Thursday, 25 August 2011

That Biker Chick Full-Face Helmets

Promised I would show you guys my full-face helmets. Here are 3 of them.

I only showed 3, but I've got more helmet design colours (except for the Pink/Silver Sierra) so you have to come to Queensway Shopping Centre Flea Market to see for yourself!!!! You can check them out first at

Flea Market outside Queensway Shopping Centre

17th September, 2011
11am - 7pm

We have a date, yes? ;)
 See you there!

That Biker Chick,

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Review: Aqua Peel Facial @ SkinLab

 Time for another facial treatment!!!

 The camera must love me when I took this picture. ^.^
(No prior editing has been done.)

 I know you must be thinking: Crazy woman...face so nice still do what treatment...waste money...

Which is why I have never signed up for a facial package in my entire life. =P 

But hey, this face is the result of hours of care and hundreds of facial masks okay...I actually bother taking care of it, more so in recent years when I realized that it's not as "toing toing" and smooth and flawless anymore...

I do occasionally get the dull skin and freckles and pimples and blackheads and my skin gets actually, I have all the same problems as everyone else. I don't actually look so glamourous without the bit of makeup I use. (I don't use very heavy makeup because my skin won't be able to breathe...I'll feel very clogged up.)

Thanks to SkinLab Medical Spa, I get to review the new Aqua Peel ST treatment, which means ho liao for my face!

What is Aqua Peel Facial?

It is the latest skin treatment providing non-invasive exfoliation as well as delivery of topical solutions to cleanseexfoliateextract and hydrate the skin safely and painlesslyThose of you who have tried the usual chemical peels will know that there might be a little bit of pain involved and you will look flaky for a few days as your old skin sheds. With the Aqua Peel Facial, you can achieve the same results faster, without the complications and discomfort usually associated with invasive procedures. In addition, the Aqua ST is unique because it does not use crystals or other abrasive particles that can irritate the skin.

Depending on your skin condition, there will be a selection of topical solutions catered to your needs. The Aqua Peel uses 3 Spiral Treatment tips for optimal exposure and absorption of topical solutions so your skin gets as much as of the good stuff as possible. 

What are the topical solutions used?

  • AS - The Aqua ST AS (All-Skin) Solution cleans the skin deeply while softening sebum and impurities to aid in extractions. It assists in dislodging dead cells for exfoliation and provides residual hydration that aids in firming and smoothing fine lines.
  • SA - The Aqua ST SA (Salicylic Acid) Solution is specially formulated for oily and acne prone skin. It active ingredients include Pentylene Glycol and Spirea Ulmaria Extract to penetrate the pores and dislodge dead cells for exfoliation.
  • AO - The Aqua ST AO (Anti-Oxidant) Solution is formulated with stabilized Vitamins A, E & White Tea Extract to combat free radicals and environmental damage to the skin cells.

What are its benefits?
  • Painless, soothing treatment.
  • Allows an immediate return to normal activities (no downtime).
  • Eliminates the risk and health concerns of aluminum-based crystals associated with particulate abrasion.
  • Visible results after first treatment. Lasting and more significant results will be seen after 4 to 6 treatments spaced 7 to 10 days apart.
  • Unique Spiral Tip allows maximise infusion with minimum wastage.

 Who is it suitable for?
Basically, everyone. Because there is no downtime and it is a non-invasive procedure, you don't have to worry about complications. If you have any of the following, then this is for you -
  • Acne problems
  • Congestion
  • Blemishes
  • Dull and Aging Skin
  • Dehydration
  • Fine lines
  • Sensitive Skin
Aqua ST effectively treats all skin types and addresses a wide range of dermatological conditions including hyperpigmentation, acne, photodamage, dehydration, congestion, blackheads and fine line wrinkles. 


Oh my gosh....I have hyperpigmentation (tick), pimple (acne - tick), photodamage (tick), dry skin (dehydration - tick), congestion (tick), blackheads (tick) and fine line wrinkles (tick) already so please, take them away!!!!!!
What's it like? 

Follow me, I'll be your guinea pig. =)
 Getting ready for my facial!

 This is the last pretty picture you're going to see of me...

 The therapist will have to remove my makeup...

 I'm sometimes amazed by how thin my eyelid skin is...

Can you see all the blood vessels on my eyelids?

