Monday, 31 January 2011


Thank you guys for coming back ever so often to check for new posts. Yes I have been so busy with my filming I haven't had time to sit down properly to write posts, especially with CNY just round the corner, all that little extra time I have were put into packing for the new year. And I have NO freaking idea why the mess just doesn't stop. I've thrown away like 3 bags of stuff already! So that means nope, I'm not ready to show you guys pictures of my renovated but messy room (it really takes TIME to unpack and pack them properly!!! Need to plan out the new organizational layout~~~)

What's new with me? Nothing much, except that I've been having REALLY nice skin so dewy it glows. Lol~ Sounds like some advert. But seriously, it's true. I'm getting uber proud of my skin these past weeks. You guys know I'm doing "Vyjayanthi" right?'s a video-cam-recorded trailer. Sorry la...I REALLY have no idea how to record the thing these days. Last time I recorded anything was at least 10 years ago, on a VCR tape. =.="

There WILL BE English subtitles so you guys don't give me excuses like you won't understand a single word. Plus my acting is non-verbal, so don't need subtitles also never mind right? Lol~

It will start airing 15Feb, and I am really really excited about the show. =D

Anyway, my point here is, in this show, makeup is almost always done by myself. Very very light makeup, with just BB cream (mixed with a bit of foundation to give the right colour), loose powder to set it, a very little bit of blusher, and eyeliner. That's it, for most of the scenes. Very simple makeup it looks like no makeup.

I've had on this makeup since morning, with almost minimal touch-ups. This picture was taken at 1am that very night after shoot. Can you believe it?

 Act sexy. FAIL~~~!!!!! WAHAHAHAH~~~

 I didn't realize the mirror was this dirty until I went through my pictures. Lol~ Time to clean it.

Other than the fact that I've been using a really good product at the moment (which I will be sharing in an adpost sometime soon). No hardselling. I really honestly think this brand is good man, despite the fact that I've never heard of it prior to doing the adpost!

Oh and of course, the smooth finish of the makeup, thanks to the new BB cream that has sent me to try. 

As I've tried and shared with you guys the Always Nuddy BB24, I haven't been using that. Maybe I should give it away to you guys as a giveaway? =D

The Diamond Shiny Pearl is slightly shimmery, and I use it on days when I don't have shoot. So for filming this past month, I have been trying out the Triple BB. Mixed with Clinique's SuperBalance foundation and finally set with Clinique's Loose Powder. The result is what you saw above. Naice~~~~

It comes with UV Protection against UVA(PA++) AND UVB (SPF30), has caviar and royal jelly ingredients to aid in moisturizing and improving elasticity. It's even approved for skin whitening~ I won't talk so much about it in case you guys think I'm hardselling. Just go to their website for details on the Triple BB.

And 1 more thing: Elisha Coy products are ORGANIC!!!! So meaning no harmful chemicals~~~ Great for everyone, even those with sensitive skin (me). I get rashes from products so easily it's annoying sometimes. But so far, this has been great.

 Even the other 2 has been performing really well.

 With the Diamond Shiny Pearl.

If you want your own, you can get it from
p/s. Good news! They are having a discount on this item!!! Usual price at $49.90, now it's $15.90!!!!!! *screams*

They have a Buy Today and Receive on the Same Day service~! Just spend $60 and you'll get free door delivery~~~ (Really ain't that hard, considering they have so many nice things to buy.) On weekdays and non-Public Holidays, of course. If you order before 1pm, you'll receive it between 8-10pm that same night! Now office girls stuck at your desks, ain't that convenient? ;)

Visit to start shopping!!!

Naice~ =))

Oh, and I've been dancing for the past 2 Mondays at Jitterbugs~!!! Gonna go again tonight. 
I absolutely ADORE off days~~~ Because I get to spend time talking to you guys. ;) I get to spend time with Alton. I get to stay home and read. Ah~ The pleasures of life~

I just cleared out about 10 pairs of old shoes to be thrown away (maybe I'll just leave them downstairs and someone will rummage through and keep something...I don't know. We'll see how). And Alton kept being in the way while I was packing, and then he started squeezing into this tiny space....


