Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Reflections on Being a Singaporean

I'm currently here at the Taoyuan International Airport, waiting for my flight back to Singapore. For the first time, I cannot wait to get back. As the minutes pass, I get increasingly impatient. I really want to be home, to be with the Singaporeans who are mourning the loss of our nation's founding father. 

I don't know Mr Lee, but I have always been aware of how much he has contributed to the country. To the island he built into a prosperous country. I remember when I was still in school, the first of his memoirs were published. I thought to myself, I'd want to read it one day. I always find it strange that anyone should read a living person's memoirs. I never thought I'd regret wanting to read them now. For some strange reason I wished I had known Mr Lee a little better when he was alive, other than the fact that he was our country's father. 

The past few days went by in a blur. The night before he passed away, I remembered talking to Xavier about how I really hoped Mr Lee can witness Singapore's 50th birthday. After all, SG50 has been happening on a really large scale, and who better to celebrate it with other than the person who made it even possible to have a nation's birthday? I also remembered reaching my apartment at 4am and receiving Xavier's message to me - "LKY passed away." 

I felt my heart heavy. I was not sad, no, not really. If he was severely sick, it must have been painful to hang on. At least he was relieved of his suffering. After all, he his job is done. He has served Singapore with his life, what more could we ask for? 

My heart was heavy nevertheless, with the knowledge that we had lost such a great influential man for good. #trueinfluencer

I am a patriot. Every National Day, I would try my best to catch the National Day Parade, at least on TV, or online. At worst, I would watch the reruns. I am that Singaporean who would try to wear red and white on the nation's birthday, and stand up in front of my TV to sing the national anthem and say the pledge together with the Singaporeans at the parade. Tears would well up when I see Mr Lee at the celebration, or when I say the pledge, because I am overwhelmed with pride for this little nation I call home. This year, on the 9th August, I know tears would fall, more than the years before, because I, and I believe many Singaporeans too, would have wanted him to be there. 

I learnt a lot about Mr Lee in the last few days, thanks to the power of social media. How he was like as a man, how he was a hard but great leader, his dedication to the country, the red box he used, how he was such a devoted loving husband. I even got to hear his powerful speeches as they streamed on my Facebook feed. He was a truly great man. 

I was born in the mid 1980s, and I got to see Singapore in her early 20s. I was also fortunate enough to have had the chance to stay in a kampung, something very unfamiliar to the young today. I remember having to wake people up to walk with me the dark scary road to the toilet. I remember the durian trees outside our house, and the Thai neighbours who would climb those trees to help everyone get the durians. I am lucky I experienced that, together with the HDB flats that most of us are familiar with. 

I remember Civics and Moral Education classes, on top of the normal English, Chinese, Mathematics, Arts and Physical Education classes in lower primary, taking for granted the syllabus set out for us. 
The core and foundation of our education system included things Mr Lee valued. English, so that we could communicate with everyone, regardless of race; Chinese, so that my own roots are not forgotten; Mathematics, so that everyone could at least do simple calculation and possibly excel in a way that we can contribute to the financial growth and later on success in Singapore; Arts, so we develop ourselves wholly and in a balanced way; and Physical Education, as Mr Lee understood the importance of exercising to keep healthy. 

I just went to school and took in everything the school taught. Now, I understand why school was the way it was. 

I loved the airport. A few years ago I went to the viewing gallery at Terminal 3 and I realized that our aviation industry had a lot to do with Mr Lee himself, particularly Changi Airport. Go visit the viewing gallery and have a read at how he built Changi Airport and spearheaded it into many if its achievements. I am very proud of our airport, and have spent countless hours as a student mugging for my exams at various spots in different terminals, and later as an aircrew walking through in my kebaya, for work. There would always be this sense of pride when walking through the airport, the garden within, the cleanliness, the grand modernity of it, and we owe a large part of it to Mr Lee. There is now an online petition to rename Changi Airport to Lee Kuan Yew International Airport. He built it, like how he built our nation. We won't rename Singapore of course. Lee Kuan Yew International Airport - I say, why not? It has a nice ring to it. 

