Friday, 31 August 2012

Plastic Surgery, Love It? Hate it?

It's here to stay alright. But sometimes it feels real good to know that I don't really need that much work to look the way I do. *blushes*

Of course, I won't mind a nose job, or a fuller pair of boobs, or legs that go on forever (can those be changed by the way?) I love my lips, my fine hair which I sometimes accidentally destroy but which I know will grow back pretty again, I'm really thankful to my parents for my double eyelids, pretty eyes and sharp chin, I have nice collarbones (I think). Heck, I'm even starting to love my current figure, after having a struggle with it growing up all the way to the last few years. I am at peace with my looks.

Sure, sometimes I hear Jolin Tsai's 看我72变 and I wonder about a sharper nose (Fengshui says it helps with career luck!), a smaller waist, and all those things I mentioned above. But heck, if a sponsor comes I'll take it. If not, I'll live my life good until I have a sudden urge to want to improve my looks with my own money.

Doing it improves your lives, believe it or not. Jolin might not be the Superstar goddess she is now had she not decided to endure the pain which came with looking gorgeous. It was well worth it, I would say. Her singer lifespan was nearing its end (almost) and she was going to go be a teacher if her 72变 album didn't make it. Ha~ She made it alright. Huge! ^.^

Woots! 偶像专辑快发了!!!好开心呀!!!

Oh trivia! In her latest MV 大艺术家 where she first starts dancing, OMG that style looks so Dawn Yang!!! Hey if that style is what Jolin is going for then Dawn must be doing something right. That being said, Jolin looks like Dawn with pink hair here:


So both queens are doing something right I guess. *shrugs*

Whatever. Jolin rocks!

Sorry for digressing. But seriously, whether or not people choose to be upfront about plastic surgery, it has taken the world, or at least Singapore, by storm, no thanks to influential KOLs like Korean superstars and local top bloggers. 

Credits to
Click on the link and you will see her current picture. =) Despite all that talk surrounding whether or not she did plastic surgery, she owes no one an explanation. What she eats, does, reads, how she poops, whether her fart is smelly or aromatic, aiyah, really doesn't matter right? 

Then there's this other famous blogger who recently claimed in her entry that I'm one of her least favorite people (*sobs* Why oh why~ I love reading you still you know??? Sometimes.)

Credits to

Whoever hates whoever doesn't matter. I just think that everyone just looks amazing now. Those are words from the heart of my bottom of my heart.

Dblchin has talked about her fillers

PXDkitty about her double eyelid job (I think you look so pretty now after your eyelid surgery!), and to be honest I can't really find an ugly picture of her prior to surgery cos she already looks quite adorable to begin with.

Peggy Heng about her whole transformation (she is so going to kill me for love!)

Heck, I've even talked about Botox in one of my earlier posts this year. You can look through some of my younger pictures in this post.

My point is, everyone just looks so good now! It's one thing to overdo it and start looking monstrous, but another to enhance what you already have and start looking like a goddess.

I think at some point in a woman's life, she is going to get something done to herself to change, or rather, enhance her looks, be it braces (or Invisalign), fillers, eyebrow embroidery, botox, slimming (either invasive or not), bust enhancement, or even something as trivial as hair dyeing. It's not so much a plastic surgery big hoohah now as it is just about us enhancing how we look. The quest for perfection need not be to satisfy our men anymore. It's a 自己美给自己爽 world now. And really, as long as you're not harming/hurting anyone else in the process, who's stopping us from getting what we want these days? ;)

-看我72变, 蔡依林

Oh I can't wait for her new album~!!!!!!

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Explore Shanghai: Flower & Bird Market

Some call this the Pet Market. Other sites have named this the Flower, Bird, Fish & Insect Market. I'm just gonna do a literal translation from its Chinese name and stick to Flower & Bird Market, though I wouldn't mind a nicer name. (And also, most tourists don't travel for the sake of buying a pet. I think?)

Julia Dress from
I didn't know those uncles were behind me when I took this picture. Plus I couldn't wait for them to leave cos they were just..doing their stuff there. I think they kind of add a market mode to the photo, don't u think? ;)

I've never seen a kitty cage this populous. 

