Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Sponsored Post: L'Oreal Youth Code Boosting Essence

Growing up, I’ve always heard people say that I should rotate or change my skincare products every once in a while, so that my skin doesn’t “get used” to the products. Once that happens, it's said that the products have lost their efficacy.

And of course, ever so often, a new product launches, and thinking it might perform better than our current one, we make a purchase, only to repeat the cycle a few months later.

The result: super a lot of products in my skincare collection, with the old ones going to waste. Quite a bit of moolah has been wasted this way too. #savemywallet

So how do we solve this problem?

What Is It: A boosting serum.

How It Works:

Think of it as...hmm...okay, you want to lose weight, so you diet, right? But when you add exercise into your weight-loss regime, your metabolism goes up so you burn fat faster, you feel better, you lose weight AND get toned up at the same time. The L’Oreal Youth Code is like the exercise in the diet plan - it helps to enhance the efficacy of your skincare regime by boosting your skin’s absorption power, so any amazing active ingredients found in your skincare products are not wasted.

What Else Does It Do?

  • The Pro-Gen™ Technology boosts gene activity of the skin by increasing the expression of recovery genes involved in cellular renewal. This speeds up the action of sluggish recovery genes in aging skin and thus skin repairs itself much faster.
  • Effects of aging in skin are slowed down with the use of the ingredient Adenosine.
  • Hydroxy Ethyl Piperazine Ethane Sulfonic (HEPES) acid helps to gently exfoliate skin with its pro-exfoliating action.

How Did It Fare?

When used alone, I felt that its texture was really light and it gets absorbed very quickly into the skin. It had a light, refreshing scent and I liked how it made my skin softer with just one single drop.

Before                                After

Used with my current skincare routine, I felt that it really made a difference. My skin felt more hydrated, and if absorption is enhanced, no product would have gone to waste! So now this is all the skincare products I use.

How to Use

The order goes like this -

1. Cleanse
2. Tone
3. Boost: L’Oreal Youth Code Boosting Essence
4. Treat: Serum/Spot Treatment/Essence
5. Moisturize
6. Eye Cream
7. Sunscreen (only for day)

Looks like a lot of products and a lot of steps? There is this Chinese saying that goes “There aren’t any ugly women in this world, only lazy ones.” We were all born beautiful. Taking care of that beauty requires work, and of course, the ability to recognise a good product for usage.

The Youth Code Essence has made its way into my everyday skincare regime. I even use it before my facial sheet masks! Compare 70% absorption of the products you use and 100% absorption. Which one would you prefer? The more the better, right? Good stuff should never be wasted. ^.^

Have You Won?

Remember the #savethewallet Instagram contest shoutout I did a lil’ while back? Winners have been revealed on the L’Oreal Paris Singapore Facebook Page so do follow the page for announcements!

You May Like to Know This:

Rui En has recently been appointed spokesperson for the L’Oreal Paris Youth Code! Uh huh, that same multiple-award-winning actress who played a kickass policewoman in C.L.I.F 2 and The Unriddle. THAT Rui En. Who else are spokespersons? Oh you know, Li Bing Bing, Fan Bing Bing, Gong Li... Rui En has risen. Woots!

Having done a few shows with her, I have to say that she really has pretty good skin.
Youth Code, anyone? ;)

You might have gotten a chance to see her at her recent appearance at Watsons @ Takashimaya on the 1st June. If you missed the chance, don’t worry! You can catch her again at Compass Point Level 1 L’Oreal Paris Atrium next Saturday, 15 June 2013, between 5-6pm. There will also be loads of great deals offered on that day so do drop by earlier to check them out!

Where to Buy, & How Much?

The L’Oreal Youth Code Boosting Essence retails at S$39.90 at all leading retailers including Watsons, Guardian, Sasa, selected departmental stores, major supermarkets and hypermarts.
From now till 30 June 2013, get 20% off the Youth Code Boosting Essence at all L’Oreal Paris counters!

For more information on the L’Oreal Youth Code Boosting Essence, visit

Pssst...Rui En’s Youth Code TV ad is on that site too!

Saturday, 8 June 2013


If you're wondering why my Instagram is flooding with scary pictures, they're just pictures of me as a ghost. And no, I'm not blogging from the nether world, in case you're wondering. (CHOICHOICHOI!!!!!) 

Come to think of it, I wonder if the ghosts of this generation will haunt people in the future, since their interests lie somewhere else...

As much as I love sentimental love stories and comedies, I love doing wacky films as well. And many short films love exploring strange themes that the MDA would never approve of airing. I'm currently working on this short called Afterglow, which follows the conscience and mind of a guy who wakes up after a night of partying and finds a dead woman beside him in his bed. 

Uh huh. Sounds messed up huh? 

You haven't heard it all yet, he seeks advice from a wacko friend who suggests chopping her up and cooking her. Then this dead woman comes alive in different forms to persuade him otherwise... 

It sounds a little warped. And a little scary. But there are loads of funny wtf moments which make me want to take this project on.

Let's start with the character imaging. I play a dead woman in this short film. I would normally have refused a corpse-playing role, but this one allows me to come alive, as a ghost, in 3 different images - a scary Sadako-ish one, a Femme Fatale, as well as an angel-like one.