I love our parks. Sembawang Park was a personal favourite, amongst many others. I remember my mother warning me about that place, telling me that when she was a teenager, there would be gangsters and fights happening in that park, and me arguing with her saying it's very different now, that she should go have a walk there again soon. I could not imagine that the beautiful place was how she told me to be. It seemed so distant and improbable. How things have changed.

Today, I'm thankful that I can go out at 2am or return in the middle of the night, as a woman alone in the streets, and be safe. I thank Mr Lee. 

I have friends from different races. When I worked on Vyjayanthi, it was me the Chinese, Malay makeup artist, Indian director and cast. Plus a mix of Malay, Indian and Chinese crew. In Singapore Airlines, we didn't even talk about racial differences - Malays, Chinese, Indians, Eurasians, all of us were working peacefully and harmoniously in the same aircraft. In school, we were just classmates with equal opportunities and standing. This was Mr Lee's work. I thank Mr Lee.

Only in Singapore can we leave our bags and laptops halfway through working or studying at Starbucks and MacDonald's for the washroom and return to find everything still there. This is possible only with an educated, moral, and generally wealthy nation. I thank Mr Lee.

I'm thankful that because of the multilingual conditions I grew up, I'm able to speak fluently to people of different nationalities, communicate with the ah ma I met in Taipei, make small talk (though challenged) with the Encik selling Nasi Goreng in Indonesia, and fili-fehleh with my fellow Singaporeans in our Uniquely Singaporean Singlish. For this too, I thank Mr Lee. 

Excuse me if my thoughts are all over the place. Because they are. It's like every time I think about any aspect of Singapore, I see his mark. The trees along the roads, the flowers, the fact that we are a garden city, like how he wanted and created. The safety and security of the nation. Singapore's financial prowess and her economic standing in the world. The fact that I can return home alone as a woman at 3am in the middle of the night, safe. The water that I can get from my tap, and drink straight out of it. Too many things.

Do you remember how Singapore was like 20 years ago? How about 10? Change is so rampant in this country, and there are some of us who complain that we have lost our identity, that we have nothing left at the speed we keep changing the face, or "complexion of Singapore", as how Mr Lee put it. 

But this, my fellow Singaporeans (it feels weird using this phrase), if you have not realized, IS Singapore. Constantly changing, constantly evolving. Change was what we needed to survive, to excel, to put us on the world map. Mr Lee wanted Singapore to be a "different city", and we are. 

We are not just a small island, like little islands usually are, laid back and simply just beach-y. We are not just a cosmopolitan grey city, like most cities - we are a very green, flowery, shrubby city, filled with plants and have little need for air pollution concerns. We were just 600km2 of country, now land-reclaimed to about 700km2. Which other country can say that they are cosmopolitan at this land area? 

So what if we are small. We are an island city state country, and we are Singapore. 
Thank you Mr Lee, for so many, so many things. As Singapore, we will continue to take care of your legacy.

#proudtobeSingaporean #ThankYouLKY

Thursday, 19 March 2015

10 Random Facts about Silver Ang

Been a while since I shared something personal. Here it is - a list of 10 things about me which you may or may not know already. =D

1. I have 6/3 vision. 
This came as a surprise when I did my eye check, but I can see 2 lines below the normal perfect 6/6 vision. I find it pretty amazing too. 
A photo posted by Silver Ang (@silver_ang) on

2. I am a hyperope. 
Adding on to the above point, it could be because I am a hyperope that makes me see so well so far. You know how people with short-sightness have myopia. I have hyperopia, which is long-sightedness. No that is not the same as presbyopia, or lao hua. We all get lao hua, whether myopes or hyperopes. It just seems more apparent for hyperopes. There's too much science behind this for me to explain. You can go wiki the differences.

3. I am an optimist. 
I generally am a pretty optimistic person, and like to see the good in people when I can. The only exceptions happen when I'm in a really really bad mood, or if certain traits REALLY annoy me, like buay-zi-dongness and being selfish. The world is a really nice place if everyone is nice to each other. In the face of un-nice-ness, even patient, optimistic people will have their ceiling.

