Wednesday, 28 November 2012

C.L.I.F 2

#C.L.I.F 2 has been really interesting to shoot, and I got to meddle with cool stuff like learn how to test for blood stains, do fingerprint dusting, see lots of (fake but looked super realistic) dead bodies, and work with the coolest actors and actresses in Mediacorp. Think Rui En, Li Nan Xing, Joanne Peh...and actual members of the Singapore Police Force, like this pretty CID officer. (SPF got chio bu one okay~~~)

Here are some other shots courtesy of SPF's Facebook Page:

General scene of crime. Gloves and masks were worn to prevent contamination as FMB members have to get up close with any possible evidence.

FMB member identifying evidence.

Taking close-up shots of the evidence.

I got to benefit from dedicated fans who came to support their idols...

 So sweet!!! It's because of supporters like you guys that makes your idols feel that all they have done for their work was worth it. =)

I wonder how much stuff Rui En, or even people like Jolin/2NE1/Justin Bieber have at home. Lol~ 

Update when I have more pictures! ;)

Monday, 26 November 2012

Sponsored Post: Get Younger-Looking Eyes with L'Oreal YOUTH CODE Eye Essence

Hands up those of you who forget to use their eye care products as regularly as they should? 
How about late night owls? 
Eye-rubbers whenever your eyes are itchy? How about not being really gentle when removing eye makeup? Snacking on chips/ordering fries just before bedtime?

Guilty as charged. I am. Of all the above. Due to my being accustomed to sleeping at 5 in the morning, I don't sleep at all these days for up to 48 hours because of my new show. Call times are usually 7/8am in the morning, and I know that should I sleep, that's it. I probably won't be able to wake up, which translates to not getting anymore shows after this. Lol. 

Every other eye crime as mentioned above? Yeah... *sheepish*

And so when I first got sent the L'Oreal YOUTH CODE Eye Essence, I honestly didn't know what it was going to do for me. I am getting on in my age (okay maybe I'm exaggerating, but I'm no longer 18 you know? Though I sometimes don't feel any older than that.), and to say I am not aware that fine lines and wrinkles WILL start to creep on me in a few years is a lie. I mean, I take good care of my skin, except maybe for the past 1 month when I got lazy, but no girl can resist trying a product that helps reverse any sign of aging, right?

I learnt that one month of not taking care of my skin can make me look like this:

And it's no wonder, because skin under the eyes are the thinnest,  just 0.3mm - 0.5mm thick, as compared to skin elsewhere on the face which is 1 - 1.6mm thick, it is the most fragile, therefore it takes a longer time to recover from any aggression, fatigue, UV etc. (You don't see fine lines on your cheeks do you?)

Asian women's 5 key eye concerns:
  • Fine lines & Wrinkles
  • Dark Circles & Eye Bags
  • Sagging at the Outer Corners
  • Puffy Eyelids
  • Dark Spots

I have a serious dark circle and dark spot problem, and I look forward to what this little miracle eye essenc claims it can do.

The YOUTH CODE Eye Essence is a combination of 2 patented technologies developed by L'Oréal Paris, namely PRO-GEN™ Technology & DRAINBOOST™. I know we always read about all these amazing patented or company-developed technologies and go lost because like, what ARE they???

So I'm going to help you out a little here - A little background so you know what they are capable of. 

PRO-GEN is the science behind the YOUTH CODE family of products (Boosting Essence, and now the Eye Essence), and acts at skin’s cellular level to boost skin’s recovery power.  That’s good news for our eyes, since it helps the eye contours recover from damage. PRO-GEN™ also strengthens skin’s barrier function to protect our eye contours from external stress (REF: All the horrible things we do to our own eyes).

Adenosine (an isolated component of DNA) in YOUTH CODE Eye Essence reduces fine lines and wrinkles by reinforcing and reorganizing our skin’s Dermis layer (where most of ageing takes place).

