Saturday, 30 January 2010


I know you guys are waiting for the Part 4 instalment but really, please allow me to side-track cos I DO have other stuff happening in my life~
I promise Part 4 will come soon okay? ^.^

I'm in a super wanna-flick-my-hair mood today~

Guess what I got from Watsons?


 Essential Damage-Care!!!!

Some time ago, I read from Xiaxue's blog that she was invited to try the Essential Intensive Hair Mask somewhere. After reading it, I was so tempted to try. BECAUSE BECAUSE, due to the nature of my job, my hair has been subjected to loads and loads and loads of deep-frying and tong-ing and straightening and tong-ing and tong-ing and more tong-ing...and I haven't been going for hair treatments cos they are so damn bloody expensive~

Hence began my search for this mysterious salon that did her hair mask treatment. I couldn't find it. I googled high and low and went to town and walked all over. But I couldn't find the salon. Then I decided MAYBE Watson's or Guardian may have it!!!! Nope. Don't have leh...went to quite a few and couldn't find it. Mad frustrating.

This ALWAYS happens. When you are trying to find something and have the cash to get it, you will NEVER find what you want. Then somehow you see something you love on a day when you DON'T have cash to spare, or you just find it nice and walk on, only to realise you need it 2 months later and then you try remembering where you saw it and hunting high and low for it but you never find it? Why like that huh? I don't get it!!!!!

Anyway, 2 days ago I decided to try my luck once more. At Watsons. And you can imagine my joy at having spotted it. I was thrilled!!!! Then after taking the shampoo, the conditioner, and 2 bottles of the said miracle mask, I suddenly realized - I forgot to bring my Watsons card. KNN!!!! What an idiot!!!!! I cursed and swore (inside my head) before walking out of the store reluctantly. Needless to say, this time armed with my Watsons card, I went back yesterday.

I couldn't decide if I want Nuance Airy (for light and bouncy hair) or Rich Premier (for smooth and manageable hair) because I want my hair to be smooth and manageable whilst maintaining light and bouncy, as I have curls~ So I bought both.

The minute I got home, I decided to camwhore a bit with my fried-ended hair...

I know this looks (eh hem) damn chio but try to look beyond the face okay? Look further down.

To the HAIR la! Poke your eyes then you know....

To give you guys a better idea of how my fried ends look are some close-ups...


Severely dried out...


And looks just plain gross....

After camwhoring, I couldn't wait to try on the Essential stuff and see if it really works!

I used the Essential Nuance Airy Shampoo (left). I didn't touch the Conditioner cos directions told me "After shampoo, squeeze out excess water and apply an appropriate amount evenly on hair". Will use the conditioner on days when I'm not using the mask. =)

Followed by the much-raved-about mask. In Nuance Airy of course, since I only bought the Nuance Airy shampoo and conditioner, I decided to just stick with the same series for better and more accurate results for the blog. OH! And I must add, the Nuance Airy series has a fruity floral smell. Nice~~~

20 minutes later (Directions say 5 min, but I'm quite kiasu when it comes to leave-on timings for masks/hair dyes)...

I was so pleased with the results after blow-drying my hair that I took 93 freaking pictures of myself~ NINETY-THREE!!! Wahahaha~

Okay I know it looks messy here but trust me, hair feels noticeably softer...

See the difference?

                              Before                                                      After
The ends are softer. And appears less frizzy.

  Check out the shine beibay~~~~

Woot!!! Light and Bouncy! As promised!

Comparing the ends...

                              Before                                                      After

Nope, I didn't tong my hair to make the curls look nice. I only blow-dried it so that I can take pictures cos I can't take fair comparison pictures when it's wet.

Also, none of the pictures have been photoshopped or altered in any way (other than adding the watermark), cos I do not have the Photoshop software. Nor do I know how to use it either. Though I wish I have it, then I can make my pictures look more Va-Va-Voom than they already are. =D


See the before picture?

Side-by-side comparison again...
                              Before                                                      After

No I didn't mean to make the first picture look paler. Eh flash very hard to control one okay, plus I had to put on makeup (YES I put on makeup JUST to take a proper BEFORE picture!), remove makeup and shower then put on makeup again just to make the comparison look fair. ANYWAY, just concentrate on the hair la!!

OH OH!!! The floral fragrance remained even after riding! That means exhaust fumes and a whole hour of wearing the helmet! ;)

THEN!!!! Today! I tried the RICH PREMIER HAIR MASK.

I tell you, it's even better than the Nuance Airy. Maybe cos my hair is so dry, or maybe cos ytd I've already done the Nuance Airy mask. But the Rich Premier really delivers the "smooth and manageable" as written on the bottle. So I'm a happy and satisfied customer~



Thursday, 28 January 2010

Inconsiderate Neighbours

Recently, I've this friend who apparently has been hounded by his neighbour's singing. And I don't mean the Superstars or the 星光 type of singing. I mean ah pek ah soh howling into the mike type of singing. All zao sia.

You guys know I sing right? And I used to practise my singing at home on my system. Especially 5-6 years back. During PSS times and before that, I used to sing like, from 11am to 4pm if I'm free at home. And I repeat the same songs over and over and over cos that's how you practise.

Now, back to the issue. This friend of mine has been complaining to me about his neighbour for the past few months. Yes, months. NOT weeks, nor days. He doesn't work full-time, so each day that he's home, he's gotta deal with the 74-year-old neighbour who sings non stop with his gf from morning to night. He has even thought about moving as he has confronted the neighbour who dismisses him. He has called HDB, which has sent their people to get his neighbours to lower their volume. He has called the police but apparently "noise pollution is not their concern".

I wonder if my neighbours thought of me as a nuisance every time I sing at home. =P Though I'm SURE I don't sound so home without stress and pressure, my singing is usually quite okay...DON'T refer to my competition vids, those were shit and my mum swore they were bad. She once told me she's "never heard me sing that badly at home". So I know I'm okay when I'm singing leisurely at home. No neighbours have confronted me, nor have any government personnel come to knock on my door. Still, you know Singaporeans. Most of us complain and kao peh at home to our friends, family, loved ones, dogs, whatever, but we very hardly do something about the things which bothers us. Especially if they involve writing a letter, or talking to anyone from the government - police, RC, MP, HDB...

My friend has written in to STOMP about his problem. But judging from the looks of things, his problem's probably not gonna get solved. Especially when his dad's now blaming him and saying it's his fault for "making things big" now.

