Saturday, 22 December 2012

Ad: Pet Royalty

The world didn't end yesterday, and Christmas is coming in 3 days! Amidst all that crazy Xmas shopping, have you gotten your little furry one a little something? Luckily for you, I've found something, so you can just order without going through all the madness that is "last minute shopping".

Pet Royalty is an online pet store selling pet food, products and accessories, so you can pretty much say it has your pet essentials. Including Xmas gifts for your pet!

Santarina suit. If Alton is a girl, I would so get this for him!!! 

Santa Claus suit for your doggy!!! OMG mad cute!!!!!

Other pet toys are also available! "Like" Pet Royalty's Facebook Page to view more!

Don't celebrate Xmas? How about CNY? You can start shopping for CNY new clothes in advance. When you're all decked out in your reds and golds and regal colours, wouldn't it be nice if your visitors come and Choco is all dressed up as well? =D

How about a wedding? Grandparent's Silver Anniversary? A birthday party? We all dress up for that special event, and I'm sure your little furry bundle would love to feel like he's a part of it!

 I found these collared checked shirts so cute! Checked shirts are all the rave for guys now! Cute right??!!! I think I'm getting one for Alton!!!

Make your girl feel like a princess every day with little little things like her bed, tank tops, food bowls...

 The pet carpet looks so soft and comfy that I want one for myself just looking at it. Lol! 
Maybe my little rascal will stop lying on my down pillow if I get him this...

They have a whole lot more selections on their page! I only picked out those I like, so go ahead and check them out okay? I'm sure you will find something!

Okay my favourite thing about Pet Royalty? They carry a few of the best brands of dog food around. And these are the brands that I have done research on before, with majority of dog food review sites raving about them. Okay that's not the best part yet. 

These brands are not cheap if you go out there to get them or try to get them from other online retailers (trust me, I have checked them out), but Pet Royalty has THE LOWEST PRICE. Good pet food is not cheap, but is so essential, so a little savings really add up in the long run. It's also great if you are curious about letting your pet dog/cat try these brands but don't want to pay the kind of price that other retailers offer.

Here are the brands and respective items that Pet Royalty offers. There's just too many choices for some of the brands so I didn't feature all of them here. They also carry the canned selections! I have included the links to each of the respective brands so you can go read up about them and decide which one you want to go for before ordering from Pet Royalty

P.s. More brands coming your way in the near future!

Eagle Pack

This is the brand that Alton grew up eating and was recommended by his breeder (who owns a really nice dog farm in Aussieland and has many champion dogs under his care!) 

Eagle Pack also has a cat food selection.

Holistic Select 
Dog Food

Cat Food Selection

(I like how the weight control one shows a fat poofy cat. Lol!)

For those of you who prefer a more holistic approach to your pet's food. I've also heard that Holistic Select is a good brand for pets with stomach/digestive issues. For more information on Holistic Select Pet Food, you can view their official site here.

Wellness Pet Food Selection. This brand has 20 dry food recipes for dogs alone, and 9 for felines, so do visit the Wellness site for more info on each!

Dog Food Selection

 Cat Food Selection

Timberwolf is one of those brands that when store assistants will recommend every time I'm looking for something for Alton to switch to (I like giving him some variety as he doesn't really have issues with regards to his food). But Timberwolf doesn't come cheap, so I have never tried. I guess I have found my answer! Yay!

Timberwolf simulate the natural diet of wild canines and felines, aka raw food, in dry food format. Though a little pricey, I still think it's cheaper than feeding pure raw food (and more convenient). They are also the pioneers of high protein, grain-free pet diets. Read about the story that developed Timberwolf Organics.

All the above brands are really really good brands, and to be able to get them cheaper than anywhere else? Hah! That's really a treasure find, and I'm glad to be able to share them with you. For prices, availability of your choice of pet food, as well as any questions you might have regarding the foods, email

If you're interested in the pet food, as well as any pet toys, beds, carpets, costumes and accessories, do "Like" Pet Royalty and browse the products from there, then send an email to Pet Royalty to place your order. 

You're welcome! \^.^/