Thursday, 31 May 2012

Sync-Up: Lomography

New episode of Sync-up's up! Thank god, no toilet brush heroes this time round. Classier stuff. ;)

The father of Lomography is the LC-A+ (that's where the history of Lomography began), and though I'm loving all things classy and vintage now (think VW Beetle, Aston Martins, platform shoes and long floral maxi dresses), I have my eyes set on the Diana F+ for its range of stylish designs. It still looks vintage anyway. =) And I'm eyeing the oh-so-retro-looking Mr Pink. 

I am so going to own you. 

The LC-A+ is very tempting though, especially since I know the Lomo Online Store is having a 44% discount off their very classy-chic-looking LC-A+ Russia Day camera just for yesterday and today... *dazed*

No. I'll go for the Diana F+. Or the mini version. Since I can bring the small one around on days I want to bring a small bag. Lol. Just one thing - the mini one can't change lenses.

I could go for the La Sardina, but because La Sardina limits me to just Multi-Exposures, and I want something more versatile, the Diana F+ is perfect. 

Because it is the only Lomo camera which has the widest range of interchangeable lens available. Meaning it will allow me to change to Fisheye or Super-wide or Splitzer or Close-Up or Telephoto or whatever effect lens. Anytime. As long as I own them of course. Looks like I'm building a collection. ^.^

There's just something about having taking pictures with analogue cameras and not knowing how they will turn out until you actually develop the roll of film. (Which makes me a fan of the Hipstamatic and Disposable app on my iPhone.)

There's this really stunning Lomo Wall when you enter the Lomography Gallery Store. 

 Pretty spectacular eh?

Next *milestone splurge : a Diana F+ Mr Pink, with all its accessory lenses~ 
*a term I use to call something I reward myself with after I achieve a goal

The Lomography Gallery Store Singapore is located at:

295 South Bridge Road #01-01  
Singapore 058838
Tel: 6223 8850
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 12noon - 9:00 p.m.

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Sponsored Post: Outdo the Everyday

You guys should know by now that I have a schedule that’s a little crazy to most people, and no one except myself really knows when and where to find me, if I’m blogging, vlogging, acting, overseas, or not, am I actually reachable.

More importantly, can I actually manage?

Are you kidding? You’re not seriously asking that.

Of course I can manage! I actually love being so busy! Because I’m doing everything that I love! From my acting craft to writing to travelling, I’ll never feel worn out doing things I enjoy!

(My work includes ogling at my favourite people…why would I complain?)

Plus, it shows that people (like you who bother coming in here!!!!) appreciate my value! And I can never thank everyone enough for that. What I have, you gave them to me, for without supporters, a blogger, or an artiste, is nothing.

Oh man I’m gonna cry… *get a hold of yourself Silver!*

It’s tough when no one engages my services, because that means I will have to eat grass. And maybe lose weight along the way which, if you look at it positively, isn’t such a bad thing. Of course if I have a choice I’d rather be busy! It gets tough too when I’m busy, because projects overlap and I will take on ALMOST EVERYTHING and that means I’d be left with no time to do my own things. There are days when I have to get up at 6 in the morning, be at shoot by 7am, finish at 6pm, have to head for an event at 7pm and STILL have to go back and conjure brain juice so I can submit a piece of writing before morning.


I get up early for an event, have to meet a client by 1pm, promised a sponsor to meet at 4:30, attend my Real Estate Salesperson class at 7pm (Yes I’m gonna sell houses soon! One more to add to my plate of titles~!), rush home so I can get to the airport to check in for a flight which will depart at 1am.

Maximum use of time.

*just reading those lines makes me pant already* I literally try my best to outdo my everyday, every single day. And I think I’ve been doing well so far. =D

So when an off day comes, I GRAB IT SO HARD, if it had eyes its eyes will be squished out like those stress balls. And when I recharge, I make sure every aspect of my life is taken care of – my family, Alton (my dog), my friends, myself in terms of health and beauty…I really make sure I neglect no one part of my life.

Family shall never be compromised. No matter what. Just because they are always there doesn’t mean you should always assume they will be. My family watched me become me. And they are the ones who would always always always take care of me. No matter what. Give them a bit of yourself too.

Same goes for your pet. You mean the world to it. Let it know you love it too.

