Saturday, 31 July 2010

SMU City Trail 2010

You guys up for doing something really healthy on a Sunday? How about if it's doing something for charity as well? ;)

SMU has organized this event called the SMU City Trail 2010, which is a walk/run activity organised to raise funds for the Muscular Dystrophy Association (Singapore). Held along the Singapore River, the run will cater to 3 main categories - 15km Individual Competition, 3 Hour Corporate Team Challenge and Leisure. The following slots have been closed though- 0820hrs and 0840hrs for 15km competitive, and all the leisure slots, except for 0950hrs to 1050hrs. Meaning you can still sign up for the later 15km competitive slots, as well as the 0950-1050 leisure slot~

 The parts coloured dark blue is the route, with the 2 pink and orange flags being the start/end point.

Bo liao go and eng eng exercise with your family/bf/gf/dog/friends lah~ Along Singapore River leh, different from your neighbourhood scenery. For those who already do regular Sunday exercises, might as well go for this one. There are prizes to be won leh! For the Leisure category, the top prize for the person who has covered the longest distance in 2 hours will win a Hippo Shroom-i In-Ear-Moniter worth $99, as well as a pair of Zouk entry passes worth $60~ AND for the 15km competitive, there are gym memberships to be won as well.

Registering is not expensive, $16 for the Leisure category, and $18 for the 15km Competitive. If you want to sign up for the Corporate Team Challenge, it's $125 per team. Companies who sign up for this will receive a tax exemption for each team they send, as theregistration fee will be considered as donations to MDAS.

Actually for those who really gian free stuff, you'll get a T-shirt and goodie bag just for signing up~ ALL proceeds go to the Muscular Dystrophy Association so you'll be doing a good deed. Many of these kids can't walk, let alone run, and the adults? They probably have never even known what it's like to be on their feet. So what's a little running and sweating a little out for them, really? We're really blessed to be healthy and able-bodied, you know?

Still considering? Just go la~ It's a good excuse to exercise and lose those calories you've been overeating. And do something useful.
Go check out their website and REGISTER now!!!


Friday, 30 July 2010

Renovation Works in Progress

I haven't been updating lately cos I've been busy packing up my room for renovation works which are going on this week in my house. Best thing was this: Supposing renovation works will start tomorrow, then tonight Mummy comes into your room and announces "Tomorrow the reno guys are coming. Clear your room by tomorrow. Put your stuff into my bedroom."

I almost died of a heart attack. I've to EMPTY my wardrobe, shelves and basically practically EVERYTHING into my mum's room? She's doing renovation for me and my sis' rooms, so ALL our stuff are gonna go into HER ROOM? And I was NOT provided boxes to pack. AND my house ALWAYS has a serious shortage of plastic bags, even for throwing rubbish.

So how is emptying my room in one night possible sia? Ambition at it's best leh. It was that night when I was doing the magic video. The next day I had to go perform in front of Liu Qian. Can you imagine how stressed I was? 

Anyway, what happened was I DID manage to clear everything (I know, I'm amazed too, Girls, you know how much stuff we own). For the whole renovation period, my mum and sis will sleep in my mum's room (as always anyway. Sis has been sleeping there for as long as I can remember). Which leaves me with nowhere to koon. Living room's out, it's messy, plus on the days when I don't have to work I don't exactly fancy workers walking all over me. Kitchen is already filled with my stuff. (Duh, you really think EVERYTHING can fit into my mum's room?) Balcony? It's for doing laundry. And there'sno way I'm going to stay in the house with all the noise and the workers in the house. I treasure my own space. A LOT.

Yesterday I tried to go book a chalet room, figuring since it's July and not the school holidays, I should be able to get a room. Guess what? It's full. Cheap, yes, at $90 per night. But FULL. Great. So I tried budget hotels like Value Hotel, AQueen, Hangout@Emily, yada yada...


What is going on????????? I heard even Swissotel's almost full, and only the suites are left.
After talking to a friend, I realized...



