Thursday, 28 January 2010

Inconsiderate Neighbours

Recently, I've this friend who apparently has been hounded by his neighbour's singing. And I don't mean the Superstars or the 星光 type of singing. I mean ah pek ah soh howling into the mike type of singing. All zao sia.

You guys know I sing right? And I used to practise my singing at home on my system. Especially 5-6 years back. During PSS times and before that, I used to sing like, from 11am to 4pm if I'm free at home. And I repeat the same songs over and over and over cos that's how you practise.

Now, back to the issue. This friend of mine has been complaining to me about his neighbour for the past few months. Yes, months. NOT weeks, nor days. He doesn't work full-time, so each day that he's home, he's gotta deal with the 74-year-old neighbour who sings non stop with his gf from morning to night. He has even thought about moving as he has confronted the neighbour who dismisses him. He has called HDB, which has sent their people to get his neighbours to lower their volume. He has called the police but apparently "noise pollution is not their concern".

I wonder if my neighbours thought of me as a nuisance every time I sing at home. =P Though I'm SURE I don't sound so home without stress and pressure, my singing is usually quite okay...DON'T refer to my competition vids, those were shit and my mum swore they were bad. She once told me she's "never heard me sing that badly at home". So I know I'm okay when I'm singing leisurely at home. No neighbours have confronted me, nor have any government personnel come to knock on my door. Still, you know Singaporeans. Most of us complain and kao peh at home to our friends, family, loved ones, dogs, whatever, but we very hardly do something about the things which bothers us. Especially if they involve writing a letter, or talking to anyone from the government - police, RC, MP, HDB...

My friend has written in to STOMP about his problem. But judging from the looks of things, his problem's probably not gonna get solved. Especially when his dad's now blaming him and saying it's his fault for "making things big" now.

His family doesn't want to move. I wouldn't want to either, especially if I've been comfortable all my life there. And cos it's really a hassle to look for another place and having to find a buyer for ur place, then having to pack and move and unpack, PLUS there's no guarantee you'll get quiet neighbours. Skali the next neighbour smelly how?

 And the neighbour is not exactly wrong for making noise before 11pm. (Only if u create a nuisance after 11pm will the police and the authorities intervene.)

Seriously, I hope the neighbour gets it and decides to be considerate and soundproofs his home or something. Which I have decided to do when I move. I will have a room dedicated to KTV and recreation, and that room WILL be soundproofed. ;)

p/s: Feel free to give your 2 cents worth~


  1. hi, since you stated "Feel free to give your 2 cents worth", so i believe you accept people comments. Well i think that you are staying in a HDB flat where there are hundreds or thousand people staying, so be ready to have people singing in their house and whether it is nice or not is it up to individual and not for u to comment. If it really matters, then earn more money and move to a bungalow. Who knows other people finds your singing horrible also and can't be bother to complain. They beared with it for years. Since they are old uncles and they are enjoying it, so bear with it, Don't forget you will grow old too.

  2. Your comment is not even worth a cent. Read the blog post carefully before commenting. Or go take up some english classes.

  3. Why? Cannot let people to comment is it? This is not a English test. The comment is a general one to anyone reading it, not targeting on the blogger. If you feel upset about my comment, it is because you are too sensitive. Everyone is staying in a HDB, everyone will tend to have this problem. At times, there will be funeral wake in the HDB. Just bear with it. You will never know what happens in life or in future...

  4. You can comment. But try to make sense with your comments with regards to the blog post.

  5. Anonymous, i agree with you =)) We don't know what will happen in life.. So maybe you should go spend more time with your grandma now instead of wasting your time here.. She might die like next 3 days.. And oh.. And your mum.. Check on her. Ask her, "Ma, you feeling okay? Not feeling like you gonna die right? Oh nothing, just checking, we never know what might happen in life or in future mah" =))) Right? I am not cursing them okay. I am just re-enforcing your message to everyone here. WE NEVER KNOW WHAT HAPPENS IN LIFE OF IN FUTURE, so we better not get upset over anything or just let it be when someone wants to stab us, cox again, we never know what might happen in life, who knows, one fine day we might also feel like we want to stab people and those people should feel it's okay since next time in the future, THEY might also want to stab people.. So it's okay lah, we never know what might happen in life or in future right? Anonymous, you rock man. You are a great philosopher. And i must be your great decipherer.

  6. "If it really matters, then earn more money and move to a bungalow. Who knows other people finds your singing horrible also and can't be bother to complain." you said this? Really.. I hope you are not the same anonymous as the previous one i was having a bitch fit with. Cox i don't really like that anonymous. BUT IF YOU ARE THE SAME ANONYMOUS,

    If it really matters, then earn more money and get a bigger cock or car. That should make you happier. Who knows your gf finds your dick horribly small and can't be bother to complain. Cox she tells herself, "Don't complain, cox i never know what might happen in life and in future, who knows i might grow a smaller dick in my private. No, i shan't complain then"