Friends. Ah~ Friends. Like family, but yet not. They are just as important, though they serve a slightly different role. A vital part of your life, and unless you are a hermit with no friends, I recommend that you show them you’re here for them as much as they are for you.

Take care of yourself. I cannot stress that more. If you can’t function, you will not be able to take care of any other aspect of your life. Work included. Which may then affect finances. And you really need to be healthy to be able to enjoy life in all its entity. Oh, did you know something as simple as having your nails done, or a new haircut, can cause a major uplift in your mood and spirit? ;)

Recharging lets you go so much further. Much like drinking an isotonic drink to recharge your body and replenish all it has lost, isn’t it? I remember when I used to run those Cross Country Marathons back in secondary school, my favourite after-run drink would be 100PLUS. It’s sweet yet not TOO sugary, and especially when served chilled, it’s so uber refreshing that after a can I would always feel reborn.

Although I thank my lucky stars my days of running cross country marathons are over. Dancing is more my thing now. Which also gives me the same excuse to drink 100PLUS. ;)

My favourite isotonic drink is having a contest!!!!!

Simply upload a 15-60second video of yourself outdoing the everyday, and you stand a chance to win an OUTDO YOURSELF OZ Adrenaline trip for 2 worth $10,000, and your video might just be featured in 100PLUS’ TV ad!!!!!!

Read more about the trip here, and upload your video here!

Too much work? How about just voting? You can do that, I’m sure! Vote for your favourite video here and 10 lucky voters will receive an Outdo the Everyday kit worth $50!

P.S. I submitted a video too! If it’s not too much work, view my video and vote for me! Thank you so much in advance!

Better yet, upload your own videos, and we help vote each other in! Good? ^.^

Contest period is until 31 May 2012. So hurry!!!! Outdo Yourself!

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Hopes, Dreams, Aspirations

Was very honored to have been interviewed by fellow bloggers William ( and Shaun ( for their F&N project. We did a cosy informal photoshoot at Lorong Halus (Punggol Promenade), followed by a nice dinner at the Japanese restaurant nearby, and finally KTV at Teo Heng Sembawang. 

(I'm having the KTV itch again...someone bring me to KTV please!!!)

Oh by the way, if you're heading to Punggol Promenade to check the place out, or to go there for dinner, my advise is go early. Parking there is CRAZY! Almost impossible to get a lot! Motorcycle lots aplenty so riders rejoice. Lol~ (I should've ridden there. Seriously.)

I loved how they presented the interview. Very professional. Here's a sneak peek at one of the pictures they took:

Read more about the interview at either Shaun or William's blog! 

P.S. Thank you so much for the write-up guys!!!! *Like!*

Sunday, 20 May 2012

dENiZEN We Are Explorers China - Shanghai Teahouse Kungfu Fighting!

The night before my day's shoot, I learnt that I was gonna have to do Kungfu. Now, please do not have this weird misconception that Chinese = Confirm Knows Kungfu. It's as good as saying all blacks are good rappers, or all Tibetans are monks, or all blondes are dumb (where did that dumb blonde phrase come from anyway???), or something. That is ultimate bull. 

Having said that, I have learnt a little bit of wushu back in my Nanyang Girls High School days (yeah dance and wushu were incorporated into our Physical Education. Cool huh?), so the day's task, hopefully, wouldn't be TOO difficult for me...

The day's filming location: Shanghai's Hollywood Studios. 

If you've ever been to the Hollywood Studios in LA, you might have gone for the studio tour, where they bring you into the studio areas where Desperate Housewives were filmed, where so and so shows have their sets built and blown up...yada yada. 

This is at 15 Changgu Road, Songjiang, Shanghai. 
Songjiang Movie Studios.

Like a Shanghai Teahouse? 
There's gonna be some flying action here.

For the purpose of explaining the filming, I'm gonna show you guys the end product first. 
Apart from being a really silly comedic clip, I thought the post-production was done really well. 

Action macam macam ah~~~ *smug* Lol!!!
This has got to be my COOLEST work ever. Lol. Apart from Vyjayanthi, of course! *winks* (Read here and here and here if you wanna find out more about Vyjayanthi.)

Practising my fight. Learning and practicing took me about an hour? And I ended up with a sore butt and thighs for the next 2 days. So weak, I know.