Now to DRAINBOOST™. For sure this drains something, most probably eyebags and boost the performance of something right? Yup. This is a fusion of Haloxyl & Caffeine, that works together to improve micro-circulation around the eye contours, hence ridding your eyes of dark circles (which is really stagnant blood beneath your skin) and also prevents water retention (which is a common cause of puffy eyes).

So what does it all mean? A smoother, more luminous eye contour with, listen up, just ONE drop per application, morning & night.

One single drop is all you need for both eyes.


Frazzled. Due to collapsing into bed immediately after getting home. Then waking up and remembering I need to shower and apply skincare.


Always apply with the ring finger (that's the one beside the pinky) as they say it's the one with the gentlest pressure. Apply in a gentle tapping manner.


Side by side comparison

No touching up has been done (which also explains for the difference in colour temperature), but I could tell that the undereye area in the picture below looks fuller and fresher. 

I like how it is almost IMMEDIATELY absorbed. No wait time so I don't have to wait before applying makeup!

Also, it does not feel greasy at all which is a huge plus for those of you who don't apply your skincare in an air-conditioned room. Skincare which took forever to dry when I have yet to fix my a/c was a nightmare. Lol~

Twice a day for a week had me addicted. No milia seeds developed (hooray for those who have problems with those!) and I look more awake despite surviving on an average of 3 hours of sleep per day/night. Plus I no longer need to HEAVILY conceal my panda eyes! Just a little concealer/highlighter in the inner corners of the eyelids is all I need now. Cheating champion. Lol! Of course, I believe it would work so much better if I had more sleep.

From today until December 2012, the YOUTH CODE Eye Essence will be retailing at a special introductory price of $29.90 instead of the usual $34.90 for a 15ml bottle.

P.S. At Watson's Get an additional UV Perfect Sunscreen (worth $11.45) when you purchase 2 L’Oreal Paris skincare products inclusive of the new YOUTH CODE Eye Essence. 

For more information, please visit the L'Oreal Paris Singapore Facebook Page.

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Ramblings, & a New Travelog?

Busy is good! Okay maybe not so good for my readers but I assure you I have a whole list of things to share with you, including way overdue stories and travels. Lol. 

I think I have been eating pretty unhealthily, like anyhow, as and when, dunno what. So I'm on a eat-less kinda thing. Not exactly a diet, but just eat less so that I can get rid of a tummy that has miraculously appeared the last 2 weeks. (And no I'm not preggers cos I'm bleeding, if that interests you enough to know. Bleah.)

I packed my room! The floor is now clear. Before I had clutter all over and it was getting uncomfortable as I had to twist myself to walk. I read in some fengshui or organizational book that floor clutter is somehow related to financial problems. They're not half as bad if you have a cluttered wall. Enough reason for you to start clearing things? =)

Starting to hang out with my lovely cousin Phyllis again. She just did her LASIK and is newly single so I told her I wanna date her while my darling is few thousand miles away, and bring her to places she's never been, like St James. (Like seriously babe????) Be prepared to see her more in my posts. ;)

Met a JC friend for dinner as he's back from Darwin. I got to eat my beloved White Beehoon from Sembawang (loves!) and he got me Haig Chocolates! 

The last time he was in Korea he bought me this super good BB cream which till today remains one of my favourite. How come I have such sweet friends??? ^.^ Thanks so much JX! I probably should plan for that trip to Darwin with Cheryl Tay....

Oh okay before you are lost, me and Cheryl met like in 2010, and come 2011, we randomly decided to just, for the 2nd time, book a holiday, and pack for a girly getaway to Hong Kong. Where we talked and laughed and blogged (yes she works on the go..this girl is a mad workaholic!) And it was so much fun we decided we should do this every year. And 2012 came and is almost gone, December air ticket prices are mad, so are hotels, so we decided we should go coming Jan/Feb. With no destination in mind. Yet. Darwin now sounds like a good idea, plus my friend has empty rooms in his apartment, so that could save us accommodation costs...heh heh~ Idea~~~

Before that happens, I have to finish up my work for December, go to Shanghai for Xmas and the New Year, then decide on my girly holiday. Oh my goodness I've been travelling A LOT this year!!! 