Just the portrayal of these 3 sounded like it could actually be a fun project to be on. Add on the fact that I would be acting with Nicholas Bloodworth, an actor I used to work with on another short (also strange) film, and I'm in. How strange can it be that I just saw "Fat Kids Are Harder to Kidnap"and I spotted him amongst the cast. Lol. Fate la~ Haha.

The shoot was say the least. And not in a bad way. I loved each actor and how we played our roles, and we had an amazing set of crew to work with. Apart from playing with my 3 different ghost looks, we also had fun with making the bed sheet (which the dead body was found naked amidst) look like different cover-ups for the woman.

I know... Sorry!!! Lol. First look.

Makeup artist did a great job, huh. You had no idea how itchy the wig was... Feeling damn gao wei just thinking about it.

 2nd look - the Femme Fatale.
At one point for this part of the script it actually looked like we were filming a soft porn film. O.O
(I actually had the most fun doing this. >.<)

Picture taken in the set lighting.

And the angellic ghost look. Got look like 仙女下凡 or not? ><

Makeup for the last look.

See what I mean when I mentioned the different characters but I'm actually playing 1 role? Love how it challenges my versatility. =D

All white outfits I was wearing were tied/draped with the same white bedsheet. Darn cool! I should learn how to do this so I can save money on buying clothes. Just buy cloth. Seriously!

With Nicholas, my co-actor, in underwear throughout the short film, and my director Chong Wu.

Can't wait for the edited product already ahhhh!!!

P.S: It's my debut acting as a ghost okay! Vurjeen. Curious how I performed..*cough* Lol.
I'll let you guys know when it's ready to be screened. ^^

P.S.S (if there's even such a term): I still love the first picture the most. 

Friday, 7 June 2013

Happy Birthday Silver!!!

2 days ago, I turned 21. (I insist.)

Picture credit:
I hadn't planned anything this year due to my crazy schedule, and I was prepared to just let the day go by peacefully. As luck would have it, no shoot was scheduled on my birthday, and the only thing planned was rehearsal for my upcoming theatrical production. This meant I get to sleep in, and with my 18-hour workdays*, sleep was a godsend. Lol.

*I manage myself, which means that I personally handle all correspondence, scheduling, meetings, financial and miscellaneous administrative work. On top of that, I try (and I must emphasise try) to blog more often, as I have been chided by some of you loyal readers. Lol. I must thank you for pushing me though, it gives me motivation. =D

My birthday turned out better than I had expected. Maybe having no expectation helped. Or maybe it was just too good. ;)

So on the evening of the 2nd, after my shoot which ended at about 5pm, I was so tired that I just went straight home to shower and sleep. I had slept less than 10 hours in 4 nights, and my body was almost in a state of numbness - my heart was palpitating in strange rhythms, and I could barely drive myself home without dozing off. At about 9pm, I got a call from Cheryl asking me where I was, as she wanted to come over to pass me stuff I asked her to get for me from her recent London trip. She arrived about an hour later, and we spent the night chatting and watching my recent short film works (tell you about them in a later post). 

A few minutes before midnight, a friend I've known since high school gave me a long-distance Skype call to wish me a happy birthday, and Cheryl decided to excuse herself during my conversation as she didn't want to "disturb" us. She came in halfway through again though, just to tell me that it made no difference whether she left the room or not cos she could hear our entire conversation from the living room. Sad soundproofing huh. Bleah~ Anyway, cos I don't get calls from overseas friends all the time my attention was given to my friend on the iMac. so much so that I didn't really realize that she had again left the room.

All of a sudden (this feels like a school composition lol), I heard the Happy Birthday song and Cheryl came in with Mint, Colin and Bubble with a birthday cake!!! 

I was so shocked can?! 
See the "heh heh I'm so happy I got to surprise Zir Zir" face that Mint has on! Lol!!!

I vaguely remembered hearing my grill gates open, but I dismissed it as probably Cheryl going out to her car to take stuff, or something like that. Turned out Mint, Bubble and Colin had been stationed outside my house for a while and was just waiting for an opportunity to come in and surprise me. The phone call was too timely! Said Skype caller insisted he wasn't of the plan though. How coincidental can it get? Lol. Cheryl took a while finding the keys, and they had trouble opening my gates. They nearly toppled the cake when the gate finally swung open. After they got in, they were fumbling around the house for a lighter for the candles, but they couldn't find one until Mint suggested that they might be able to find one at my altar. So exciting outside my room! Lol!!! And all these happened without me knowing! Li hai~ 

I made a super long wish. Nope can't tell you! Else it won't come true~ >.<

Of course I cried. Only because I felt so loved. =..D

 No makeup. No dress-up. Just me in my sleepwear and underwear. Best birthday celebration EVER!!!!

It was small and cosy, and it was one of the best birthdays I've ever had. With some of the people who love me the most - Both Cheryl & Mint were there, my mum and sis were sleeping in adjacent and opposite rooms but I had the people who love me the most in the same house. Even Vince (yup that's the guy on Skype) was someone close (hello we've known each other 15 years!), he's just been overseas too long. I haven't had time to bring Alton home since my last Batam shoot a week ago that was why Alton wasn't there, in case you are wondering. 

