Saturday, 24 July 2010

最火搭档 "Unriddle" Behind the Scenes

Hey hey good morning!!!
It seems a lot of people like my short hair leh!!!
(except for my buddy Denzel...the moment he saw my blog he called me gan-cheong-ly and asked me what the hell did I do to my hair, and said I will NEVER become so NOT fashionista~)

Not fashionista meh?
Okay la it's more cute than fashionista.

Pleased with the new look, and camwhoring loads...but I think I better not show you guys in case you don't want to scroll anymore...
But seriously hor, I think I can live with this look. Makes me wonder how come when I was in Nanyang Girls' I hated short hair. Probably because my short hair then was super ugly. Always just leave the hair with the hairstylist and NOT give instructions like "eh, cannot too long ah, cannot too fancy, then hor, the fringe cannot cover face, simple simple can already"
KNS simple lor then look like shit....

I'm serious....


Fuck-mad ugly!!!!!! Help~ Me during Seconday 1 days... this hair already grew longer liao leh, before that when it's just cut I look even more kuku. And this is already an improved hairstyle. The one before this hairstyle....I better not show you guys....



This is actually my new image for the show 《最火搭档》 "The Unriddle" airing soon! *excited*

This was done at imaging for my 坠楼后 造型. Though I look more like someone clawed me instead. =P

I supposedly landed on my right face, which explains the injury. Could have looked more injured hor?

Filming in progress

I look super sad here...because.....

The crew prepping the base...

...which I will stand on for my 坠落 scene...
For safety reasons, they didn't let me stand on the very thin ledge.
To be honest, this little set-up wasn't very stable either...but....

They tied me up. This fat pink stuff is my waist. The other end was tied to the stuntman who was supposed to save me should I really fall over accidentally.

This was what I saw when I looked down. Nope, there were no cushions or tatami mats below...just the tentage. There might be la, I couldn't be sure. But it looked like just the tentage.

The trailer looks really good~ I'm one of the many cases in the show, and I'm (one of) the pink girl who falls off the building...

Waiting for the scene where I've already landed on the floor.*装惨*

Trying to look damn 可怜. FAIL!!!!
WHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!! Hungry already la!!!! Stood on the roof for 2 hours, lie on the floor for 2 hours, make up since 7am, and I didn't have breakfast lor!!!
It's the norm though.*shrugs*
At least I'm done for the day!!!


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  1. omg, your sec1 was so like Da jie Da of the school ! (Y)