Friday, 30 October 2009

Sorry I've Been So Busy~

I know you guys miss me...

I'm here to tell you I know you're reading my blog. N to say I remember you guys...
QT, I'm not letting cobwebs grow on my blog ok? =)

Sorry I've been so busy with filming that EVERY NIGHT I come home, lie on my bed, and doze off without even showering or washing my heavily-styled-with-hairspray hair or removing any makeup. Then I wake up the next morning and realise I need to shower and remove makeup n wash hair n go to work already.

That was HOW tired I was the past few days...

I'll blog by tonight ok? So by tomorrow morning you'll have fresh reads~
N know what's been happening to me ^.^

Love you guys~

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Cinema Etiquette

Bitch. I hope you die.

The above statement is not unfounded. For those who know me, you know I DO NOT sprout curses and vulgarities at people for no known reason. (YES there are people who effing uses the eff word in EVERY damn effing sentence, and sometimes not just once, okay?)

Yesterday, I went to catch a dumbass Halloween show. Yup you guessed it. Halloween 2! Before I go cursing and swearing at the stupid Indian Angmor-wannabe bitch, I gotta tell you - THE SHOW IS A BLAAARRRDEEE WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY!!!! Just plenty of gore and grotesque scenes. Nothing more. The content was crap. Crap. Crap. Crap. It was the stupidest thing I've watched, ever. I should have suggested to my friend that we head home to watch Animal Planet or Discovery Channel's Air Crash Investigation. AT LEAST I would have gained some knowledge. Or entertained myself watching Tom and Jerry in teochew on Youtube.  SORRY darling for suggesting such a crap show! Next movie's on me okay?

Okay, point made.


The stupid Indian bitch.

I am not prejudiced okay? Some of you know I have Indian friends who are normal, some even cool. Though of course some of these friends are ashamed of some people of their own kind. And joke about them like we do. And come on, like the Chinese, don't we all hate the uncouth, loud, rude, China PRCs who've infiltrated into our society? The nice ones are okay, it's just these...URGH people who make people ashamed of their roots!!!!

Let me recount to you what happened last night~

She was there making FUCKING LOUD burps ON BLARDEE PURPOSE! Friends of mine, you know I burp right? And you know I can't control mine, so it comes out as a damn deep chesty burp, sometimes abruptly halted by pieces of food or liquid that come out along with the burp... Okay, now, I'm sure you know how the purposely-forced-out burp sounds like right? Take the volume of MY burp, multiply the decibels by 10. KANNINNA!!!! I would have named her that. Fuck man. And she does it when there is a silence. Like in between trailers before the show, or at scene changes. And and and...get this...every time she does it, she explodes into squeals (you know, like a pig?) of giggles with her retarded Indianish angmorish (it was dark and I couldn't confirm his race) boyfriend. Like you know how some stupidly obnoxious  guys purposely does something exaggerating and laughs (complete with snort-ed laughter) and EXPECTS the girls to laugh? Yah! She did it JUST like that!!!!!! With the snorts!!! Except she's female. And well, yeah, it worked for her because at least one person, her mentally disabled boyfriend, LAUGHED!!! -.-"

Then, she HAS to get more attention showered on her by going "WWHHHHOOOOAAAA!!!!" at the most inappropriate timings. Dear, I'm SURE you are the sort who have joined Singapore Idol (and it ends at the auditions of course) and been appraoched by the camera and have HAPPILY done your super salah act thinking it was oh-so-cool and which shouts "ME". AND ended up in the 1st 3 episodes of the Singapore Idol where they showcase the Salah Idiots before moving on to the real Singapore Idols. She should have gone for Miss Singapore World man. She'd have beaten Ris Low to shame. URRGHHH!

Do you feel my disgust already?

I had an urge to be super Ah Lian and do this

and swing her across the theatre until she lands on a splat amidst some abandoned half-eaten Nacho chips complete with loads of leftover melted cheese and chilli sauce.

