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Sponsored Post: Get Younger-Looking Eyes with L'Oreal YOUTH CODE Eye Essence

Hands up those of you who forget to use their eye care products as regularly as they should? 
How about late night owls? 
Eye-rubbers whenever your eyes are itchy? How about not being really gentle when removing eye makeup? Snacking on chips/ordering fries just before bedtime?

Guilty as charged. I am. Of all the above. Due to my being accustomed to sleeping at 5 in the morning, I don't sleep at all these days for up to 48 hours because of my new show. Call times are usually 7/8am in the morning, and I know that should I sleep, that's it. I probably won't be able to wake up, which translates to not getting anymore shows after this. Lol. 

Every other eye crime as mentioned above? Yeah... *sheepish*

And so when I first got sent the L'Oreal YOUTH CODE Eye Essence, I honestly didn't know what it was going to do for me. I am getting on in my age (okay maybe I'm exaggerating, but I'm no longer 18 you know? Though I sometimes don't feel any older than that.), and to say I am not aware that fine lines and wrinkles WILL start to creep on me in a few years is a lie. I mean, I take good care of my skin, except maybe for the past 1 month when I got lazy, but no girl can resist trying a product that helps reverse any sign of aging, right?

I learnt that one month of not taking care of my skin can make me look like this:

And it's no wonder, because skin under the eyes are the thinnest,  just 0.3mm - 0.5mm thick, as compared to skin elsewhere on the face which is 1 - 1.6mm thick, it is the most fragile, therefore it takes a longer time to recover from any aggression, fatigue, UV etc. (You don't see fine lines on your cheeks do you?)

Asian women's 5 key eye concerns:
  • Fine lines & Wrinkles
  • Dark Circles & Eye Bags
  • Sagging at the Outer Corners
  • Puffy Eyelids
  • Dark Spots

I have a serious dark circle and dark spot problem, and I look forward to what this little miracle eye essenc claims it can do.

The YOUTH CODE Eye Essence is a combination of 2 patented technologies developed by L'OrĂ©al Paris, namely PRO-GEN™ Technology & DRAINBOOST™. I know we always read about all these amazing patented or company-developed technologies and go lost because like, what ARE they???

So I'm going to help you out a little here - A little background so you know what they are capable of. 

PRO-GEN is the science behind the YOUTH CODE family of products (Boosting Essence, and now the Eye Essence), and acts at skin’s cellular level to boost skin’s recovery power.  That’s good news for our eyes, since it helps the eye contours recover from damage. PRO-GEN™ also strengthens skin’s barrier function to protect our eye contours from external stress (REF: All the horrible things we do to our own eyes).

Adenosine (an isolated component of DNA) in YOUTH CODE Eye Essence reduces fine lines and wrinkles by reinforcing and reorganizing our skin’s Dermis layer (where most of ageing takes place).

Now to DRAINBOOST™. For sure this drains something, most probably eyebags and boost the performance of something right? Yup. This is a fusion of Haloxyl & Caffeine, that works together to improve micro-circulation around the eye contours, hence ridding your eyes of dark circles (which is really stagnant blood beneath your skin) and also prevents water retention (which is a common cause of puffy eyes).

So what does it all mean? A smoother, more luminous eye contour with, listen up, just ONE drop per application, morning & night.

One single drop is all you need for both eyes.


Frazzled. Due to collapsing into bed immediately after getting home. Then waking up and remembering I need to shower and apply skincare.


Always apply with the ring finger (that's the one beside the pinky) as they say it's the one with the gentlest pressure. Apply in a gentle tapping manner.


Side by side comparison

No touching up has been done (which also explains for the difference in colour temperature), but I could tell that the undereye area in the picture below looks fuller and fresher. 

I like how it is almost IMMEDIATELY absorbed. No wait time so I don't have to wait before applying makeup!

Also, it does not feel greasy at all which is a huge plus for those of you who don't apply your skincare in an air-conditioned room. Skincare which took forever to dry when I have yet to fix my a/c was a nightmare. Lol~

Twice a day for a week had me addicted. No milia seeds developed (hooray for those who have problems with those!) and I look more awake despite surviving on an average of 3 hours of sleep per day/night. Plus I no longer need to HEAVILY conceal my panda eyes! Just a little concealer/highlighter in the inner corners of the eyelids is all I need now. Cheating champion. Lol! Of course, I believe it would work so much better if I had more sleep.

From today until December 2012, the YOUTH CODE Eye Essence will be retailing at a special introductory price of $29.90 instead of the usual $34.90 for a 15ml bottle.

P.S. At Watson's Get an additional UV Perfect Sunscreen (worth $11.45) when you purchase 2 L’Oreal Paris skincare products inclusive of the new YOUTH CODE Eye Essence. 

For more information, please visit the L'Oreal Paris Singapore Facebook Page.

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