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Mother's Day Gift Ideas (Part 2): Hankook Cosmetics

Still looking for good deals for Mother's Day gifts?

Not into jewellery, handbags, or spa treatments? How about skincare? Every woman needs to take care of her skin. 

For Mummies who love taking care of herself and her beauty, I just might have the perfect thing for her.
Is she contemplating going for Botox but has never gathered the courage to? 

Don't worry, I'm not going to ask you to bring her for a jab. Remember the OSSION Time Curator Botox Eye Cream I told you guys about some time ago? 

They are having a promotion now on ALL THEIR TIME CURATOR LINE PRODUCTS!!!!!!

20% off all Time Curator Products + Selected Items!!!!

Eh...Remember I got a username & password "HankookC" which entitles you to an automatic 30% upon log-in??? That's 30% PLUS 20% OFF the discounted price!!!

*Gan Cheong Gan Cheong*

For those who have no idea what I'm talking about, the Time Curator is a line of facial skincare products targeted at those who are concerned about aging, fine lines and wrinkles. We were all once a tender soft little baby with translucent skin and and-geh cheeks. After a short period of troubled puberty skin, we would all blossom into beautiful young adults. 

Unfortunately, this usually lasts less than 10 years. And once you hit 25? WHAM! The skin starts losing its collagen and elasticity and it starts looking dull. After marriage and the kids? Little women make time to care for themselves (if they still have much left) after running after the children. Now that you're older, it's time to bring back Mummy's glory from yesteryears. 

Or if you're a really loving hubby, take care of her, for her. Remember how beautiful she looked on your wedding day? How about the first few months when you guys were dating? Remember? She'll love you more for actually bothering to help her take care of her skin, when she herself has neglected it. Make sure your approach is sweet though. Don't go "Nah, you need to do something about your face. This is skincare with Botox ingredients in it". I guarantee she won't talk to you the rest of the week.


No. With women, we tend to be a little more sensitive. Try this:

"Dear dear~ All these years you've been taking of me, the kids, this family...always making sure we're top of your priority list. I want you to take care of yourself a little more. I know you don't have much time, & though this is not much, but I want to help my wife take care of her skin. This is for you baby. Happy Mother's Day."

Not expressive? Even better. Precisely because you have never said such sweet words to her, all the more she will melt. She might even be so touched that she tears.

She will sing in her heart and have butterflies in her stomach all through Mother's Day dinner that night. If any guy does that to me, I would look at him and reaffirm the reasons why I married him. 

Trust me. When a woman feels beautiful about herself, she smiles more, she's happier. She becomes so much more lovable. It'll be you who will benefit from this. I swear. =) 

Really, I should be a man. Too much feeling oozing out of me and nowhere to deposit them to. Okay, NOT yet. Lol~ 

Oh sidetrack a bit! A few nights ago I actually dreamt that I went out with my crush of (too) many years (as friends), and he suddenly held my hand and pulled me tight and my heart was beating so fast I was over the moon (not literally la~). Then a while later he proposed!!! And the common friends and the family were all there and my grandmother was so happy yada yada yada. Random. But I woke up smiling to myself like some idiot. And this is not the first time he appeared in my dreams. 

梦中情人? Sounds damn cheesy. Lol. 

Eh hem, what? 是人就會有夢ok~? Don't judge me. 

*prays he never sees this post* *paiseh until die*

By the way, where was I? *coughs* Oh oh Time Curator! Lol~ (by the way he's super good with words. Okay move on!!!)

I was saying it targets those with aging skin concerns like fine lines and wrinkles. That is because it contains this ingredient called Argireline, which is something that works like Botox. You can read more about Argireline here, and here

Pssst...I tried this 2B Skirt Ready & 2B for Face (some of you might have heard of it before) sometime early last year, and the main ingredient which helps the legs become "skirt ready" (i.e.slim) and which gives you a sharper face, is ARGIRELINE!!!!! 

I don't know how much Argireline is in 2B products, but for OSSION Time Curator products, it's a whopping 70% Argireline!!! 