But of course, Miss Silver Ang here has a reputation to keep (I'm supposedly the sweet WaWa Jie Jie remember???) and I don't want to be famous this way cos I was SURE if the above were to occur, some smartass would whip out their latest cameraphone, video down the whole drama in its raw entirety, and post it up on Youtube. Then I'll appear, HUGE on the front page, of today's New Paper. ALTHOUGH ALTHOUGH!!! I was pretty sure I'd be applauded and appreciated by every single person in the cinema trying to watch the stupid show in peace. (YAH it's a stupid show~~~, but you don't have to lose the cinema etiquette cos we're all civilized souls, are we not, hmmm? *bats eyelashes*)

May these people just die....

Shouldn't they, hmmm???


MORE Photos from Wendy's Wedding and Superstars

2 more pictures (slightly better resolution) from the Wedding and the gathering!
Those who didn't make it, wish you guys were there!

The pretty babe I'm attempting to kiss is Wendy

you know at the end of the course comes dessert right? We had walnut paste with sesame glutinous balls. YUP! 芝麻汤圆! Every time we eat something black, we tend to do this...

Fun and Laughter, Peace, Joy, Love~~~

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Wendy's Wedding and Superstars

Sorry I've been away for the past 2 days. Been busy and tired. And loving it actually~ ^.^ This means I'm going out experiencing stuff that I can tell u about.

I love weddings. There's something about that special day that officially unites a couple. It's this day that the bride goes "I'm finally his" and the groom goes "She's beautiful, and now she's mine". The mark of a union of better things to come. A place they call their own, kids, kids' education, many major plannings together...and the list goes on... Every time I attend a wedding, somehow it touches me, the same way a parent looks at his/her newborn touches me. Emotions just well up and at some point, I'd be so touched I'd tear. Everyone would be grinning from ear to ear (unless of course you don't really know the couple and the reason you're there is because Mummy or your other half drags u there because he/she knows one of them).

I attended a friend's wedding. You remember Wendy Toh? 卓慧玲 from Project Superstar 2005 and Star Search from years before that. Here's her picture from Superstar times

Top row: 5th from Left

Anyway, yup, she got married!!!!! And has invited me and a whole bunch of other Superstars to attend her dinner~ 一定要的嘛对不对? =)

And oh, NOTHING beats attending a wedding dinner with a FULL TABLE of friends you know you'll have so much fun with! Everyone talks to everyone. Jokes across the table people can catch and relate to. Incessant chatter and laughter ALL round the table~ Ahhh~~~ Fun-loving Friends~ I miss them, you know? I miss those days from PSS (Project Superstar) when every damn one of us (almost everyone la, I'd think) had so much fun together. That is, when we're not competing. Even when we were, there wasn't as much rivalry as you'd think there would be. Mostly fun and laughter~ which makes me love hanging out with them soooo much~

Ignore the guy on the right. He's not a Superstar. Lol~ Someone brought him along~
Top frm left: Candy, Sinhuey, Ruth
Bottom from left: Me, Derrick, William, and er.. ang mor named Alex.

"Candid" shot...

 More "candid" shots...

MORE "candid" shots...

 and some more...

Okok...these are just some of the rubbish we get up to when we're together, as with all friends.. ;)

Suddenly, our dear Sinhuey made a discovery
"Eh!!! My abalone looks very weird leh..."
and she showed us this...

view from the top
 basically it looks just like any of our abalones (DON'T go there...~~~), except hers is shrivelled.
(Okay okay, for those who are giggling, I said DON'T go there already...) I know what you're thinking...

The following few pictures may make some of u scream, but try not to okay? ;)

Derrick 何维健~!!!! n a seemingly 痴情款款 Choong Chia, aka 谢维聪

Choong lost interest after a while....



but I started it~ hahahaahaha

 I have no idea where the rings came from...but this was what happened to the bears later on...
NOW you know what these Superstars do huh~ pretty constructive stuff~ lol~

So much for a wedding dinner~ Ha~ More pictures when I get hold of the good-resolution ones, ok?

After the dinner, we adjourned to Zouk. Come on, we see each other like once every, er....6 months, or less than that? Let us prolong the night while we can....

Sinhuey looks just that tad bit like Elva, don't ya think?
My mum said so...

I know you want a piece of just me. ;) even when my hair's messy....