Oh you know what? This very sweet girl had her mum help me check room availability cos her mum works with the hospital to help foreign families find accomodation while their loved ones are hospitalised here. Thanks Olivia! Okay you know what? Her mum actually even checked all the Fragrance Hotel outlets and Hotel 81s. AND THEY ARE FULL AS WELL~~~~~~ (except the Geylang outlets). HOTEL 81 leh!!!! WTH????????? Not that I would stay there la, but still...WTH???? Every 色伯伯 wants to 那个 this weekend? OR are all the YOG families staying there???

Of ALL timings. And isn't YOG starting only end of next week! Why the hell are people coming in SO early???? And taking up the budget hotels?!?!?!? Then at this time, my place has to undergo renovations (gotta happen through the weekend when families decide to stay in chalets). Suei until cannot suei... I somehow wished Mum had warned me earlier. At least I could get a place to sleep in. And pack my stuff there. Now I don't even know where my external hard disk is. It holds all my photos which I use for blogging. Which means I can't do my advertorials and reviews cos I stored the photos there!!!!! *panic* 

I'll see what I can do. I WILL get an advertorial/review up TODAY.

Then again, I still can use some old pictures from my phone I guess... (thank god I never clear the phone...)

Alton has been moved out of my place as well. The day the workers came and started knocking and making loud works, Alton went to hide in the bathroom, in the space between the toilet bowl and the wall. I figured he's going to get dusty and really uncomfortable, so I took him out. That was one of the reasons why I wanted a chalet room. I could get Alton in there easier than I can get him into a hotel.

Anyways, does anyone here miss my long hair?

I still want a place to stay. Like, not someone's place, but a nice chalet or hotel room. Cheap one under $100/night, except 81s and Fragrances. Not sure how long the renovations are going to take, but I know after our rooms are done, Mum will do HER room. I hope she doesn't do it during the September school hols. So its easier for me to book a room then. And that she'll tell me earlier. So I can book it early. For what since my room's done? To avoid the noise and the workers~ -Duh-


Tuesday, 27 July 2010


I'm going to meet Liu Qian tomorrow and I'm SUPER-DUPER anxious right now. I saw that trick he did somehow combining 2 eggs into 1 heart-shaped egg and not being able to figure that out DOES NOT HELP...

Watch this. I think I can amaze my little cousins with it, but definitely NOT Liu Qian. Lol~
Do NOT laugh at my hair. I KNOW there's a bump on the right (your right hand side).

That Silver Girl

Saturday, 24 July 2010

最火搭档 "Unriddle" Behind the Scenes

Hey hey good morning!!!
It seems a lot of people like my short hair leh!!!
(except for my buddy Denzel...the moment he saw my blog he called me gan-cheong-ly and asked me what the hell did I do to my hair, and said I will NEVER become so NOT fashionista~)

Not fashionista meh?
Okay la it's more cute than fashionista.

Pleased with the new look, and camwhoring loads...but I think I better not show you guys in case you don't want to scroll anymore...
But seriously hor, I think I can live with this look. Makes me wonder how come when I was in Nanyang Girls' I hated short hair. Probably because my short hair then was super ugly. Always just leave the hair with the hairstylist and NOT give instructions like "eh, cannot too long ah, cannot too fancy, then hor, the fringe cannot cover face, simple simple can already"
KNS simple lor then look like shit....

I'm serious....


Fuck-mad ugly!!!!!! Help~ Me during Seconday 1 days... this hair already grew longer liao leh, before that when it's just cut I look even more kuku. And this is already an improved hairstyle. The one before this hairstyle....I better not show you guys....



This is actually my new image for the show 《最火搭档》 "The Unriddle" airing soon! *excited*

This was done at imaging for my 坠楼后 造型. Though I look more like someone clawed me instead. =P

I supposedly landed on my right face, which explains the injury. Could have looked more injured hor?

Filming in progress

I look super sad here...because.....

The crew prepping the base...

...which I will stand on for my 坠落 scene...
For safety reasons, they didn't let me stand on the very thin ledge.
To be honest, this little set-up wasn't very stable either...but....

They tied me up. This fat pink stuff is my waist. The other end was tied to the stuntman who was supposed to save me should I really fall over accidentally.