*eyeing my bottle of emulsion, thinking if I should try it on my legs....*

Okay I'll try! If it works I will tell you. ;)

 There is this plant ingredient in OTC (OSSION Time Curator) called Portulaca Oleracea which is known to have one of the highest concentration of Omega-3 in any plant. Omega-3, by the way, regulates skin metabolism. =)

It also contains ingredients to help promote collagen synthesis ( = youthful toing~ toing~ skin!!!), remove toxins from the skin, sooth and relieve irritated/itchy skin, and reduce pore size, spots and blemishes. 

Know what it all means? It is suitable even for sensitive/troubled skin!!! Yay!

Used over time, it is also able to restructure & smooth out the surface of the skin, particularly with scarred skin. VCCE (Vitamin C Cetyl Ether) technology is effective in reducing uneven skin tone & age spots, and restores collagen fibres bond overnight, so some of your mummies might be able to see results within a week!

This is the eye cream I introduced before. And have been using every other night. ^.^

I've tried many eye creams and most of them sting my eyes or make my eyelids very itchy somehow, causing me to rub my eyes which in the long run may just bring me more wrinkles. Like defeats the purpose right? 

This eye cream? My undereye makeup used to crease like nobody's business. Like, the concealer-cracks-into-many-lines-so-where-the-lines-are-there-is-no-more-concealer kind of crease. If you've ever experienced it you will know EXACTLY what I mean. 

It's now 1.5 months since I started on this. 
I'm now a convert. No, make that a devotee. 


Where else can you get such a huge bottle of eye cream? ^.^

30ml, or 1.01oz. Go check other premium brands, most come in only half the size. 
Usual Price before log-in? S$203. 
After log-in, you will see the price as $142.10 which is 30%-discounted. After the Mum's Day promotional 20%, the final reduced price is $113.68.


Mai tu liao! What are you waiting for man?!! 

Okok wait. I know you must be super excited and want to rush to the site now and sign in and buy the eye cream for not just your Mum but yourself and maybe Ah Ma too, but let me finish first la! Got some more ho hang tao (good deals) behind! Then I'll share with you which one I bought. 

By the way, if you don't know, Hankook Cosmetics is THE largest beauty skincare cosmetics R&D in Korea.  Lancome, & Loreal Paris, before they had their own lab, was R&D-ed (I just made up a new by them~ Reputable? Trusted? Confirm guarantee plus chop. And OSSION Time Curator is one of their more premium bestselling lines. 

The eye cream proved its worth to me, and I must say I actually saw results after using the sample-sized packs they gave me. Some of you might have gotten it in my giveaways. =)

And since I was so convinced by the eye cream, I went ahead and bought the full-sized items of almost everything in the OSSION Time Curator Series. 

What. In a few years' time I'm gonna hit 30. (Yeah you can start making a good estimated guess at my age.)

I'm NOT going to wait until then to start taking care of my skin!

This is how big the full-sized toner & emulsion is. One bottle can last you up to 9 months, with DAILY usage. 

 OTC Toner ($158) & Emulsion ($164). 
Mother's Day Promo: OTC Toner $88.48 & Emulsion $91.48

See how much you're saving? 

Eh if I use the emulsion on my thighs and legs daily, PLUS use it on my face 3x/week (rest of the week I use the Merdel Line), this may last me 3 months. I've got fat legs la~ Especially my calves and ankles. 3 months for $90. Eh damn worth it la! I think I'm going to order one more bottle of just the emulsion! 

If it works I'm gonna laugh my head off people who spend thousands on calf/thigh reduction. Hee~~

If not they can laugh back at me, but I'll have good skin covered for this one bottle, for the next 2 years. 
(An open bottle can last you 2 years before you need to chuck it. An unopened one, 3 years. )

I'll just put the original price in bracket as it's awfully troublesome (& somewhat confusing to some) to explain and type out the whole price thing. Basically, upon log-in, you will see the ALREADY DISCOUNTED price. You won't be able to see the Original Price unless you sign out and view the item.

