Thursday, 31 May 2012

Sync-Up: Lomography

New episode of Sync-up's up! Thank god, no toilet brush heroes this time round. Classier stuff. ;)

The father of Lomography is the LC-A+ (that's where the history of Lomography began), and though I'm loving all things classy and vintage now (think VW Beetle, Aston Martins, platform shoes and long floral maxi dresses), I have my eyes set on the Diana F+ for its range of stylish designs. It still looks vintage anyway. =) And I'm eyeing the oh-so-retro-looking Mr Pink. 

I am so going to own you. 

The LC-A+ is very tempting though, especially since I know the Lomo Online Store is having a 44% discount off their very classy-chic-looking LC-A+ Russia Day camera just for yesterday and today... *dazed*

No. I'll go for the Diana F+. Or the mini version. Since I can bring the small one around on days I want to bring a small bag. Lol. Just one thing - the mini one can't change lenses.

I could go for the La Sardina, but because La Sardina limits me to just Multi-Exposures, and I want something more versatile, the Diana F+ is perfect. 

Because it is the only Lomo camera which has the widest range of interchangeable lens available. Meaning it will allow me to change to Fisheye or Super-wide or Splitzer or Close-Up or Telephoto or whatever effect lens. Anytime. As long as I own them of course. Looks like I'm building a collection. ^.^

There's just something about having taking pictures with analogue cameras and not knowing how they will turn out until you actually develop the roll of film. (Which makes me a fan of the Hipstamatic and Disposable app on my iPhone.)

There's this really stunning Lomo Wall when you enter the Lomography Gallery Store. 

 Pretty spectacular eh?

Next *milestone splurge : a Diana F+ Mr Pink, with all its accessory lenses~ 
*a term I use to call something I reward myself with after I achieve a goal

The Lomography Gallery Store Singapore is located at:

295 South Bridge Road #01-01  
Singapore 058838
Tel: 6223 8850
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 12noon - 9:00 p.m.


  1. Why is there no one telling me that my hair was so messy? Producer!

  2. LC-A+! Its pretty impressive! I like it. I like vintage! I'm beginning to love your blog. Don't worry about your messy hair. You all look gorgeous! :)