Sunday, 28 February 2010

Things I Own are Coming Apart

And that includes my laptop, my portable external hard disk, my camera, and my shoes.

I own a lightweight 2.5 years old Sony Vaio TZ26. You know, the super thin one? And it's a pretty white colour. I think it's too flat, cos Alton has apparently been walking OVER it a lot. Now the LCD screen is coming apart from its backing. That is, the flap which has the VAIO logo when you close the lappie? Now it's coming apart from the LCD screen itself! WTH~ Can this be repaired? Cos I can't afford a new lappie now leh~ Because if I want to get one I'm gonna get an Alienware M11x or M15x!!! I play games and it's a gamer laptop~ (with customizable keyboard lighting!!!!!!!!!) UNLESS Dell thinks I can promote their laptop well and sponsor me one, or someone is kind and rich enough to buy me one... =D

Now on to my Sony portable hard disk. IRRITATING~! And okay, I was damn stupid enough to leave the USB cable on it wherever I bring the hard disk along. Now the USB port has been dislodged from the hard disk itself, meaning I can't access my pictures for blogging, which explains why the past few entries has soooo MANY pictures. =( This one can repair not?

Need to bring this and the lappie to Sony tomorrow...chances are I need to fork out money for repair....*cries*

My camera is peeling. My Sony T5. From ancient digital ages ago. The silver coating is peeling off, and it cuts into my ring finger and makes me bleed every now and then when I take pictures cos I rest the ring finger underneath the cam when I take pics. And the screen is getting blurry. Like those water stains? Think I got those when I brought the camera to Taiwan. This place where there are big waves and many yellow rocks. And it was raining then. So maybe the rain and the droplets from the waves kena the screen. Anyways, I've been living with those stains for more than 2 years now...

I really need a new camera. *hint*

Somehow, I own so many Sony products. Don't get me wrong okay? If you're the Dell or Philips boss or something. My lappie was bought because it was the one of thinnest and lightest laptop from 2008, and it looked really pretty. My hard disk was a birthday gift from my lovely fans for my 21st birthday, and the camera belonged to my Mummy. I took it and kept it as my own. =P So there~ I am NOT just pro-Sony okay? I've been using a Samsung mobile phone for the past 5 years. And I am open to any good brand, ESPECIALLY if the product looks damn sleek or chio.

My heels. The small thing at the end of the heel which always gets stuck in between drain covers and soil? Most of them have come off and if I wear those shoes, the 'kak kak kak' sound is damn irritating. Heels are supposed to go 'kok kok kok' and not 'kak kak kak'. Hai~ 你们懂我在说什么吗?
If the heels are not faulty, the shoes are broken. Either the skin, or the colour is dirty cos I somehow couldn't walk properly and kicked my right shoe with the left shoe and left a black scrape mark, or I kena stepped on by someone.

Doesn't help that I haven't been buying heels. Less than 5 pairs in the past 2 years? That's tragic for a girl okay? Especially when I have so many events to attend which requires me to wear heels. (Cos I'm not tall -duh-!!!)

And I'm not going into details about my 10-year-warrantied IKEA PAX door which has the rubber tubing fallen off, or the 10-year-warrantied IKEA chest of drawers which has the top drawer door curved outwards so it doesn't close properly on one side anymore. (God knows how come it can curve outwards). Yes, it has warranty. But HOW THE HELL AM I GOING TO BRING THE FULL-LENGTH-ALMOST-CEILING-HEIGHT DOOR TO CHANGE FOR NEW ONE? PLUS THE BLOODY DRAWER DOOR!!!!!

Pek chek.

Can someone offer me a part-time job? Like property trading or equity trading or something. I don't know. What are the part-time jobs out there? (I am not talking about banquetting or waitressing) Just don't ask me to sell insurance okay? 

Silver's Resolutions

Hello my dears!!!

Yes, I hear you! ("Finally~~~!!!!") I'm back. After taking a long break for the CNY. Nope, I didn't go overseas. I didn't do THAT much visiting either. Just took a break. Online just to check on my facebook and tweet occasionally, and checking mails (not even replying them...). Don't get me wrong. I love to write. Just wanted to be away from the computer for a while. Doing things like bringing Alton out, doing his grooming (yes I groom my own dog), getting my bike lessons back on track, playing my Nintendo DS, playing my Wii, reading...basically doing things I've been slacking on for a while.