Emulsion in Korea is equivalent to moisturizer here. So yeah, use it as a moisturizer. For the toner, do not use with a cotton pad! It's a dreadful waste, unless you aim to make the cotton pad wrinkle-free. -.-"

One pump, and massage it directly onto your cleansed face. One pump is usually enough to do the trick, with enough spare for the neck. Kiasu can of course use more. =) 

Same goes for the Emulsion. After toner, one pump of the emulsion for entire face. I love how it smells~~~ ^.^

My beauty regimen for the last month = OTC Toner + Emulsion + Eye Cream. 

I had smile lines which would cause my makeup to crack badly. It did help when I applied primer before my makeup, but I made a discovery today which surprised myself, given the fact that I have been ill-treating my skin by sleeping less than 4 hours daily for at least the past one week:

Full HD picture. You can click on these pictures to open the full size and scrutinize my pores and facial hair if you'd like. Lol. Pay attention to the smile line.

Ignore my mustache. I'm actually a successful tranny.
I forgot to wax my upper lip okay? But that's not the point. 

My. Smile. Lines. Are. Getting. Less. Apparent. By. The. Day!!!!!

This is like super mega HD. Can see pores already. (And how come I got like a scratch below the side of my lip??? How come I didn't notice it before~??) 

Anyway, my concentration on the smile lines are paying off!!!! There are still very very fine lines? I think? But who cares man. I don't want to look photoshopped in real life. Lol. This is good enough for me! If it gets better of course it's a bonus! One can never complain about looking too flawless, can one? 

 Okay I'm gonna share with you guys the deal I bought.

Yes. I actually bought these items and use them. So this is not a they-gave-me-free-so-I-write thing okay? Personally tried and trusted. That's why I decided to help them promote. Good I'll tell you good. No good I just won't promote la. Lol~

I mentioned everything on the OSSION Time Curator Line is going at 30%+20% off (with username and password "HankookC") right?

So you can actually get these items ala-carte. Singly. One by one. IF you'd like.

I super kiasu one la. Shelf life 3 years right? So I took 2 sets of the Pre-Mother's Day Special.

What it comes with:

 The Toner.

 Plus Emulsion

And the Eye Cream. 

So you have the Time Curator Basic Set. Which would cost $525 without 30%+20% discount. They're offering this at $420 for non-members (or those without a password) for Mother's Day. 

I bought? $294. Which is how much you're going to pay for if you're taking the set. With the "HankookC" username and password of course. ;)

Doesn't stop there. If you get the Pre-Mother's Day Special, you will get the Time Curator Night Cream ($213) & a bottle of their Time Ampoule (~$60) FREE!!! Woo hua bo hua??? Almost $800 worth of items, for $294! 

Richer than the Emulsion, use this at night, or if you have very dry, or have serious wrinkle issues.

年齡只是個數字。誰怕老?Not me~ 

("Age is just a number. Who's afraid of getting old?")

The Ampoule, with a pack of VC Recover Essence Film.
This in the actual selling pack comes in a box of 6 sets of Ampoule + Essence Film, and costs $358. Not cheap. You can make use of the Mother's Day promotion and get the ampoule pack for $200.48. 
Almost 1/2 price. Worth buying, in my opinion. =)

 Usually when we visit beauty salons, they will ask if you want to add ampoule to your treatment at an additional price (not cheap). Ampoules contain highly active ingredients, and because of this reason, work much faster than your average skincare lotions. 

After applying toner, place 1-2 drops of the ampoule to your palms, then press gently on to the face, allowing the skin to to evenly absorb the product. For maximum results use the ampoule within one week of opening.

The Essence Film is actually a pair of eye masks made entirely out of compressed concentrated collagen. COLLAGEN! 

 1. After applying the ampoule on your face, place the film around the eyes, smile lines, or the forehead, wherever signs of aging are visible. 
2. After about 10 seconds, place 1-2 drops of ampoule directly onto the film, pat gently, and you're ready for bed. 

When you wake up, you may find that the entire piece of film is missing. Don't hunt for it on your bed. Chances are it has dissolved entirely into your skin. *slurps collagen!!!!* This one major ho liao! I love love love love love love this!!! Got wedding or important function coming in a month? Use this once a week. Confirm see results! (I heard this is a major bestseller in Korea!!!)