His family doesn't want to move. I wouldn't want to either, especially if I've been comfortable all my life there. And cos it's really a hassle to look for another place and having to find a buyer for ur place, then having to pack and move and unpack, PLUS there's no guarantee you'll get quiet neighbours. Skali the next neighbour smelly how?

 And the neighbour is not exactly wrong for making noise before 11pm. (Only if u create a nuisance after 11pm will the police and the authorities intervene.)

Seriously, I hope the neighbour gets it and decides to be considerate and soundproofs his home or something. Which I have decided to do when I move. I will have a room dedicated to KTV and recreation, and that room WILL be soundproofed. ;)

p/s: Feel free to give your 2 cents worth~

Monday, 25 January 2010

The Story - Part 3

Seriously, I can't remember the last time I wrote a story...
Part 3 - Here goes...

12Dec09. His birthday.
Did I mention I didn't get to see him that day? A good friend, Row, had asked me earlier if I wanted to go Supperclub that night, and I kept putting off replying her cos I was hoping so hard that he would be free to entertain me. In the end he told me he might be going clubbing or something so I was like...aiyah whatever la! Why the hell am I putting my life on hold for this guy??? He's not even my anybody la!!! Hence I told my friend I would join her at Supperclub, and even proceeded to ask another friend out for dinner before heading there. But I brought the carefully-wrapped (by myself) present along, just in case.

I was actually glad I joined Row. There were a few of her friends there with her, but we had fun. Supperclub was packed. And most times we were like, squashed on the dancefloor. But we jostled and danced and laughed. And did other silly things.

 Like posing...

And posing somemore...

Which made me happy I was there. Instead of brooding around at home grumbling about how I shouldn't be just waiting for him to ask me out...

He DID call actually, when I was heading to Supperclub. And asked me what I was doing after Supperclub. I mumbled something about a 'friend' probably picking me up and then probably going somewhere...he didn't get me at first, until I said "You la!" I vaguely thought he was smiling at the other end of the phone, but I couldn't see his face, so I wasn't sure, but you know you can detect a smiling tone of voice when you hear it right? Anyways, he said he will come and pick me later when I'm done. Which made me go "Yippeeeee!!!!!" (inside). But I wouldn't have known that he would call, and can't be staying at home and po-ing that he would what~ so I was glad that I met Row and gang.

 I left the place at about 2am. Which was when he arrived. First thing I did was to give him his prezzie, which I was carrying all through my clubbing session la! Damn tak-glam can! One stupid paper bag hung on my arm while dancing and jostling. (There were no more storage spaces at the counter. NOT that I didn't try...) It was this PowerBall thingy which you're supposed to rotate with the momentum. It supposedly trains your wrist and is good for musicians and tennis players and people who uses their wrists a lot. Bought it for him for no particular reason. Just thought it was damn geh-yan cos when it rotates and you're NOT in momentum, it feels like you have Stitch in your hand. It feels like it's trying to wriggle it's way out! Next time I'll upload a video on how it works.

We had no idea where to go, and after much driving around aimlessly, we went to Chong Pang Nasi Lemak to grab some food, then headed to Sembawang Park to chit chat... (Really chit chat nia la~~~)

No idea how it started, but we started trying to tickle each other. Like, randomly. I think I started it. I've got this thing for trying to find out if a guy's ticklish. Someone once told me a ticklish guy would like, 怕老婆 or something. So far so true you know...from like, my experience. They are usually more loving and passionate. Of course not 100% one la, these things... Okeiiiiii anyways, he wasn't ticklish!!! Like, I DON'T BELIEVE IT!!!! So, throughout the night, I was trying to find a ticklish spot on his body. Along the torso only la...other places not for me to touch. Same goes for him. I wasn't really ticklish except in certain places, but he managed to like, find it! Pui! And for some weird reason I was especially ticklish even in places where I normally wouldn't be.

Enough of the tickling. It didn't like go on and on and on and on. Just the occasional try once in a while. Most times we were chatting. And we stayed all the way till dawn and took some really really nice pictures~ ^.^

Nice right? ;) Of course, this was taken by myself...

 It's times like these I wish I had a better camera...I T5's great, just that it's like a decade old or something...And night/low-light shots...they CAN be nicer...

That's the mystery man's feet. Or rather, shoes...

At this moment, he decided to go behind me and sit. Back to back. Leaning on me... It was proximity. There was a lot of it there...for 2 persons who weren't a couple, or close friends, or anything like that. It was a step closer. Trust me, my heart was beating so fast then. And I was thankful that he was behind so he couldn't see me even if I was blushing...

Then, out of nowhere, he pointed out this man to me...

What was he doing??? I mean, I've seen people doing like morning stretches and stuff. But his was like some ritual of sorts la...touch the floor, then breathe in all the way while slowly raising your hand, then it's this final position where he looked like he was talking to dua peh gong or something...

I spotted this man fishing and snapped a picture.


Dawn. There's something about watching the sun come up...
And I think if I can a thing for capturing nice pictures if I can do this with a Sony T5... Lol~

Just before we left, we saw 2 crabs mating!!! (Trivia~) Hey I've NEVER seen crabs mate before okay... so it's only natural that I feel awed when I watched crab-porn, live~...hahahaha~

He sent me home that night, with a few more failed attempts at tickling him on my part on the way back... Buay gam wan~ How can anyone NOT have an itchy spot!!???? Sure have one lor! I'll find it...
And no, nothing much else exciting happened, other than the back-to-back moment...

Seaside, Dawn and Crab-porn,

Sunday, 24 January 2010

《Fun 学去》

《Fun 学去》 拍摄已收功了。昨天我们最后一天的 《Fun学去》 拍摄已成功结束。好快哦,接近7个月的拍摄就此到了一个段落。 两个系列的 《Fun学去》,26集的 “哇!” 和 “Why?”,认识了好多可爱的小朋友 (尤其是 Minghui, Wenxuan and Wenhui!!!),也发生了很多很多趣事,拍完了,觉得怪怪的。以后就没机会扮演哇哇姐姐和贾厉害同学了吗?

I noticed quite a few of u have been searching for 《Fun学去》-related stuff, but because I have been searching too, I know there aren't many good search results. So I've decided to post some behind-the-scenes pictures for those of you who might be interested. (So you can show your little ones who watch the show!!!)

在拍 “Fun学故事屋”



你们看到的舞蹈都是用这个特别的绿色布景拍的,之后才加工,把可爱的卡通画面或 animation 放进去。不能穿绿色或带有绿色图案的服饰哦!不然你的衣服就会在荧幕上消失,变成画面背景了!