4. I love hanging out at supermarkets.
It started back in secondary school. On any day when I end school early, I would hang out at the malls like most teenagers then. Except that I could walk into a supermarket and spend HOURS inside, reading labels and pondering upon what's what. Yeah, I have an inbuilt housewife system in me. ;)

5. I burp. A lot.
And I don't just burp. I BUURRRRRRRRRRRRRRP. They are loud, they are deep, and they always attract stares to whichever unlucky guy I happen to be hanging out with. And my guy friends would always give the the dirty look, because I kind of framed them. Oops. 

Okay I don't know what's wrong with my body and why it burps the way it does. A few times I tried stifling my burps I ended up puking or regurgitating my food out. Not very pleasant experiences. I'd rather burp, thank you.

6. I hardly fart though. 
Haha! Okay strange facts. Maybe because all the air already came out from those powerful, deep, long burps. Nothing much goes down there anymore.

7. If I do fart, I can't do it while walking.
You're probably on the verge of closing this window now. Okok last gross fact. But I can't understand it. I have to stop walking to fart. I can't do it on the move. Lol!!!

8. I have never gone before 50kg ever since I was like, what, primary 4? 
I was a chubby kid, and will always be a little chubby or fleshy. So what? I think I'm beautiful, and although I'm still a vain pot and I don't mind some aesthetic procedures here and there once in a while, I doubt I'll change my look very much. I don't believe in being paranoid or depressed about hitting the crazy 43kg weight that a lot of skinny celebrities and bloggers are capable of. I'm working on getting fitter, but I'm pretty happy just being me at 53kg. I think I look fine. I'm at a healthy BMI, my health check report looks really good, and I think I'm beautiful, no matter what other people say. 
Picture taken by: Cheryl Tay
Not skinny. Probably never will be. But I love me anyway!

9. I am a homebody.
I love spending time at home. Although I can't do it 24/7 without having to go out for a walk or some air, I enjoy being at home, reading, doing work, learning new songs, spending time with the family and the dog, organizing my room, doing housework... I enjoy all that. I imagine if I live in a big house with a nice garden or if my front door opens out to the sea or a nice clearing in the forest, I'd be a happy kid. (Minus the crazy burglars and real estate prices in Singapore, of course.) #onecanalwayswant

10. I love home and interior stuff.
This was since I was in secondary school as well. I would hang out at Ikea, IMM and Millenia Walk just looking at home furnishings and accessories. When I was staying at the NYGH hostel, I would wake up early in the mornings so I could go for runs around the estate looking at people's homes! I know right? So if you live around that estate and remember a strange girl who's jogging outside your place but really looks like she's checking out your home, that's probably me. Lol.
Condiments shaker from
Thirsty Squirrel Water Dispenser from

These are some really random facts about me. I could go on, but I'll see what you want to know about me. You can ask me anything in the comments below, or springme on the right sidebar, and I'll try my best to answer the questions if I can. =)

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Pure Grown Diamonds, Grown Right Here in Singapore

You heard me. Cultivated right here in Singapore.

I was at the unveiling of the world's largest diamond greenhouse at IIa Technologies, and the diamonds I saw at the facility totally blew me away.
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Those are my hands in the pictures by the way. It's not everyday that I get to hold a 3.04 carat diamond ring and fiddle with it (top left), so might as well wear it right? 

The diamonds shown above are all type 2a (IIa) diamonds, as are all diamonds cultivated by IIa Technologies in Singapore. Type IIa diamonds are the purest known to man, being almost or completely devoid of impurities, and are very much sought after for their clarity. They are also extremely rare, with only less than 2% of the world's mined diamonds being type IIa ones.

So are they fake? Absolutely not. These are real diamonds, with the same physical, chemical and optical properties as the mined ones. The only difference is that these diamonds uses less resources, are definitely ethical (heard of blood diamonds?), and are conflict-free. IIa Technologies also claims to use modest amounts of energy and grow diamonds in a way that impacts the environment minimally. Also, because diamond resources are depleting, the lab-grown diamonds ensure sustainability of this resource, which apart from being sought after in the precious gems and jewellery industry, are also viable in many other areas such as the engineering, medical and optics industries.