See why I bought 2 sets of the Pre-Mother's Day Special? 

Toner + Emulsion + Eye Cream + Night Cream + 1 set of ampoule/essence = Total worth of almost $800 
= Actual Paying Only $294

You can't get a better deal than this. 


This is until 13th May, or while stocks last, which means they only set aside a certain number of sets for this particular promotion. So once they're gone means no more. We still have half a month of April left. Got chance to still grab a set. ^.^

If no more, or you really don't want to get the full set, you can go for the OSSION Time Curator Gift Set. 

I got this because I bought one set of the Pre-Mother's Day Special during the REWIND workshop which I helped to host last month. Instead of giving me the Toner + Emulsion separately, they gave me this. Not just me! All those who bought the set during the workshop got this deal! 

Moral of the Story: Next time got workshop must go! Sure got good lobang! =D

This is what's inside.

Got 2 cute travel-sized toner + emulsion! Very handy!!! 

And an Ekanava Lip Palette consisting of 4 of their Korean Top-selling colors! Yes I do notice from dramas and MTVs that Koreans like colors like that. 
Most Singaporeans usually wear nude or very light colors. 

I am not "most". I used a pink lipstick for my last makeup tutorial! 
(Then pictures in this post all light colored lipstick. #facepalm. LOL!!!)

Anyways, the Gift Set Original Price was $322. Now going at $180.32.

Wah lao must make people so gan cheong or not???

Okay okay go to Hankook Cosmetics website for your Mother's Day shopping now~
Remember to log-in at the right sidebar!

Username: HankookC
Password: HankookC

Your Mum will be so thrilled. =D
Especially when people around her (friends, relatives, colleagues) start complimenting or asking her why she looks younger. 

We know why. *winks*

Disclaimer: All portrait photos have not been airbrushed or photoshopped for accurate review of products involved. 

Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition @ Marina Bay Sands

Went to Marina Bay Sands sometime midweek with Mum & Sis, and this is probably the very first time I actually walked the Shoppes.

I've been to the Convention Centre, the Expo halls, walked along the outside along the river just marvelling at the night sky, and walked passed the casino but have never into it. Casinos. In my not-so-distant memory, they were mainly associated with Las Vegas. Like, I suppose movies helped, but these days, who cares about Vegas??? Singapore Airlines stopped flying there (yes they ONCE did, way before I even joined them back in 2006). People in Asia have MBS, RWS, Macau, Genting, yada go gamble. Las Vegas is so...passé. 

Just thinking.

  Then again, sooooo much fengshui has been put into building the Marina Bay Sands, so don't ever think about going to the Casino unless you really really have a lot of cash to spare. (Even then...oh well~) This place is built to benefit the management. Which in this case, means our government. Let them earn the foreigner's money k? Unless you find that paying ERP and expensive HDB flats is not enough to reward our gahmen for their hard work.

(I respect what our gahmen has done for us, and am very proud of them, fyi. Singapore has one of the highest capita per GDP in the world. Not an easy feat for an island this small, with only 47 years of independence. Tell me you're not proud of that.)

Random. I noticed Mummy's complexion has been good lately. =D

Didn't really shop though. Was there for the Titanic 100th Anniversary Artifact Exhibition.

I wasn't really allowed to take pictures inside as photography was not allowed. But it showcased real artifacts retrieved from the debris site. There were some documents recovered as well, and bits of real stories of the people who were on that majestic legend. 

Upon entry, you'll receive a boarding pass printed with a name of someone who was actually on the Titanic, and some background about him/her. 

The exhibition started with the introduction of how the world's largest ship was conceptualised and built during those times, and all the difficulties that were involved in building that ship. Things which probably never occured to us, like they had to combine 3 ships to make 2 ships so that people can get high enough to reach the top of the Titanic, and how because the ship was so huge, parts of the ship were built by hand as it was almost impossible for a crane or huge machinery to reach. Like how only the bottom of the ship was built on land, the remaining was built with Titanic on water. Like how wonderful was the construction concept that you would agree with many at the time that the Titanic was "Practically Unsinkable".