This is Jackee. I know he looks like Lorax now with his orange fur. But he's actually our choreography master, and he has worked with people like Jacky Chan for his movies! How honored am I to be personally taught by him!!!! 

He stars as the main period baddie in our film. Lol.

This is a really funny scene they took out cos the duration of the clip was too long, but I thought it's worth a mention cos it's so funny!!!!! 

We walk into this strange teahouse, then discovers that people inside are all in period costumes. The boss of the teahouse (as played by Jackee) comes up to us.

Jackee: We like your jeans. (I KNOW RIGHT!!!! WHAHAHAHA), 
and me and Anish look at each other like Yeah okay this person is soooo strange, 
Me: Who are you guys???
then up comes the rest of his gang and they stand in a line.
Jackee: We are.... *jumps with backside facing us, each with a word on it* 凶!神!恶!煞! 
 which is a Chinese idiom which means fierce and intimidating. 

Yeah, this part got cut out!

Then Jackee kicks the table and smashes it into 2 and they try to snatch our jeans by force by physical violence. Which will end up in our jeans being slashed and torn which is the ultimate aim of the "mission". 

Drama to the max. There were supposed to be some Matrix stunts and me flying around in wires but we didn't have enough time for those. Nevertheless, my day's gonna be fun.

Roll A. Scene 3A, Take 2. ACTION!
Or rather "开始kaishi!" This was what Eric (the director) kept shouting throughout the day. As most of the extras and other actors were Chinese and they didn't really understand English, our production crew (most of them Whites or Gangtangs, or ABCs) has to communicate with them in Mandarin.

I have to say I was REALLY very impressed with their level of Mandarin! This camera op Jeffrey MAJORED IN CHINESE in college! So did Henry the production assistant! 



And I whip out my secret weapon - the skunk! Curious? It's gonna be hilarious. 
Watch the video later. Lol~ 

(My readers are smart, I'm sure by now you'd have guessed how the skunk came into play.)

I am such a serious fart. 

The baddies practising their flying.

The number of people who had to hold on to the guy flying. Via wires.

Watch the video of how they flew. And...."kaishi~"

Pardon my laugh at the back. I thought it was really randomly funny.

I was really enjoying myself watching them do stunts. I mean, come on, how often do I get to see this in Singapore's productions?!! 

Sorry Anish. I couldn't resist posting this. 

This is a sight your fans would NEVER get to see otherwise.
Be thankful I didn't post up the silly videos of you hanging off the wires. NOT glamorous! Haaa~

But I actually have a really cool shot of you in mid-air! So you have to forgive me. ;)

Notice that mannequin? Remember the part where Anish jumps up and escapes being slashed while the jeans remain in position? 

My final masterpiece. If you want to win this, simply go to the dENiZEN We Are Explorers microsite and leave a comment! I'm a size 25. ;) Though jeans might have slightly loosened due to all that fighting.

I miss the production crew already. >.<

MUHUKI! (Gosh I haven't used this term in so long! Anyone remembers what it means? ^.^)

Friday, 18 May 2012

So Begins My China (dENiZEN) Story...

And it's finally here, my musings on this dENiZEN campaign in China!!! It's been an awesome awesome month, and I know it's not just for me, but for a lot of people as well. Work is going well for BFF Denzel, things are going well for Mint, life is good to me, and quite a few people got proposed to yes? (I truly feel happy for her that she is getting married btw ^^)

 So the energies this month has been good vibes so far. Which is great~ 
Let's start backtracking...

 Ah~ Pu Dong is the name for Shanghai's International Airport. 

I only only really started to feel the excitement and the adrenalin AFTER I touched down in Shanghai. Maybe cos I was travelling alone so there wasn't anyone to help excite me (I'm hardly very excitable...too calm and collected lol. Mint was just saying there isn't much that can phase me). And it suddenly hit me after I landed. WHOA I'm in SHANGHAI BAYBEE~~~~~~~

The first person I met was this petite little girl with long black hair that's half her height - Xining. She spoke to me in perfect English, and after a while I started talking to her in Mandarin, because I feel like I'm cheating her if I speak to her in English when I can speak Mandarin perfectly well. Lol. Dunno why.

Then when she realized I could speak Putonghua (普通话/中文/华语)she stopped speaking to me in English. Mother tongues are always more comfortable I suppose. =D

 She handed me this, which would allow me to keep myself connected with the world, except for Facebook, Twitter, Blogger & Youtube which were banned in China. -.-" 天啊~ that literally means almost ALL my social media platforms!!!!