你们会希望有第3系列的 《Fun学去》吗?

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

The Story - Part 2

First and foremost, let me say thank you. To everyone who's been nice and encouraging and supportive. It warmed my heart reading the tags you left. It really did. Makes me feel I shouldn't let you guys down and blog more about my (somehow super dramatic sometimes) life. =D Part goes...

Okay this part is slightly more I had NO sms or tweet history for 10Dec to jog my memory (which has been failing me these past few years...early sign of Alzheimer's...more on that another time)

This took me the longest time to recall. I had no idea what I was doing that day, then I suddenly remembered (thanks to my tweet). Filming at Sembawang Park. After filming at 6pm I remembered smsing Joel to tell him I'm done, and he called me. Then I had no idea what to do for the rest of the evening and was contemplating for the longest time if I should go for the riding theory evaluation so that I can pass so I can book for my Riding Theory Test. Only after passing the theory test can I book for my PDL which is required for me to go on to the main road for the later part of my learning.

Anyway, after MUCH hesitation and loads of contemplating, I got him to go online to book the evaluation for me. Scheduled at 8pm. I passed, of course. Full marks. (It's basically a lot of common sense questions, and even more so if you've been a driver since 2003, like me.)

He told me to call him when I'm done then maybe we can meet near his place in CCK, and I did call, but he didn't pick up, so I decided to take the first 187 bus that came along, and headed to Woodlands. Except that he smsed me shortly AFTER I got onto the bus. Meaning I was like, stuck and somewhere in Bt Panjang already. Nowhere near an MRT la, to put it simply, and I know no other way to get there.

Then he sent another sms saying he'll just eat cup noodles then, it's alright. ~.~ Any person would feel bad la. I don't know about you guys, but if a friend wants to meet me or makan, then for some reason I can't make it, and he/she tells me they'll just eat cup noodles, I'll feel guilty like mad. (Even though I love instant noodles myself...used to binge on them when I was younger...and I mean even after I've eaten and was already full...explains the fats then...)

So I had an idea. 187 will go pass Marsiling MRT on the way to Woodlands Interchange. I'll drop off there, THEN take the train down. Brilliant idea. So I did, and called him saying I will see him at the train station. Though he was trying so hard to get me to go earlier on...but I had rejected the offer many times that night, and given the act-blur-dee-gong reaction whenever he asked if I was heading to CCK for dinner. I was tempted la of course, but didn't want to seem so, so pretend lor! (He's going to read this and suan me for it, along with all the other secretly-happy episodes I had...bleah~)

We had dinner at Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe that night. Please note that at this moment, we were still keeping our distances. Both of us probably knew how the other party felt, but still, we kept things relatively distant. At most it's some harmless flirting and testing water on the phone. And it's nice. I noticed he was quiet that night. Not sure why. Maybe he was tired. Maybe I was just sensitive and it's just one of those quiet days. Or perhaps something was bothering him. I wasn't sure. (And still am not.) He made a nice gesture by offering to send me back on his dad's car, so I let him. I was tired. (Plus I wanted to see him longer...)

Unexciting night, I know...

Next day (11Dec09), Mummy and Sis had gone to Genting (I was supposed to go too but due to filming schedules, I had to cancel my trip.) I had free use of the car. Nothing beats mobility with your own personal mode of transport. I told him about it, and suggested that I drive to my riding practice, then hand him the keys so he can drive back THEN come back and get me when I'm done. Saves my parking fees, makes it easier for him to get home, plus I found myself an excuse to see him later in the day. Brilliant idea~ Though I am absolutely sure my mum would get into a mad frenzy and start nagging non-stop if she knew some stranger had been driving her car. With my permission, not hers. She'll probably not speak to me for days. Either that or she'll start lecturing, then she won't let me drive the car anymore, so I'll have to quickly get my licence so I can  quickly get my bike.. Anyhow, I WILL get it once she reads this. But I'm going to risk it all and write it down so that you guys can read the whole story~ So nice of me right? Ya I know~~ ^.^

I'm not saying she's a horrible and super 难搞 person. She's a great mum. She is. Strong. Independent. And funny.  She's just very sticky with regards to who I date. And honestly speaking, except for like 7 years ago when I was going out someone she really really liked, she hasn't really been hospitable to ANYONE I've dated since. It didn't help matters that she had gone to this fortune teller long ago and the guy told her I will have a failed marriage if I do get married before I'm 27. The most recent one she went to in June told her I'll only get married when I'm in my mid-thirties and even if I was seeing someone now, it wouldn't work out. (I was dating someone in June, and oh didn't work out, like he said.) So being a firm believer in fengshui, naturally she will think that I'm wasting my time and effort if I'm putting any of those into guys and dating, and that I'll probably be a huge star by now if I spent those efforts on myself and my job.

Anyway, he came and picked me up after my riding, but luck's not on my side. He has dinner plans with his family, so he's gotta drive himself back to get the family car and pick the family up from somewhere in Woodlands. Meaning I gotta drive myself home after he gets there. =( Oh well...might as well. Go home and do some laundry and wash the toilet. (I did, in case you think it's just some figure of speech~) And so we went our separate ways~

I contemplated going shopping for black sneakers cos all my sneakers were either very old and torn and water ALWAYS got in when I rode in wet weather, or they were white, and got stained very easily due to kicking up the gear pedal. For dunno-what-reason, I contemplated for so long I just dropped the idea and decided to just head home.

I got home and was halfway through doing my laundry when I got a call from him. Saying his family had yet to reach so he's just bumming around somewhere.
Me: 你要的话可以过来我家坐坐。
Him: 哈?真的啊?
Me: 我可以陪你等。总好过你吊着也不懂要去哪里。
Him: 哦。Actually 我在你家楼下...
Me: ...

At this point it was a mixture of surprise, shock, confusion (because I wasn't sure what to do next as I was in the midst of my laundry), relief (that I had not gone shopping) and happiness (because he somehow missed me so much he's come to see me again once he had the chance!!!!!!!!)

Me: 你给我两分钟。我马上下来。

What? 我跟他又没那么熟!请他上来很怪啦!更何况他又没说要喝水还是用厕所什么的。So it's only right that I go down. A while nia ma...

I was probably looking goofy and stupid grinning from ear to ear when I got down. But I was happy. Like, we both knew that his gesture was quite obvious but neither of us mentioned anything. We just chatted at the playground for a bit till his parents called and he had to go. It was probably a brief 10-15 minutes, but it was good enough to make me smile the entire night.