That's just the beginning. As the exhibition goes on, it takes you into the ship itself. You dwelve deeper into the interior and understand the lives of the different classes of people who were there; what kind of crockery was used, the flooring, the rooms... The life onboard the ship. 

A First Class Parlour Suite could go up to the equivalent of S$180,000, and a Third Class ticket between S$1500 - S$1800. Have a think about that. Some of the wealthiest and most influential people were onboard that ship, including Macy's department store owner Isida Straus and his wife Ida. (Read their story here - it moved me to tears.)

And finally, when you learn bits and pieces of the lives of real people, you feel their hopes, their dreams, and how many of them ended up on that ship bound from Southampton to New York City. The Coat Strike caused many ships to stop sail and many of them had to change their travel plans and get on the Titanic instead. There was a couple on a 2-year honeymoon and due to their parents' disapproval at honeymooning on water, had lied about being somewhere in Spain and even had their butler send postdated postcards back to their families so their families probably never knew they were on that ship at all. Many many stories which gripped me hard. I was choking on lumps that welled up in my throat from time to time, fighting back tears (as I didn't have tissue paper with me), struggling to come to terms with what many who lost their families would at the time - Why? How? 

There were so many passengers, yet many weren't saved, because they only had enough lifeboats for half the number of passengers. And many of these were not filled to their full capacity. "What ifs" flooded my mind.

Before this exhibition, all I knew about the Titanic was the love story of Jack & Rose and that he drew her "in this (that very expensive necklace), only this." You'll probably judge me. But hey, I was only 13 when the movie first aired. What would I know, and why would I care? It's only after this exhibition that I truly felt for Titanic and everyone whose lives changed from that maiden voyage. And honestly, had it not been for Leonardo DiCaprio & Kate Winslet's wonderful performance and the beautiful script, would so many of us actually bother about that ship, out of so many others which sank? Kudos to the production team of the movie, and of course to R.M.S Titanic Inc, for helping us to remember and honour the lives of those who went with the ship, and their untold stories...

I know that until today, they are still trying to recover items before they are lost forever.

Remember your boarding pass? Close to the end, there's a board with a list of names of who died and who survived on the Titanic. Match your name to find out what happened to you (him/her). I survived, but unfortunately, my husband didn't, like many men onboard ("women and children first"). 

 The exhibition is on at the Marina Bay Sands ArtScience Museum till 29th April 2012. 

Go catch it before it leaves. Prepare 2-3 hours to really walk through, and take time to read every write-up. They put effort piecing together every bit of information they could find. Taking time to read them is the least you can do to honour their efforts.

Top from, Jeans from dENiZEN.
Yes, I am a very museum/exhibition kinda person. Am glad I got to spend time with my family, while enriching myself at the same time. *rejuvenated*

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

SSparkle Glam: Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Before you forget, and I'm sure many of you might have forgotten, given all the hustle & bustle of life and social media. I mean, hey, you're constantly being fed updates on hundreds of friends. I won't blame you if you say you've forgotten Mother's Day (especially if it's not an event keyed into your Facebook Calendar). ;)

Mummy's Day falls on the 13th May, 2012 this year. Of course, its on a Sunday. ^.^

No worries! I'm here to give you some bright ideas. And best if they can be ordered online so you don't have to physically go hunt for the gift walking along the entire stretch of Orchard Road. Just pray your Mum doesn't read my blog or she'll be like (ah~ I know where you got this idea from...) Okay maybe if she reads it might be a good thing - she might be secretly hoping "Awww~ It'll be nice if Ah Girl/Boy gets this for me..." ^.^

Okay time to show your love to Mummy Dearest everyone! As this is an issue of SSparkle Glam you know where we're headed. 

Oh oh oh!!! This article is NOT just for us kids okay? It's also for the brothers, sisters, children-in-laws, and AND AND!!! For the hubbies to see~ Especially if it is your dearest wife's first year as a Mummy. It's the beginning of a wonderful role in life. Pamper her well. ;)

Here we go~

Get Mummy a Designer Bag. Every woman should own at least one in her entire lifetime. 