Luckily for me, they were gonna get me VPNs. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, and it kinda links your device to an external server (so if you're on China Unicom or Starhub/M1/Singtel, you will be rerouted to some external, probably US/French/Hongkong server) and your data transfer happens there. This means that whatever you do will bypass your own country's server. THUS! I would still be able to connect and post updates on my SMNs!

Btw, if you're using Path, you don't have to worry abt VPNs, as Path can somehow post ur updates onto Twitter and Facebok by bypassing China's server. Don't ask me how. I'm no tech whiz. Just know it works. Downside is you can't log onto Twitter/FB to reply, that's all.

Heading to my room to settle myself down before dinner! I love hotel rooms~!!! They're always so clean and nice and made up and I never have to make my own beds! Hee~~ More hotel stays for me please!!! (Pssst...I miss Oasia already...>,<)

You know on the Immigration Form, you have to fill up where you will be staying at during your stay in China? I didn't know which hotel I was going so I just wrote Shanghai hotel, like some hotel in Shanghai la. Turned out the hotel I was going to was really called "Shanghai Hotel". Lol~ Trivia.

Sidetrack! My loot from Changi Airport before I hopped onto my plane! 

My DKNY Be Delicious was running out, and I needed new fragrances! Been eyeing the Fresh Blossoms for the longest time, so I bought it! BUT! The saleswoman intro-ed this to me and I was immediately smitten....

Love this THE MOMENT I SNIFFED IT! Few perfumes have that effect on me. This was when I KNOW I will have to get it. Early birthday present to self. Not available anywhere outside of airport. =)


For dinner I was brought to this place called 辛香汇, and my first meal in China was amayzeeeng~ Though it consisted of strange-shaped glutinous rice and dried chilli soup.

 More glutinous rice. In a bamboo container this time, and tasted different from the former.

 Not for the faint-hearted, but if you can take spice, this was actually kinda good!
By the way, the English name for this restaurant is called Spicy Joint. 辛(xin), other than meaning tough, like 辛苦(xinku), which means life's hard, 辛 also means spicy. 香(xiang) means fragrant. 汇(hui) means coming together. Makes sense now?

 Almost all the restaurants I went to in China gave free packets of tissues. (Why here no have?)
This one had their chopstick wrapped, and gave packs of free wet & dry tissue to each patron. Good~~~

I didn't get to meet Anish until after dinner, as his flight in was supposed to be late at night. The next morning, we began our first task together - go to the JWT Shanghai office for a meeting.

JWT Shanghai is the advertising company in charge of this dENiZEN project. And I absolutely loved their office. This is how a creative environment should look like:

 Seriously, I wouldn't mind working here.

 Their chillax corner. Looks like a cafe. And those cow chairs argh!!!!! I want!!!

These are fake dessert and food items at their "cafe counter", which is really, the reception area. I really thought they were real food!!!! 

 Waiting while everyone's getting ready for lunch & the shoot which would happen later in the day!

And for those not following my tweets or Facebook page (WHY????!!!!!), you probably haven't met Anish. Say hi!

 Anish is a famous cool DJ from Goa, India, and he gets invited across the world to play at cool clubs!

Which reminds me of Nicole Chen. Remember her? I went for the Visa Hong Kong Super Shopper with her and her sister Celeste last September? She's also a DJ and she too gets invited to play internationally. PAid to travel. And they earn much more than cabin crew.... Travel AND party fannatics, you know which line to go into...

Throw on a jacket n I'm good to go~

 Anish doing his kungfu stunts in his photoshoot.

 This is just one of JWT Shanghai's awards... Don't believe?

 A whole shelf of them. Whoa~~~ Don't mess with them. Lol~

As we head for lunch, I saw a huge line of people as I got out of the lift:

I've never seen people QUEUING for the lifts before! I mean, come on, have you ever gone to Cineleisure on a weekend night and tried to get into a lift? Usually if we just arrived and there's like a herd of people waiting for (their 3rd unsucessful full) lifts we'd usually just try to wriggle and sneak into the nearest open lift right? *guilty* Here they actually QUEUE! This is not the usual China as I know it! *impressed*

Edamame!!! Anish has never eaten this before in his life, and put the whole thing into his mouth and chewed on it!!!! Haha!!! You're supposed to push the bean out from the pod! Yummm! 