These poor tortoises were all stacked up on each other in such a small tank, it's cruel. They have no space to move about, much less swim. Inhumane pet trade... Then again, who really cares? It's not like they're big on having personal space. 

Which brings me to one thing I noticed when I was in China, and I really say this not to offend anyone, which is that many Chinese people have no sense of personal space. On the escalators, while queuing up, while standing waiting for the traffic green man...they just stand so closely to me...for what??? I remembered queuing for shengjian and the person in front of me moved forward like half a step, so I didn't really see a need to kuay sio (squeeze), then this woman queuing up behind me went "Eh!" then gestured for me to move forward. 

Excuse me. Go where? If it was raining and we were outdoors and you were standing in the rain, SURE! I would inch in even if it's a little bit just so you can squeeze in to hide from the rain. Auntie, we were in a shopping mall, and there is a proper queue with everyone having their own collection receipt. There's no need to be worried that anyone will cut our queue yo? (Mind you, she was literally breathing into my hair.) 

China has a lot of land. Someone please explain to me why the sense of personal space is as such. Please? 

Anyway, I hope these tortoises somehow, someday, end up in a good home, or at least be put out into the wild where they can be free to swim. 

Caught this parrot just STARING at me. Even from afar. Wonder if it was the blue dress or my earrings. I used to have a cockatiel & it had a ring toy hanging from its cage just like this earring.

Mind you, these things were alive. They're not specimens. The red tiny condom-lookalike thing is a plate for their food. People really keep them as pets????

!!!!!!!!!!! *screams!!!* *faints*

Okay fine it doesn't look so bad. Doesn't this remind you of the cricket in Pinocchio?  

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *SCREAMS!!!!! FAINTS*

...for the crickets~ 

This looks like something we would have in Singapore in one of those alleys in the wet markets.

Ducklings!!! They're one of my favourite birds of all time! Don't know why, maybe cos they're billed? I just think they somehow look cuter than chicks.

Are you saying I'm not cute?

The Flower & Bird Market (aka Pet Market) is located at:
405 Xizang Nan Lu, 
near Fangbang Zhong Lu 

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Explore Shanghai: Dongtai Lu Antique Market

Junkie Alert! 

The following place will seem totally unappealing to my mother, and probably many of you as well, for for those into really old things, or looking into interesting props or home decor, this is where you can dig out interesting stuff:

If we ever have such items at home, Mum will throw them out with no second thoughts. She doesn't believe in clutter. Not that I'm a hoarder, but sometimes we keep things because they have some special meaning, or the items are attached to a particular piece of memory, or maybe because "someday we might need them". 

Don't tell me you've never kept items just because. I'm not so bad now. At least not in the acquisition of things. If you don't acquire them, you won't need to figure out what to do with them or face the difficult decision of throwing them out later, right? Especially when you don't exactly like it enough for it to take up a spot in your S$60,000 room space. (Assuming you live in a S$300,000 HDB flat.) 

Home space is precious in Singapore, so these days I consider something very carefully before I actually acquire it. (I stood in front of a tissue box holder in Franc Franc for 20 minutes before deciding to get it, and that is after I picked it up, put it down and circled the store for 45 minutes.)

Most stalls sell the same old things, so I wonder how these owners earn their keep. If you wish to get old coins, those old-school green canvas school bags, crockery, male beads (???), weird statues of Chinese mythical creatures, Mao Zedong memorabilia, old televisions, or even 80-year-old trunk cases which you don't mind if it's not LV, you can come here. 

There ARE interesting things if you look hard enough, except I'm a little superstitious when it comes to old old old old items. Especially things like vases (goodness know what has gone in there), clothes, watches... They give me the creeps. Plus old things almost always have this....smell. 

That said, I do like certain old things, because they have an understated charm and mysterious air about them, like this gramophone that I found:

Can you see the angels engraved in the "petals"? (What do you call that part of the gramophone?!)

This shop also sells old sewing machines and grandfather clocks! One statement item is all u need to up the vintage vibes in your home decor.