Sure, one can say she doesn't care about branded stuff and that it's a waste of money. That is, if you have 10 of them and only use a couple. Many designer bags are built to last. And every woman has a girl in them that will feel proud the very first time she carries that brand new designer bag of her own. Even more so when she has never owned one before. I know that was how I felt the first time I carried mine. =)

Found this site which sells selected designer bags at discounts up to $3000 (that's for a Prada bag. But I think that sale is over. New ones will be up I believe!) They also carry brands like Balenciaga, Fendi, Dior Femme, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Longchamp...the brands rotate get the idea. 


Get Mummy Jewellery. A very cliched gift? It won't be if it's not a "common" brand of jewellery.

Tiffany 1837 Hoop earrings

No woman will refuse a Tiffany & Co. I found this on offer at $75 instead of the usual $250. 

Oh by the way I went through painstaking efforts to make sure that the items I introduced are available in Singapore, or will ship to us. =)

Palamo Picasso Double Loving Hearts Ring

Heart Tag Bracelet

Of course, the ones I picked seem to be for the younger mums. Go browse the Singapore Tiffany & Co Website for more selection. =)

Disclaimer: By the way, I just found this site on the Internet, but I can't say that it is the official Tiffany & Co website. Still, they carry those items. Let me know how the products look like okay? For those who've bought from this site. Whether it sent the real deal, or if the items look really like the real deal you can't tell, or not. =)

Tip: Have a super practical Mum? Buy her gold. Doesn't have to be a gold bar. Gold jewellery does the trick too. She will be able to wear it, and if not, keep it, and I foresee gold prices will keep rising. ;)

Student or on a budget? I especially found this pendant meaningful, from

It says 

"A Mother Holds Her Child's Hand For A Short While And Their Hearts Forever"

In 14k Yellow Gold-Plated Sterling Silver Heart Pendant, 18"


A Good Massage & Spa Treatment. Make it a package if you can afford it. Better still - Go with her. 

Especially if your mum is a little older. They might not have gone to a spa ever before, and may actually feel threatened or intimidated by the lush interior of many good spas these days. Having a daughter go with her may just be something she has always wanted, but too shy to ask. "Aiyoh how old already still go spa for what?"

Which woman has never been young, or has never enjoyed feeling good about herself? =)

My own Mummy has brought me to this spa which she likes, and I got to admit, the place is really quite nice. You may have seen it on TV or heard about it. There is also a recent review on Diva Asia, for those who do not understand Mandarin.

Visit the g.Spa site for more details. 

I haven't been to many spas, but these links below has some recommendations on some of Singapore's best spas. Depending on your budget, you might want to check them out. =)

OH! Bring Mummy for Brazilian Waxing!!! Okay better not if your Mum is over $50 and is the conservative type. But if she's modern, why not? I call it something every one HAS to try. At least once in their lifetime la. I recommend Pink Parlour. I'm a customer there myself and I really like their service. The owner Wendi Chan is very friendly too! 

Me with my therapist at their recent 8th Anniversary $8 Hair-Free Party! 
(All brazilian, underarm and half leg waxing treatments were at $8 that day!!!)

They have promotions going on every now and then, so you might want to familiarize yourself with their staff to be notified of good deals that pop up! ;) 

Mummy too conservative? I understand. It takes an open mind (and courage) to open your legs for a stranger to inspect. Lol. No worries! They also do facial and nail services so while she gets pampered, YOU can go for your waxing (which usually takes only 15 minutes), then join her again later to continue with your own nail/facial. Mother/daughter bonding~ ^.^

Plenty of things you can come up with as gift ideas actually. Think out of the box sometimes. And never assume your mother will NEVER do or like certain things. You don't know her when she was younger. You may want your dad to help you out with this one. 

Happy Gift Hunting!

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Alton BABY!!!!!

 Went to visit Alton for the first time in almost 2 months!!! (Confused? Read abt it here.) 

