Jen is this professional hotelier who's friendly, accommodating, loves life, travel and the adventure of discovering new places. She understands that both business and leisure travellers are getting more independent, and she caters to them by being fresh, friendly, and fuss-free.  ^.^

4. She introduces you to local culture.

Even to the locals. 
Remember these? We used to eat them when we were a child, and many of us would just bite the coloured parts off (because that's the sugary part!) and put the biscuits away!
Bet you didn't know this either! Jen also has a travel blog which can help you with exploring our city!

5. There are 2 Hotel Jens in Singapore.

Hotel Jen OrchardGateway is the first Hotel Jen in Singapore. Hotel Jen Tanglin is the second. 

6. Linked with an MRT station and 3 malls.

Interconnected with 3 shopping malls in the heart of the Orchard shopping district - Orchard Gateway, Orchard 313 and Orchard Central, and linked to Somerset MRT station that can bring you anywhere in Singapore, you can be sure of a weather-proof experience. We all know how hot and humid our weather gets one minute, and then crazy stormy the next, right?

7. All guests are positioned as "Jen's friends"

And all messages to guests are signed off by Jen herself.  
How's that for a personal, friendly touch? =D

8. She provides free Wifi, everywhere in the hotel, all the time. 

This is a GODSEND! I could never understand why many hotels in Singapore, especially the big chains and 4-star-and-beyond ones, cannot provide Internet access for free. Our hotels are so much pricier than those of other Southeast Asian countries already, why make us pay another $20-$30 per day just for internet???

Hotel Jen, you got this one right. BINGO!

9. She knows we need our smartphones.

And she knows they die at the most inopportune times. Or that some of us dimwits and scatterbrains will forget to bring our phone chargers when we travel. That's why Hotel Jen provides guests with complimentary phone charging stations throughout the hotel.

10. You only need to pay for one laundry bag of laundry.

You know how most hotels charge your laundry, should you need to wash them, at stated prices per item? Hotel Jen charges your laundry by the bag. You can choose to just wash 2 socks, or stuff your entire family's laundry into that bag, and it will be the same price. 

11. You get to work out to an amazing view

You get 24-hour access to the gym, which is great for anyone who loves doing their workouts when everyone else is sleeping.

And check this out, you get to workout under the stars!
This is definitely something new to me - spinning under the stars.

You also get to swim here with this view...
Me likey!!!

Picture Credit: Cheryl Tay

12. Jen promises to take care of your stay.

To up the personal friend touch, should Jen be unable to accomodate you when you already have a guaranteed reservation, she promises to rearrange accommodation free of charge, provide you with a complimentary long distance call, and provide transport to and from the alternative hotel.

13. She takes care of your children too, without making you pay a bomb.

Up to 2 children get to stay with you for free in the same room, and if they are below 6 years old, they enjoy free buffet dining in All Day Dining and Pool Cafes when dining with a registered paying adult guest. 

More than 2 children or if you have children between the ages of 6-12, you get 50% off the price of their buffet. Not a registered guest? Your children dines for 50% off too!

Of course they have stuff like meat and amazing desserts, but fresh seafood is always a huge draw! (For me at least!) =D

14. Ladies' Night every Friday from 6-9pm!

Unlimited bubbly, house wines, and ciders for the girls for just S$25. Now you know where else to head to on Friday night, ladies!

15. If you are Jen, you get special treatment for 2015!

Yes you heard me right. Anyone named Jen/Jenna/Jenny/Jennifer/any derivative of Jen will get something special this year when staying at Hotel Jen! 

For the month of July, Jens drink free, while 5 cocktails/mocktails for her friends will go at just USD3(or equivalent) per drink! Jens also get Free massage by the pool in August, and free lunch for Jen's family in October! More details here!

Picture Credit: Cheryl Tay
Anyone needs a staycation? <3

Hotel Jen OrchardGateway is located at:
Orchard Gateway
277 Orchard Road, 238858, Singapore
Tel: +65 6708 8888
Fax: +65 6831 4332

Monday, 22 June 2015

11 Things to Love about Klapsons: The River Residences Bangkok

So 3 months ago I was in Bangkok, after having not been there since when I was still an aircrew (no I’m not trying to be haolian cos there’s nothing really to be haolian about), and that was like 6 or 7 years ago!