Right...I'm signing off now to do more packing while he continues to be in my way... talk to you guys again soon~ *MUACKS!*


Thursday, 27 January 2011

Alton in a Bathrobe

Your favourite dog, after a shower...



Monday, 24 January 2011

Birds and Ducks~

Having an off day today. Went to the bird park this morning, and gosh, I absolutely adore the ducks and the penguins!!! Ducks have been my favourite animal of ALL time (2nd to Alton of course). Reminds me of the days I used to just sit in Hyde Park (London) and just watch the ducks...Yes I did that. Lol.


Took this little video BEFORE I went inside the Bird Park. The ducks just caught my attention la...

Someone please confirm that THAT was an ugly duckling which will become a swan one day?

 Huge cranes on trees. They scared the shit outta me. Not because of their size, but because of the possibility of their shit (I'm sure it will be A LOT) dropping on my head...

 A Shoebill.

 Old-man Storks. They really looked like old men!!!

 This particular one with the broken wing kept opening up and posing for my camera~ =)

I walked across to the other end and it ran over to just stand here and continue posing. Lol! Aiyoyo~ So camwhore!!!

 A pelican.

 Ostrich? Nah~ Smaller one. Yup, it's an emu~

The day was scorching hot, and seriously, though I'm acting in a Tamil show, I want to remain fair~~~ Thing is, I don't get tanned. I only get pigmented. So I avoid the sun like a vampire, unless when I have no choice, like when I'm filming....

Thus, I came equipped with an umbrella. For shade.

Feeding lories!!! =D Every time I visit the bird park, I will NEVER fail to come here.

My favourite part of the Bird Park - the waterfall.... =D

 I Love Off Days,



 不是整首歌, 但整首歌的歌词在这里...
被你伤的那些 崩溃眼泪

有些事不面对 反而安心安全

现在我有了幸福 有人照顾 应该知足
你不像他 从不让我哭
可是我越想投入 越是生疏 抱得再紧

现在我不停忙碌 不断让步 想看清楚
你不像他 把我当成全部
可是爱有时善良 有时残酷 我要如何

面对不爱的人 我终于谅解了

现在我有了幸福 有人照顾 应该知足
你不像他 从不让我哭
可是我越想投入 越是生疏 抱得再紧

现在我不停忙碌 不断让步 想看清楚
你不像他 把我当成全部
可是爱有时善良 有时残酷 我要如何

现在我有了幸福 有人照顾 应该知足
你不像他 从不让我哭
可是我越想投入 越是生疏 抱得再紧

现在我不停忙碌 不断让步 想看清楚
你不像他 把我当成全部
可是爱有时善良 有时残酷 我要如何

现在我不停忙碌 不断让步 想看清楚
你不像他 把我当成全部
可是爱有时善良 有时残酷 我要如何


Saturday, 22 January 2011

Happy For Our Boys~

So I was patting the girls on the backs for the results they've shown...现在来看看绝对Superstar男生们的成绩单!!!

Kelvin Tan: His voice wowed all of us at the auditions. Think he won the competition by sympathy votes? I don't think so. Anyone who's heard him busking at MRT stations (I first heard him outside Causeway Point) will agree that his voice and talent is the most deserving. Bear in mind he wasn't born blind. He became so, he adapted, and he emerged better than any of us. Go Kel!!!
Kelvin then....I remember he moved 怡风姐 to tears...

 3 albums under his belt~ And definitely more to come...

Junyang, aka JY, as affectionately known. Who can forget his song - Guardian Angel?

He had a beautiful, soothing voice, and it was really a pity he chose to come out with only one album. He prefers life backstage, so he went on and continued doing his music at Ocean Butterfly instead.