Love the PSS peeps~,

Friday, 23 October 2009

The Brazilian

No I'm not talking about the Brazilian hunks or footballers that some of you adore so much...I was thinking since we're on the topic of beautifying, let me share something about Brazilian waxing.

I'm personally a huge fan of the Brazilian wax. There's just something about going bald down south.
For starters, it's hygienic, because you don't trap that much dirt, right?

Then, there's this prepubescent thing that turns so many men on, though that is not one of the reasons I go for one.

You don't leave your pubic hair in places you don't want to, like this

Imagine how the next person who uses this toilet will feel about the person who just exited the cubicle?

Next, of course, there's the clean bikini look. I've seen countless overgrowths at the beach, and it makes me wonder if these people know that the bushes are overgrown and have crept out of their bikini bottoms to enjoy the sun too like some plant thirsty for light. (You know how plants grow towards light right?). I've personally seen a celebrity friend (And mind you, she's not one of those small celebs that few people know about. People KNOW her.) with these 'overgrowths' and honestly, I wasn't the only one who saw it and, imagine, if friends around you can see them, think about who else saw. *Gasp* The bunch of us have absolutely no idea how to approach her regarding this topic without making her feel...well...embarrassed.

For those who HAVEN'T had the chance to see this, here is an idea...

*cringe* this is the best picture I could find on the internet...

Don't we all want to look like this instead?

Nice, clean bikini line...*thumbs up*

Okay we're all adults here, if not, erm, kids, just take this as reference for many years down the road, ok?

It makes oral sex so much better.

For the person going down on you, that is. Having a strand (or strands, god forbid) of pubic hair stuck in your teeth or tickling your throat is hardly considered sexy. Don't we all wish that intimacy with that special someone is always nice, with no embarrassing moments or hiccups? Yes they happen. Real life isn't Hollywood. You know how much effort goes into making that Hollywood sexy scene so steamy? Lots of preparation by the whole set of crew, the stars included. Nice bedding, countless crunches and hours on the treadmill, and those sexy voluminous curls on the female star? Curled, blown, and set to perfection. My point is, yes, in real life, it's hardly so glamorous and sexy, as it's that moment that happens on the spur of the moment. And it helps to take some of the unglamorous stuff away. Like gagging your partner with pubic hair. No, chances are he/she will not show it. But it's well...urgh~

No I'm not suggesting that you run out and get a Brazilian wax now just so you can shove your privates in your partner's face later.  I'm saying it is all part of your personal hygiene and looking and feeling good. Like getting rid of armpit hair, having deodorant on, shampooing your hair on a regular basis so it doesn't look and smell oily, and putting on perfume that doesn't cause people within 10m diameter to pass out when you walk past, and shaving, for men (so you don't get gravy or rice stuck on your face after eating, and also,so you don't cause a painful sounding "OUCH!" when kissing your special someone.)

Okay, I'm not going to just go into the niceties about waxing.

For people who've tried any kind of hair removal, and even if not, you know hair grows. It just grows....It's amazing how hair on some parts of your body know the exact length to stop growing (lashes, eyebrows, leg hair, pubic hair never grow like hair on our head, thank god), but they grow. So, you know that once you pluck hair out of their follicles, they grow FROM the follicles, within the skin. AH, yes~!!! Ingrown hair!!! And the itchy itchy feeling when hair is trying to push their way out of your skin. That's where your scrubs and the lotions that your waxing therapist recommend come into place. Don't think that these people are just trying to earn your money. Those stuff tend to get rid of excessive dead skin so hair has an easier time finding its way out, and makes the interval period before your next waxing appointment so much more pleasant.

Okay, I'm SURE many people are curious about this: Pain level.'ll live. Think of it as a sudden slap. That's about as painful it'll get. Or for those who doesn't know how a slap feels like, think of it as a shock. You'll feel the pain like a sudden shock, when the wax is yanked off, but the pain doesn't stay, unlike the pain that lingers after someone has pinched you. And the good thing is, chances are you'll be able to walk out feeling like a brand new person in less than 30 minute. My sessions usually just take 15 minutes.

