Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Nailz Treats: SG50 Nails and a Luxurious Foot Spa!

Hello! August is finally coming! Which means National Day is near! I don't know about you, but I'm pretty patriotic. I try as much as I can (especially if I'm home!) to stand up and sing the National anthem whenever it plays on National Day. ^=^

If there is an opportunity to do National Day nails, I'd take it! 

So my chance came when Nailz Treats invited me to try out their services. I was more than happy to of course. I haven't had time to do my nails for more than a month and my cuticles were hard from drying out due to flying a lot this month (cabin air is very dry and always dries my hands out). My legs haven't had a pedicure in more than a year, callus was forming and my heels were cracking. Yes, I would LOVE to come get pampered!

I went to their new outlet at One KM.

The lush massage chairs and foot spas! 

I love the fact that they are not excessively pink like how a lot of nail salons are. Don't get me wrong, I love pink. But sometimes it's refreshing to see earthy neutrals once in a while. ^.^

If you're a fan of fancy colours on your nails, you'd be delighted to know that their range of colours is AMAZING! See....

They also use pretty good nail care products! I did some googling, and found that Trind has a lot of good reviews all over the web. =) 

After taking a seat, I was treated to a luxurious foot spa in this foot spa tub straightaway. And they activated my massage chair too! Hands and legs attended to while getting a massage. Talk about star treatment! Mmm~~~

Jacuzzi foam bath for my tired and abused legs. (I got quite bruised and battered on my recent trip to Phuket.)

With mood lights. I read somewhere that different coloured lights actually provide different therapy for different purposes. It's called chromotherapy. You can read more here.

The nail therapist getting to work on my very dead-skin-celled feet. Eeeeks. Sorry for having to make you do this! 

Meanwhile, my hands' hardened cuticles were being taken care of as well. I'm a happy girl. 

While the ladies were busy with my hands and feet, I took the time to look through their work and decide what I wanted. Even though I already wanted National Day nails. Just in case I saw something else and got fickle you know.

Me like what I see.

Ok la, once a year, I'll stick to my SG50 nails! I won't be able to do this in September, or January, or other months you know. Next year it also won't be SG50 already.

Back to my luxurious foot spa. They are having a promotion on this by the way, but more on that later. I was given a thorough foot scrub after my dead skin was removed! 

I could almost hear them squeal in excitement and pleasure. Lol!

Next, this elixir was applied on the injured areas of my legs. I was told that this was supposed to help with healing. I had no open wounds, but I did have quite a number of bruises (from cliff jumping and pole dancing in Phuket).

Next there's this! It's a steamer. You know like how you go for facials and they steam your face? This was for my feet! Whoa!!!

Feet: Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

That was not all. After steaming, the pores should open up right? This is when the beautician would apply a mask on your face so it absorbs all the holiao while the pores are open. YUP! A mask was applied to my legs!!! This is pampering or this is pampering???? WOW!

After the mask was applied my feet were placed in these hot socks for further treatment for about 15 minutes. Mmmm~~

Nope, not done yet. After the mask was removed, my therapist applied this moisturising cream on my legs and massaged them some more. I seriously cannot remember when was the last time my legs were treated so well!

Done with my foot spa!!!!

Finishing touches to complete my pedicure.

The colours I went with. I love the random blue and glittery alternates!

As for my hands, I was pretty pleased with the design as well!

Happy Birthday Singapore! Yes, I wanted "I ♥ SG" written. =D 

And I love the big thingies on my nails too! It's been 4 days and they are still intact on my nails okay. I handwash some of my clothes, wash my dog and do the dishes. Those things are not even budging. Usually when I have such 3D pop up things on my nails, they fall off after 2 days, and they are not even this big. I think it'll stay on my nails for a while. Yay!

Like I mentioned earlier, Nailz Treats is having a promotion for National Day!
To celebrate the nation's 50th birthday, you can now enjoy a whole bunch of services for only $50 each, including the super pampering foot spa pedicure I did (which I think is an awesome deal):

Go get your feet pampered, and get your SG50 nails done!

Nailz Treats is located at:
Bedok Mall
311 New Upper Changi Road #B1-03 
Singapore 467360
Tel: 6844 9558
HP: 9731 1180

One KM
11 Tanjong Katong Road #02-46 
Singapore 437157
Tel: 6702 2202
HP: 9111 8123

They also have another outlet opening next May/June in Clementi Mall so westsiders rejoice! ;)

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Uniqlo x Shop Online Lah

Ever since I discovered online shopping, I have been a firm believer in it. "Shop online lah!" has been my favourite line to say whenever someone tells me he/she wants to try to find something in the stores. Because, well, I don't have to pay for someone else's commercial rent, so it's almost always cheaper to buy online.

While browsing through qoo10 (my current favourite online shopping site for any kind of nonsense I can think of - macbook chargers, iPad glass screen protectors, keyboard covers, projectors, lamps, name it), I stumbled upon SOL, which stands for Shop Online Lah! I was looking for hangers, which you will see in my next post. I opted for the self-collection method as their office was in Yishun, near my old place at Woodlands. Also, I like going to their offices when I can, so that I can see the full range of items they have. and sometimes their prices are even cheaper than listed on Qoo10 (no commission taken ma). They also have an online shop of their own now if you wish to check them out. 

I am a fan of not wearing too much when I sleep, so I was pretty excited when I stumbled upon these in the SOL office. 

I brought this back in black, turquoise, white and pink as well. A little sexy. A lot of comfy.