This was what I saw when I looked down. Nope, there were no cushions or tatami mats below...just the tentage. There might be la, I couldn't be sure. But it looked like just the tentage.

The trailer looks really good~ I'm one of the many cases in the show, and I'm (one of) the pink girl who falls off the building...

Waiting for the scene where I've already landed on the floor.*装惨*

Trying to look damn 可怜. FAIL!!!!
WHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!! Hungry already la!!!! Stood on the roof for 2 hours, lie on the floor for 2 hours, make up since 7am, and I didn't have breakfast lor!!!
It's the norm though.*shrugs*
At least I'm done for the day!!!


Friday, 23 July 2010


I'm going to show you guys something drastic, so prepare yourself.
I'm kinda worried about the responses I will get from you guys though...


No la this is not some freak stupid macam forwarded spam mail content where some lady will jump onto your computer screen and scream at you just to scare the shit outta you.

Unless you consider my face scary... *hmmph!*


What do you guys think? Nice? I quite like it leh, different from my usual long hair for the past 9 years...and WITH BANGS!!!!


More pictures later on~!!! ;)


Thursday, 22 July 2010

Martial Combat

Hey peeps!!! Sorry I was away for SOOOOO long... *guilty look* Thanks for coming back for updates every now and then. I've got so many things in store for you guys this week, so hope it makes up! =D

I was wondering for the whole week how to write this post, on something I've absolutely no knowledge about. Then I thought, LIKE HOW I NORMALLY WRITE LA!!!!! I figured since most (or all) of you won't know anything about MMA, I'll tell u guys about this macam I talk to my friends la, boleh? ^.^

Okay, I got invited to this event at Resorts World Sentosa last week. RESORTS WORLD SENTOSA LEH!!! The last time I went there was for Star Awards and I got ferried straight to the convention centre, or something like that. And didn't really get a chance to explore the place. Anyway, my memory of that place was a blur, that's all I remember. This time, my manager drove me in, and we were given the beginners' impression of RWS, from getting lost INSIDE the very very very huge carpark, to finding our own way to the Convention Centre, to knowing where the ATM is located (It's beside Toast Box anyway). Actually that was all I found out. I'll reserve the rest of RWS for when someone decides to bring me to Universal Studios!!!!! *drooling just thinking about it*

I rode, and parked my bike in VivoCity. Yeah, Sentosa STILL does not allow motorcycles into the island, other than to Sentosa Cove because some residents do own motorcycles. So...Shavy drove me in...

All prepared for the event, except for the failed proper adhesion of my lashes on my right eye. 

If you wanna drive into Resorts World, be prepared that the carpark charges are scary...$6 for 1st hr, and subsequent hours cost $2/hr. One thing good is it absorbs Sentosa Island admission charges. And it's capped at a maximum of S$20 for 24 hours. Good news is during weekday-lunch hours from between 12.00pm and 2.00pm, RWS is introducing a special concession rate of S$1 for the first hour of parking.

Okay la parking at Marina Bay Sands is scarier...

MBS charges $8 an hour, followed by $2 per subsequent hour, and it's capped at $28 per 24-hour period. By far the most expensive carpark in Singapore. I'd go to Sentosa anytime man..there's shopping, casino (whatever the MS has) PLUS Universal Studios, and if I wanna get out of RWS, I can still go to other parts of Sentosa...

Walking towards the Convention Centre and feeling super swakoo coz I was like "WAH!!!! Very big leh!!! Very nice leh!!! WAH SHAVY(my manager)! See the lights!!!" 
I think that somehow, I'm still very much a Kampung Girl...heh~

Trying to look seh despite my excitement.

Anyway, MMA stands for Mixed Martial Arts. And this event I was attending is called Martial Combat. 
Some background info before I start confusing everyone:
MMA is a full contact combat sport featuring an array of fighting techniques and skills from a variety of traditional and modern martial arts. Meaning to say, there is no fixed style to use. You can combine Judo, Wushu and Karate, or Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with Boxing. Whatever works, you use it in your favour. Cool huh? 