And basically think about what I want to achieve this year, now that I'm formally a Wawa artiste and Wawa is now being watched by the media due to successful productions like 《一切完美》 and the upcoming 《魔幻世界》, so which means people will start to pay attention to their artistes more. This is a year in which I want to see myself produce results. I will work hard. 我会努力的。 =)

Oh, I made some CNY resolutions! (Cos I forgot to do so in January, and being Chinese, hey, 正月 is a time for new beginnings!) I have not told anyone about them, so you're the first to know. ;)

Here's my list, subject to addition, not limited to the following:

  • #1. Lose another 5kg. By end March. This is the first time I'm declaring this so openly. I haven't really been very actively trying to lose weight these past few years. If the weight comes off, it does. This time, I'm actually going to start working on getting Fiona Xie's body ('cept the fact that she's naturally blessed with a beautiful body). Just pray that my boobies don't come off together with the rest of the fats *horrors*.

     Tell me, if this is not hot, I don't know what is.

    • #2. Pick up Cantonese for real. I've been putting off learning this language for the longest time. Same goes for Bahasa Melayu. And I will be fluent by the year of the Rabbit. ;) 
    • #3. Buy a bike. This one I'm almost there. So I'm happy.
    • #4. Create a wish list for all the things I really really want. So that people know what to give me for my birthday, Xmas, Vday, or just because~ *hint hint hint hint*
    • #5. Start doing advertorials. And I promise I will NOT just put advertorials and neglect talking to you guys. I still have so many things to write about.
    • #6.  Keep my room neat. *Grrrr...*
    • #7. Vacuum the house twice a week. And this ties in with #6. *persevere* I am sick of going home to a messy room. I feel bad that Alton has to sleep amidst mess (he recently seemed to love the floor more than my bed, probably because my air-con is crap and the floor is much cooler and Mummy won't squash him). 
    • #8. Blog more. Okay that sounds vague. At least twice a week. And if I'll be gone for longer than that I WILL let you know. Done deal? 
    • #9. I will continue to remain true to my readers. And myself. Means you will see more of Silver Ang. As she is. And that she is growing. While still keeping that (i think) funny and buay hiao bai side. ;)
    • #10. I will go to my grandparent's place at least once every 2 weeks for dinner. Realized I haven't been going much these past year. They brought me up from when I was a baby. And it's only right that I go visit more often. 
    • #11. If work and finances permit,  I will bring them overseas for a holiday. =)

    Until I fulfill these, I shall stop here. I promised Part 5 will be after CNY. Today's officially 正月十五, the last day of CNY. I'll start on it by tmr so you should see it up in 2 days. So you guys can stop feeling "sian" that every time you come in there's no Part 5. I never knew you guys liked reading wordy love stories, or drama, as I call it. Anyhows, it shows you like me or my writing enough to keep coming, and I thank you for showing that support. *smiles*

    Most of you didn't get to celebrate Vday properly due to it clashing with CNY 初一, right? Today's your second chance. It's 元宵, the Chinese Valentines' Day. So go on, spend time with your loved ones. For the singles, buy your mum or your sister a flower. Make their day. 祝大家元宵节快乐!


    Thursday, 18 February 2010

    Lou Hei know-how

    Happy New Year! How has everyone's CNY been? Angbao collection doing well so far? =D I haven't opened mine! I only opened last years red packets this year!!!! Lol~ Some good luck thing la~

    Thought I'll share some interesting CNY knowledge with you guys~ =D
    p/s. May come in useful on Saturday~

    Do you know? The 7th day of the lunar new year is an additional birthday for us if we are Chinese.

    According to long ago belief, the first 8 days of CNY were birthdays for specific animals:
    First day: Chickens
    2nd day: Dogs
    3rd day: Pigs
    4th day: Sheep
    5th day: Cows
    6th day: Horses
    7th day: Humans
    8th day: Grains (don't ask me how this got here~ it just is...)

    No creature was to be killed on its birthday. No wonder every year on 初一, luan lor NEVER included chicken meat! Food was mostly seafood and pig parts.