Oh gosh I'm like going crazy when I saw him. Have you ever felt like you miss someone so much, for so long, and then when you finally get to see that person you're so happy you're almost tearing and you don't know what to say? That was me. You have no idea how many nights I spent just thinking about how I would watch him sleep each night and how I couldn't for the past 2 months.

And I know he felt the same way too. The excitement, that speed and strength his tail was wagging at, and he kept running around in circles like how he always does when he's so happy.

Poor baby is in a cone because they don't want him to scratch and hurt the eye that was operated. That's the once-cataracted eye. His right eye. On your left. It's still red and swollen, and I can see the part where the eye has been cut open to remove the lens and that it is healing well.

I'm not really sure if he can see now because the hole where his pupil should be is now in a weird position, like above where it should be. His iris seemed to grow over where the pupil should be. Maybe it's still recovering and needs time for the wound to heal. But I'm not exactly sure how it should look like. I hope everything works out fine for him.

Whatever it is he seems to be much much happier than during those days immediately after the operation. Maybe because he's seeing me. ^.^ Okay I'm tearing as I'm missing him now.

I still can't bring him home as his medication needs to be administered a few times a day and he shouldn't be put under stress, and I have an overseas project coming up so I won't be able to do that (plus he gets very stressed up each time I leave the house). 

I'm very thankful that this family has offered to take care of him during recovery as they have a maid who is home all the time. I wouldn't know what I would do if not for them. Thank you.

 I brought him home for a few hours to help cut his nails, trim the fur around his paws and ears, and cleaned up his ears. Gosh his ears were so smelly! I think they didn't really touch his head and leaves the cone on him all the time so naturally the buildup inside his ear was max powerful. *faints* 

I gave him a good bath too, making sure I took extra care when I washed his head and face. 

And oh yes, I let him have some off time from the dreaded cone. You know when I tried to bring the cone near him he was so frightened of it he ran and hid under the table? He must be really relieved to be able to get it off for a while. I gave his head and behind-the-ears a really good scratch for him. Lol~ 

Recover well and come back soon okay? 

Mummy loves you too baby~!!!

Friday, 13 April 2012

SSparkle Glam: Soft Pink Natural Makeup

New tutorial up! I know it's been ageeeessss since the last one, so I've put in a little more effort into this, just for you. 

It's nothing too fancy, and the colors I chose were subtle and easy to blend so this should be helpful for those of you who want to try putting makeup on for the first time, but have no idea what to do, or dare not because you were afraid to look overdone. 


Wednesday, 11 April 2012

You Mediacorp Actress Ah?

I'm not saying that the association is a bad thing. But for the record, and I'm saying this the 234546234146th time - not all artistes are "Mediacorp artistes".

For some reason, I get really annoyed when people refer to me as "MediaCorp actress", as if the word actress/artiste alone doesn't exist. It's synonymous with for example if you introduce yourself as a gynecologist and people come up and say "Orh! You KK hospital help people give birth one ah!?"

*peng, legs swinging in the air*

Not all gynaes come from KK, though yes, most babies are delivered there. Were, in my time, at least. I was an Alexandra Hospital baby, by the way.

But do you get what I'm saying?

It's like being credited wrongly. Like if the main character is Natalie Portman and then some kuku writes the credits as Natalie Partman, or worse, Kristen Bell - wrong person altogether. Wrong credits, of course not happy la right? Like saying Singapore is part of China when Singapore is just Singapore, you know? Okay that's a bit too far-fetched but I'm sure my readers can get my drift.


MediaCorp is a TV Station. They have a production department, marketing department, finance, yada yada...and then they also have an Artiste Management Unit which manages their artistes (i.e. artistes they signed contracts with).

Then there are the external non-MediaCorp production houses. These production houses produce TV shows, amongst many other films. And since we have only one TV Station with 6 channels in Singapore (excluding the Starhub Cable TV and Mio channels), these production houses air their programs on MediaCorp Channels (which reach out to majority of the local viewers).

