Wednesday, 18 April 2012

SSparkle Glam: Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Before you forget, and I'm sure many of you might have forgotten, given all the hustle & bustle of life and social media. I mean, hey, you're constantly being fed updates on hundreds of friends. I won't blame you if you say you've forgotten Mother's Day (especially if it's not an event keyed into your Facebook Calendar). ;)

Mummy's Day falls on the 13th May, 2012 this year. Of course, its on a Sunday. ^.^

No worries! I'm here to give you some bright ideas. And best if they can be ordered online so you don't have to physically go hunt for the gift walking along the entire stretch of Orchard Road. Just pray your Mum doesn't read my blog or she'll be like (ah~ I know where you got this idea from...) Okay maybe if she reads it might be a good thing - she might be secretly hoping "Awww~ It'll be nice if Ah Girl/Boy gets this for me..." ^.^

Okay time to show your love to Mummy Dearest everyone! As this is an issue of SSparkle Glam you know where we're headed. 

Oh oh oh!!! This article is NOT just for us kids okay? It's also for the brothers, sisters, children-in-laws, and AND AND!!! For the hubbies to see~ Especially if it is your dearest wife's first year as a Mummy. It's the beginning of a wonderful role in life. Pamper her well. ;)

Here we go~

Get Mummy a Designer Bag. Every woman should own at least one in her entire lifetime. 

Sure, one can say she doesn't care about branded stuff and that it's a waste of money. That is, if you have 10 of them and only use a couple. Many designer bags are built to last. And every woman has a girl in them that will feel proud the very first time she carries that brand new designer bag of her own. Even more so when she has never owned one before. I know that was how I felt the first time I carried mine. =)

Found this site which sells selected designer bags at discounts up to $3000 (that's for a Prada bag. But I think that sale is over. New ones will be up I believe!) They also carry brands like Balenciaga, Fendi, Dior Femme, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Longchamp...the brands rotate get the idea. 


Get Mummy Jewellery. A very cliched gift? It won't be if it's not a "common" brand of jewellery.

Tiffany 1837 Hoop earrings

No woman will refuse a Tiffany & Co. I found this on offer at $75 instead of the usual $250. 

Oh by the way I went through painstaking efforts to make sure that the items I introduced are available in Singapore, or will ship to us. =)

Palamo Picasso Double Loving Hearts Ring

Heart Tag Bracelet

Of course, the ones I picked seem to be for the younger mums. Go browse the Singapore Tiffany & Co Website for more selection. =)

Disclaimer: By the way, I just found this site on the Internet, but I can't say that it is the official Tiffany & Co website. Still, they carry those items. Let me know how the products look like okay? For those who've bought from this site. Whether it sent the real deal, or if the items look really like the real deal you can't tell, or not. =)

Tip: Have a super practical Mum? Buy her gold. Doesn't have to be a gold bar. Gold jewellery does the trick too. She will be able to wear it, and if not, keep it, and I foresee gold prices will keep rising. ;)

Student or on a budget? I especially found this pendant meaningful, from

It says 

"A Mother Holds Her Child's Hand For A Short While And Their Hearts Forever"

In 14k Yellow Gold-Plated Sterling Silver Heart Pendant, 18"


A Good Massage & Spa Treatment. Make it a package if you can afford it. Better still - Go with her. 

Especially if your mum is a little older. They might not have gone to a spa ever before, and may actually feel threatened or intimidated by the lush interior of many good spas these days. Having a daughter go with her may just be something she has always wanted, but too shy to ask. "Aiyoh how old already still go spa for what?"

Which woman has never been young, or has never enjoyed feeling good about herself? =)

My own Mummy has brought me to this spa which she likes, and I got to admit, the place is really quite nice. You may have seen it on TV or heard about it. There is also a recent review on Diva Asia, for those who do not understand Mandarin.

Visit the g.Spa site for more details. 

I haven't been to many spas, but these links below has some recommendations on some of Singapore's best spas. Depending on your budget, you might want to check them out. =)

OH! Bring Mummy for Brazilian Waxing!!! Okay better not if your Mum is over $50 and is the conservative type. But if she's modern, why not? I call it something every one HAS to try. At least once in their lifetime la. I recommend Pink Parlour. I'm a customer there myself and I really like their service. The owner Wendi Chan is very friendly too! 

Me with my therapist at their recent 8th Anniversary $8 Hair-Free Party! 
(All brazilian, underarm and half leg waxing treatments were at $8 that day!!!)

They have promotions going on every now and then, so you might want to familiarize yourself with their staff to be notified of good deals that pop up! ;) 

Mummy too conservative? I understand. It takes an open mind (and courage) to open your legs for a stranger to inspect. Lol. No worries! They also do facial and nail services so while she gets pampered, YOU can go for your waxing (which usually takes only 15 minutes), then join her again later to continue with your own nail/facial. Mother/daughter bonding~ ^.^

Plenty of things you can come up with as gift ideas actually. Think out of the box sometimes. And never assume your mother will NEVER do or like certain things. You don't know her when she was younger. You may want your dad to help you out with this one. 

Happy Gift Hunting!


  1. hi silver, the T&Co webbie you introduced is selling inspired pieces?

    1. Isn't the original website the price is so low how do you know if it is authentic or not? have you bought it from this website before?

    2. I'm not sure. Hmm maybe I should go buy something so I can share with all of you!

  2. I like some of those gift items. Nice blog post too.

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    1. Hmmm...have you tried buying anything from their site? Anyone did? Maybe can share their experiences here.