    FYI butchers do not slaughter pigs from NYE to New Year's Day~!

    On the 7th day, which is 人日, we eat uncooked lettuce and raw fish, reason being the Chinese word for fresh or raw (生)also means "life" or "grow". Therefore eating fresh vegetables and live fish is symbolic of a long and prosperous life~ Hence we have the raw fish salad known as yusheng (鱼生).

    The Chinese word for fish - 鱼 has the same pronounciation as the word for "excess" - 余, and since 生means life, yusheng is eaten for a long life and abundant wealth.

    The act of tossing the raw fish is also known as lou hei (捞起) - "tossing up good fortune", and during the act of lou-hei-ing, I'm sure many of you know we have to say all the nice and auspicious things for good luck in the new year. And before the lou hei is done, you know it comes with things like white vinegar, honey, pepper and what-nots right? Here I shall share with you what to say when you pour the specific condiment or "liao" in, just in case you don't have a waitress to do all these things for you. ;)

    Before you say or do anything after yusheng is being served, everyone exchanges auspicious words or phrases to each other. Here's a list to help you -

    恭喜发财 gong xi fa cai
    万事如意 wan shi ru yi
    身体健康 shen ti jian kang
    事事顺心 shi shi shun xin
    学业进步 xue ye jin bu
    岁岁平安 sui sui ping an

    Then, you add the fish,  in Singapore, it should be salmon. =) Fish symbolises abundance and excess.
    年年有余! (nian nian you yu)

    Next, the pomelo is added for luck. Sometimes this may be replaced by kumquat paste.
    大吉(橘)大利! (da ji da li)

    Pepper and cinnamon powder is then dashed over the ingredients to attract more wealth.
    招财进宝! (zhao cai jin bao)

    Oil is added (usually sesame oil), circling the ingredients to increase profits 10,000 times (万) and to encourage money to flow in from all directions.
    一本万利! (yi ben wan li)
    财源广进! (cai yuan guang jin)

    Plum sauce is added for laughter and happiness, as well as for couples to be forever loving.
    眉(梅)开眼笑! (mei kai yan xiao)
    甜甜蜜蜜! (tian tian mi mi)

    Carrots are added indicating blessings of good luck.
    鸿(红)运当头! (hong yun dang tou)

    Shredded green radish is added symbolising eternal youth.
    青春常驻!  (qing chun chang zhu)

    After which the shredded white radish is added - prosperity in business and promotion at work.
    风生水起! (feng sheng shui qi)
    步步高升! (bu bu gao sheng)

    Chopped peanut bits 花生 are dusted on the dish symbolizing a household filled with gold and silver. As an icon of longevity, peanuts also symbolize eternal youth
    金银满屋! (jin yin man wu)

    Sesame seeds quickly follow symbolizing a flourishing business.
    生意兴隆! (sheng yi xing long)

    Deep-fried flour crisps in the shape of golden pillows is then added with wishes that literally the whole floor would be filled with gold.
    偏地黄金! (pian di huang jin)
    All toss the salad an auspicious 7 times with loud shouts of "lo hei" 捞起 and other auspicious New Year wishes.
    Lo hei 捞起 is Cantonese for "tossing luck".

    The ingredients are mixed by pushing them toward the centre, an encouragement to push on the good luck of all at the table. If you can't finish the salad, don't worry, as usually a small amount is left behind to signify abundance.

    Every restaurant serves a slightly different yusheng. But this post here can serve as a guide for you~
    Hope you'll find this information useful!

    Love me not? ;)


    Saturday, 13 February 2010

    CNY Gel Nails!

    8 years ago, as the nail business was JUST about getting hot, my aunt had a brilliant idea - she wanted to go into the business. With zero knowledge of the skill, she decided to learn the ropes. After much sourcing for which schools are good, she decided to take up the Diploma in Nail Technology at Top to Toe School at Far East Plaza. And as I had freshly given up the opportunity to remain in Hwachong, to take up the Diploma in Optometry in SP (mind you, I was given a lashing by many good friends who stayed on in HCJC, though I didn't regret it one bit =D), I was asked if I would like to join her in this joint venture.

    Hey! I wasn't stupid then. It was a money-making opportunity! Of course I took it!