These precious babies are grown from a diamond seed, as diamonds can only grow on another diamond, I've learnt. These seeds are then placed in the "greenhouses" and left to grow using a system called Microwave Plasma Chemical Vapour Deposition. This provides the environment suitable for diamonds to grow, and how quickly or big it grows it entirely up to Mother Nature. To date, the biggest one they've grown is the one you see in the picture above, at 3.04 carats. And I got to wear it!!! Haha okay cheap thrill. Moving on...

As these diamonds are grown and not mined, they utilize a lot less resourses, and thus cost less than their mined counterparts. You can get the same 1 carat type IIa diamond at a price 30-40% lower than the mined one, and maybe even less than half the price of a "branded" diamond. 

We all know it's just a rock, but hey, we want that rock for our engagement rings or anniversaries or whatever big day it is (thanks to the successful DeBeer campaign decades and decades ago). Unless someone else comes up with a bigger campaign to change the engagement ring culture. (There was no such thing as an engagement ring in the 1920s!) The government can try using a widescale HDB-engagement campaign to fight that, but until that happens, we want that rock, cut to shiny perfection. And thanks to IIa, we don't have to burn our wallets and bank accounts (or 2 months' paycheck) to get it. Phew~

Some history okay? IIa Technologies was borne by a chance meeting in 2001 between Professor Misra, an expert with decades of diamond growth experience, and members of the Mehta family who are third generation professionals in the Gems and Jewellery Industry. This meeting created a wealth of knowledge, industry experience and financial capabilities which started IIa Technologies. 

Fast forward 14 years, they have come a long way, from having problems like shortage of diamond seeds and only being able to grow small diamonds, to being the world's largest diamond greenhouse, an impressive 200,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility. They are currently the largest distributor of cultured diamonds in the world, and is the only company that can grow high quality, colourless Type IIa diamonds. Also, am I proud to say this - they are based right here in Singapore. =D 

They have even launched a brand initiative "Cultured in Singapore" with a new creative brand mark This is to create awareness that IIa diamonds are 100% Cultured in Singapore. Their global retail partners and distributors have already started incorporating the "Cultured in Singapore" brand mark across their marketing platforms. #patrioticmuch 

I'm having a headache from all the (somewhat) formal writing. I have not done that in too long, and once again it reaffirms the fact that I cannot do serious writing for a living. Lol! Now, for the pictures! I'm not even sure my pictures do these diamonds enough justice but I really got to show you some of the designs they have!

 I like this one. Simple. I find that the ones with little diamonds at the side is a little too much for me. This is 1 carat. 

Taken on my finger so you can have a gauge of how it'll look like worn.

They have pink diamonds as well! Pink diamonds are extremely rare. Nope, no colouring is added. The pink formed naturally due to a chemical reaction. They are pure type IIa diamonds as well.

And here's the big 3.04 carat diamond:

 A real gem huh? ;)

 You can find out more about IIa Technologies here.
To buy their Pure Grown Diamonds (Cultured in Singapore. I just HAD to emphasize lol!), you can check them out at

Happy shopping!

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Brunch at The Sleeping Rhino, klapsons, The Boutique Hotel Singapore

Waking up really early for breakfast has never been my thing, especially on the mornings after a late night. So I was really glad when Klapsons, The Boutique Hotel invited me over for brunch. 

I love brunch. It's perfect! Breakfast and lunch combined into one meal so I eat a meal less. #lazinesstakesonawholenewlevel 

I'll let the pictures do the talking.

The brunch menu allows you to help yourself to any of the sides in the sides buffet. You know, so you can munch while you wait for your order.

And the main fare. 
Crab Cake Benedict.
Imagine Eggs Benedict, with a patty of homemade crab cake. Something different, yet still has all the favourites from the traditional version.

French Toast Salpicon Fruits. 
You can choose this with or without cheddar cheese filling. I took the one with. On hindsight, maybe the saltiness of the cheese didn't go too well with the sweetness of this french toast for me. Do let me know how the version without cheese is like, if you try this. Also, I find this a tad dry. I like my french toast a little oilier, although you may like this if you prefer a healthier option.

