Thursday, 19 March 2015

10 Random Facts about Silver Ang

Been a while since I shared something personal. Here it is - a list of 10 things about me which you may or may not know already. =D

1. I have 6/3 vision. 
This came as a surprise when I did my eye check, but I can see 2 lines below the normal perfect 6/6 vision. I find it pretty amazing too. 
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2. I am a hyperope. 
Adding on to the above point, it could be because I am a hyperope that makes me see so well so far. You know how people with short-sightness have myopia. I have hyperopia, which is long-sightedness. No that is not the same as presbyopia, or lao hua. We all get lao hua, whether myopes or hyperopes. It just seems more apparent for hyperopes. There's too much science behind this for me to explain. You can go wiki the differences.

3. I am an optimist. 
I generally am a pretty optimistic person, and like to see the good in people when I can. The only exceptions happen when I'm in a really really bad mood, or if certain traits REALLY annoy me, like buay-zi-dongness and being selfish. The world is a really nice place if everyone is nice to each other. In the face of un-nice-ness, even patient, optimistic people will have their ceiling.

4. I love hanging out at supermarkets.
It started back in secondary school. On any day when I end school early, I would hang out at the malls like most teenagers then. Except that I could walk into a supermarket and spend HOURS inside, reading labels and pondering upon what's what. Yeah, I have an inbuilt housewife system in me. ;)

5. I burp. A lot.
And I don't just burp. I BUURRRRRRRRRRRRRRP. They are loud, they are deep, and they always attract stares to whichever unlucky guy I happen to be hanging out with. And my guy friends would always give the the dirty look, because I kind of framed them. Oops. 

Okay I don't know what's wrong with my body and why it burps the way it does. A few times I tried stifling my burps I ended up puking or regurgitating my food out. Not very pleasant experiences. I'd rather burp, thank you.

6. I hardly fart though. 
Haha! Okay strange facts. Maybe because all the air already came out from those powerful, deep, long burps. Nothing much goes down there anymore.

7. If I do fart, I can't do it while walking.
You're probably on the verge of closing this window now. Okok last gross fact. But I can't understand it. I have to stop walking to fart. I can't do it on the move. Lol!!!

8. I have never gone before 50kg ever since I was like, what, primary 4? 
I was a chubby kid, and will always be a little chubby or fleshy. So what? I think I'm beautiful, and although I'm still a vain pot and I don't mind some aesthetic procedures here and there once in a while, I doubt I'll change my look very much. I don't believe in being paranoid or depressed about hitting the crazy 43kg weight that a lot of skinny celebrities and bloggers are capable of. I'm working on getting fitter, but I'm pretty happy just being me at 53kg. I think I look fine. I'm at a healthy BMI, my health check report looks really good, and I think I'm beautiful, no matter what other people say. 
Picture taken by: Cheryl Tay
Not skinny. Probably never will be. But I love me anyway!

9. I am a homebody.
I love spending time at home. Although I can't do it 24/7 without having to go out for a walk or some air, I enjoy being at home, reading, doing work, learning new songs, spending time with the family and the dog, organizing my room, doing housework... I enjoy all that. I imagine if I live in a big house with a nice garden or if my front door opens out to the sea or a nice clearing in the forest, I'd be a happy kid. (Minus the crazy burglars and real estate prices in Singapore, of course.) #onecanalwayswant

10. I love home and interior stuff.
This was since I was in secondary school as well. I would hang out at Ikea, IMM and Millenia Walk just looking at home furnishings and accessories. When I was staying at the NYGH hostel, I would wake up early in the mornings so I could go for runs around the estate looking at people's homes! I know right? So if you live around that estate and remember a strange girl who's jogging outside your place but really looks like she's checking out your home, that's probably me. Lol.
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These are some really random facts about me. I could go on, but I'll see what you want to know about me. You can ask me anything in the comments below, or springme on the right sidebar, and I'll try my best to answer the questions if I can. =)


  1. omg that suimsuit! O_O LOVE IIIIT!

  2. You have been inspiring. Please keep up the good work. :)