    So we graduated with flying colours. Due to many unforeseen circumstances and competition from a brightly-coloured-named nail salon, she dropped the idea. Alright, maybe till today she still harbours the thought of opening her own nail spa, but she hasn't mentioned anything for years...

    So I only got to practise freelance initially, and because school was taking up 8am-6pm of my time, plus my place wasn't very well-equipped with a proper room or corner that people could come and do nails princess-ly in, I stopped freelancing and only did my own nails, occasionally, from then on.

    THEN I became an SQ steawardess. Which meant gone are the nice 3D-art and pink princessy- flowers and ribbons and bling crystals which I adore so much. I still got to do my own nails. Nice acrylic extensions which MANY stewardesses do. I kinda hate myself now for not freelancing for the stewardesses when I was free outstation. What was I thinking??? Don't even need to do 3D design somemore! They'll probably only ask for gradation or inlays so they can paint the crimson red over for work. ARGH~~~~ *$$$ fly~~~~~*


    Anyway, after I stopped flying last September, I couldn't really do my nails cos my 《Fun学去》 producer told me that 哇哇姐姐 couldn't have such "loud" or 夸张 nails.

    NOW!!!! Filming for 《Fun学去》 has ended, and I am waiting for my next project, which means I can do whatever I want with my nails!!! YAY!!!!!!

    Enough of lor-sor-ing...

    I did my nails yesterday~ after more than a few years of NOT practising... To be honest, I was a bit worried about my skills deteriorating. After all, you need to practise often enough to make it look REALLY, it's CNY you know...a lot of visiting you know...then many people are going to notice me you know....Oh my gawd...if it turns out like shit it'll go down in history.... bleah~~~~~

    Sheesh...ready? Here goes....*prays*


    Gel nails with tips. I did some gradation on the nails before adding on the flower stickers I got in HK!
    是不是很有农历新年的 feel?

     Note that I had added 2 strings of beads on the middle nail. I thought flower stickers alone looked too plain~

    Notice my thumb *embarassed*

    I was used to working with acrylic, and for acrylic powders, "Natural Pink" usually means the colour will turn out like healthy natural pink nails. For gel, it's different. Its "Natural Pink" was a lot pinker than the acrylic one! And obviously it wasn't the colour I wanted, but since I already started working on my thumb, I might as well finish it....and I ended up with a pink thumbnail. BLEAH~~~

    This morning, I woke up and I kept looking at my nails, obviously very proud of my work. However I felt that something was missing. Like...not OOOMPH....tak know what I mean? 

    So after loads of packing done, I decided to sit down and work on my nails some more...

    Got nicer not?

    Very subtle differences...I added another string of beads and a crystal across the middle nail, and more beads on my ring nail.

    Gives that little more shiok feeling~ Wahahahaha~


    The revamped right hand

                     Before                                         After

     I think I should have done my nails longer...underestimated the aesthetic-turnout. Oh well, next time...

    Shorter nails mean I can blog better anyway... *wink*



    Friday, 12 February 2010


    几天前为Omy作了关于逛牛车水春节年货市场的视频。有好多年没好好逛牛车水了~ 这一逛让我发现很多新鲜的年货噢~

    逛牛车水春节市场 什么年货让“哇哇姐姐”吃不停嘴?





    过几天就是农历新年了!你们准备要迎接“虎”年了吗? I can't wait for the Tiger year to come! Mainly because the year of the Ox hasn't been very great for this cow (I'm an Ox baby). Ox babies, I'm sure you know~ 牛年我们犯太岁了~ SO!!!! I hope the year of the Tiger will be a good one for me!

    虎年行大运~ Huat ah!!!!

    P.s Remember to buy Toto before CNY orh! (They're not open on 大年初一!) S$5million draw on 15Feb! HUAT AH!!!!

    切记: 买个意思就好~千万别沉迷于赌博哦!祝大家 lucky lucky!