  • I started the year at Guangzhou where I did my countdown with Hagen's mum. Yes that was totally random. 
  • Then there was wintery and so dreamy-beautiful Hokkaido with the family to start the new lunar year with (which I was halfway through! Will get back to it in a bit!), 
  • then Batam with Mint, 
  • followed by Batam with Angeline, 
  • then Shanghai where I explored The Bund for the first time, did some kickass kungfu and starred in my first kungfu film (okay more like a clip), 
  • Kunming and 
  • Beijing for dENiZEN We Are Explorers campaign (which I have yet to complete blogging about as well...yikes~). 
  • Next I went to Taipei for my first date with my beau (tell u guys more about this another post!), 
  • and then Shanghai in July (read more here under the Explore Shanghai series, too many to link), 
  • followed by Hong Kong in August (I still have posts to share about HK too)
  • and then Shanghai again. 
  • After I came back I went to Genting with Nuffnang where I got to know Celine better, 
  • then Bintan with a whole bunch of bloggers and where I got to know Yuhao better.
  • I'm flying back to Shanghai to end the year with. 
I left out my short Johor Bahru trips. If I wanna include day trips there's no end to this. And then there are those trips I did while filming last year. Goodness. 

Okay that's a lotta China. I kinda miss London a lot. A lot. A lot. I know I've said this before, but I can't help it. And I do want to go to the States, just so I can go crazy on the shopping. Even Australia sounds nice now. Or Italy? Cape Town? Nepal? Somewhere exotic. *imagines* (The Power teaches me to imagine and feel love for being there.) For some weird reason, I've never been so excited about travel when I was flying as I am now. Now I just wanna go everywhere and really see the world, experience, discover and make memories with loved ones. Something I stopped feeling 4 months into my cabin crew life. I found the excitement and thrill of travelling again! Haha~ Does any airline want to help with my air tickets, especially to and from Shanghai? >.< China Eastern? Air Asia? Cathay? SQ??? U guys got lobang can intro also hor don't be shy. Europe also can. ;)

I think I should do a weekly travelog, like travel blog posts. Waddya think? Kind of like a way to force myself to blog about my trips. Every Friday? Sounds good I think. Let's go on a weekly date, so even if I have no posts, you'll know Friday there is bound to be something outside of Singapore. I currently have at least 12 posts I can share, so that's 3 months already, and I'm sure by digging through my hard disks I can find more. Coming Friday. No see no split! ;)

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Have You Not Been Riding Your Bike?

Then it's time to send it in for servicing. If you can even manage to ride it all the way to the workshop without the bike dying on you. 

I went away to China for a couple of months some time ago, and of course no one rode it for me during this period. So when I came back, I gamely suggested to a good friend that we should ride into JB for a night of abalone noodles and cheap petrol. 

The ride out of the carpark all the way through the first 400 metres were fine, then it started doing strange things...

The bike engine kept dying in the middle of the road. Like, the bike could be moving at full speed, then one gear down for slowing the bike down could put the whole bike to engine off mode. It was damn scary. Imagine being in JB and having the bike die throughout the night. We went in at 2am, and I think we only managed to come out at 8am cos we tried to find a workshop that was open 24 hours and took wrong turns and then when we were finally done (with the bike not fixed) we were caught in the morning customs jam. >.<

So needless to say I dared not ride it since. And called my workshop guys to come tow the bike (I wasn't going to ride it to the workshop myself!). They asked me what happened and I told them it kept dying when I ride it.

I went to collect my bike today and they said it could be a battery problem since my last battery change was about a year ago (but I really doubted it), and I got them to change my engine oil. So yay! I was all excited to ride it back home despite the fact that it was raining (that's how much I enjoy riding - I feel, and I started the bike and put it to first gear. It died on me 2 seconds later, and I couldn't start it again. -.-"


Thank goodness the guys were still there. The only thing was I went at their closing time so they couldn't fix it on the spot for me. I told them I went overseas for 2 months and didn't ride it and THEN they understood. (??????)

