Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Vyjayanthi @ Singapore's Last Kampung

One of my finds while doing this show - This show has brought me to many places from Lim Chu Kang cemetery to the local farms to a kampung in Singapore city.

Yup, you heard me right. There IS still a kampung around. I'm someone who explores Singapore on my own a lot, and I wonder why I never knew about this place before.

It is SUPER old school!!!! Like, really really kampung!!!! OMGOMGOMG!!!! 
One thing not too fantastic - cat poop and mozzies EVERYWHERE!!!!! ARGH~

 The crew. Super candid weird expressions. Lol~

This is in my hometown - Singapore, okay? Don't play play. Who said we lost our history? =D
p/s. Check out the houses behind!!!!!

 Tying my saree~~~

 still tying~~~

 ...as my dear producer watched on with amusement...

 HEY!!!! ("MMM!!!~~~")

 WAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!! Yes you can tell it is a very very very very hot day. Life's candid moments. Gayathri, I love you. I do. And I think you look cute here~ ;)

 Director Venga~

 All busy at work. Credits to Malathi for taking these pictures. She's the prettiest AP ever, as I mentioned, and she somehow avoids cameras, so I can't show you how she looks like....

 The bike, my super chio helmet, and my Tamil script. And this weird Chinese girl was standing beside in a saree. Epic.

 With the extras and makeup artist (back) for that day. They were a really fun-loving bunch! =D

Meet Aunty Mui Hong! She always calls me "Thanguhcheeee~~~~" whenever she sees me. Lol. That means 'little sister' in Thamizh (Tamil).

She is one of the owners of this kampung, and the only one still residing there. Her siblings have moved out, so she lives there with her nieces. A carefree lady who can be seen tending to her plants or cycling around the kampung visiting houses, she's one rich woman~ It's estimated that the piece of land is valued at at least, get this straight, S$30 million~!!!!!! But I hope she doesn't sell it, ever. Because this is such a priceless piece of heritage, we want to see it live on, and let our children see it too. It is our past, what made Singapore it is today with its towering skyscrapers and amazing architecture. Just 30 years ago Singapore was so kampung~ Gosh we're moving way too fast! 

Keen to visit this place? It's called Kampung Lorong Buangkok, located at Gerald Drive (near Jalan Kayu), off Yio Chu Kang Road. 

There are plans, as URA mentioned, to bulldoze and flatten the land and develop this place. Why? I have no idea. I think the government is bonkers and totally out of their mind if they really do that. Throw me in jail for saying that, I don't care. What I feel is we should preserve this place, instead of getting rid of it. We don't have any more of this left in mainland Singapore, leave it alone! And for those of you who haven't seen it, go. Doors are left unlocked, fruit trees are abundant, and pet cats and dogs are free to roam the place. (Leave Aunty Mui Hong's dogs alone though, they can get quite fiercely protective of their territory.) This place is a gem, in every aspect. 

Oh, and if you do go, say hi to Aunty Mui Hong for me okay?  Tell her the Chinese girl who acted in the Indian show misses her! =D

Remember Your Mosquito Protection Kits!

Monday, 28 March 2011

Hello Diary~

I feel like I haven't really blogged in such a long time, and I'm not proud of it. I used to blog like, almost daily, sometimes even twice a day~ These days I'm finding myself guilty of neglecting this blog I call my inner sanctuary. It's a place I come to vent, to be happy, to record life's greatest moments. And I haven't been visiting my inner sanctuary as much as I would have loved to, for months. Today, I start anew.

So many things have happened this past few months that I really feel blessed. Yes you have seen countless posts of me giving thanks to all of you and all those who have made me, me, but today's post shall be slightly different. I want to be myself today, the Silver Ang that I know from inside.

Have been emotionally upped and thrown down the past few days. I guess with great achievement comes great setbacks along the way too. Vyjayanthi has really made me proud. It was something I never thought I would be given an opportunity to do, but I have been. My business venture is still underway, so fret not, you guys will see it very soon. I'll handle the stress. I will. =)

I've met a really eccentric 'big brother' lately, and I have to "thank" him for all the things that he has done, or may be doing for me in the future. As mentioned, he's a bit eccentric, and though I'm open to all kinds of people, I have my own tolerance levels for eccentricity. And more than once he has crossed the line and made me go into near depression. But never mind, I will settle that soon. And soon everyone can rejoice. Thanks to "Joel" (remember him from some posts long ago?) I am still sane and loved. I am grateful. No one is perfect, and I thank my blessings that he is trying to be the best he can for me. =D