    Tuesday, 9 February 2010




    少年的我 - 陈伟联,潘嘉丽,洪俊扬,石欣卉,何维健,洪子惠(That's me!!!!),谢维聪,杜慧甹,陈国强,蔡诗妮

    JY and Candyce's Wedding - Morning's Happenings

    Okay, it's been a few days and I HAVE YET TO post up anything new, so you guys must hate me now... =(

    NEVERTHELESS! Better late than never ma~ I shall attempt to tell you guys what happened that day, though I'm SURE you must have watched parts of it on youtube and already~~~~

    I was supposed to arrive at 7 that morning to do my makeup and hair (there was supposedly a stylist to do for us sisters la~), but due to the sponsors not having enough stylists that day, we got to do our own so Candyce's sister told me I could arrive at about 8...great for me as I am NEVER a can-wake-up-on-time-in-the-morning person....

    While doing my makeup, I was suddenly nostalgic. This couple, we met in April 2005. In Mediacorp TV Theatre, when we were selected after round 3, which is the final round of the Project Superstar auditions. Most of us knew each other. I already knew Kelly, Weichoong, Jiaxin (永儿 as we know today), Ruth, Jason and Chanel. Most of us met when we were students at Lee Wei Song School of Music, or at Music Clinic, or through other singing competitions before this one. It was fun to have friends in this supposed nation-wide competition. We didn't know how big the competition would become. All of us knew just one thing. That we love singing. And that at the end of that competition, the winner's going to walk away with a recording contract. That, for ANYONE who has a passion for singing and performing, is a dream.

    I didn't know either Candyce or JY then, and didn't have a chance to get close to either or them during the competition for whatever-reasons-I-can't-remember, but here I am, the only other contestant to be present at their wedding, and who have been given the honour to be one of Candyce's sisters for their very big day. Fate has a funny way of bringing people together. I got closer to Candyce after the competition, and I believe it was Alton and subsequently Tuffy who brought us closer. I got Alton in Oct 2005, and shortly after, I think it was due to a CNY trailer shoot for Magic Clean or something, that they expressed interest in owning a dog. I introduced them to my breeder, and hey presto, we have Tuffy!!! And everything just sort of just kept growing from there~~~ *sweet hor!!!*

    See! Alton was soooo small! 3 months old or something~ And I'm happy to present this picture because, other than Ruth, the other 5 of us are STILL in the entertainment industry. Woohoo~~~ Keep it up for our dreams everyone!!!!

    So anyway, the following pictures put me in a VERY dangerous position, as I risk having JY or (especially) Candyce coming after me with a parang....

    PSS pictures!!!!!

    The then still VERY toot-looking JY! His fashion sense hor~~ *tsk tsk tsk*
    Wahahahah~~!!!! And look! Kelvin 陈伟联!!!!!

    Who would have guessed these 3 standing in the middle would be the remaining 3 standing strong after so many years? ;)

    OMG I can't believe I'm showing you these relics... 当年的我是肥到~~~~~~~

    是站在一起的哦!至于是不是巧合...就只有当事人最清楚了~~~ ;)

    维聪,维健...算了吧~ 你看人家一脸嫌弃... 慧甹只想要一个人亲~~~

    5年前的我们!!! Cui until~~~~


    Okok I shall stop posting hideous pictures of ourselves (of me especially *YIKES!!!*) UNPHOTOSHOPPED somemore!!! *peng* 

    KK!! Enough of ancient pictures!! Back to the wedding proper~  (still shuddering from the horror of the previous picture...eeee~~~)

    I arrived at 8ish, to find Candyce sis' place CROWDED with people (her sis' place is bigger). It's what happens when you're born into a family with 10 siblings altogether. Her family alone has 12 people. Plus her siblings' own families and relatives, there could easily have been a hundred people in there. The other sisters were almost done preparing for the 'obstacles' the guys are gonna go through to get the bride. Candyce's real sister Jieping briefed me on how to go about 'making life hard' for JY and his brothers (quite challenging leh I think), before I got a chance to go upstairs to see the pretty bride...


    We synchronised 2 lappies so that our bride can watch what we're doing to her 宝宝 (they call each other that) from her room.

    Camwhoring before the boys arrive~

    JY and the brothers are here!!!!!!

    We're not letting you in soooo easily boys~~~

    The girls hid puzzle pieces around the pool. Their task was to find all the pieces and put them together to show the girls, who were watching from the balcony. 

    We realized the neighbours upstairs got this rare chance to be a part of JY and Candyce's wedding...

