Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Feeling Neat

Shoot's about to end, and I no longer need the long hair extensions because Vyju buns her hair the next half of the show, so I went to remove my hair extensions at Milly's, the same people who put the extensions on for me. I thought I would be really glad to take those things outta my hair because it's grown out by quite a lot which shows up kinda obviously when I tie up my hair, but when they removed everything, I felt a sense of loss, like a part of me has been taken away... *act emo*. 

 Looks very natural right? You almost couldn't tell I have hair extensions on~~~

But seriously, I've been treatment-ing the hair, washing the hair with good shampoo, hair mask every 2 days...just to revive the originally kinda dead hair into nice lovely luscious locks. And suddenly they're gone. Feels like what's left (my own) is 30% of the original bunch....

Anyway, after I removed the dunno-originally-whose hair, I decided to do my nails...

Don't read the next paragraph if you just ate. You have been warned.

I haven't been going for manicures or pedicures since Vyjayanthi filming started (I think)...and it's been almost 4 months... I can't do anything fancy because I'm doing a 1940's to 1980's show, and in those days, I don't think people do 3D designs on their nails, or paint their nails tiffany blue. Lol. I feel...I don't know, kinda dirty, because under my nails (especially the toes) I think it has accumulated 4 months' worth of the white stuff. Yah, that smelly thing. (Told you you shouldn't be reading this~)

And I think I'm letting Milly's down if I tell people I'm one of Milly's models...so I decided to do everyone a favour by going for a (classic) pedicure, the kind without nail polish.

This is the outlet at Far East Plaza level 3.

 Eeks!!!! Okay I know I shouldn't put such a big picture. I just wanted to gross you guys out. But then after seeing the picture even after I enlarged it, it still doesn't look very disgusting because there isn't really like a freaking lot of dirt...

 Shiny nails!!!! This is without nail polish! I know I can do it myself but it's just shiok when someone does it for you. =D

 So happy!!! It catches light and shines! CLEANLY!!!! And I don't have gray dirt and soil stains on my nails now!!! I ran around in the kampung and farms so much during the Vyju shoots that my nails looked absolutely gross. No I'm not going to show you before pictures. *embarrassed*

 Obviously my feet are happiest~
*wriggles my toes~~~*

3 Milly's outlets, so you can decide which one's more convenient for you...

Far East Plaza
    14 scotts road #03-129
    Singapore 228213
    Tel: 67376723

    Bugis Village Extension,
    Level 2 @ Bom Bom street.
    Booking & enquries: 8383 5395
    Tel: 63384137

  Bugis Street, Little Red Dot
   Booking & enquries: 8383 5395
   Tel: 63384137 

Visit their website for more info! --> http://www.millys.com.sg

Happy Feet,

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  1. Your banner reminds me of Zhang ziyi in Hero.

    Great pictures!