He didn't get nothing out of the competition. Though coming in second place after Kelvin, he won himself a beautiful bride - fellow contestant and the sweetest-looking girl in the competition, Candyce. They became man and wife on 31st January, 2010. =) 

This is a couple which lets me see the guy being the more giving and loving one, which is hard to come by these days. He really makes me feel that Candyce is in good hands and will be well-loved and taken care of.

Making waves in Taiwan and Singapore, is Derrick 何维健~

天啊~ 当时他样子真的好小噢~

他的第一张专辑,让人耳目一新,对他刮目相看~ 因为,小boyboy 突然有形了!!!

OMG~ 怎么突然变那么帅~~~ *昏倒*

I'm sure all of you are familiar with this song? It's so K~~~ K歌必唱!!!


The kids' show - Fun Learning, which I co-hosted with Sugie? He wrote the theme song okay!!!!

He's been making headlines recently in Taiwan and back home for his new album, “当我知道你们相爱”.

Wah kao! Bad boy!!!!


I'm still suckers for ballads, so this one has been in my playlist for quite a while:


He got eliminated in round 1 of PSS, then he went on and became a host, and a darn good one at that. We co-hosted Fun Learning last year, as well as Superfunkies back in 2006, if you remember. =)

THEN he went to Taiwan to compete in 第3届超级星光大道,and proved the whole world (name the PSS judges and those who kua sway him) wrong, and came in 7th. This guy can sing.

Last year, he was actively involved in stage productions.

He's setting up an events company, and I won't reveal anything until he does. But what I can say is, he's nowhere near quitting the media~ ;)

Then we have 创作才子 Hagen 陈孟奇.

 He's going to kill me for using these pictures, but I don't care. Hey, got improvement from then is good what!!! Not like those who use pictures from 10 years ago because they looked best then. No no no should always look better and better and better. 这样才对嘛~

Of course, 他近来越来越帅了啦~

 This one is Superman. When I knew him, he was already an established hairstylist with his own salon (it's still around, at Kembangan Plaza, called Franz de Paris if you're curious), he has studied overseas, gotten a degree in Interior Architecture, and written a thousand over songs....

One of my favourite songs is I Love You 你懂不懂, sung by 音乐铁人.

I tried to find the version Hagen himself sang, but I couldn't find it. It's lost in my home or something... =(

You may not know this, but these 2 songs are by him...

He's even got a few albums under his belt, the commercial one being 永远都在.

He recently wrote me this song, and I loved how he took my past story and made a song with it...

One of the few I have kept in close contact with especially recently, I've become really good friends with him and his sister over the years. (which is also why his write-up is slightly

 Meet Angelline Tan. She made this collages some time back.

He's been jumping on the Youtube bandwagon, and making a shitload of Youtibe videos. Here's one of him and his sister. I really like this video...

Another one, this one super gao xiao...

Cheeo ga kor ga lao... (laugh until pants drop..)

你不要看他帅帅这样hor, he's very active when it comes to his religion as well. =)
I think it's kinda cool, having someone cool to 宣教. It doesn't come across as know...hard-sell. =P

He's got quite a few Christian-y songs, for those interested.

Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia...he's got them covered. This guy ah~ gotta hand it to him. No manager. Everything ga gi lai one okay~ *salute*

Wah lao eh, do so much free promo for all these people ah, must collect advertising charges from them man...
Eh what, you think sit down write all these no need time ah!

看在这些是一起一路走来的朋友,下一餐,你们请就 sua sua ke la~

We've been making a few videos together...and you may have seen this....

Eh...a lot of nonsense in the front. For the actual song, start watching from 2:11. Lol.

We just did an MV 2days ago for his new project (he refused to tell me what it is about), and I'm excited about how it'll turn out.
Once it's out I'll let u guys know~ =)

Here's a sneak picture preview...

Seems our PSS guys are doing quite well too~ 绝对Superstar brought about so many opportunities for us, and I'm sure every one of us is grateful for that. May our Superstardom continue to shine, brighter as the years go by~ ;) Maybe one day, the superstars will be the ones dominating your Youtube screens, instead of Show and Jolin *dreaming*. =D

Lots of Love,