Sunday, 25 October 2009

Wendy's Wedding and Superstars

Sorry I've been away for the past 2 days. Been busy and tired. And loving it actually~ ^.^ This means I'm going out experiencing stuff that I can tell u about.

I love weddings. There's something about that special day that officially unites a couple. It's this day that the bride goes "I'm finally his" and the groom goes "She's beautiful, and now she's mine". The mark of a union of better things to come. A place they call their own, kids, kids' education, many major plannings together...and the list goes on... Every time I attend a wedding, somehow it touches me, the same way a parent looks at his/her newborn touches me. Emotions just well up and at some point, I'd be so touched I'd tear. Everyone would be grinning from ear to ear (unless of course you don't really know the couple and the reason you're there is because Mummy or your other half drags u there because he/she knows one of them).

I attended a friend's wedding. You remember Wendy Toh? 卓慧玲 from Project Superstar 2005 and Star Search from years before that. Here's her picture from Superstar times

Top row: 5th from Left

Anyway, yup, she got married!!!!! And has invited me and a whole bunch of other Superstars to attend her dinner~ 一定要的嘛对不对? =)

And oh, NOTHING beats attending a wedding dinner with a FULL TABLE of friends you know you'll have so much fun with! Everyone talks to everyone. Jokes across the table people can catch and relate to. Incessant chatter and laughter ALL round the table~ Ahhh~~~ Fun-loving Friends~ I miss them, you know? I miss those days from PSS (Project Superstar) when every damn one of us (almost everyone la, I'd think) had so much fun together. That is, when we're not competing. Even when we were, there wasn't as much rivalry as you'd think there would be. Mostly fun and laughter~ which makes me love hanging out with them soooo much~

Ignore the guy on the right. He's not a Superstar. Lol~ Someone brought him along~
Top frm left: Candy, Sinhuey, Ruth
Bottom from left: Me, Derrick, William, and er.. ang mor named Alex.

"Candid" shot...

 More "candid" shots...

MORE "candid" shots...

 and some more...

Okok...these are just some of the rubbish we get up to when we're together, as with all friends.. ;)

Suddenly, our dear Sinhuey made a discovery
"Eh!!! My abalone looks very weird leh..."
and she showed us this...

view from the top
 basically it looks just like any of our abalones (DON'T go there...~~~), except hers is shrivelled.
(Okay okay, for those who are giggling, I said DON'T go there already...) I know what you're thinking...

The following few pictures may make some of u scream, but try not to okay? ;)

Derrick 何维健~!!!! n a seemingly 痴情款款 Choong Chia, aka 谢维聪

Choong lost interest after a while....



but I started it~ hahahaahaha

 I have no idea where the rings came from...but this was what happened to the bears later on...
NOW you know what these Superstars do huh~ pretty constructive stuff~ lol~

So much for a wedding dinner~ Ha~ More pictures when I get hold of the good-resolution ones, ok?

After the dinner, we adjourned to Zouk. Come on, we see each other like once every, er....6 months, or less than that? Let us prolong the night while we can....

Sinhuey looks just that tad bit like Elva, don't ya think?
My mum said so...

I know you want a piece of just me. ;) even when my hair's messy....

Love the PSS peeps~,

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