Anyway, enough insight. I want to talk trivia now. For starters, I woke up lao-sai-ing. Kns. Foreseen though, cos I had Level 5 Hotness Buffalo Wings at Buckaroo yesterday. (Buckaroo is at Sembawang Park, Andrews Ave). Really comparable to the seletar one, and it's easier to get to Sembawang Park than seletar airbase for me. My sis wanted to try it. Have only tried Level 2, and jumped to Level 5. Total regret. It's just spicy-hot. Not like sibeh-nice hot. So unless you haven't pang sai for the past week and you need to clear, go take Level 5. If you want to lao sai for a week, take Level 10, if you can stand swollen lips and a painful tongue for at least 1 hour.

Sis, if you are reading this, next time we take Level 3 okay? I scared. Lol.

Alton hasn't ben getting enough coverage on my blog lately too so here's a shot~

He's started having this habit of sleeping in between my chair and the boxes uner my desk. And it annoys me cos I have to watch where I step and I can't roll my chair around in case I kena his leg/tail/fur.

Then my fish. Remember I bought Magic Fish like a month ago? Haven't grow leh. Dunno if it's because I kept shaking the tank due to some cloudy growth at the top layer which looked like dust. Maybe that was for the fish to grow and I cleared it. But I shall wait for another 2 weeks. Don't have I go buy new one and try.

If at first you don't succeed, try, try again.

WAH I STILL REMEMBER MY PETS COURSEBOOK CONTENT!!!! (For the kids reading this now, I think they renamed your primary school English textbook to STEP.)

I did a photoshoot/interview with Manja Magazine a few days back, and you should be able to see me in May's issue (Don't ask me why I seem to be getting more coverage amongst other races and their productions/publications. I don't have an answer either.)

Shooting at Little India. 
See the garland on my right? That's your left. Yah. There were freaking MANY bees in that flower! And I had to meddle with it. I escaped unscathed, thank god. The dress is proudly sponsored by The Design Closet. (their new collection launches tomorrow!) More on that another time. ;) Blue is my lucky colour~ And since this year's fengshui lacks water, I've been wearing blues and blacks a lot.

Saturday I was at Shu Uemura (Taka counter) for the launch party of their Mika Ninagawa collection. Here's a sneak peek at me that day~

Wait for the Shu post sometime this week!

Oh, last 2 episodes of Vyjayanthi this week. Must watch ah~ ;)

OXOXOX (Love my zodiac sign cannot ah?)

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Click for Charity!!!!

You know that new version of "Home" originally sung by Kit Chan? Yah the new one is done by 39 local artistes, including my 偶像Stef Sun and a few friends like JJ and Jiaming 老师. Not sure if you know there's a charity fund-raising thing going on, but I'm gonna make a shoutout here anyway okay?

For each person who downloads the "Home" music video from www.thisishome.sg, Nexus’ partner organisations will donate $1 to the Community Chest (ComChest)! You can download the music video as many times as you wish. But the campaign only runs from 15Feb to 31Mar'11. 

Who are Nexus' partners?

  • Aurigin Technology
  • Singapore Pools
  • Tote Board
  • Singapore Turf Club
  • Lee Foundation
  • SembCorp
(psst...got Singapore Pools and Singapore Turf Club leh...never win their money use their money for charity I also happy lor~)

Nexus hopes to raise $300,000 for two ComChest causes ("Dignifying the Lives of the Elderly" & "Keeping Families Together") through this effort, and they are about 20,000 clicks away from the target~ Help help!!! I don't know about you, but anything that is for a good cause, especially if it's a local effort, I would support. I've already downloaded my copy, so go go go and download yours now~ Downloading the song is free anyway ma~~~ 

Go NOW! --> www.thisishome.sg


Friday, 25 March 2011

Shu Uemura Invites You to e Mika Ninagawa Collection Launch Party!