Some days ago, during dinner, I found out his birthday lies on December 12th. And that was tomorrow. I had prepared his birthday present (I can't remember which day it was but it was in the past 2 days that I went n got it) and was thinking maybe, just maybe, I might be able to pass him his present tonight after midnight.

I got home and was soon concussed on my bed, and the next thing I knew, it was 12:50am, December 12th. Oh geez! Damn!!! The first thing I did was to check my phone, and voila~! His sms! At around 12:30am (not sure of the exact time cos the msg has since been deleted): What are you doing?

I called back IMMEDIATELY and .... dial tone... more dial tone....and MORE dial tone... Then a lady's voice. "You have reached mailbox number 9......." ~.~ Oh well...he's either asleep, busy, clubbing, or drunk... (I found out later it was all 3 of the latter...) BUT BUT BUT!!! He msged me when he was in the toilet and half-drunk! He thought of me leh!!!! Despite me being quiet (aka asleep) for the past few hours... TEEHEEHEE~~~~!!!

No, I didn't get to see him on his birthday. I was filming. But he did call in the afternoon when I was break-ing for lunch. Said he gotta go out and get some things done, then he gotta attend a colleague's gathering of sorts. Like sad la. I'd be damn sad if I've to attend some random gathering on my birthday. 没人帮我庆祝就算了,还得去应酬人~ Just as well. My shoot was a full day shoot till evening.

I am going to be super 吊胃口 and stop here. Because what happens the next day will be a long entry, and you guys have probably waited so long I can see your turtle necks stretched out so I decided I shall post something first...but I'm so tired I won't continue writing until later. Part 3 soon~


Monday, 18 January 2010

Dear Readers...


Okay, many many many apologies for the drama happening on the side of this page. Yeap, this is one of those very rare occasions you see Silver Ang lose it. Ask my friends. They will tell you they hardly see me lose my temper. And that my patience level is generally quite high. And I happen to have a very high threshold with regards to irritants. Jo is one of those irritants which you call “打不死的蟑螂”, except the fact that 蟑螂s are probably a better species than Jo, whatever he or she is. I am going to curse and swear, and do NOT freaking comment. Okay? No. I hope the next person she sleeps with has HIV, 3 kids (and married but the guy cheats her and tells her he's not anyway), or a very small dick. (Don't ask me why but I kinda think Jo is female. Either that or a very gayish boy. Men are hardly so bitchy, though there are of course, exceptions to the rule.)

Then if she is another stewardess, may she have ugly armpit sweat stains (kudos to Qt for giving me this idea~lol~) while serving passengers, or so many complaints she doesn't ever get promoted. I think she's probably ugly. If not, get a bad breakout so she ends up ugly anyway. And people will think she's 32 instead of in her 20s.

Alright. I'm nice. So I shall stop cursing and swearing. My menses is coming...and I don't need other causes of hormonal imbalances. I found this stewardess blogging about me being some 3rd party. Stephy. On stephylittlecorner.blogspot. Singapore Airlines stewardess. Who knows, she's probably Jo. We'll never know, will we? Today her blog is SUDDENLY only open to invited readers. Worried? That maybe I'll write in to SQ and have them close ur blog? (Oh yah, SQ does that, if they realise that your blog mentions you being their stewardess...) Or that my readers will start spamming you? Or what?

Jo, I'm sure by now, after reading my previous post, that I'm more or less NOT what you thought I was. So why keep doing this? Val's your friend, isn't she? Yeah Val obviously knows who you are cos you know I banned her from tagging (only reason being she was getting on my nerves while waiting for my post to come up). She's had enough. So have I, or Joel. You're just trying to 挑拨离间 for I have no idea god-knows-what reason. Please just stop. Come back only for the simple reason of reading. Pleasurable reading. Not coming just to check my tagboard and curse me further. WTF is wrong with you? My blog's intention is for people to know about my life. My thoughts. And would I dare to be such an open book if I'm doing shady things like sleeping with people's husbands? I've yet to start Part 2 of the story. But am instead, here, ranting my head off. I've got a performance later, and I haven't yet picked my song, my outfit, or made any preparation. I can't work while something, or rather you, Jo, is bugging my head and biting my name off. Yeah well, maybe I can, but I can't put in my 100 percent. And I don't like that. It's not nice. You don't have 100k to gain for this. Even Valerie has sent me an email of apology:

So please Jo. Be nice.I hope you understand that things are settled now.

And stop arrowing Joel, alright? They were separated before I came along. I just happened to appear before the freaking stupid documents are signed. But deal with it, alright? Papers are no good if it binds an empty marriage. What's important is the quality of the relationship itself. Divorcees out there, you should know. So what if you cling onto someone by means of a paper? Sure, it probably gets you the money and maybe some property if ur other half is rich, but what's left of the love you once shared? No I'm not trying to fend for myself here but stating a general statement. A real one. I've been there. Clinging and refusing to let go. We own a car together, and still do, thanks to the stupid dealers who said they'll call me back but never did. Anyway I'll get that settled this week. Yeah so what? We own a car together. We lived together. When there's nothing left there's nothing left. Only him 敷衍-ing me and me crying night after night after night while he sleeps beside me on our single-sized bed. Skin touching, but is there anything in there? No. It's painful. And it took me a lot of crying, anti-depression pills, crying, sleepless nights, and crying, before I finally moved on. Then this has to happen. Yeah I love roller-coasters, but only in the form of physical rides, not like this. You think it's fun, moron?

Guess what, I puked this morning. From irritation. I didn't know what condition you call it, and seriously, I didn't know someone so irritating can make one puke. Now I know where the phrase "you make me puke" came from. And I thought it was just some random literary term.

Alright, I shall stop here. And start on picking a song, and practising. Then I still have to shower and make-up and choose an outfit and get out of the house in 3 hours' time. Don't create havoc while I'm busy, alright? Esp my dearest readers, as much as you would like to stand up for me, don't say nasty things. Like I said, if you don't have nice things to say, then don't say anything. Just let me know you're there. And that is enough to make me smile.

Love and Hopefully, Real Peace...

Sunday, 17 January 2010

The Story - Part 1

Popcorn and snacks ready?

Okay, for those of you who have no idea what's going on and have probably gotten a gist of it from the top section of this post and are dying to find out, here is the story of my life in the past 6 weeks. (I'm sorry I didn't blog much these past weeks, simple reason being I was really busy at first, and later on not knowing how to blog about things.)