Virgin experiences with Brazilian waxing can be very unnerving, I know. Just tell the therapist that it's your first solo and they will know what to do. They'll talk to you more, explain to you what they're doing so you don't get a shock and run after the first application and end up with a bush with a bald patch. U.G.L.Y, if u ask me. The waxes they use are hot, but they won't burn you. The hot wax actually feels quite shiok after you're used to it. Lol. The wax, upon application, clings to your hair, cools down n hardens, after which the therapist will yank it off, skilfully and strategically, to minimise the pain. You won't end up with a bruise, so it ain't that bad.

So chill. Trust me, you'll be fine.

OH! AND!!! (I know this post is dammmn lor sor, but hey, I'm being informative. ) NEVER EVER EVER EVER on your own, try DIY Brazilian waxing. I once thought I'd save some money and do it myself. So I happily went to the pharmacy (I was in the states, so there were all these brands available), and bought myself a DIY kit,complete with wax you need to put in the microwave to melt.

Excited with my purchase, I went back and tried it immediately. After the first application of the wax and the yanking it off MYSELF, what followed was a series of vocabulary of vulgarities that I never even knew I knew of. Because I'm doing it on myself and I'm not skilled, I probably did it all wrong but it was so painful. Gone are the shock I mentioned above. You're doing it yourself, so you know EXACTLY when you're yanking. The shock-split-second-pain is gone, and each yank was a dreadfully long and painful experience.

Plus, our body's not geographically positioned in a way that is conducive for DIY-waxing. You can't really see without bending over. So imagine me in a super kiao-gu position, trying to see what I'm doing, swearing in all sorts of languages, messy wax all over my south-island, and feeling super dulan cos I HAVE to finish it. Yah, duh~ Would I dare to show the patchy stuff to my therapist? Super 丢脸 can~~ N it means I have to admit to her that I actually was attempting it so I didn't have to go to her HAD TO FINISH WHAT I BLOODY HELL GEH-KIANG STARTED DOING!!! Grrrrr....

I probably looked like this back in my room then...

  Do not try this at home.

It usually costs not more than $50 to get a proper one done. Mine's $30-odd cos I got a package. There are some good ones out there costing less. You just have to do some homework, call and ask about the price and settle for a salon you're comfortable with. It shouldn't be too much trouble, and when you have gone for the first time, you'll know it was worth it. (Unless of course your partner's Tarzan and he loves you raw and hairy like a rambutan)

Feel pretty afterwards...
Love ;)

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Becoming Gorgeous...

What I'm going to do, is probably going to spoil your wonderfully pretty image of me...but I don't care, cos you'll still love me, anyway, mmm? Stop reading here if you don't think you can take seeing me in a light other than "beautiful", ok?

 Tadah!!!!! Cute right???

Before you go -.-", I'm sure you can take some time off and appreciate that this (I'm doing a face mask by the way, for the uninitiated), coupled with sleep n a whole load of other stuff, makes for the pretty face u see most of the time. Becoming damn beautiful is hardly glamourous. Think abt shaving, or waxing, or tweezing armpit hair, and eyebrows, applying lotion n sunblock n other sticky stuff on our skin in our already hot n sticky climate (who can blame me for not really liking to go out in the day?), or sitting hours in a salon looking like this

or this

 or this

Ok SORRY QT! (I'm trying to make a point that we don't become sibei chio just like *snaps fingers* that)

Ok, point in view,
See, boys n girls! Beautiful women don't JUST happen. Tho yes, me n QT are one of the few blessed with great features~ and are sibei chio even when we look like shit.

If u need further references, just go to Xiaxue's blog. She admitted she's not pretty (n i love her for that), and stated tt she looks the way she does on her blog thanks to great makeup skill she's taken years to master and hone, and Photoshop. Even THAT took some time...learning how to use Photoshop to your advantages...

To do QT justice, here's how she looks when she's dolled up nicely, with the aid of some Photoshop

Chio right? I told u so~

Love me~ ;)

Before Shoot Photos~

Uploaded into Facebook via FB mobile, then copied them into my hard disk so I can post these....tedious...