I'm so excited to announce this!!!! -- I'm now Brand Ambassador for Shu Uemura!!! =DD
 It's a really big honour. =)

In celebration of the first anniversary of their UV Under Base Mousse, they are collaborating with famous Japanese photographer Mika Ninagawa in their new exclusive Sakura-themed packaging, and tomorrow they are having a Launch Party at Takashimaya! Come come support me okay? I will be there, of course. ;)
Party highlights!
Shu Uemura's elite make up artist will share :
• Tips and tricks to achieve a smooth and pore-less complexion
• Easy to follow make-up application
• Essential tools to help you accentuate your best features

Party Specials!
• Members get double bonus points for purchases (yay!!!)
• Bring a friend and get a special gift if your friend becomes a Shu Fanatic member!
• New shu fanatics will get lifetime membership and additional 20 bonus points (What are you waiting for????)

Rsvp by 25th March to Aliyah at enquiries@shuuemura.com.sg or call 6735 5318 for more information.
Like "Shu Uemura Singapore" at www.facebook.com/shuuemuraSG to let them share this precious moment of beauty with you!
And of course, me, Silver Ang hopes that you will come join me at this party. You will get to see me bare-faced as they will be doing makeup demo on my face!!! How's that for incentive? Plus I've seen the new collection. The packaging is beeeauuuteeefoool~~~ Come come! I'll see you there tomorrow okay? 

 This Saturday, 26 March 2011

Shu Uemura Counter, Level 1, Takashimaya Shopping Centre 

I look forward to seeing you there!!! Oh yes, if you can, come dressed in pink, red, or in similar shades of floral! ;)

Cherry Blossoms and Pretty Girls,

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Feeling Neat

Shoot's about to end, and I no longer need the long hair extensions because Vyju buns her hair the next half of the show, so I went to remove my hair extensions at Milly's, the same people who put the extensions on for me. I thought I would be really glad to take those things outta my hair because it's grown out by quite a lot which shows up kinda obviously when I tie up my hair, but when they removed everything, I felt a sense of loss, like a part of me has been taken away... *act emo*. 

 Looks very natural right? You almost couldn't tell I have hair extensions on~~~

But seriously, I've been treatment-ing the hair, washing the hair with good shampoo, hair mask every 2 days...just to revive the originally kinda dead hair into nice lovely luscious locks. And suddenly they're gone. Feels like what's left (my own) is 30% of the original bunch....

Anyway, after I removed the dunno-originally-whose hair, I decided to do my nails...

Don't read the next paragraph if you just ate. You have been warned.

I haven't been going for manicures or pedicures since Vyjayanthi filming started (I think)...and it's been almost 4 months... I can't do anything fancy because I'm doing a 1940's to 1980's show, and in those days, I don't think people do 3D designs on their nails, or paint their nails tiffany blue. Lol. I feel...I don't know, kinda dirty, because under my nails (especially the toes) I think it has accumulated 4 months' worth of the white stuff. Yah, that smelly thing. (Told you you shouldn't be reading this~)

And I think I'm letting Milly's down if I tell people I'm one of Milly's models...so I decided to do everyone a favour by going for a (classic) pedicure, the kind without nail polish.

This is the outlet at Far East Plaza level 3.

 Eeks!!!! Okay I know I shouldn't put such a big picture. I just wanted to gross you guys out. But then after seeing the picture even after I enlarged it, it still doesn't look very disgusting because there isn't really like a freaking lot of dirt...

 Shiny nails!!!! This is without nail polish! I know I can do it myself but it's just shiok when someone does it for you. =D

 So happy!!! It catches light and shines! CLEANLY!!!! And I don't have gray dirt and soil stains on my nails now!!! I ran around in the kampung and farms so much during the Vyju shoots that my nails looked absolutely gross. No I'm not going to show you before pictures. *embarrassed*

 Obviously my feet are happiest~
*wriggles my toes~~~*

3 Milly's outlets, so you can decide which one's more convenient for you...

Far East Plaza
    14 scotts road #03-129
    Singapore 228213
    Tel: 67376723

    Bugis Village Extension,
    Level 2 @ Bom Bom street.
    Booking & enquries: 8383 5395
    Tel: 63384137

  Bugis Street, Little Red Dot
   Booking & enquries: 8383 5395
   Tel: 63384137 

Visit their website for more info! --> http://www.millys.com.sg

Happy Feet,

Friday, 18 March 2011

Vyjayanthi: More Behind-the-Scenes!

Before I start this post, I really want to thank every single one of you who have been encouraging and supportive of my performance on Vyjayanthi so far. I feel that I could have done so much better in so many scenes, and sometimes I wish I had more time to prepare for them. I've been informed that countless scenes have been cut out from the show due to the show over-running, which explains why Vyjayanthi seemed to sometimes play in fast-forward mode. This is because they want to send the show for Pradhana Vizha this year (that's the Indian equivalent of our Star Awards and Pesta Perdana), which means the show HAS to end by end of March.

