Saturday, 13 February 2010

CNY Gel Nails!

8 years ago, as the nail business was JUST about getting hot, my aunt had a brilliant idea - she wanted to go into the business. With zero knowledge of the skill, she decided to learn the ropes. After much sourcing for which schools are good, she decided to take up the Diploma in Nail Technology at Top to Toe School at Far East Plaza. And as I had freshly given up the opportunity to remain in Hwachong, to take up the Diploma in Optometry in SP (mind you, I was given a lashing by many good friends who stayed on in HCJC, though I didn't regret it one bit =D), I was asked if I would like to join her in this joint venture.

Hey! I wasn't stupid then. It was a money-making opportunity! Of course I took it!

So we graduated with flying colours. Due to many unforeseen circumstances and competition from a brightly-coloured-named nail salon, she dropped the idea. Alright, maybe till today she still harbours the thought of opening her own nail spa, but she hasn't mentioned anything for years...

So I only got to practise freelance initially, and because school was taking up 8am-6pm of my time, plus my place wasn't very well-equipped with a proper room or corner that people could come and do nails princess-ly in, I stopped freelancing and only did my own nails, occasionally, from then on.

THEN I became an SQ steawardess. Which meant gone are the nice 3D-art and pink princessy- flowers and ribbons and bling crystals which I adore so much. I still got to do my own nails. Nice acrylic extensions which MANY stewardesses do. I kinda hate myself now for not freelancing for the stewardesses when I was free outstation. What was I thinking??? Don't even need to do 3D design somemore! They'll probably only ask for gradation or inlays so they can paint the crimson red over for work. ARGH~~~~ *$$$ fly~~~~~*


Anyway, after I stopped flying last September, I couldn't really do my nails cos my 《Fun学去》 producer told me that 哇哇姐姐 couldn't have such "loud" or 夸张 nails.

NOW!!!! Filming for 《Fun学去》 has ended, and I am waiting for my next project, which means I can do whatever I want with my nails!!! YAY!!!!!!

Enough of lor-sor-ing...

I did my nails yesterday~ after more than a few years of NOT practising... To be honest, I was a bit worried about my skills deteriorating. After all, you need to practise often enough to make it look REALLY, it's CNY you know...a lot of visiting you know...then many people are going to notice me you know....Oh my gawd...if it turns out like shit it'll go down in history.... bleah~~~~~

Sheesh...ready? Here goes....*prays*


Gel nails with tips. I did some gradation on the nails before adding on the flower stickers I got in HK!
是不是很有农历新年的 feel?

 Note that I had added 2 strings of beads on the middle nail. I thought flower stickers alone looked too plain~

Notice my thumb *embarassed*

I was used to working with acrylic, and for acrylic powders, "Natural Pink" usually means the colour will turn out like healthy natural pink nails. For gel, it's different. Its "Natural Pink" was a lot pinker than the acrylic one! And obviously it wasn't the colour I wanted, but since I already started working on my thumb, I might as well finish it....and I ended up with a pink thumbnail. BLEAH~~~

This morning, I woke up and I kept looking at my nails, obviously very proud of my work. However I felt that something was missing. Like...not OOOMPH....tak know what I mean? 

So after loads of packing done, I decided to sit down and work on my nails some more...

Got nicer not?

Very subtle differences...I added another string of beads and a crystal across the middle nail, and more beads on my ring nail.

Gives that little more shiok feeling~ Wahahahaha~


The revamped right hand

                 Before                                         After

 I think I should have done my nails longer...underestimated the aesthetic-turnout. Oh well, next time...

Shorter nails mean I can blog better anyway... *wink*



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