Monday, 24 January 2011

Birds and Ducks~

Having an off day today. Went to the bird park this morning, and gosh, I absolutely adore the ducks and the penguins!!! Ducks have been my favourite animal of ALL time (2nd to Alton of course). Reminds me of the days I used to just sit in Hyde Park (London) and just watch the ducks...Yes I did that. Lol.


Took this little video BEFORE I went inside the Bird Park. The ducks just caught my attention la...

Someone please confirm that THAT was an ugly duckling which will become a swan one day?

 Huge cranes on trees. They scared the shit outta me. Not because of their size, but because of the possibility of their shit (I'm sure it will be A LOT) dropping on my head...

 A Shoebill.

 Old-man Storks. They really looked like old men!!!

 This particular one with the broken wing kept opening up and posing for my camera~ =)

I walked across to the other end and it ran over to just stand here and continue posing. Lol! Aiyoyo~ So camwhore!!!

 A pelican.

 Ostrich? Nah~ Smaller one. Yup, it's an emu~

The day was scorching hot, and seriously, though I'm acting in a Tamil show, I want to remain fair~~~ Thing is, I don't get tanned. I only get pigmented. So I avoid the sun like a vampire, unless when I have no choice, like when I'm filming....

Thus, I came equipped with an umbrella. For shade.

Feeding lories!!! =D Every time I visit the bird park, I will NEVER fail to come here.

My favourite part of the Bird Park - the waterfall.... =D

 I Love Off Days,

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