For haters who have left nasty tags on my tagboard, shame on you. Ah ah ah~ Don't start saying "Shame on yourself!" I hear you. Shut! And I mean it. Keep quiet. Listen. There's probably a reason why you're not a lawyer. You're prejudgemental. Ever since I was a kid, I've hated people who are prejudgemental. I think they are stupid. Cos at the end of the day when everything sees daylight, they end up hiding in a corner and having to eat their words looking absolutely stupid. For those of you whose vocabulary list is only as long as an A4 sized paper,

prejudgement means
a judgement reached before the evidence is available

and to prejudge means
to judge beforehand, prematurely, without all the evidence.

Now that we've gotten that understood, I would like to present my story. Please do read it with an open mind, as if you don't know anything, or it'll spoil the story. =D

p/s. Everything is factual. Only the name of the guy would be made up, to leave room for exit.

At the end of November, I made up my mind to forget my past relationship and move on. Learn a new skill or something. And for followers of my blog, you'd know my November entries were all about contemplating on a vehicle. Get a bike. And in that case, I gotta have a Class 2B licence. So I happily registered myself as a member of a driving centre, and started going for lessons in on 30Nov'09.

I remember my very first lesson. I remember being so excited. (OMG! It's so cool la! I'm going to be a female biker!!!) I went with an open mind to learn. In the briefing room, while waiting for lesson to commence, some instructors remember me, it seemed, from my PSS days, and I got quite a bit of attention from the other guy learners. As what I usually would have done, I ignored all these and focussed on what I went there to do - my learning.

Each instructor would call out the subjects they are taking, and the learners taking those subjects would adjourn outside to get a bike a await further instructions from their respective instructors. As the room cleared, the only instructor left was this young chap whom I wasn't sure was Malay or Chinese. And that made me a tad shy (yes I do get shy la...) but I pretended like nothing was wrong while secretly cursing why couldn't I get a shorter/older or senior-looking instructor cos that would have made me less self-conscious.

"2B first lesson come here." Chinese. I thought I saw another slip at the subject 1.01 tray as well (maybe I was new and blur and cock and saw wrongly), but there was only me. So I awkwardly inched forward to the first row of seats where the instructor stood and listened while he went through the housekeeping - where to get subject tags, what to do after you print the slip, yada-yada...

I was then brought to the bike area where I was allocated a bike. And the basics of operating a bike were taught to me. And I mean basics. Like where is the brake la, gear la, clutch la, and so on. And I was told to sit on the bike and move forward and back like some idiot a hundred times. (At this point another learner joined me but I was no longer self-conscious - too busy with focussing on the bike to worry abt the instructor liao.) No, contrary to what many people thought, I wasn't told to bang against the tires. Just sit on it. Feel the clutch. Feel the bike move as I release the clutch at biting point. Moving at like 2km/h. Something like that.

Then 100 minutes passed and it was time to end the class. After debriefing, the instructor told me I looked familiar and I told him that he might have seen me on tv many years back. Then I went home. I didn't even know the name of the instructor who took me. But then again, I remember when I was taking Class 3 6 years back, that instructors don't usually self-introduce before a lesson. So I left it at that.

I vaguely remember finding him quite good-looking then. Not like dashing-good-looking which would melt me or anything, but pleasantly boyishly good-looking. But that was it la. I went home and went about my life, and went for lessons almost every day. I really wanted to get my licence and a bike soon. (Because I was getting poor and sick of being mobile-y handicapped.)

On my third day there (03Dec'09), he took my subject again. I was made self conscious again and was cursing under my breath. Like, so many instructors la, what are the chances?

Anyway, I thought the instructors were kinda good. Like, they tell you exactly what you did wrong so you know why this happens. For me, I kinda got confused over going down to gear 1 and the braking..."kick down as many times as you can to get to gear 1" and "kick twice" (which was taught a day ago). So in my state of kalangkabok-ness while concentrating on a million and one things, my left feet was like flitting on the gear pedal la. Until the cute instructor came and told me to just tap down slowly, not taptaptaptaptaptaptaptap like my foot was so damn busy.

That made me so paiseh la. But I thanked him for correcting my mistake graciously anyway. By this time, I was kind of drawn to him. During the debrief, however, I noticed a ring on his left ring finger. Not those fancy kinds of rings, but the simple kind, the kind of design you see on, perhaps, a wedding band.

At this point thoughts were going through my head, obviously. Is he married? But he's so young! (25, to be exact, and that IS young)

Is he like how I was when I as in the airline? I wore a nice pseudo-diamond (crystal la~) ring on my left ring finger cos I kept getting advances from crew and passengers alike. The ring sort of keeps admirers and tryers away. And in case you're wondering, I bought the ring myself. But told the whole world it was an engagement ring la~

Maybe he's some pantang kid like me who wears rings for certain fengshui reasons. Many youngsters these days believe in fengshui. I'm obsessed with it.

So that day, on the way back, I left a msg on twitter and facebook, saying I think my riding instructor's kinda cute. I remember people replying in twitter and telling me to ask him out, and me replying to those tweets that he was wearing a ring and I didn't dare. What? I am NOT someone who does things like that la. I like relationships which are simple and sweet. The kind that keeps you smiling for days... You know, the school days type of relationships? No complications. And the only worry you have is parents finding out that you are dating someone and that they would disapprove of him/her.

So, I kept it at that. Thinking he's cute. That's it. N maybe so curious I'm dying to find out more about this guy. It's been a long time since I felt so compelled to do anything. I wanted to know his name (I still didn't), whether he's attached (what?!!! 不可以心动吓!!!), whether we have any friends in common....everything. I went home, went online, and realized I couldn't find out anything because I didn't even know his name...

The Sunday (06Dec09), I saw him at the centre again *squeals*. Actually I saw him almost every day at the centre, but we didn't speak. He came over to make small talk that day(Opportunity!) and I casually mentioned that I didn't know his name. He showed me his instructor card. Joel. Alright! Of course, I didn't jump around in front of him la. Just glad that I finally got his name. And it wasn't even the same name reflected on the slip on my very first lesson lor! Turned out instructors sometimes change the slots amongst themselves so you may not always get the instructor that's reflected on your printed slip.

That night, I went home and tried to find out as much about Joel from everywhere. Facebook, Google, Friendster, you name it. (Okay I didn't try MySpace because like, who uses MySpace in Singapore anyways?) I was blogging about the guy who said my smile was sweaty at the same time la so MAJOR multitasking. He was and has been on my mind for the past few days. Strangely. Because honestly, I've never felt that way about anyone in a looooooooooooooong time.

