Monday, 20 August 2012

Explore Shanghai: Indian Food @ Tianzifang 田子坊

I haven't been blogging too much about my one month trip to Shanghai because I've been so busy since I came back. Yeah yeah, I know you're going to say it's always the same excuse, but it's true! Sompah!!! I've been trying to juggle my real-estate learning, catching up with friends, spending time with Alton (he's recovering very well and is very active again!), and trying to find a way to get everything organized. I call this my transitional phase, which I foresee may take a few months. Bear with me for a bit, and I promise I'm going to keep writing for you, for me, because you keep coming back. 

I have a calendar (the calendar which I synchronize across all my devices on Gmail actually) which I schedule my posts and videos now, so hopefully that helps to keep me focussed on you. That calendar is actually looking a tad daunting at the moment cos I've stuffed everything in my life in there, including backdated posts supposedly due last month and beyond (& I mean from my dENiZEN China posts...Oh GAWD~!!!!), as well as appointments, events, shoot dates, meetings, real estate matters, yada yada... Whoa~

Having everything in my calendar is great though because I can see everything at a glance. All I need to do is improve on my time management skills and I'll be good. 

Back to Tianzifang. I briefly talked about it before in one of my dENiZEN We Are Explorers posts, and I'll probably need a few more to finish it. In my month in Shanghai, I went there a total time. Lol. Weather was too hot for me to want to venture out much, & chances are, unless the Boyfriend takes me out, I just want to stay indoors most of the time. 

Wait. Did I just say the B-word? 

I did. I've been thinking if I should reveal his identity yet, and trust me, it's not because I'm ashamed of him or anything (in fact I'm proud as hell of this one!), nor because I'm afraid to jinx the relationship, or whatever reason it may be that you can think of. Maybe a part of me just wants to keep you guys curious for a bit. You know, hanging. (That's me being zek ahk.) Or maybe, I just want the people closest to me to be able to meet him first. You know, my closest friends, my mum, the rest of my family... 

My Mum & I have set a pact that if I bring a guy home before I'm 27, or if it's not someone I think is worthy enough to bring home (I shall further define what "worthy" means in a separate post), she will not entertain the guy at all, much less meet him. I think, or rather (call me overzealous if you may), I'm pretty sure this is the one I'm really keen on having my mother meet one day. =)
Oh coincidentally, I'm 27 already. Heh. #NowYouKnow

Okay seriously really back to tianzifang now. Lol.

This time I went at night, and it was mainly because we were looking for a place to have dinner & TianZiFang was on my to-visit list. I didn't quite finish visiting this 2nd time either as many shops were closing & we were hungry. So I guess a 3rd visit is a must. 

I found Modern Toilet (read Taiwan post) near one of the Tianzifang entrances! Guess it's new! & I very cleverly forgot to take a picture to show you guys. Bah~ For those interested, know that Modern Toilet is now also in Shanghai Tianzifang. ;)

I haven't had Indian Food in a long time, and considering I don't really see much Indians in Shanghai, I was wondering if I could find Indian food there, and of course, how it would compare to the ones I know.

I tell you, The Secret really works. Think, and somehow it will materialize. I was just thinking about Indian food on my way to Tianzifang (I didn't even tell the Boyfriend that I was), and we saw this:

Guess what? This one spoke to him too. ;)

So after like, 10 minutes of checking tianzifang out, we zipped into Lotus Land. 

 Very cosy setting.

Huge wall mural

Partygirl Tube Romper in black by
I love the corner where we could take off our shoes and sit homestyle. Throw in the fact that I'm coincidentally in a super comfy romper (lycra-like material so imagine how smooth n wrinkle-free it is), and you have me nua-ing around the table. A lot.

Beware: Camwhore pics abound.

This area is so comfy that I basically sat *lower and lower against the wall while waiting for my food. And after I've eaten. 

*First picture of me above showed that when seated upright, the line of pebbles was supposed to be at chest level.

 The donut-less bun that I got so many requests to do a hair tutorial on which I have yet to do. *hides face*
(Please don't be mad. Please? I give you more pretty pictures on Instagram to make up for it? Deal k? & I promise promise promise that I WILL make this video tutorial.)

Now for the food. We ordered Butter Chicken, which is a MUST every time I eat Indian, Prawn Masala, & Palek Paneer (also another favorite~~). 

 Ooooooo~~~ See all that gravy? Fattening as hell, but what the heck. Yolo. EAT!
(Though I have to admit that I wasn't quite used to their huge serving size. Of course, we didn't finish it all, or my waistline and face would have to pay.)

No indian curry is complete without naan, indian bread.

So gud~ So so so so guuuuud~ Just looking at pictures now makes me hungry.

I would've loved to take more pictures, but their food was so delicious that eating them was all I could focus on (other than him, of course). Okay okay before you die of over-sweetness thanks to yours truly in love, I shall make one concluding statement: Lotus Land is on my come-back list. 

Till my next China post. Love you lots! (Yes, that's for all of you. =D)

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