I was watching “The Legend is Born: Ip Man" and the son of the original Wing Chun master injected some life into Wing Chun by introducing high kicks and several techniques not usually used. There was some conflict that the proper original Wing Chun shouldn't have high kicks, but it did make the fighting style more powerful, so the new techniques were accepted later on. 


Of course you can't do things like biting, hair pulling, clawing the flesh, spitting at ur opponent or grabbing their groins. Be civil here, shall we? The whole list is here, under FOULS.

MMA has been around since the early 1900s, but really only got more popular in recent years. In Singapore, not much is known about the sport, though I've seen a school teaching MMA in POMO called Evolve. I heard walk-in trial sessions are available at $50 per session if you wannd find out whether this is your thing.

Asia's ESPN Star Sports, in partnership with RWS, launched MARTIAL COMBAT – Asia’s Ultimate Mixed Martial Arts Fight Championship in 2010, in May this year. For 2 days a month from May till October, you'll get to watch some of the World's toughest fighters, right here in Singapore!!! 

I've only gotten to watch actual ring fights in movies like Ip Man, so this was something really exciting for me!

The MARTIAL COMBAT will feature a grand total of twelve events comprising 60 action-packed fights per year, featuring some of the most popular and celebrated Asian fighters and many ranked fighters from around the world. It will receive an unprecedented amount of television coverage from ESS in excess of 60 hours, making it the largest MMA broadcast in Asia.

This will be the first-ever MMA event till date to receive television coverage in 24 different countries in Asia, extensive online support through and mobile initiatives through mobileESPN. 

- excerpt from ESPN STAR Sports' press release

310 million viewers of STAR Sports will be watching this event!!! Great way to boost our tourism and the integrated resorts~! AND AND AND!!!!!!

I was invited by ESPN STAR Sports to be the guest presenter for this....

The Championship Belt!!!!! Whoa~~~~~

It's huge and SUPER heavy...I couldn't hold it up properly with one hand...
If the presentation of the belt gets broadcast, 310 million viewers will see me leh!!!! How many viewers do we have watching our local channels? 4million? If EVERYONE decides to watch TV la. Which I doubt will happen.
310 million viewers across 24 countries!!!!!

Okay la let's just take 10 percent of that number. It's still 30 million viewers! And they just might see me!!! Okay la I'm just presenting the Championship Belt for the Superfight on the 14th July, and there are 2 Superfights every month, but hey, it IS exposure for an up-and-coming starlet like me hor! Who knows some Hollywood or HK or TW producer might be watching....
Don't play play~*delusional*

 Camwhoring in the toilet before the fights, and trying to decide if I should tie up or let down my hair...
The things girls do...
See the cage in the middle? That's where the fighters will battle it out!!!


Honestly, I wouldn't want to be that guy in green shorts.
No one dies here la of course, it's all about technique. =)

The one match I was looking forward to the whole night...

Need a closer look?

The women's fight!!!!

THE most action-packed fight for the night. Though this wasn't the main event which would be the Superfight later on, I gotta tell you, the women's fight was fiercer than any of the men's fights I saw that night.
Never mess with women....

Now for the main event - The Superfight Championship Belt Showdown!!!

Between Eduard Folayang (top) from Baguio, Phillipines, and Bao She Ri Gu Leng (bottom) from Inner Mongolia, China.

I think Eduard's kinda good-looking. 

Eduard is the current MMA Champion of the Philippines and a multiple SEA Games Wushu gold medalist.
Bao She holds the Champion title for the 75kg WulingFeng in Sanda and has fought in ALL of China's MMA promotions. In his career, he has remained undefeated. Will he keep that record tonight?

Eduard: Take that!!! *punches*
Bao She: Hiiiiiiiiiaaaaaaaa~~~ I will NOT fall~~~ *gek*

I know!!!
I have absolutely no idea what's going on as well!!!! Lol~

One helluva fight~

Waiting for the final match which determines the winner for the night!
I was getting butterflies, donkeys and chickens in my stomach~

And the winner is.....

EDUARD!!!! 偶像!!! 
*trying to compose myself*
I put the belt on for him you know??? *proud*

Great event, guys!!!

Anyone keen on learning MMA??? ^.^
How about watching it live?
Next fights are on the 18th and 19th of August! There will be fights in September and October too!
Grab your tickets from Sistic now!!! 