Taken after the Make Up artistes have dolled me up~

 I really need to get rid of that bulge on my tummy...
No more carbs for me for the next 3 weeks~ help la~~~ I love rice n noodles~~~


J and her new wound

I went filming for 《想握你的手》 today, and told myself I'm going to take pictures so that I can share with you guys. I happily took some nice pictures with my mobile, then came home n realized... I can't upload the photos from my phone to the laptop.

Remember I told you I sent my laptop for repair? So now I'm using my sister's Thinkpad. Thing is, I can't bluetooth the pictures to the Thinkpad because it doesn't freaking have the bluetooth function. It's using Infra-red (my god~!) which my phone doesn't have. I can't just use USB because I need to install the Samsung PC Studio software (which comes in a CD) before the laptop can detect my phone (I'm using a Jet by the way), AND the laptop doesn't have a CD/DVD driver slot. -.-"

Okay, that aside. I'll come up with a way later..then blog about what I initially wanted to blog about.

Was supposed to go sing KTV with 2 friends today (I LUUUUUUUUURRRVE to sing in case you guys didn't know...and the only time I can belt my lungs out at night without anyone calling the police is to go sing at a KTV - more on that later)

Anyways, it was cancelled, because one of my friend is going thru a rough time. She just found out her ex has been cheating on her ALL huh. So the breakup wasn't because the relationship 'went cold', or "No, there isn't anyone else. The problem's me, not you" shit. Why would someone who's loved you suddenly say anything like that anyway? -duh- There IS someone else. Almost always. Why can't they come clean anyway? This way at least we have a reason to hate you and we can move on more easily. It's damn painful when you tell someone that you suddenly just don't feel anymore. All the great times suddenly equate to zero. And we cry and ponder upon why or how it can happen...we have no reason to hate you. We just feel plain helpless.

For my friend now, the breakup has been months, but the new discovery made the breakup seem new and the pain just seared through, sharply, again. It's like being stabbed once, and when you're over the shock n the pain n just getting used to the very sharp pain, the person who stabbed you decides to rotate n squiggle the knife and pluck it out and stab you, one more time. It really doesn't help to go through the pain twice, and your efforts at being nice back then? Pui.

BUT, if you tell us you're Sorry (even though a million ones won't help us feel any better), and just come clean n tell us you've found someone else and you no longer want to be with us but want to try it out with this new person, it's a different story. It is. All the more if you don't try to be nice here. You shouldn't. It makes us feel you still care and don't want to hurt us and maybe still love us when you don't really give a shit anymore. So DON'T be nice. It gives us a reason to hate you and let our love for you die, which makes it easier to let go, move on, and reclaim our hearts and lives, and live again.

I know some of you are SUPER 犯贱 and wants to love someone else yet still have us pine for you. Grow up. It's not bringing you anywhere except to make our lives more difficult (not that you care, I know). N for some of us who can become psychotic, you may end up getting strange calls at night, suddenly find yourself being followed, stalked on Facebook, or getting incessant smses. We may, if we're provoked or upset enough, try to break you and your new beau up by finding out who the new person you're seeing is, and send him/her a message with ANY kind of content on Facebook. You know how convenient FB is, it's damn easy to find out who you're seeing, we don't even need to know his/her phone number to harass the said party. It could be a sexual escapade you guys have had before, how you cheated on us and how you're sending this msg as a warning, your ugly closet secrets, and the list goes on...I'm sure you've heard that "Hell has no wrath like a woman scorned". Applies for some men, too, in case the lady cheaters think they can get away. That, is not going to be very helpful if you're thinking of further developing your relationship with your new hand accessory.

Enough said. Let's address the other party (us) now. By the way, You - the cheater, and Us - the victim who still loves and was so badly hurt, are just terms for easy referencing. Not implying anything else, if you're thinking too complicated-ly.

Give up. Cry your shitload of tears out. The harder the better. N move on. Remember all the failed relationships you've been through? You survived, didn't you? And when someone nice comes along, weren't you glad you've let go of the last so you could embrace the new relationship (even if it turns out shit later, you'll still have had good times for most part of the relationship)?