Nothing. I found nothing. He wasn't on facebook or friendster. What sort of loch-less monster is he? 25 and he doesn't use facebook? I tried his first then last name, last then first name, full name, just dialect name, hanyu pinyin. Nope. Nothing. Because he's quite cute-looking, I would half expect that he's some player of sorts with 1000 friends in his friend list, mostly girls. But don't have leh!!! WTH~ This evoked my curiosity even further and the knowledge of nothing except his name was practically getting on my nerves. Pek chek you know.

I even tried to google him. Like "riding instructor joel" or something like that. Cannot find a damn thing la! Until! Until! I saw his name on a search finding and opened it up. It was this "Who's Going" social party networking site. For clubbers to find out what parties there are, what's happening at which club and so on. So~! He's a chiongster! O....kay.....not my type then. I'm not one myself, and I only go clubbing when it's a friend's birthday, or a friends' gathering. Other than that, I find clubbing meaningless. I don't need random strangers rubbing up against me. Once I went with like a group of girlfriends and suddenly there was this army guy rubbing his cock against my arse! WTFFFFF!!!! I elbowed him, and he didn't just NOT get it, he held on to my elbow then wrapped his arms around me from behind la! While still grinding his by-then-damn-hard cock against me! Fucking gross!!!! I resorted to stomping on his feet with my heels while still pretending to be dancing.

Anyway, point here is I hardly club, and would prefer most times to meet with friends at some cafe joint or kopitiam or Sembawang Park or something, to chit chat. We don't have to yell at these places, and we can chill somewhat sedately in a nua comfy position. Instead of having to bob up and down (that's club-dancing) or being squashed like sardines like in Phuture.

That said, I made a mental discount of my impression of this guy. Then, I read closely the info in that page and realized the lat log in date was in 2007. O...kay..... means what? He stopped clubbing or got more sms invites so he didn't have to rely on the site info anymore? I tried viewing the pictures but it said I couldn't like, view anything without logging in la! KNN...So mahuan.... No surprises here. I created an account so I could stalk, erm, I mean find out more.

I did find a picture of him with a girl, whom I suppose was his gf. Thing here is, I don't know if they're still together. The last log in and photo was 2007 what. Alright, it states he was attached. So approach with caution. No point getting into shit and having to clean up later.

Wah I tell you....finding out about this guy took me the whole night la. By the time I FINALLY decided to give up, it was 9am. -.-" Damn tiring la. Can't he just be some normal guy with an active fb account so my job's easier? Grr....

Anyway, the next evening (07Dec09), after my riding lesson, he came to speak to me again when I was taking my stuff out of the locker. I asked if his next lesson is starting soon already (like duh~ in between each slot is just a 10min break...)  BUT BUT BUT!!!!!!!! Guess what?! He said he's done for the day! And that he ended work at 4already but was taking OT. Woot~! I hadn't eaten anything for the day (and it was 8pm already~) so I casually (this one REALLY wasn't planned or schemed or what la) asked if he had eaten. HE said he hadn't! So...yup~ I asked if he would like to have dinner tgt. He told me to wait for him at the canteen while he got changed out of his uniform. 没有暗爽是假的啦!Didn't show, of course. Cannot show one la! Later look desperate leh. Plus, it was just dinner. And I still know nothing about him. Even whether or not he was attached then. Nothing fancy. We took the shuttle bus to the MRT and merely went to the nearby McDonald's. I can't remember what we ate. But it was some new burger that Macs came out with and it came in an Avatar burger box. Some teriyaki thingy. And throughout dinner, his ring still kept me curious.

Anyway, we chatted for a bit and took the MRT home. He got off at his station then I proceeded on my own way home. Ya what..nothing what. He wasn't driving and even if he was, he wasn't anyone to me so I wouldn't expect him to send me back. Made sense that he got off at his station when he reached first right? Yes. Ok.

08Dec09, somehow he was doing OT again. And finished the same time I did! Such coincidence! This time round I can't remember how la, but we ended up leaving the centre together. I remembered when we were walking to the MRT gantry he looked at his phone, so I casually asked if that was his gf and if he had to go off early. He said "No la~" like it was an absurd statement, and proceeded to telling me he wanted to change his phone and some random conversation about Samsung phones. We didn't want to eat Macs again, and for some reason we took the train all the way to Woodlands.

Ate at the foodcourt at CWP. Duck rice. Okay okay that was unnecessary trivia. Autobiographies are boring ma~ Lol~ Anyways, dinner done. Time to go. He asked how I was going back and I said I was walking. I could take a bus la, but I like to walk home at night in the nice cool weather.  Daytime? Forget it. Bus for sure. He offered to walk with me!!!! *hops around* Okay I didn't really do that. But yeah, I was secretly happy.

It felt like school days. When you feel that tingle in you and you keep smiling to yourself like some dumbass retard, all because of some guy's sweet gesture. I never wanted the night to end. And trust me, I took a r.e.a.l.l.y sloooooww walk to my place. We arrived at the bus stop just outside my block and I showed him how to walk to Admiralty stn from there (straight ahead, basically). For some weird silly reason, I asked if he needed me to walk with him there since it was a less than 10 min walk from my place. And he agreed. Cheeky ass. You send me, I send you, you send me again...neverending la like that~ Not that I minded of course~ Teehee~

So we walked some more... and got to the MRT station. It was like about 10:30pm already la~ There was a Macs there and he suddenly said he wanted to eat ice cream. Dunno if he really wanted to eat ice cream or was just prolonging his stay there...bleah~ We sat down for ice cream...and chit chatted all the way until 12ish... I checked the MRT schedule and told him the last train was in 20min. AND we chit chatted somemore...until the MRT electronic board says the next train would be the last train. I told him, and he just continued sitting there, pretending nothing was happening...then he said "Later we walk back to your place then you take your mum's car and send me home la~" WAH~~~~ 这样也行~ Okay la~ then I'll find out where he stays. OR at least the block or the area. Lol~ I brought up casually that I'd like to add him on facebook and asked for his email. And I somehow asked for his number too. I forgot what excuse I used already la. Too excited and slightly annoyed that he hadn't asked for my number. =P But I got it la~ And miss-called him. I even sent him a picture from my phone for him to add into his caller display. Lol. Not shy hor...SHY LA!!! Pretend to be not nia lor~

So that was it la. 2nd dinner in consecutive 2 nights, and no smses or calls from anyone. Plus he was with me till late. IF he was still attached either his gf works night shifts or is a stewardess and is out of town or something, which would make him a player. I still don't know much about him, except that he's either damn disciplined about taking numbers from girls or damn expert at making people buay tahan so they would ask him first. Anyways, I sensed interest already. Why else would anyone be so gay-siao? *grins*

When I got back, the original carpark lot was gone. And I had to park all the way to the carpark rooftop! Wa lao~ I sent him a msg complaining, and he didn't reply until 6ish in the morning (probably concussed after reaching home). He apologised about it and said "dinner's on me tonight"!!!!!!! No I wasn't am chio-ing then, I LAUGHED to myself the moment I read it!!! So I replied "Did you just decide for me that I'll be having dinner with you tonight?" all the while grinning to myself. "Ya, i think i just decided for you. Haa. Sorry I forgot to ask if you are free. are you?" So sneaky!!!! Of course I was free! Not free also will become free lor! I was so happy I tweeted about it that morning!