Quite a pity though, many of the scenes were really good, plus they were our efforts. I've been proposing to the producer to make DVDs for sale for Vyjayanthi, and sell them as "Vyjayanthi (with Director's cut footages never before seen on TV!!!)" Lol. Quick, write in to them, and then perhaps that may motivate them to really do it. ;)

With the blink of an eye, 20 episodes have passed. It has been a great pleasure working with the whole cast and crew. Everyone has been patient with this non-Tamil-speaking young actress, explaining their lines to me whenever I asked, and they were all very friendly, fun people to be with.

You may fast forward the next 2 paragraphs if you're not in production. Cos I really really want to thank these people, and I know some of you are just plain not interested. Lol. I understand. Fast forward and scroll down if you wish. ^.^

Kokila Akka has never been short of wonderful, she always makes me feel like I have my real Mummy with me. ^.^ Mohan (Kairrakudi Satthapan) was also fantastic. He had to do so many monologues with me because well, Vyjayanthi can't speak. Duet scenes with him mean he has to talk to himself throughout. Lol. Vijaya, this girl cracks me up. With her single-raised-eyebrow expression which I can never seem to master, she often complains of sore eyebrow muscles after. Think she really needs botox sessions after the whole shoot wraps. Lol. Then comes Viknesh. This guy is the nicest guy I have ever met on Planet Earth. Often cheerful (other times sleepy and grouchy), he's quite a gentleman. He was really acting as totally someone else in the show, so you have to give it to him for that. In real life, he wins Mr Nice Guy, hands down. Vignesh, you have my vote in this year's Cleo's 50 Most Eligible Bachelor~ ;)

Then comes the crew. Gaya3...be proud that Vyjayanthi's your last project before you leave for greener pastures. Amidst all obstacles, the show was a success. Know that we are proud of you. Muneera, you were great while you were here. And you make everything go so smoothly. Malathi, you're one of the prettiest APs I've ever met. May you gain weight. Lol!!! Shen, despite your tender age, you are GOOD. The way you handle stuff, the way you handle people...keep it up!!! Jaya, wonderful script. You could've made Vyju happier, then I wouldn't need to cry as much. Lol. But yes, I understand the episodal constraints. So I forgive you. Venga, thank you for being ever so patient with Vyju. You're one of the directors I really really enjoy working with. =) And lastly, to all the rest of the crew involved, you guys were காசு (kasu) ~~~ ;)

Okay, here're the pictures! Here's an insight to some of the scenes you've seen in the show. They were all built by the amazing guys from Mediacorp. This is our studio....

 Yeah I changed the format of my blog a bit to allow for BIGGER pictures. Lol. Bigger is good, except when it comes to waist and butt size....Anything else big, mmmm~~~ *eh hem*

 Anyway this is me in the studio.

And this, is the set-up for the interior of my house. Not bad eh?

 NAH!!! Give you BIG close-up! UN-PHOTOSHOPPED. UN-EDITED. ^.^
Who says all bloggers PS their pictures, HUH????

Okay I really have no idea how to use Photoshop la. Think it's a lotta hassle to learn. Plus sometimes there are so many pictures, and so many things to do, I really can't be bothered. Bleah. You have been warned - only occasional PS-ed pictures here. So view my blog at your own risk. Here's my first ever Photoshopped picture, and I only used the Dodge and Blur tool. Dunno how to use the rest. Hur hur hur....

Better...? This was how fair Vyju was a year ago. Lol. 
Before I started filming, I avoided the sun like the plague. Even after I started riding, I always wore long sleeves, and kept myself fair. Then came filming. Outdoor shoots in the sun where I cannot hide, plus I don't get to wear long sleeves, jeans and gloves. Now you know why...
For those of you who thinks acting is easy and that we always have a good life and someone to help us hold umbrellas to keep us in the shade, think again. Hollywood, perhaps. This is Singapore. Welcome to my world. ^.^

 That's a cameraman on your far right. I love studio scenes. You have 3 or 4 cameras concurrently taking different shots of different people at different angles, so you only have to do the whole sequence once, and everything will be captured. If we're doing outdoor/location shoots, chances are there is only 1 camera. So we have to do 1 take for my close-up, one take for my co-actor's close up, one take for mid-shot, another take for wide shot.  So all in all you'll probably say your lines over and over (and re-enact your EXACT expressions over n over too) like, 5 times, just for a dialogue. That is if no one NGs....