Then came the funny part - there was all these commotion outside my room right? And the whole birthday song and the laughing, chatting and all that? My mum called me the next day from work:

"Mint was here last night meh?"
"Orh, I knew Cheryl was here, and I thought Wah, Cheryl one person can sing birthday song sing so loud"

Guess she was as tired as I was. Lol. 

I got a lot of love this year, here's a glimpse of what I got for my birthday:

First one to get to me are Victoria's Secret vouchers from Cheryl Tay. I already know what I'm getting. Maybe that bag, or that purse...or should I get that pouch...? Okay I haven't decided. Will let you all know when I've made my purchase.

 agnes b. shades from Mint & Colin

 Also from Mint. And we all know why, don't we? ^.^

I also got loads and loads and loads of wishes on my Facebook wall. =D

And when I thought the bf had forgotten, this arrived at my door in the afternoon of my birthday!

A super hugeass pot of Carnations. ^.^

The surprises didn't stop coming! I got this from my sponsor at Hankook Cosmetics! 

Skincare, makeup and chocolate! OMG loves la!!!! I'm seriously in need of some TLC for my skin!

And I spotted the Sansim cleanser!!! It's one of the most premium ranges that they carry! Whoa!!!! Ossion Cleansing Oil (I've just run out of mine!), and more Bubble Masks!!! 

The picture does not do these eyeshadow colours from Ekanava any justice at all, but they looked absolutely amazing. So so so chio~~~

And nope, it didn't end there...

My mates who are also working on my upcoming theatrical production Fourlies prepared a birthday cake for me during rehearsal! Speaking of that, must must must must come and support me okay?! It's my very first theatre performance, and I hope for as many of you to come as possible! More info here, and tickets can be purchased at

A Four Leaves cake for the Fourlies cast. Lol. Okay fail. Not funny. Bleah~!!
Both my birthday cakes this year were by Four Leaves though, and both tasted SUPER YUMMY!!!

I came home to find this:
An actual birthday card from the Social Media Gurus at Churp Churp & Nuffnang. 
Haha! Ironic? Nah! I think it screams volumes of sincerity! Thank you lovelies! You guys are an awesome bunch too! I promise I will blog/tweet/insta more! Lol!!!

Happy birthday to me! ;)
This has indeed been a very happy year indeed... *beams*

I wrote this on my Facebook wall on the 4th June 2013, and I think I should share it with everyone of you. To all my friend who have not seen it, this is for you:

Thank you for all the love and wishes showered upon me on my birthday yesterday. I'm blessed to have every single one of you in any part of my life. Some of you have impacted me more than others, and all of you have left an imprint in a moment in my life that is now exclusively yours. All these moments make up this thing called my life. 

It's been a great (21) years, yes, including all my downs, cos without them, I wouldn't have learnt some of the lessons I did. Life is amazing as I know it now, and I know I have many more wonderful years to look forward to.

I love you all, and most importantly, I love me. Muah!!!

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Zardoze @ Audi Fashion Festival 2013

I got invited to my very first Audi Fashion Fest show. It was by Zardoze, and I must say, it was simply a night of glitz and a lot of glamour.

See that car? I can't take my eyes off it. Beautiful~~~

Fann Wong, proudly adorned in a glamourous Zardoze number.

I have always been curious about Fashion Shows, who goes there, what goes on? Why do so many beautiful people attend them?

I saw so many faces - Rui En, Fann Wong, Nicole Chen, Shu Ann, Dick Lee, Yao Dong, and these were just a few names. Everyone was dressed in such formal dressy outfits that I actually, for once, felt underdressed. Don't get me wrong, I was wearing Zardoze, and with their pieces, even the simplest ones can make you feel like a VIP. I just felt out of place because I wasn't used to such an environment. I've been out by the beach in bikinis, or slacking at home in my PJs so much that it was really bewildering at the event. Lol.

Spotted: seated right in front of me were 2 ladies sponsored by Zardoze - Rui En and Fann Wong. Dressed in such elegant pieces, they make up part of my eye candies for the night. 

Some of my favourites from the runway:

From the ready-to-wear collection -

And the Panthea Collection. This collection looks absolutely amazing, and I kind of wished I had such events to attend every other day so I get to wear beautiful outfits like these more often. 

This is one of my favorites, though I couldn't get a good frontal picture. Love love love this dress.

My date for the night - Clara. 

I'm really bad at modeling (it's really a skill I have yet to learn), but I want to show you a full picture of what I wore that night - a velvet blue piece from Zardoze's ready-to-wear Holiday Collection. Yes Zardoze is not just about glamourous extravagant pieces. They have items which allow you to wear them on the everyday streets. 

The picture didn't really do the dress justice, but take my word for it - this piece looks so much better in reality. The beads and the velvet...plush.

More pictures better showcasing the pieces from their new Panthea Collection:

This was what Dawn wore that night. What can I say?

So fabulous. 

For the woman who's not afraid to be confident, check out Zardoze's range of outfits at
Or you may want to look up their Facebook page at