One thing about being a blogger is that sometimes we have to let readers see us without makeup, at our chui-est. Spot the uneven skin tone, the pimple beside my mouth, the freckles underneath my eyes and on my nose, and er....a lot of other stuff I'm glad the camera didn't pick up. I've started accumulating blackheads, and my skin just looked blah.

Okay the next picture might be disturbing to some, so quickly scroll through if you're the pantang sort okay.....


I know what you're 7th month don't anyhow talk hor...
Look a bit scary

Never an-hour-&-a-half's time I will look decent...

I am ready for my hydrating and whitening mask~~~

The mask. I'm left in the room to sleep for about 15-20 minutes, which I did soon after taking the pictures...

This is done to provide a hydrating protective layer over the skin before the actual aqua peel.

Here comes!

That's the spiral treatment tip! Basically here there is some sucking as well as infusion going on. Kinda complicated, but I know all the good stuff is going into my skin~ Ommm~~~

I basically almost slept throughout the procedure and had to struggle to keep awake so I know what's happening so I can tell you guys.

It was really painless and soothing. There wasn't even extraction done so I didn't feel any pain at all.

 And I'm done!
In case you're freaking out because of my dark eye rings, focus on the rest of my face can. This thing doesn't treat dark eye circles la. -.-"

My skin felt very hydrated after the treatment and there is actually a natural radiance lor. Compare this with the scary picture (I'm not going to post that here again) and you will be able to see the difference.

Rating for this? I give it a 4/5. 

Maybe I am secretly sick inside...need to see the skin actually peeling off and witnessing a vast difference before I will say it's fantastic. But for those of you who are intolerant of pain, cannot afford to have flaky skin becaues of work (models, actresses, stewardesses, or people in sales and PR, and the like) will definitely appreciate the wonders this can do for your skin. As mentioned above, for lasting results, it will take 4-6 treatments spaced 7-10 days apart.

Interested to try? They've a special promotion just for you!
  • 30min SkinLab Aqua Peel           : *$38 (no mask)
  • 90min SkinLab Aqua Peel            : *$98 (mask, light extraction, and light face massage)
I honestly recommend the mask though. You can find out all the goodness of the mask when you enquire at SkinLab Medical Spa! 

* Valid till 31 August 2011 & for first-time customers only. Do remember to quote "Silver" when making an appointment for this special offer!

SkinLab Medical Spa 
#04-04 Wheelock Place. 
T: 6235 3246. 

Love Yourself,

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Random Ramblings, and Cook Curry

Hey there!!!!! I haven't spoken to you much, so I decided to do a vlog video to actually chat with you. Okay it's a monologue, but you can see and hear me, instead of just seeing letters of the alphabet appear on the screen. What I've been up to, my business and how it came about, and some more random musings...


Come on, show me a bit of appreciation can? I'm doing this for you hor. Otherwise you think I jia ba bo sai bang so free meh? 

Yes okay you're still here. I know you can't bear to leave me... hur hur hur~

Anyways, here it is~

I laughed at myself so hard when I watched

Talk to you soon!


Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Durian Buffet

Anyone's heard of a durian buffet? Yeah so far I have and they're only available in Malaysia. I was in KL about 3 weeks back to help a friend with his shoot and Ariel & Aric (I've known these2 since I was 16!!!) brought us for durian buffet!!!!!!!!

The eat until you vomit and die kind.

There were a few stalls, but we decided on this one - Durian SS2 Station.

 RM9.00 Per Person!!!!!!!! 
Are you reading this? It's not RM9 per durian, it's 9 Ringgit PER PERSON!!!!!
That's S$4 leh! Siao boh? Here in Singapore one kampung durian already S$3 lor!

Applicable from Mondays to Fridays only. Weekend and P.H I think got different pricing.

It says "EAT UNTIL YOU GET FULL FOR RM9.00 per person"
Literally "吃到你饱".

Apparently there is another option of RM15 per person. You will get the more atas, better durians like D24, 101 etc. RM9 is for kampung durians.

Of course we took the RM15 one la! Hello? How much is that only? Conversion rate is now $1 = RM2.36 (Appx 2.4). Not even S$7!!!!!

 So many people~~~ It was about 10pm when we got there.

 I heard they're open from around noon time to 12 midnight. Not exactly sure but you can the owner Ah Wai at 012-234-5619 if you really want durian for breakfast. Lol.

