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Singapore Food Festival 2023

Thank you KKDay and Leslie for the invite! 拖你们的福 the bf brought me to Singapore Food Festival! I believe this is the very first time I'm here, and OMG it was so much food. There were probably more than a 100 stalls so if you're headed there please arrive hungry. I don't even remember what I ate and there were so many stalls I wanted to try but didn't have the stomach capacity for. Tip: Get the multi-entry ticket - this way you can go multiple times and eat up the place! I'll let the pictures do most of the talking. These is a FRACTION of what's available. Also, it's pet-friendly. So bring your furkids along too! Nasi lemak pizza Kind of like sushi in a popiah and seaweed wrap.This was refreshing. The salted egg mash popiah was gooood. I loved the satay. The meat is big and juicy! Yup ths one I'm curious whether the taste works - fried dory fish with pi pa gao sauce.  And this is just the savoury foods. The whole place is divided into sections: For the

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