Love wearing just like this when I'm going to bed. Not very convenient when the postman or deliveryman comes with a parcel, but I love it anyway. Uniqlo panties are the only ones I actually buy these days. Seamless, comfortable, snug. Just the way I like it.

(Give them a call or drop them an email if they have yet to post this item up)
Bottom: Uniqlo

Photography by Daniel Ho Photography

Monday, 13 July 2015

Brand Ambassador for Allure Beauty for 2nd Year!

Very exciting news!!!

With Angela Tnee, Founder and Managing Director of Allure Beauty
I am very proud and honoured to announce that I have been appointed Brand Ambassador for Allure Beauty for the 2nd year running!

Signing the very important contract ;)
I remember my very first experience with Allure - that was in year 2010. I was new to blogging, and I received an email from their PR agency asking me to review the eyebrow embroidery service. At the time, eyebrow embroidery was relatively unheard of, although I have come across it. I wasn't too sure what it was though. Was it tattoo? Was it like sewing thread into the skin like what embroidery literally is? What is it??? 

Not being presumptious, I figured that since I don't know, many people wouldn't either. (Hey I read up so much about beauty stuff!) But then I kind of like declined the offer at first, as I am one of those girls who actually have eyebrow hair. I know of friends who shaved off their eyebrows when they were in secondary school just so they can draw their eyebrows easier, and of girls who have overplucked their brows. For some of them, the brows just didn't grow back. (Yikes, I know.)

Anyway, like I said, I declined the offer, as I figured it wouldn't make much of a difference since I have brows and they were just going to kind of colour it in. I have to give it to the PR girl for being persuasive though, lol, because in the end I figured, oh well, I have nothing to lose, and since eyebrow embroidery was a relatively new thing then, no one has done any reviews, and people would want to know more.

So I went, and was I glad I did! Because that blogpost turned out to the one of my most read posts (google "eyebrow embroidery" and you will find it right there), even until today, and it brought quite a bit of business to Allure, and with positive feedback from readers! As a blogger, I think that is a very satisfying feeling, to know that what you have written about actually benefitted the business as well as the customers who tried the service. 4 years later, they asked me to be their brand ambassador, and I was more than happy to say yes. =)

This is my second year with them. They have been a wonderful team to work with, and every experience with them has been pleasant. To a better future ahead together! 

I love you Allure! <3

Friday, 3 July 2015

Why Did You Go Away?

Just wanted to share something that happened today, because I haven't really talked personal much in a long long time.

Today, after dinner with the boyfriend,  we were just window-shopping at the mall before he goes for his gig. I then saw at the atrium something which caught my eye, and we went and checked it out. Okay, I went and checked it out, because he soon walked off to look at other stuff. I think I didn't take too long, maybe 5 minutes max? And he did walk back over to check on me about 3-4 minutes in. When I was done and thanked the salesgirl for answering my questions, I tried to look for him around the booth, but he was nowhere to be seen. 

Now, of course I got upset. When we go out together, you don't just wander off missing or too far away without first informing me of where you want to go, even if you have zero interest in what I was looking at! I walked around the entire atrium, and in the end decided to call him, after having reached a state of exasperation and anxiety. 

I now understand how my dog feels. Alton would go into a state of panic attack whenever I left the house. He's now almost blind, so he doesn't always see when I leave the house. I also try not to let him see me leave because he would scratch the door for a long time after I leave. I've been told that usually when I leave the house without Alton knowing where I've gone to, he would search the house in a frenzy, walking anxiously from room A to room B to the bathroom to the living room to the kitchen and then to room C and back to room A to try to look for me, and this may carry on for an hour after he discovers I'm gone. 

I'm not saying I am anxious like that. I don't think I have separation anxiety, but I do get annoyed when we are supposed to be hanging out together, and you go off leaving me with no idea where to find you. 

It didn't help that his phone's microphone is faulty, so I wouldn't be able to hear anything when he answers the phone, except when he switches it to speaker mode. I heard nothing, so I hung up. I then got really upset and sent him a text that went something like this -

Me: Hello?????
Me: Why did you just walk off like that???

He then called me back. After he told me where he's at, I hung up the phone and walked (grouchily) over to where he said he was.

I did not expect what I saw next.

He appeared in front of me with a big red rose in full bloom.

Him: Why you so fierce...?
Me: (Still upset) Because you left me standing there alone and I didn't know where you'd gone or where to find you!
Him: *gave me the rose in his hand* I went to get this for you...

This time I was in a state of upset and surprise, plus I was still angry but at the same time happy and touched, so don't try to imagine my face. It must've looked pretty contorted. And I must've looked pretty fierce still because he actually looked scared and upset.

Me: I was looking all around for you and I looked so awkward just now! (must be a face issue)
Him: But I want to buy flower to surprise you, and I cannot tell you where I'm going ma...

I'm a pretty tough woman to surprise, as he must've realised by now (will tell u more on another post), but I'm touched by his trying to surprise me time and again, just to put a smile on my face. =)

Sorry baby for being such a silly quick-tempered bitch. I blame it on waking up too early. But do know that I really really appreciate this beautiful rose, and all the flowers you've given me, and the gestures you often make in trying to make me happy. 

現在情緒比較放鬆了, 看到這朵綻放的玫瑰花🌹,我的心情是像這朵花一樣,是盛開的。

P.S. Also, note to self - Next time I'd rather let Alton know I'm going out, than leave him panicking trying to find me in the house without avail.