Homemade Pancakes.
Again, a little dry for me. Although it was better after drowning it in maple syrup. Yes, sinful indulgences are what I'm into. 

Croque Madame. 
My favourite in The Sleeping Rhino's menu. Slightly runny egg atop slices of ham and toast, with the right amount of melted cheese oozing in between. And oooo the mushrooms and grilled tomato with some salad on the side for balance. How can anyone not love this???

You can add on side dishes for those with a larger appetite. These include the hash browns (I like), halloumi cheese and grilled bacon, to name a few

The Sleeping Rhino's brunch is available from 7-11am on Weekdays and Public Holidays, and from 7am - 2pm on Weekends.

klapsons, The Boutique Hotel
15 Hoe Chiang Road
Singapore 089316
Tel: +65 6521 9000

Thursday, 5 March 2015

BOTOX Jaw Reduction FAQ: Using Botox to Get a Smaller (Note: Sharper) Face

I'm sure many of you have heard of Botox treatments and how they can help reduce your wrinkles, but how many of you know that you can use Botox to get a smaller face shape? 

Uh huh, that's right! You can use Botox to get the much-desired V-shaped face! Of course, you can also go under the knife and do the "bone-shaving" operation to make your face smaller, but I've heard that that's freaking painful, and honestly, most of us do not have the time to take months off work for the surgery and downtime involved. (And most of us definitely do not want our colleagues gossiping about what surgery you went for.) 

So it seemed pretty obvious to me that Botox was the best way to do it. Sure it wears off after about 4-6 months (some up to 8 months or even a year), but it doesn't involve anyone cutting you up and you possibly ending up with a face shape you don't like permanently.

I've had many friends ask me about this, and since there are so many curious folks who wish to get this done, I thought I'd share my experience through a little FAQ. My experience was with Dr Zhang Yijun of The Face Aesthetic Clinic, and thanks to him, the entire process was fuss-free, and pretty much painless. =D

What is Botox? 

Okay some dry background, but you might want to know what exactly is going into your body. I've read about so many fears with regard to Botox injections, and how it might be harmful to your body. Botox is short form for Botulinum Toxin, a neurotoxic protein produced by a kind of bacteria called Clostridium Botulinum. Wait, TOXIC??? Will it kill me??? 

Yes, possibly, if you are using it in excessive doses and not administered by a medical practitioner. 

So How Does It Work?

This Botulinum Toxin causes muscle paralysis, and if not properly administered, can paralyse muscles that you don't want to. But it is also because of this property that it is used medically to treat certain conditions, like Blepharospasm (the uncontrollable twitching of the eyelid), Strabismus (or what we refer to as Pak Jiao or Cock-eyed, in which both eyes are not properly aligned with each other), excessive sweating, chronic migraine, stroke, or even cerebral palsy. It works by relaxing the muscles that are causing the problem. So yeah, Botox is not a bad thing if you use it properly. 

How does it work on the face? You know your jaw muscles that you use for chewing? The part that some men like to clench to show off their strong jaw? I don't want a strong jaw, so I don't want that on my face. You can feel the muscles by putting your hand on your cheeks near the jawline below the ear, and then clenching your teeth and relaxing them. That part that bulges out is called the masseter muscle, and will be where the doctor will inject. 
You know how when you go to the gym and when you work on a certain muscle it will just get bigger and more defined, and if you don't work the muscle, it gets smaller? Botox does that by helping you to partially (I say partially because the dosage is very low) paralyse that muscle so you don't use it. 

Oh if you have a problem with bruxism or teeth-grinding, like I do, Botox injection in the masseter actually helps make it better. =)

Will I Still be Able To Chew My Food?

Yes, chewing of foods is not affected, and you can still eat as per normal. 

Are There Side Effects? 

I'd be lying if I told you there isn't. That's why always go to a doctor you trust. I entrust my face to Dr Zhang because unlike some doctors who will just inject what you ask (and sometimes because we are so hiao we will ask for the maximum dosage it takes to not kill us so it lasts longer), he is pretty conservative in his advice and administration. That's also because he prefers the "natural" look as compared to the very tight but expressionless and face-very-shocked look. Lol. He will inject what he thinks is necessary, and then in a week or 2 when you return for your review, decide and discuss with you if you need more, then inject again if necessary.