Tell me which other durian STALL has their own website!!!
Okay maybe Durian Lingers, but theirs is a shop, plus they sell durian at dok tao prices...(expensive)

They even have a page which tells you the different kinds of durians they have! So for those who only know how to eat, but not sure how to differentiate, you may want to check the site out!

D24. The most famous of them all, other than "Cat Mountain King". Lol.
According to the site description:

:: Strong fragrance & taste good
:: Sweet & acrid taste
:: Smooth flesh & sticky
:: High quality

"Strong fragrance and acrid taste"? Lol. Well, durians do have their very own distinctive smell and taste, so I guess describing them can be a real challenge. =D

:: Sweet & good fragrance
:: Smooth flesh & small seed
:: Red Flesh
:: Top 10 Durian
:: High Quality

:: Sweet & acrid taste
:: Strong fragrance & thick flesh
:: Special delicious taste

Wonder what "special taste" is...

ThRaka. Never heard of it right? Neither have I.
It's also called 竹脚.
:: Fragrant Durian & taste good
:: Sweet & acrid taste, small seed
:: High quality
:: Top 10 Durian

I found out that this one is second best only to the famous Mao Shan Wang! Not just Top 10 hor, this one Top 2. Don't got eye no see orh-yi-orh...

Raja Kunyit. This one you don't play...

:: Special fragrance Durian
:: Smooth flesh & flat seed
:: Very special taste
:: The best quality
:: No. 1 in the Top 10 Durian list

How come I've never heard of it?!!!! The best of the best leh! *looks around*
Or am I the only swakoo one around here???

Okay so I googled...
Raja Kunyit is your CAT MOUNTAIN KING 猫山王!!!!!
I found another site which gave a better description:

Characteristics of Raja Kunyit variety:
Color: Golden Yellow
Texture: Smooth, custardy and firm
Seeds: Almost Seedless! (No fully-formed seeds, with tiny seeds easily remove from flesh)
Taste: Sweet with a tinge of bitter aftertaste

The origin of the Raja Kunyit is Gua Musang. That's why it is also known as Musang King, or 猫山王. How come it's not Kucing King huh?

 This is a musang. Look like CAT meh?????!!!!!! -.-"

 Authentic Mao Shan Wang (Raja Kunyit).
The seeds of 猫山王 are usually flat, uneven and small, as shown above. NOW YOU KNOW! 
AND there are a lot of fake maoshanwangs around, so if you open and eat one, and the seeds are not as described, you dio pian already.

Now you know what to ask and look for!

All the (bitter sweet) 苦甜肉 ones!!!!! LOVE MAX!
All you gotta do is sit down, tell them what price range buffet you going for (RM9 or RM15), then they will just keep bringing and opening durians at your table. Shiok. And ALL the durians we ate were sedap lor! Don't have 失水准 ones.

 I have no idea how many we ate. Okay I have no idea how many I ate, cos apparently I didn't hear the rest when they said let's count how many "hood" we ate.

On average, each person downed like 15-20 "hood"!!!

P.s One "hood" is one piece of yellow durian flesh with seed. E.g. One durian has many "hoods". 
Lol. For the clueless to the colourful use of language.

 Can you NOT tell we were really happy????

If I eat until I vomit and die now, I will die a happy woman.
Then as a ghost I will always the durian smell, and anytime you SUDDENLY smell durian, you know I'm around. LOL!!! Okay okay choi! Chik guay cannot talk all these nonsense.
*bor bi peng an*

After that we were all really stuffed. The guys at the stall told us if we are full already right, can go walk walk jalan jalan a bit, then come back anytime before midnight for round 2, or round 3 or round 4....
(If you haven't vomitted by then. Lol.)

Durian is considered very heaty food, and if you don't want to fall sick or get a sore throat the day after a durian feast, have a coconut, or take mangosteens. These are said to reverse the effects of heatiness. =)

Oh and one more thing, I bet many people don't know this:
Do not drink alcohol with durian. One can of beer is fine, but no hard liqour. The stall owner said so.

Durian contains high levels of sulphur, and the high sulphur content will cause the body to inhibit the activity of aldehyde dehydrogenase, causing a 70% reduction of the ability to clear toxins from the body. 
Wah what the hell is Silver talking about? Okay in simple English:
Now when you drink alcohol, you need your body to be able to clear the alcohol from your bodyWhen you eat durian with alcohol, because aldehyde dehydrogenase activity is inhibited and toxin breakdown and elimination becomes very very slow, your body won't be able to get rid of the alcohol in your body as efficiently as it should, and you may die from alcohol poisoning

Read this if you need more information. If I were you, I won't try. Just eat durian with coconut juice, or liang teh. =D

I'm not really an alcohol fan, other than the occasional Muscat and Brothers Toffee Apple Cider, so...