Of course, you can wait till it airs on STAR Sports~ =D
You can get more info about Martial Combat here~

That Silver Girl

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Lazy and Inconsiderate

Wah lao....went into the lift yesterday night and I saw this...

 I remember thinking "WAH HDB so nice plant things in lifts!!!" before realizing that the plant's half dead and some of the leaves were black and withered. 

Some idiot had obviously decidedly they didn't want it anymore and that they should bring it downstairs to throw it, then they made the effort to carry this pot of half-dead plant into the lift, and suddenly, laziness got to the better of them and they decided they cannot even make that extra effort to move it out of the lift. So they just left it there.

Or even better, maybe the idiot thought they could just move the pot into the lift and press "1", then when the plant reached its ex-owner-intended destination, the plant will roll itself out onto the lift lobby for the Bangla cleaner/floor-sweeper to throw away.

Hello? Wake up your idea~~~ And we should never take the workers/cleaners for granted. Just because they will sweep the floor doesn't mean you should open your letterbox and sweep all the property-agent pamphlets onto the floor lor~ *tsk tsk tsk*

I know I sound like some really boliao STomp-er who whole day got nothing to do, go around taking pictures and writing in to STomp. Except that I write on my own blog. And I AM entitled to rant on MY OWN BLOG, so go away, SHOO, if you're going to say things like "If you're not happy then take the initiative to move the plant out la" that kinda rubbish.

ANYWAY, this reminds me of this Singaporean family I served when I was flying with SQ. KNS the family of four made a mess around their seats, throwing newspapers and blankets all over the floor. The little boy wanted to pick up the mess, but the father stopped him and guess what he said....


(No he didn't say KNN, I said it, in my head...I vaguely remember using the Serving Tray to smack him on the head too, also in my head....)

"Boy, dirty la, don't pick up. The stewardess auntie will clean up for us."


 Which of these stewardesses (they are my lovely batch girls, by the way) look like auntie to you????

Excuse me, UNCLE, next time, bring your maid with you. And I'm at least 10 years younger than you, Auntie your head~ This is the exact same family who, upon boarding with their hand-carry luggages, leave the luggages on the floor, then proceed to settle down in their seats, expecting the girls in kebaya to put them up into the overhead compartment for them. Mind you, the father was at least 10cm taller and bigger sized than me (or any of the girls working on that aisle).


For the ignorant, putting lugagges up for passengers is not part of an air crew's job. We can help if we see a lady with baby / old woman / short passenger struggling to put their stuff up, but when we DO help, it's out of goodwill, NOT part of our duty. And you know why? Because if we fucking strain, or worse, INJURE our backs, the company will not back us up. They may even accuse us of not taking care of ourselves properly, and that they didn't ask us to help the passengers put up their heavy bags. The company will seem to care (short term), but in the long run when they realize we have a lot of MCs for back-related injuries, our contract is at a high risk of not being extended, meaning at the end of the 5-year contract, we risk losing our job. Because of some idiotic big-sized lazy/act-frail pig. Or maybe they're just obnoxious, or too used to being served.

That said, even if they have a maid, trivial things which they can do on their own, they should do on their own. The maids are called domestic HELPERS, meaning they help when you cannot cope. That's why you engaged them in the first place, no? To help you, not take over your duties entirely. Who knows maybe some employers ask their maids to bathe them or wash their feet for them when they get home...

*tsk tsk tsk*

Anyway, my point is, just don't be lazy la. Or inconsiderate. Usually lazy people are inconsiderate, it's somehow linked, you know? If you're lazy to do stuff you incovenience someone else to get it done for you, like wash the bloody dishes when you're done with your food. If you're rushing for time and had to head out, then come back later at night, and wash them. But you're obviously lazy and waiting for someone else to do it for you when the same dishes and cutlery is being left in the sink for at least 2 days. So lazy people are inconsiderate. Period. Same goes for the guys who left the plant in the lift.

Be nicer to everyone, and you will become less lazy. Honest!

 With 3 of the nicest girls I've met in the airline. ^.^ LOVES!