He left, girl. Concentrate on you, now. I know I say it like I'm so good at this, but I'm guilty of missing n crying n pining over what's lost and what could have been too. At the same time. I know I need to concentrate on myself, now. The relationship didn't work out. It's not anyone's fault. Not yours, not his, not mine. You guys are just not meant to be. You may be, 5,10 years down. But not now. Blame your 八字,if you really have to. But everything happens for a reason. Anyone who's reading this, you guys can leave a comment,  tell me how your last breakup was a blessing in disguise. ;)

I'm sure something better is about to happen to you, girlfriend. Like being able to speak French fluently. ;)
You know there are people who loves you, no matter what.
Finish hurting, then KTV soon, ok? *wink*

Wednesday, 21 October 2009


Blog 才开不到3天,点击率就50多。原来是有人关心我的生活的。部落格的好处,就是能让身边想知道你,认识你的人,即使没时间见面,即使不敢上前问候,都能关心你的生活,能无名留言。





Fun学去 Imaging

For those of you who are unaware, I'm currently hosting this kids' edutainment show (as mentioned earlier) called Fun学去. Below are some pictures taken during the imaging session

This is WaWa Jie Jie (哇哇姐姐)

And my cohost is 为什么哥哥. Some of you may remember him. Yup that's Sugie 潘嗣敬. Also a Project Superstar top24 finalist, and 超级星光大道3 finalist.

Our image is damn cute la I think. I think the last time my hair was like that was when I was 3, and when I was 13 (more on that another time).

Sorry I have yet to start using Photoshop, so (sorry Sugie!) pls bear with the raw pictures for now yeah? They were taken just with my phone...

Fun Learning airs every Sunday at 10am on Channel 8. =)

Laptop. Jeans. n Yishi.

Eventful day~~~ for me at least...haha..pardon me for being soooo lor sor ok?

Went to get my Vaio repaired. The wireless network adaptor is going bonkers...could detect the modem but couldn't get onto the internet. So....I've called Singnet n the technical guy tried to help me in every way possible...but...cannot repair. SO, he suggested I bring it to Sony. Like, do I have a choice...?

Anyways...after that I went to collect my pair of Levi's jeans which I bought a month back n sent for alteration. They told me then that it would take MAXIMUM 1 week and that they'll call when it's done. So I went about my own business, filming, sleeping, eating, yada yada...and one day (recently) I found the receipt in my wallet and remembered! YA HOR I BOUGHT A PAIR OF LEVI'S! Point is they never did call. And since I'm sending my laptop for repair I might as well drop by n pick it up. I called them, they apologised profuuuuusely (that's their saving grace) and told me it's ready for pickup at the shop.

Errands run. Laptop repair. Check. Pick up jeans. Check.

Then, I met up with my bestie Yishi for a coffee n reading session at Starbucks One Fullerton. Trust her to find a place like that. I mean, I know it exists, but only when I drive to go to like, Overeasy, or 春到河畔迎新春, or something... She managed to find out about that place by taking the train and the bus and walking outta Exit H at Raffles MRT and walking thru Fullerton Hotel thru the underpass.... -.-" *salute*

Anyway, I tried searching for Yishi's picture in my database n realised I couldn't find it. I've never taken many pictures with her, not to mention nice ones... =(
I'll steal one from her FB n show u guys one day. ;)

And we had a nice view of the construction of Marina Bay IR and the cranes (not the birds ya) while reading. My hp's battery was dying so I couldn't take a picture to show you our very fascinating view. Lol.
Starbucks' staff was nice enough to offer to help me charge my phone (I happened to have my charger with me. Don't ask me why.) so THUMBS UP for GREAT SERVICE!