Okok...I had riding lessons that night at the same time. He didn't do OT that day. He said he'll go back first and shower and get the car then pick me up after my lesson! Woot~! He brought me to Bt Timah  (you know that stretch opposite Beauty World? Ya there) Boon Tong Kee. We had a nice pleasant chat over dinner, then he sent me home. That's it. Simple. Nice. Good enough for me. (Those who've tried to date me will know I like to take things slow, especially this past year. Proceed with caution has been what I live by, relationship-wise.)

Alright, by this time my gut feelings tell me: 1. he's not attached, and 2. he's interested. I REFUSE to ask straight out if he's attached. Cos that will give away that I am interested, though by now I'm sure it was pretty obvious. But different ma! When you actually verbalise it, it confirms things. Right? Like when you feel for someone, so be it~ Feelings nia what, and maybe body language. But it's different altogether when you finally say those 3 magic words. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about la~

Okay...I am officially tired. Other than dinner, and a short movie "New York, I Love You" at 9pm, I've spent practically the whole day doing nothing but blogging and recalling what's happening and checking smses and my tweets to make sure every single information was right. So far it's just a regular girl-meets-boy story yeah?

I'll continue part 2 tmr okay? (And I mean continue blogging about it tmr, no guarantees about finishing it and getting it published. I'll try though, promise.) If I want to post it as ONE SINGLE POST I think everyone will become pa jiao reading it.

I got a shoot in the morning later and I haven't even started reading the scripts. Need to go study my scripts now. Goodnight folks. And thank you for taking the effort to hear me speak, instead of cursing and swearing at me then saying you'll stop coming to my blog and leaving forever. You guys rock. =)

Love and Peace,

Friday, 15 January 2010

Drained. Sucked Dry.


I am worn out. Tired. Drained. Whatever you call it. Almost no sleep in 72 hours; and while at work during a short break between shoots, logging into my blog on my mobile and realising I have some strange "passerbye" (fuck I hate ppl who can't spell) barge into my blog and lament about me and how I'm stealing someone's husband and cursing my life; then having some super major drama on my tagboard and dealing with a deranged confused woman who said she and this guy have nothing to do with each other anymore this minute (tag deleted as it mentions his name, and he didn't have to be dragged in), and the next says they are getting on fine; to making some big decisions and then crying till now. Tell me if you think that's not tiring. And I didn't sign up for this.

BB, I know you just told me she's trying to break us apart. But I have no idea how to deal with this. Not now. N not with a Scorpion lady. I remember from years of reading Astrology books that Scorpion women are super scheming and 很难搞. I just never thought I would cross paths with one. For my other Scorpion readers or friends, please don't take it personally okay? Just general reading, and I'm sure it doesn't apply to everyone. Your Chinese zodiac and 八字plays a part too. Like how I'm a devoted Gemini (Don't laugh. My closest buds - Qt, Jing, Denzel, Azmi, amongst a few others, will know) as compared to a flirty one like most are.

Yes she may just be saying things to spite me or put me off you, and I know she's making things up. We spend so much time together I know she is. But just to appease her and let her believe that I have nothing to do with her marriage falling apart, I think I shall let go.
Remember you told me not to worry about a thing and not to think so much and that you will do the worrying and thinking for me? What do I know when I get haters spamming my tagboard? I know I did nothing wrong, but I have my readers to answer to.

Here is where people know the real me. Friends. Family. Fans. Acquaintances. Strangers. Not some random forum where anyone can post anything they choose about anyone. Here AI post what AI choose about who AI want. Because it's MY blog and MY words and MY thoughts and MY feelings. And now that there is fog and cloud, it's my duty to clear the air.

At this point in time I wish I'd asked you about that ring a month ago. But no B, I'm not blaming you. I never did. I've learnt in the past few years there's no point in blame. You can't undo things with blame. What's the point of blaming someone for mistakes done? The mistake is still done.

And I'm not mad at you for being so elusive about yourself. I call it the transition-phase syndrome. I do that during transition phases. Like when people asked me what I work as when I had decided to leave the airline. I felt wrong to say I'm a stewardess because while I'm still technically employed, I feel that I'm back to being an artiste again, but I can't say that either, cos I'm officially still not. So I smile and talk about something else.

I told her I'll leave the 2 of you alone. My mind is still spinning. My heart wrenches each time I hear an sms come in and I check and it's you telling me not to chase you away.

p/s: Prepare popcorn or some snacks and drinks while you read the next entry. Which should be out tmr. Forgot about a gathering at a friend's place so I'll just post up this half of what was supposed to be a super long entry and head out now then work on it later when I'm back. Am only like 10 percent through it. (8:16p.m.)

Saturday, 9 January 2010


我知道上一篇 entry 还没写完,但我现在真得很想把此刻的漂亮心情记录下来。。。

没有中 Toto, 没有突然间出现的商家找我拍广告,没有突然接到第一女主角的戏,没有人像我求婚,我也不是买了新车什么的。。。就是觉得很开心。



Friday, 8 January 2010

Holiday Day 3! The World - Revisited~


I'm back with a vengeance! I'm sick of being sick la~ I WANT TO RUN AND SKIP AROUND LIKE A KID!!!!! Grrrr....stupid nose causing me to have a stupid earblock.And I had a massive nosebleed last night la. Not those regular nosebleed, it's the itchy-hand-go-and-pluck-off-scab-in-the-end-nosebleed kind of nosebleed... ~.~

4 days ago, while filming for 《我要当食神》, this TCM doctor who was at the filming helped me to 把脉, and he told me I wasn't sleeping, and even if I had 12 hours' sleep, I wouldn't have slept.