Because everyone's muscles differ slightly, it might cause surrounding tissues or muscles to be paralysed as well. The first time I went I couldn't smile properly after a month. And then after that I felt that the apples of my cheeks were not as high as before, as though they have drooped or something. I thought it was because I was getting old, but it turned out that as the botox wore off, the apple of my cheeks got higher again. Think I'm weird as not many people have these problems, but Dr Zhang took note and adjusted the injection points as well as the dosage accordingly. Now I can smile properly and still have my high cheekbones. 

Always feedback and communicate with your doctor, and let them know any allergies or prior experiences if you've had any. They were taught certain rules and guidelines, but they also understand that each individual is different and needs to be catered to differently. Also, if you are pregnant or on any medication, do let your doctor know as well. Just in case.

I'm Terrified of Needles! Is it Painful? 

This was my concern intitally, as they applied numbing cream on the target area about 20 minutes before they began the procedure. Numbing cream means there will be pain involved without it right? 

Okay, one thing about numbing cream and injections that go deeper than the skin layer - they are pretty much useless. Lol. Sorry for breaking it to you guys, but think about it, if the numbing cream is applied on your skin, then only your skin will be numb. Maybe the part JUST underneath the skin might be numb, but I don't think it'll reach so deep into your muscles. If so then why do dentists need to inject anaesthetic medication into your gums (which in itself is so damn painful already) before they perform any local dental surgery? 

Personally, I think the numbing cream acts as some kind of psychological placebo. During the injection, I could feel the needle. But get this - 


Okay Dr Zhang asked me to clench my teeth (he'd ask you to "bite"), so he could feel where the muscle is, then asked me to relax. After which he injected into the target area. All it felt like was someone pushing my jaw with a pen. I just felt a bit sore, but nope, no acute sharp pain. Phew~! 

To confirm this I actually went without numbing cream the second time, and it still felt the same! So I conclude - numbing cream is only good for surface treatments like Laser. LOL! Okok conclusion is BOTOX for masseter reduction is painless! =D *happy* "No Pain No Gain" doesn't necessarily apply to vanity okay!

How Long is the Procedure? Will I Need to Take Leave? 

The actual procedure took me less than 10 minutes. So you can schedule your appointment during lunch time! Of course, there is the consultation with Dr Zhang, and depending on how busy he is, you might have to wait a while. The consult should be done in about 15 minutes, but if you have other concerns that you might want to bring up or other procedures that you might want to do, it might take up to 30 minutes. 

After the consult, his assistant will walk you through the price, this will take about 5-15 minutes, depending on how fast your decision-making is. When you are okay to proceed, they will apply numbing cream on your face, after which you will have to wait about 20 minutes. But if you are okay with no numbing cream, they can just proceed. (So you can save time and still have some time leftover to go and dabao lunch back to the office!) Just ask him for a stress ball. You can ask for it even if you applied numbing cream of course. It doesn't do anything much physically, but it'll make you feel better having something to squeeze when you are nervous. =) 

So the whole appointment for just BOTOX for Masseter Reduction will take about an hour-ish for the average person.

BOTOX for Masseter Reduction:

15min consult + 15min price walkthrough & hesitation & decision-making + 20min numbing(optional) + 10min injection1 hour

A safe gauge would be 1 hour and a half (waiting time factored in).

For those of you whose office is near the clinic, you might want to schedule the consult and the procedure on 2 separate appointments, especially if your office is near the clinic and you don't want to be hungry. 

Is There Any Downtime?

This is a picture immediately post-injection.
Spot anything? Mmm hmm. The needle is very fine, so there shouldn't be obvious holes. At most you'll notice a slight bump, smaller than a mosquito bite. But because it's at the side of your face, if you don't tell, no one will notice. ;)

How Much Does It Cost?