It's a little like outsourcing, where MediaCorp outsource TV program production to the production houses, and at the end of the day, the shows are aired on either Channel 5, 8, U, Suria, Vasantham, or Okto. Something like that. Easier to understand?

Next, I mentioned they have an AMU (Artiste Management Unit), right? That is a department by itself altogether. Just like Fly Entertainment, they manage artistes, package them if necessary, and set and control their market value. Oh by the way, FLY Entertainment has their own events management unit, so they don't just manage artistes, like how MediaCorp don't just do TV shows.

Are you further confused?

Let me walk you through my main point:

My name is Silver, and I have absolutely no idea how to introduce myself because I am not just an actress or a blogger or a host or a artiste or a business owner or anything else which I am going to do in the near future, but for easy reference I shall just say that I am an artiste.

Now, this is when people IMMEDIATELY make the connection to MediaCorp and go "Oh you work in MediaCorp ah?"

No. Doesn't work that way. I don't work in MediaCorp. Well, sometimes I do work IN MediaCorp if they engage me to do a show, but I don't work FOR MediaCorp as a contracted employee or artiste, if you get what I mean. I'm a Freelance Artiste. I have my own manager who deals with the negotiations for me, but I'm not a MediaCorp artiste.

So how does that work? Meaning, should any production house or any event company require my acting/hosting/singing/performing services, they come direct to either me or my manager. They don't go through MediaCorp. That's all.

I'm not against being a MediaCorp artiste okay? In case you get me wrong and misunderstand and then misinterpret and say that I talk about being a MediaCorp Artiste as if it's a bad thing. It's not. It's just an identity thing. I'm not means I'm not la~ Not "Eeeeyer why you say I MediaCorp Artiste???". Not like that okay. If I'm ever invited to sign a contract with them I would be honored yah? Eh people want to sign contract with you means they see value in working with you. People don't just sign papers for fun. Before you marry someone and sign those ROM papers you think long and hard, right?

Don't quote me for anything you misinterpreted yah? Worse - don't quote me and quote wrongly and later land me in trouble I don't even understand. I just want to enjoy my passion and my work, in peace, if not, jubilance. Can?


Monday, 9 April 2012

SSparkle Glam Feature Ad: Eternity Loft

I haven't been buying any new clothes since before CNY (since last December to be exact), so I was really really pleased when this came in the mail:

Thank you Eternity Loft!!! <3<3<3

 Needless to say, I couldn't wait to "enjoy" them. What's a girl without her pretty clothes, right?

 Emma Tube Top in Royal Purple, Size M. I felt that the tube top was a tad big for me, so I would recommend Size S to girls if you are a size 34 top.

Skirt's my own. 

 Love the sleek material of the top!

Comes in black as well!
Available in this collection.

 Alexander McQueen Inspired Pleated Dress in Jewel Blue.
Love the flowy material~

 You can always dress it up in a belt of your choice for a different look. =)

Available in this collection.

V-Neck Pocket Top. For those weekend leisurely outings~

Love the collar detail. As if there's another piece!
Tuck it in and put on a skirt! Voila! You can also wear this for work!!!

These 2 pieces come from their Summer Staples Collection

 Vivi-Inspired Cargo Skirt. In Black.

 Nah, show you my backside. Lol~ Eh not bad right? This skirt gives the illusion of a nice ass.

When actually I don't really have much. =P 
Love the stretchy material and the fact that it doesn't crease. =)

Next up: The Cross Halter Drape Dress!

Very flattering cut, with wraps all in the right places to hide the tummy and the side bulges.
This one's in Jewel Blue.

You can wear it a different way if you prefer, like how I did:

Yup! This was the dress I wore to Dblchin Clara's Hen Night!
In Royal Purple. You can find this piece here.

And here comes my favorite!!!! First time I saw it I told myself I HAD to get this: The Keira High Collar Dress in Yellow Mustard! From this collection.

They come up with new collections pretty quickly, so go on, start shopping at Eternity Loft now~ ^.^

Pssst~ Quote "Silver" at checkout to receive $1.50 off your purchase!
Offer valid only until 16 April, so hurry!