 That's Radha reincarnated as Susila. Lol. And your scary Annamaal. God, she's good. 

 This is the staircase at the back of Satthapan's house. Eh we can actually climb them okay. I thought it really amazing. These guys take about ONE DAY to build the set. Not amazing? I think it's hell amazing work!!!

 My house at the 10th milestone. (Where is that??? Serangoon???)

 The sexy makeup artist. She's someone with her own style, and not once have I seen her commit a fashion mistake. Maybe she does on days I don't see her (I believe as humans, we err...lol)...

  This is what you see onscreen...

This is what we see on set. Lol~
And here are some of the outdoor shoots. Subject to extreme weather, outdoor shoots are not easy. Sometimes we get the sun too hot, sometimes we get thunderstorms... Then because this is the 1960s, there won't be developed civilisation, so there are the mozzies to deal with...

 This is an old school beside Newton Circus Market...

If not for the van and the rubbish bag, this would have been cute. -.-"

 This is totally random. Me and Shen. And we were camwhoring because it was pouring...and we can't shoot anyway so might as well do something constructive. Like camwhoring. Put nicely it's capturing memories...^.^

 HUGE raindrops....

This was at Lorong Buangkok. There is actually a kampung left in Singapore, can u believe it!!!??? Fortunately (or unfortunately..I don't know...) it rained, or else I might not have had the chance to go back there. Well, can la...in my T-shirt and jeans instead of Sari....but it's different la~~~

So, we went back another day for a reshoot.... 

I'll save that for another post. It's worthy of a post on its own.

You guys remember a scene whereby I almost got raped and then maligned of seeing that fat man? It was at Former Keat Hong Camp. Old place. And we started off with a really really hot day....

 Hot, messy, tired, thirsty...bleah...

 My best friend for shoots then. Baygon, want to sponsor me? LOL!!! Must give me the mosquito coil casing if you decide to okay? Cos I burnt myself twice with this thing, one of the burn marks unfortunately being on my left jawline... =..(

Nevertheless, it kept me safe from mosquitoes. It's the only insect I hate and run for my dear life from. Flies land on you, that's it. Mozzies land on you, bite you, and you get nasty itches for up to the next 3 days. The effects are haunting. I'd rather get knocked into by a cockroach anyday. 
Me, my camera, a good book, a huge tree with sufficient shade, and a mosquito coil. These suffice for keeping me occupied during waiting time. =D

Imagine Vyju on a motorbike. Damn cool right? LOL!!!! I always wear a jacket and pants over my baju when travelling between locations. A Chinese girl in a saree would already draw too much attention. A Chinese girl in a saree riding a sportsbike would be traffic-accident-inducing. In case I get sued, I dress up to not get noticed too much. It would be catastrophic should my saree end get caught in my wheels anyway...

But yeah, Vyjayanthi rides a sportsbike in her double life. Lol.

That place was old... The buildings have probably been untouched for the past few years...the layer of dust was really thick. I couldn't see the floor....and whenever I ran, the cloud of dust that got swept up was overwhelming... Bad for my nose...but I gotta do it....

 Thank god for me, we finished the shoot. Just as it was beginning to pour... (Otherwise we'd need to come back and get myself dusty and dirty again~~~ Crawling on that floor was quite an experience....)

Pathetic look. But actually I'm happy inside because that means I can wash myself clean in the rain as I ride home. HAHA!!!!
I know the picture's in nostalgia mode, but can you notice the layer of dust on my face? Lol. When I washed it off I literally changed colour from black to white...

I'm going to stop here abruptly. Will be sharing more behind-the-scenes pictures next time. For now, keep supporting Vyjayanthi! We have a Facebook fanpage, do go in there and "Like" the page if you like the show! We have no idea who created the page, since it wasn't me nor the producers nor anyone in the production....but follow it anyway yeah? LOLOL~~~!!!

For those who are still unaware, or who have yet to watch a single episode of "Vyjayanthi", you may now watch it on Xinmsn! --> www.xinmsn.com/vyjayanthi

After being officially in the acting industry for just over a year, this is my maiden heavyweight lead role, so do support okay? I thank you in advance. =)