Sunday, 21 August 2011

Random Ramblings, and Cook Curry

Hey there!!!!! I haven't spoken to you much, so I decided to do a vlog video to actually chat with you. Okay it's a monologue, but you can see and hear me, instead of just seeing letters of the alphabet appear on the screen. What I've been up to, my business and how it came about, and some more random musings...


Come on, show me a bit of appreciation can? I'm doing this for you hor. Otherwise you think I jia ba bo sai bang so free meh? 

Yes okay you're still here. I know you can't bear to leave me... hur hur hur~

Anyways, here it is~

I laughed at myself so hard when I watched

Talk to you soon!



  1. Yes! I'm cooking curry! :P

    haha... like your *chirp chirp chirp chirp*

    Jia You!

  2. i think you are very pretty and you actually sound nice on audio! :)

  3. love your bangs!!!

  4. haha.. i'm from brunei and happen to come over your nice and interesting blog sometime ago.
    love the new concept of mix video blogging.

    Keep it up.. :) cool idea on the bikerchick. i'm sure you will do well.. :)

  5. 1. your wall stickers/decals/background is not up
    2. you never show us your pot of curry
    3. you have this habit of self-affirming yourself in your videos or maybe that is simply you!!!
    4. you made my day =) thank you

    oh ya btw have you got into any accidents/near accidents or life/death situations before???

  6. hello hello. i think you're a cool girl ehh. ahhahaa. can you sometimes like make a song cover? i like your voice! :>