By now I was like wtf I already told them I didn't know why the bike kept dying on me and I thought they were supposed to help me find out and not just assume that it was just the battery. Sorry for my incoherent grammar as I was really a little "pffffttt" by then. My workshop is HKL in Alexandra Village and missy here stays all the way up north in Woodlands. Blah~ It's an hour by train and a good $20 by cab. HELLO~~~~ You tell me you dulan or not? 

*calms myself down and flings hair cooly*

"So...why like that huh?"

"Orh, too long never ride. The inside oil all dirty already. You should tell us then we can open up everything and clean up the engine for you."

How the hell would I know right? 

Before you roll your eyes at me and say "Wah lao eh lady rider jiu shi lady rider...", I have to declare one thing - this wasn't taught in riding school, and come on! Which functional rider would know about all these unless it has happened to them before??????

Like I only knew that you have to start the bike for like 5-10 minutes every few days if you're not riding it or you're gonna end up with a dead battery after 2 weeks AFTER it happened to me multiple times. And that bike batteries CAN die eventually so you have to change them once a year. And chains need to be lubricated or they might loosen, rust, or snap. (Yes my bike chain has actually snapped on me Lol~)

So to all you riders out there who have not been riding your bike for a while and are having trouble starting it, have it towed to the workshop and tell them that you have not been riding your bike for a long time so please clean the engine and whatever it is they have to do to get it working safely again for you.

One of the guys was kind enough to offer me a ride home on his bike as he claimed he was staying in the north as well. (Okay la I did ask if anyone wanted to offer to send me home because it's really inconvenient to get from Alexandra Village to Woodlands.) So for that I was appeased. Lol. At least I didn't have to make my way home empty-handed in the rain. Thank you Ah Yap gor!

See you my R15. Next week! Then I can ride you again. Mmmm~~~~

bimba & lola Voyage Collection: Love Doggies?

bimba & lola recently launched their Voyage Collection, and I was a lucky girl to be there to witness it all before the official launch.

A story of 8 creative and stylish canine stars coming together from all over the world to celebrate the premiere of the Voyage Collection right here in Singapore. I loved the little video of their trip.

Featuring Vera & Elisa, playful & friendly twins based in Dubai working as copywriters in an advertising agency; Valentina, a fashion PR living in Bogota who is sensual, vain and has a love for fashion accessories; Ruth lives in Singapore, she has an impulsive, rebellious nature and is an illustrator who is passionate about music, concerts, and comics; Sofía lives in Paris where she owns an art gallerythen there is Frida, the sweet and adventurous nature-loving photographer who lives in Mexico and is especially fond of the seas and the mountains; Olivia the dreamy, dynamic and melancholic scriptwriter in Madrid; & sophisticated party girl fashion stylist Rebecca from London.

See if you can spot all of them in the video. ;)

bimba & lola is a Spanish brand and I thought it represents young, contemporary, stylish women who's just that little bit carefree. I especially love their little accessories and trinkets. Having turned 7 this year,  they're launching their year-end festive Voyage Collection in our charming little city. The dog motif is symbolic of the brand, and I thought it was cute that they came up with a whole family of cute and quirky dogs so there is something for everyone this Christmas. 

iPad sleeve. I'm not really sure but I believe that is Ruth. =)

Cute vanity pouches which could double up as a cute pencil case. 

I thought this umbrella was adorable!!! 

USB key rings

They have sophisticated bags good to bring to work. I'm suckers for cream and beige items, so even though this piece is simple, I kinda like it.

My favourite items in the WHOLE store? From the Voyage Collection, it was the super colourful Voyage scarf featuring all the doggies in a cute pink little bimba & lola dust bag...

Spot the extra dog. Lol!

 And from the store itself, these beautiful key rings had my heart itching so bad...

Mad love this one. May I have this for Christmas, anyone? ^.^

bimba & lola
ION Orchard
2 Orchard Turn
# B1-04
Singapore 238801

Tel: 6509 3305