Da Long Bao. Lol. Or did they call it Da Man Tou? It's supposed to have soup inside like the Xiao Long Baos, but they forgot to add the soup? According to the crew the ones they usually had were much soupier!!! Failed batch? 

Well, gives me a reason to come back I guess? For the soupy ones. =D


Bo zup. (No juice)

Sam Zam Ba!!! Prepare to die fat. But I'm eating you anyway. (Oh so sinful help~)

Meet Sandra!!! She's one of those I got closer to as the trip goes by. She's kinda like my elder sister in this trip, chatting with me about anything and everything. And she's probably the only person other than Mint who was given permission to go through the ENTIRE CONTENTS on my phone, including my, eh hem, scandalous pictures. Lol. 

Eh what?! I have scandalous pictures too okay! 不要小看我!Hahaha~

And we head to a newly opened dENiZEN store to pick out clothes we'll need for our upcoming shoots!

Do I look happy or what? ^=^

Trust me, if you were given as many dENiZEN items as I was, you would be grinning like me. 
And this is kinda spontaneous, but I'm kinda thinking of doing a giveaway for all you loyal readers who are still here despite me being quite missing-in-action for the past month. 

Keep a lookout for it okay! I'll arrange my luggage (yes I've not unpacked...hur hur) and let you guys know what I will be giving away soon! Love me? I know I love you guys! ^.^

Afterwards we head to this place in Shanghai I NEVER KNEW EXISTED. I mean, despite having been an air stewardess for 3 years and been to Shanghai countless times, this was a famous place that when I got there, I went "WTH What on Earth have I been doing in those years I was supposedly "seeing the world"???? I saw more hotel rooms than anything else I think....

The Bund. 

It's a famous popular waterfront touristy area (kinda like Singapore's Boat Quay minus the pubs and bars) which runs along Huangpu River in the eastern part of the Huangpu district. More precisely, it's at East-1 ZhongShan Road (东一中山路?)

That's our able camera op/editor Dalton, shooting me taking a picture of him shooting me. 

And he's holding a camera I've been eyeing. Okay I've been eyeing the 5D. Hmm which one's better for DSLR Noobs? =P I want to invest in one so I might be able to take better pictures for your enjoyment. And of course my keepsake. 

You know, I never really complain much about shoots and how tiring/hard/tough/hot it is (maybe just whine a bit, but I'll never do a Diva), because the hardest job lies with the guys holding the cameras. We suffer, they suffer too, and many times a lot more than we do, just to get a good footage. Which brings me to my next maybe-irrelevant point, but I still want to say this: 

I hate having to edit videos and stick to time limits and THEN HAVING TO THROW AWAY GOOD FOOTAGE WHICH TOOK SO MUCH EFFORT TO FILM!!!!!! 

Annoying, but it happens. RAH!!!~~!!!

Okay it's off my chest. Next. 

A hair-raising moment. Nah it's just the wind. You do know that right?

Next pictures are interesting. No prizes for guessing correctly my (tried-to-be-inconspicuous) focal points.

我pose! 再pose! 

Okok give you guys a proper one. 

Temperature here was at  comfortable 18-20°C. Compare that to home when evenings these days can go up to 30ºC. Then wonder why I was smiling like that in the picture.

Dalton's just taking videos of me taking pictures of Anish, but I wonder if Dalton knows he's in these pictures too... =D

Anish told me about this cool app called PhotoSynth which could take panorama pictures. 

Yup, and I made them my subject of interest in that one! ^.^

Many historical financial institutional buildings from places like the UK, US, France, Russia, Italy etc. line the stretch. (The Bund lies within the Shanghai International Settlement). For the whole list of buildings here and their history, check wikipedia. Or Google. I'm not going to bore you with historical facts. >.<

Just know this place is stunning. Especially in the evenings...

Me trying to catch a nice shot with the wind in my hair. Fail.

Not quite it....

 FAILFAILFAILFAILFAIL!!! Give up. I'm gonna end off with Kit's (our official photographer) amayzeeng pictures....

Madly in love with this shot. Except that Anish looks like he's walking REALLY strangely. 
Still, I love this shot. ;)