Shortly after we left (we were already on the overhead bridge) this Thai guy ran up to us and asked to take a picture with me (I didn't know I had Thai market~~~haha). He was sitting next to our table at Starbucks. So THAT means he chased after us ALL the way to halfway across the bridge leading to Esplanade to take a picture with me! *yes yes...暗爽* Oh well...the story ends there. HAha~

Dinner (nice spicy Tom Yum soup @ Thai Express), tea, then home~
It's nice to have a seat on the train when you're travelling from Cityhall to Admiralty...I played cheat by taking down to Raffles Place first, but hey, I was so tired I wanted to guarantee a seat. N I did~ so for once, I was not grouchy on the MRT~~~~~~~~

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Random 自恋-ness

bought this hairband in Tokyo a month back...and I HAD to take a hiao picture~~~

Dua Chwee Kueh

I woke at 3 this morning, and realized I was supposed to meet my AP (Asst Producer) last night. I'd left my watch with him the previous shoot. SO, I decided to try my luck n sent him a text~ Voila~! He's awake! So I made my way down to where he stays (NOT his place, of cos -.-") and got my watch. I was hungry so I decided to get breakfast. My point is here --- I've never seen Chwee Kueh this huge...

Ok to give an idea of exactly how big...for those who know how big a standard wristlet is...

Ok I've yet to learn how to use photoshop, or even own the software for starters, so I can't make this thing look Xiaxue-blog-nice, but ya, the Chwee Kueh was huge! N i won't even begin on the Chee Cheong's

For those curious to try this, it's at Boon Keng. The food centre near MacDonald's, very corner stall facing some HDB flats. N may I add, this dua Chwee Kueh is actually gooood...

Monday, 19 October 2009

An Official Opening

After so many years of putting this off, here I am finally, with my own personal bare-to-the-world blog,which opens me to all you guys out there~ Made-up or unpolished; as an actress or dancer or daughter or dog-owner or friend; standard, perfect English and I-just-don't-give-a-shit lingo with short-cut spellings; suddenly so much drive today and totally nua tomorrow; and on good and bad days. As human. Me. Silver. As is.

For people who've accidentally stumbled in here, my name is Silver Ang. I was a finalist in Channel U's Project Superstar 2005 (a nationwide singing competition organized by Mediacorp, Singapore's only TV station). After that competition, I became a part-time actress with Mediacorp for a year. Subsequently, by some twist of fate, I became a Singapore Airlines' flight stewardess, and remained one for 3 years.

Recently, WaWa Pictures (a local production house) approached me to host a kids' edutainment programme, Fun Learning 《Fun学去》. It's a hell of a long story, but to cut the story short, I decided to leave my perfectly fine job as a stewardess, n took on the offer.

My childhood ambition has always been acting. You can leave everything behind, and be who you may never be in real life. One moment you're a nurse, next you're a policewoman, suddenly u're pregnant and married to a poor karang guni man, or you could go back in time n 'relive' the 30's...or go to WWII...Acting excites me. It's like watching a movie, or reading a book, where u're transported somewhere far away...where ur current bills, r/s woes, messy bedroom, undone laundry....don't matter... Except this time you ARE the character, even for a while.

I was in the Drama Club in primary school. As well as the Chinese Dance Club (like many other girls were). In high school, I was lucky to have been part of the prestigious Dance Society, one of the best amongst schools then. I still love dancing. It's in the blood I guess. When I watched Step Up, I felt like I wanna do dancing again~ Except that I'm in Singapore where, well, dance has a limit in terms of career development. For now. I will not limit myself though, and if given an opportunity to dance on stage again, I'd gladly do so. *curtseys*

It was this love for performing that made me want to be an Artiste so much. And I guess, ever since I've decided to go there, almost every major decision I have made, was so that I could. I gave up Hwachong for poly (one of the best courses there, of course) so that I wouldn't be caught in the middle of Uni and not being able to pursue my dreams should opportunities arise along the way. I'm glad I did. Cos IMMEDIATELY after poly, 绝对Superstar happened. And everything else followed. I quit SQ because it has served its purpose as my floating device, and I've seen the world, met people, learnt many things, and am ready to come back n pursue my dreams~

My dream = Hollywood. For now, Jolin Tsai, or bigger. (Someone told me to set a very high target, so at least you know where to work towards)

Ground Zero. (Is the highest 100 if there's a scale?) Maybe it's Ground 25 for now, unless the highest when they refer to the opposite of ground zero is ground infinity~ Oh well...

My template's not done customizing yet. That'll take a while. Be patient dears~ =)

I'll be back later. Little tired...