Saturday, 8 June 2013


If you're wondering why my Instagram is flooding with scary pictures, they're just pictures of me as a ghost. And no, I'm not blogging from the nether world, in case you're wondering. (CHOICHOICHOI!!!!!) 

Come to think of it, I wonder if the ghosts of this generation will haunt people in the future, since their interests lie somewhere else...

As much as I love sentimental love stories and comedies, I love doing wacky films as well. And many short films love exploring strange themes that the MDA would never approve of airing. I'm currently working on this short called Afterglow, which follows the conscience and mind of a guy who wakes up after a night of partying and finds a dead woman beside him in his bed. 

Uh huh. Sounds messed up huh? 

You haven't heard it all yet, he seeks advice from a wacko friend who suggests chopping her up and cooking her. Then this dead woman comes alive in different forms to persuade him otherwise... 

It sounds a little warped. And a little scary. But there are loads of funny wtf moments which make me want to take this project on.

Let's start with the character imaging. I play a dead woman in this short film. I would normally have refused a corpse-playing role, but this one allows me to come alive, as a ghost, in 3 different images - a scary Sadako-ish one, a Femme Fatale, as well as an angel-like one.

Just the portrayal of these 3 sounded like it could actually be a fun project to be on. Add on the fact that I would be acting with Nicholas Bloodworth, an actor I used to work with on another short (also strange) film, and I'm in. How strange can it be that I just saw "Fat Kids Are Harder to Kidnap"and I spotted him amongst the cast. Lol. Fate la~ Haha.

The shoot was say the least. And not in a bad way. I loved each actor and how we played our roles, and we had an amazing set of crew to work with. Apart from playing with my 3 different ghost looks, we also had fun with making the bed sheet (which the dead body was found naked amidst) look like different cover-ups for the woman.

I know... Sorry!!! Lol. First look.

Makeup artist did a great job, huh. You had no idea how itchy the wig was... Feeling damn gao wei just thinking about it.

 2nd look - the Femme Fatale.
At one point for this part of the script it actually looked like we were filming a soft porn film. O.O
(I actually had the most fun doing this. >.<)

Picture taken in the set lighting.

And the angellic ghost look. Got look like 仙女下凡 or not? ><

Makeup for the last look.

See what I mean when I mentioned the different characters but I'm actually playing 1 role? Love how it challenges my versatility. =D

All white outfits I was wearing were tied/draped with the same white bedsheet. Darn cool! I should learn how to do this so I can save money on buying clothes. Just buy cloth. Seriously!

With Nicholas, my co-actor, in underwear throughout the short film, and my director Chong Wu.

Can't wait for the edited product already ahhhh!!!

P.S: It's my debut acting as a ghost okay! Vurjeen. Curious how I performed..*cough* Lol.
I'll let you guys know when it's ready to be screened. ^^

P.S.S (if there's even such a term): I still love the first picture the most. 

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