I'm not allowed to reveal the prices here due to MOH guidelines, but TFAC charges reasonably, and they do have a price list which lists the rates according to area of injection, like there is a price for the masseter, there is a price for the crows' feet, and so on. So you don't have to worry about them trying to knock you off because you look richer than others. Also, many of their satisfied patients bring friends, and friends compare prices, yes? =) 

Oh in case you're wondering, because they charge by location, you don't have to worry about paying more during your review. Your review, plus any top-up if necessary, is free of charge. That being said, I strongly advise against requesting for more top than required, because seriously, you want to look good, not look plastic and shocked.

How Long Does It Take to See Results?

For surface injection to help reduce wrinkles, you can see results in a few days. For jaw reduction, results are optimal about 4-8 weeks after injection. That's when you will see your face the smallest. And when friends come asking you if you've lost weight. ;) So if you have an important function to attend, you might want to schedule your appointment about 4-6 weeks in advance. 

What Kind of Results Can I Expect Exactly?

It differs from person to person of course, but you will definitely have a smaller face, if the cause of your roundish face shape is your masseter muscle. If however, your cheeks are all just fat, then you might want to consider other kinds of treatments. I can't tell you for sure what your problem is, so you have to let Dr Zhang or whichever doctor you choose assess and advise on what you can do. 

Okay here are my results. I did this photoshoot before the jab, and I was so horrified with the pictures, I think that was why I asked Dr Zhang for help. Don't get me wrong, the pictures were nice, but I had higher expectations of myself, and I certainly got a shock when I realized I had let myself "go".

Unedited okay. When I smiled I had excess cheek behind my dimples. O.O

I mean, okay, the eyebrows looked great, since it was for an eyebrow embroidery ad, but oh my goodness when did my face grow that chunk at the side??? For this picture my face was already tilted down for the small face effect, and STILL looked chubby. *cries*

This is 2 months after my visit to Dr Zhang for the jab:
Notice how it's more defined?
Sorry I didn't do any photoshoot during that period so selfies are the best I've got. But the jawline is really a lot slimmer.

 These were all taken about 1-2 months after the injection. =>

And this is about 3-4 months in? I don't really like to eat meat, and generally prefer soupy stuff, porridge and kway teow. So that probably explains why my effects last for quite a while. I do notice a difference when I have been eating a lot of meat, like beef. My masseter muscles GROW~~~

How Long Does it Last?

I've been keeping my face small at The Face Aesthetic Clinic for a while now, and I realized that with each shot, it tends to last longer than the last. I've also had friends who tell me that your will require lesser and lesser shots each time, or take longer to go for the next shot. The doctor will tell you that the effects differ from person to person, and it's true. Some last for 3 months, others much longer. But a good gauge is between 3-8 months. I haven't had a shot since August, and I think my face still looks pretty decent. Any rounding is probably due to too much X'Mas and CNY feasting.

How to Maintain the Desired Face Shape and Prolong the Effects? 

Eat less chewy foods like beef that's really hard, or chewing gum. Chewing hard works the masseter muscles, and will cause them to redevelop again. Of course, it's inevitable to chew food, unless you want to eat porridge and drink soup for the rest of your life. (Although, you will lose weight and have an even smaller face.) This is also why it differs from person to person - how much chewing you actually do in those few months can affect how long the effects remain. 

How Do I Know When to Go Again?

When you feel that your face is fat and roundish again. Or when you can bite and feel that muscle protrude out by quite a bit. About 4-8 weeks after your injection you can clench and try to feel the muscle. It shouldn't protrude. When it does you know that the muscle is building itself back again. That's when you might consider a second visit. 

Where Can I Find Dr Zhang Yijun & 

The Face Aesthetic Clinic?

TFAC is located at 20 Malacca Street, Singapore 048979
Do call them at 62236788 to make an appointment as they can be really busy sometimes! 
You can also visit their website at for more details on what they do.

If you are taking the train, alight at Raffles Place and go towards One Raffles Place. They are just beside, along the DBS stretch. 
If you drive, park at Golden Shoe Carpark. It's the cheapest in the area, unless you can find parallel parking lots (coupons) along Phillip Street.

Here's to a V-Shaped Face! XOXO!