WTH....then what was I going to do? What can I do? Yes I think I grind my teeth (A few ppl have told me I do, friends whom I stayed with at chalets and ex-bfs... but that was years since. I haven't been sleeping with anyone else other than my dog for a while unless Alton tells me I do, I wouldn't know.) and the doctor DID ask if I grind my teeth. And if I wake up very tired despite sleeping. And if I don't really like to eat. Yes to all the above.

Am told to drink 菊花 and buy this thing called 逍遥散 from 中药房s to eat. Just googled 逍遥散. Sounds like something that is good for me and my liver so I shall try it soon.

Alright~ My HOLIDAY!!! DAY 3!!!!! Weee~~~~

We went to Shenzhen.

Before my visit to Shenzhen, I've been invited many times to go with people to this particular province in China. All along, I've thought it was a freaking boring place for old people...well...maybe it still is, I don't know. But I went to this place called "Window of the World", and I really really thought it was DAMN COOL! It houses like the sights and attractions of the world, except that they're in miniatures (not really that mini la, but loads smaller than the original). Visiting this place brought back memories of my flying days, cos I'm like revisiting all these wonders and sights of the world all over again! Reminiscence~~~~ You guys are in for a treat, cos I am going to post up some long ago pictures of when I was REALLY at those places (even though there weren't like a lot), along with the newly-taken ones at "Window of the World"~ Enjoy~!

For those curious to know how to get there, you take the MTR to Lo Wu station.

Then clear the immigration at Lo Wu (yes you gotta clear immigration so bring your passport along). After clearing the immigration, you're officially in Shenzhen. Next, take the metro again from Luohu 罗湖 station (Shenzhen side - yah they changed the English spelling) to Shi Jie Zhi Chuang 世界之窗 station. You need to buy a token-looking ticket for 5yuan (RMB). And you're there!!

Now..before the start of every day, there is ALWAYS breakfast... (okay okay, I don't ALWAYS eat breakfast, but let's just skip tt fact, okay?????)

Me camwhoring while pretending to drink soup naturally~

Caught in the act!!! =P WHAT??? U dunno meh??? Need to take like 19 ugly pictures before 1 nice one turns up you know????

After brekkie, (we had breakfast at Luohu station, Shenzhen side - there are a few Chinese restaurants available) we decided to take pictures (again)

Trying to re-enact the scene from Storm Warriors 2!!! Muahahahah!!!!
There were plenty of scenes when Nie Feng was like just standing there in THIS pose, and suddenly there was like black smoke EVERYWHERE emitting from god-knows-where, and the wind would blow~~~~ then suddenly someone dies. While he just stood there. Lol~~~

Then, as we were walking to the Shenzhen Metro (that's the train station), we saw this....

 Nothing to be excited about right? Then I looked in...

Yup! I hear you mumbling~ "What the hell..." *mumbles mumbles*


Okay enough side-tracking...

We're here!!!!

The Metro station is just below the imitation Museum de Lourve~ 有像哦!

The actual Museum De Lourve in Paris~

See the "Eiffel Tower"?

As it was the Xmas season, Xmas decorations were all in place! Everything was so pretty!!!!

Real Poinsettia flowers!!! Not the kind you planted in Farmville!!! Like, REAL POINSETTIA!!! WEE~~~

Snow White! And she had a retarded expression so we copied...

Huiyu decided looking like Grumpy would be a better idea while me...I'm STILL trying to look like (retarded) Snow White~~~

Okay, we can buy these "passports" and stamp the various countries' stamps ourselves. So we had fun stamping like from "Singapore" to "Iraq" to the States! The passports had small write-ups on each country so it's like a learner book for someone like me who, erm *心虚* has been to so many places but know so little about them.
Like do you know the Capital of Vietnam is Hanoi and that of Australia is Canberra, and Vatican is actually a country instead of a name of some town or state (and btw whose capital is Vatican City, which is a state...) And North America isn't just the States, but consists of USA AND Canada, and South America consists of 33 countries.
Knowledge and Geography, revisited. =D

My own 护照!
Wonder why they call it 护照...I mean, what does it 护(protect) me from?

Strange-looking tree.

THE MERLION!!!!! LOOK!!! It's there la!!!!! you know how the Merlion came about? Like how come it's our national symbol? And not just the Lion or a Garden cos we are supposed Lion and Garden City.

 Ah ah ah!!! I hear Sang Nila Utama's name! Yah yah...he supposed saw a lion...which was impossible anyway BECAUSE BECAUSE!!! LIONS DO NOT EXIST IN THIS PART OF THE WORLD!!!!! Think about it - the lion is a safari animal. And Singapore is a god-damn jungle! He probably saw something, most probably a tiger, asked his advisor who knows nuts about zoology and animal-identification, who cannot say he dunno and instead bull-shitted that it was a lion (singa). Sang Nila Utama believed him, and named us Singapura.

So shit man! Our country's name was a stupid mistake thanks to some gong tao cockster advisor of the great Sang Nila Utama! What the hell....

Back to my point:

The Merlion is just an imaginary creature, created by Mr Fraser Brunner, a member of the Souvenir Committee and curator of the Van Kleef Aquarium, for the logo of the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) in use from 26 March 1964 to 1997. STB has since changed its logo, but the Merlion remains its trademark, became our national icon. So it was really just some guy's fantasy-thought-out creature.

Sad right? Our country's name has such a salah origin, and the national symbol so out-of-nowhere...

Then again, it has since become our nation's pride and joy, and being a proud citizen of my country, I've grown to admire its beauty...

So nice right? As compared to the one in 世界之窗, the original looks so handsome~
And the water jet is like, powerful one la! Pls scroll up to see the Merlion in Shenzhen...

It's like vomiting and drooling la...kns~ the water like, just nice lands into the pond lor. Had the jet been any weaker, water would be landing on the pavement...

The freaking place was large enough to house its very own version of Mount Fuji! Okay la, it was small, but not exactly like Polly Pocket size leh! A decent height, as you can see from the man standing right at the foot of it pointing up.

Clever me forgot to take down what this place is called. Anyhows, it was a nice setting for camwhoring!!!

I even directed like nice pictures for Junhao and Huiyu la~ Machiam wedding pictures can...

So sweet~~~

Okay okay...The entry's not very finished yet....still got some more stuff abt tt day...but I know you guys keep coming back to check if I've posted anything, so I shall post up half this entry here okay? I'll complete it by tmr!=DD