    Puzzle pieces could be in the pool, around the pool, in the trees........We were kind. We offered trash bags, swimming trunks, shorts...of course, to get these, you need to give ang baos...only the trash bags were free~

    The leader of the gang, Jason, sacrificed himself and dived in. 喂老兄!需要这样为俊扬省钱吗???? He jumped in in his shirt and pants!!!!! 

    WRONG!!!!! Find another piece!!!!


    Jason 也真够兄弟,湿淋淋上来后还不忘给俊扬一个拥抱~~

    We were still holding on to the shorts. Those were for Jason to change into, of course, since he was wet. We also offered a towel! So nice right?  In know what we want~~~~~hiak hiak hiak~


    Purple notes!!!! 难道是....??????

    Oh my gawd....what the hell was that???????????????? JY notes?????????

    We never thought he'd have ideas like this....

    After much haggling and demanding...

    All in! (say only la~~~~) This in exchange for us to open the front door.

    Of course, at the door, they had to eat the usual 酸甜苦辣咸. Lemon-juiced and 苦瓜 ice cubes, biscuits with chilli padi sambal hiam jio paste, and a sweet drink were shared lovingly by guys.

    After they got through the main door, they were given some time to learn and perform a medley-dance, consisting of , , , and <挫冰进行曲> (That 红豆,大红豆,芋头song). 

    You can watch snippets of this first part here!! =)

    The staircase up was also blocked by the kids of the family. JY can only pass if he gives a substantial angbao to each of the kids....

    When he got to the top of the stairs, the door to Candyce's room was locked. He had to say "I love you" in 10 different languages before the door would be opened.

    AND!!!! Candyce was soooo pretty!!!!

    JY was all tears as he made his promises to take good care of his bride... Watch it here.

    我自己看了边感动到一直流泪,边笑得合不拢嘴~ Candyce, JY 虽然木木的,但他对你的真心,
    好好珍惜噢~ 不是每个新娘子都有你这种福气,嫁到那么爱自己的老公的。 =D


    Parents + Siblings + Sibling's families = Candyce's HUGE family

    Candyce 的爸爸妈妈~

    I've no idea who's arm that belongs to, and I only have 1 picture of the 姐妹 who was blocked by that arm, SORRY!!!!

    还记得《非常Superband》 的 J3 吗?他是主唱Jacky。我们10年前早在“李伟菘音乐学校”已认识。我们当年是同一批的学生噢~!

    The pretty bride and her *eh-hem* pretty sisters!!! 
    (The one in the front row beside me on Candyce's left is her REAL sister~ )

    Headed for JY's place, where MORE tea ceremony took place~ And where the legendary Tuffy was waiting for Daddy Mummy to come home~

    Tuffy! He played a very important role in bringing them closer, and is their official first son. JY proposed to Candyce with the help of Tuffy! 

    Candyce came to JY's place one day, and like any other day, Tuffy would greet her at the door. That very fateful day, however, JY tied the ring box to Tuffy's collar. Candyce felt it when she was sayang-ing Tuffy, and Ta-Dah~!!!!! JY walked out, knelt down, and popped the question! Pity no one filmed it down~ 

    Here's a re-enactment though~ This was their very first interview after JY proposed. =D

    AWWWW~~~~~VERY SWEET RIGHT?????? JY 超感性的~ 

    At JY's place, before the bride and groom head to Raffles Marina to check in and settle down...
     背影都要那么漂亮~ 杜慧甹!够了hor!!!!

    The classic 回眸一笑~ 
    Can everyone see the carplate number behind? Nice number leh~~ (流露Auntie本色)


    *horp 到了!*

    I'm gonna end off this post here~ Before my medication makes me fall asleep again and you'll have to wait for something new.Went to get my medical report for my UTI 2 days ago. Reports state it was a very serious infection, and I was given MORE medication, which means another week of drowsiness and keep wanting to sleep...I took 3 days to write this post...kept dozing off after taking meds. So now I know, take med already CANNOT start blogging~

    You can view the night's happenings on youtube. Just look under JY and Candyce's wedding and you will be able to find parts 1 to Some parts may be draggy, so you may want to wait for the post on the wedding dinner's happenings~

    Here is a full video of the morning's happenings at Candyce's place~ =)