Until today I chide myself for not being a photo whore when I was flying and seeing the world. *kicks myself*

Never mind, luckily I ended up blogging which helps bring me around some places.

I was very blessed to be hosted by Klapsons at their spanking new Serviced Residences in Bangkok.

This place is a little gem. I'll share with you why.

1. Colourful, spirit-lifting guest reception.

The colourful reception area! You'll be greeted by colourful furniture and art pieces from acclaimed Italian Designer Willian Sawaya. See those chairs?
I had a lot of fun with those....
A video posted by Silver Ang (@silver_ang) on

See what I mean?

2. Details that make you feel like you are really going away to somewhere nice.

I thought this was so cool. Maybe it's just me, but a full touch-panel doorbell and keycard access device is just so cool to me. Helps that it looks really good too!

3. Apartments that feel like home (at a fraction of the price).

The apartment was a great size for 2. There was a living area, a nice bedroom area and a bathroom I absolutely adore. Ours was a 1-bedroom, but there are 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom units available too!

4. Comfy beds

A must if you want a good night's rest. I was walking around and exploring Bangkok a lot, and the bed was heavenly to return to and plonk myself on. 

5. An amazing view

 This was taken from our balcony, and overlooks the Chao Phraya River. 
I mean, look at this! 

6. A very posh lobby area. With plenty of mirrors.

We all need to have that final check of ourselves in the mirror before we head out and meet the world. So the mirrored lobby was a plus for me. Add to that the high ceilings and rich leather sofas, your guests will be impressed. ;)

7. Lush greenery within the compound.

I love being close to nature. Somehow having plenty of greenery has a very relaxing and calming effect on me. 

8. Plenty of pools.

One thing I must say I love about The River - the pools.

I could hang out here all day.

The pools were amazing. There were a few pools around - the garden pool, terrace pool, lap you don't have to worry about overcrowding. Each pool has its own charm so go to whichever suits your mood that day. I suppose this goes with The River theme. =)

If the pools downstairs get crowded and you want some peace and quiet, go upstairs. There is an indoor pool with a nice view, and you can still swim your laps. This is a great option if you want to avoid the sun, or if it's raining. 

9. The private boat to Asiatique

Asiatique is this huge shopping and eating area which combines a night market and a mall, and is only open from 5pm to midnight. Spanning a huge warehouse complex with 1500 shops and 40 restaurants, it'll take you a while to finish this place. So it helps that The River has her own boat to ferry residents to and fro this ginormous playground.

10. Amazing Thai Iced Tea for S$1 just outside The River!????

I just had to add this in. This was our best find. If you have a thing for Thai Iced Tea, you'll be pleased to find that upon exiting The River, a 3 minute walk to the right will lead you to a stall which sells AMAZING Thai Iced Tea. We've had our share of Thai Iced Tea that are too dilute, too sweet, too milky...but this one was perfect. It's like an eating joint without a shop space, just a tentage and a cart. (Sorry I didn't take pictures! Look out for the shaggy dog!) Their Thai Iced Tea was the best we've had. If they don't understand you, ask for "Cha Yen" - that's Thai for Thai Iced Tea. 
This thing, as big as a man's face, only cost us about S$1. Mmm hmm, you're welcome. =D

11. Close proximity to nearby night markets

A night market is just 10 minutes away. When you come out of The River, you can turn right and walk 10 minutes to the nearest night market, or hop onto a taxi to get to Khao San Night Market, or the Flashlight Market, or the Flower Market (there are more!), which are all about 10-15 minutes away!

The very happening Khao San Night Market.

Do I look happy, or what? Lol!

Anyone looking to live in Bangkok for a while? 

KLAPSONS The River Residences Bangkok is at
110/725 Soi Charoennakorn
13 Charoenakorn Road
Klongtonsai, Klong Sarn
BKK 10600
Tel: +66 (0) 2803 8100
Fax: +66 (0) 2861 0366