Almost everyone smokes in China. Simply because cigarettes are dirt cheap over there. RM15 for Marlboro Lights or something. Divide that by 5. S$3. THREE FRIGGIN' SINGAPORE DOLLARS! Here it costs close to $12? #ThatsWhy 

What comes to mind when you think about Shanghai? How about Shanghai movies? 
Yup, Shanghainese women with perfectly coiffed hair, red lipstick, tight bodies in Cheongsams (with bushy underarms), and sucking long and hard on a cigarette 夜上海-style. Think Lust, Caution. Or 2046 with Maggie Cheung minus the armpit hair. 

Copies. Imitations. Fakes. Whatever you call them. They're not the originals, for sure. Then add the ah-yi inside the shop at the side of the picture yelling at me "No picture no picture!!!" 

Oh the irony. \^.^/

By the way I wasn't trying to "copy" her pictures for duplication pictures. The 3 arses with 2 butt cracks caught my amused attention. 

Dongtai Lu Antique Market is at Dongtai Lu, between Fuxing Lu & Congde Lu, or enter from another entrance between Xizang Lu & Liuhe Lu.

Monday, 20 August 2012

Review: HappyBox & Clover by the Spa

If you're tired of receiving gifts you don't want, or fear gifting such items, you now have the ability to buy a gift for someone, yet let him/her choose what exactly they would like to have. (No, we're not talking about angpows.)

Sounds like a good deal? 

Seemed like that to me. has partnered with over 20 quality establishments to bring to you Beauty Delights Happybox, & Wine & Dine Happybox, so you get to choose which type of gift you would like to present. What your recipient will get is a box like this

Inside will be a catalogue of services they can choose from, and a Happybox gift card. 

Beauty Delights happybox catalogue

All they have to do is make their selection, activate the gift card at, and present the gift card as payment when they go for their reservation/appointment. Voila~! It's done! You got someone a present, and he/she can't blame you for giving them something they don't like cos they get to choose. 
The only downside is there isn't enough brands I was familiar with (or maybe I was just not that updated), and the only ones I know from the catalogue were Mentsu, Fabulous Tan, Rustic Nirvana, and Serendipity Nail Spa. Perhaps I was being greedy and spoilt. Nevertheless, it was good to explore and learn about new brands I never knew of.

I chose a facial treatment by Clover by the Spa, situated at The Central. The reason? I like clovers. Lucky clovers. The 4-leafed ones. Plus the name sounded nice. =D

Clover by the Spa uses only dermalogica products. I'm not a user of dermalogica products, but I've heard enough about them to know that they are very very reputable. My therapist that day said he used to have very very bad skin, and he joined dermalogica immediately upon graduation as dermalogica really transformed his skin and his life.

Initially I was skeptical about having a male therapist, but I was immediately put at ease by his expert knowledge in his field. Kenneth knows that he is doing, and he is good. Every step was carefully explained to me, and he handled my face with the right amount of pressure - systematic, firm yet gentle.

After deep cleansing my face, I was treated to an IPL session. They call it PTF, and can treat anything from pigmentation to acne to aging, loose skin. 

 Kenneth uses guasha to rid your face of toxins as well as improve facial metabolism and to achieve that glow~ This is then followed by mask chosen for your skin condition. Mine was a delicious-smelling oat mask which really smelt like oatmeal. I drifted off to sleep in oatmeal-smelling bliss. Heavenly~

After the treatment. Me without makeup. 

My therapist Kenneth whom I raved about so much. You would have read about it some time back if you've been following me on twitter. ;)

 For those curious about the PTF (IPL) prices for hair removal, here is their price list as of August 2012.

Overall, I very much enjoyed my session at Clover by the Spa. If this is the kind of standard of spa treatments available from the range in the Beauty Delights Happybox catalogue, I say a Happybox would be a great gift idea for the ladies, the stressed out, the vain & the body-conscious. Hopefully in time to come there would be more partners to spoil us with. For now, 17 options will suffice. ;)

Read more about happybox and their partners at