Read my other durian post here.


Friday, 12 August 2011

Gelish by Pink Parlour

Long overdue!!! But I'm here still okay?

And I was talking about Gelish nail polish some time ago when I blogged about JNails. I said I'll come to the actual post talking about benefits of Gelish. Remember not?

Pink Parlour was very nice to offer to let me try Gelish nail polish for the very first time. 

I love the interior of this particular outlet at Orchard Central. It's very different from its very first outlet at Far East Plaza - this one's so much more spacious!

 Check out all the nail polish colours they have~
See the white bottles at the bottom? Those are the Gelish Nail Polish!!!

 And will you check out the waiting area???

Pedicure corner...

Seriously...why have I NEVER been to this outlet before???
Now I'm a convert. 

Anyways, I was talkina about Gelish....

So what's so great about Gelish?
Gelish is basically Gel Nail Polish in short. It works the same way as a nail polish in the sense that it gives your nails pretty colours the way normal nail polish would.So how is it better?

  • Lasts for up to 3 weeks without chipping. Mine lasted a good 3 weeks. ;) 
  • May take a little longer to apply because it needs time to cure under a UV lamp, but it takes seconds to dry. Compare that with a manicure session using normal nail polish and having you walk around everywhere looking like you have handicapped hands, or claws...
  • While conventional nail polish may stain your nails over time and cause yellowing, gelish nail polishis basically an odourless formula that will not cause any damage to the nails, even after prolonged use.

I don't know about you, but those 2 points are more than good enough for me. Lasting for a good 3 weeks means I do not have to bother about my nails or make additional trips to the manicurist to keep them looking in tip-top condition. Taking seconds to dry means that after I step out of the nail salon, I could dig my hands (or nails) into my overstuffed handbag and NOT worry about getting my newly-done nails smudged.

So what if the Gelish required 15 minutes to soak off completely? Travel time to the nail salon for each manicure? That's one-hour for a return trip. Each session at the nail salon? 1-3 hours. That's probably 2 hours each week for a normal nail polish manicure. Gelish nails? 1 session of 1 hour plus 1 return trip, and I don't need to repeat that for 3 weeks. Hello? Can you do the Maths???

So enough about the benefits, let's get straight to the my nails!!!

Er...yah...that's me when I'm filming anything. -.- Yah what, most times they just want plain nails, "dowan so nice can or not", so whenever I'm filming anything for TV (especially dramas) I just don't give a shit about my nails at all...


Anyway that is the past...after that I got really hooked on Gelish... Guess what? They have "non-striking colours" so I can still have plain looking nails that look beautiful...

The colours available. Actually Gelish comes in more colours la...I think the manufacturers have come up woth 48 colours, to be exact.

I wanted colour #4 but the girl at Pink Parlour told me #3 would be nicer. Alright then...I shall gamble and trust the professional...

Though I still wanted something nude-looking. I think pastel pink's more of her colour than mine.
I'm kinda bad in that way, not firm enough with trivial things like these. To think I should have learnt to be firm enough with regards to the things I want, anything I want....



This was what she did.

Since it was already so not nude and faintly decorated, I told her I wanted bling. Lol. Might as well right???
Either plain plain, or super 夸张. Don't like neither here nor there. 这是本小姐的个性。

My fingers looked so shiny because of the moisturizer they used - it has some glittery ingredient so you'll feel like you have diamonds applied on you. Lol~

What happened at the end after she was done removing the tacky layer of the gel top coat surprised me.
"It's done."
I touched it. It was COMPLETELY DRY!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!! I pressed on it. Nothing happened!!

I'm officially a Gelish convert. Right after this I went and bought myself a nude Gelish Nail Polish, but that's really because I have a UV Lamp and I know how to do this at home myself. Plus, when I do start filming and getting busy, I really won't have much time visiting nail salons. But for you, please, do go and try this product. Always look for this:

So you know you're getting the real deal.

Want to see more of what Gelish can do? Read my previous nail post.

Gelish is available at all good nail salons, including this pretty one...

Make your appointment today! *meow*