Thursday, 29 May 2014

Sponsored: Gly Derm Stretch Mark Cream

Hands up if you have been fat and lost weight! Now, hands up if you’re a mother! (That is if you have enough hands to raise one up. I know how busy mummies can get.)

Chances are, this cream I’m going to talk about is going to benefit you. How does a bikini-able body sound? Okay if you’re not into bikinis, how about just having really smooth fair skin?

I used to be really fat. And I mean like 67kg kind of fat. And I’m all of what, 1.62m tall? 

So after I’ve lost some weight (I’m going to emphasize some because I have quite a bit more to go), I realized I have stretch marks on both of my upper thighs, my lower back, and according to Wu Yilin laoshi of Lady First she said I have them on my arms near the armpit, even though I stared really hard and couldn’t find it. So yah, thighs and lower back. I say. Lol.

What are stretch marks?
They are breaks in the elastic fibres under the surface of the skin, when the body grows faster than the skin can keep up with. This disrupts the normal production of collagen, and causes some form of scarring to occur, and this kind of scarring is termed as stretch marks. So it explains why during pregnancy, when you gain like 10kg in a few months, stretch marks occur. They also happen during puberty, when you suddenly shoot up.

Come to think of it, the ones on my lower back could be due to that and not fat. Hmmm…

Stretch marks begin as pink lines, and may be itchy. Then they will enlarge in length and width and appear reddish or purplish. Matured stretch marks lose their reddish/purplish hue and start to look pale white/silver. They may also feel depressed and irregular in shape and length.

The bad news is you can never totally eliminate them, ever. You can’t prevent them from happening either. 90% of pregnant women get it. And many obese people too.

The good news is, most stretch marks will fade over time. If you give it enough time, that is. There are also aesthetic treatments like laser procedures that can be done to minimize their appearance, and these might be costly. If you wish to save some moolah, here’s where Gly Derm comes in. More on that later.

Mine, from the looks of it, are all matured ones, and they aren’t horribly obvious. I’m guessing they might already have faded a little, but hey, if I can get rid of it or hasten the fading process, why not, right?

Here are my gross marks. Never before shown pictures. And areas. Get ready:

This is the view of my back. No touch up. Zilch. Which is why I don't like wearing bikinis in front of people I'm not familiar with, apart from not having a good body, I have these ugly stretch mark scars, and super dry skin.


This is my left upper thigh. The arrows basically point you to the stretch marks, if you are oblivious enough.

Right thigh.

Urgh. Sorry I had to spoil your appetite. And your image of me. (If there was any to begin with lol) >.<

So how does Gly Derm help?

1. It is specially formulated with Tri-Derm actives that help with rebuilding collagen and regaining skin elasticity.

2. Helps to improve skin colour and reduce the size of stretch marks.

3. Initial results may be seen in just 3 weeks of usage.

4. Although continued usage is recommended for a more complete, long term effect.

5. Dermatologically tested. Meaning it has been tested on human skin. If you are worried that your skin might be sensitive it’s always wise to do a skin test first, by applying a small amount on the inside of your wrist or behind your ear. =)

6. Clinically proven. You know it’ll work. You just have to be diligent and USE IT REGULARLY!

7. Preservative-free and fragrance-free. So no worries even if you have sensitive skin!

How to Use?

Pour enough amount of Gly Derm Stretch Mark Cream onto palm.

Gently massage the cream into the skin in a circular motion, twice a day, morning and night.

And oh, it is best applied on moist skin after bathing.

These pictures are after 3 weeks of continued usage. Verdict? You be the judge.
Lower Back (After)

 Before                                                                             After

Not soooooo dry anymore right? I do think I can be a bit more liberal with my application. ^.^

Left Upper Thigh (After)

Before                                                   After

 I do notice my skin being smoother and the stretch mark not looking so deep and "cracked".

Right Upper Thigh (After)

Before                                                                After                     

Not so obvious anymore right????

Of course, to see more obvious results, you have to use diligently for a longer period of time. If I can see this in 3 weeks, maybe in 3 months' time they will look like they're not there! Can't wait! 

I'll reward you with a nice picture after sitting through all that with me. Lol. 
Gly Derm Stretch Mark Cream is available at all major pharmacies at $14.90 and $23.90 for 60ml and 125ml respectively. You can find out more about this stretch mark cream at

Sunday, 25 May 2014


So recently I've been huge on this gratitude thing. And I swear I see the results. Give and you'll get. How true is that? How often have you smiled at someone and he/she smiles back at you. There you go. *smiles*

Here are the things and people I'm grateful for in my life:

My work. I grew up wanting to be an air stewardess and then an actress. It didn't change throughout my high school and poly days. And I got both. I'm living my childhood dream. So I'm really thankful I'm here, and I get great opportunities for exciting projects. Even though I'm half based in Taipei, I get opportunities for work here still. I'm currently doing Groom My Room for Okto, and it's so fulfilling to see these kids get their dream room, and know that I played a little part in it.

My other work. Blogging. I didn't start out wanting to be a blogger. I just had a blog that documented little interesting things in my life, and tadah~~~ somehow I got associated with being one. This journey has been really fun. Going to events and trips and meeting so many of you fun people! Of course there have been ups and downs, but hey, I'm grateful for the downs that have happened. They made me reflect and now I'm a better person. =D

My family. They have been the most supportive I can ever get. My family's not exactly huggy and the lovey-dovey muacks-I-love-you kind, but the love I get from them is amazing. From the little things like the housework that Mummy keeps up with, the ironing and buying of lunches by my Ah Gong, the yummy Monday dinners that Ah Ma cooks for the whole extended family...I love the fact that I have them as mine.

My home. It gives me a place for recluse, to hide out when it's raining or too hot, to rest when I'm tired, to refresh myself so I'm ready for all the challenges and amazing things waiting for me out there. It's where I know I can always come back to. I feel the Kit Chan song arising. Lol.

My friends. I have the sweetest friends ever. And knowing I can share things with them, especially secrets, nonsense, and laughter. These are the little things that make the friendships so special. Mint, Cheryl, Angeline, Evangeline, Johnson (yes you too!), Melody, Phyllis and those who shall not be named, you guys are the first class passengers on my flight. If I am a star, you are the light that makes me sparkle. Seriously, you have nooooo idea how glad I am that you're in my life. <3

My ex-boyfriends. WHAT????? That must be what you're thinking. Uh huh. I have been lucky to have had some great guys as my ex-boyfriends. So we didn't work out, but that means they were there to make me a better person for the final one to come. So, on behalf of he who's on the way, thank you. And I know someone great is coming your way too, if she hasn't already. ;)

My health and body. It's not perfect, but it allows me to wake up each day to do the things I want to do. I get to eat all the good food out there, smell the flowers, chase my dreams and spend time with the people I love.

I can come up with a thousand more. But these are the main ones. And trust me, more will come. Because as the law of attraction promises, you will only attract more of what you give. Give love, and only more will come back to you. Give gratitude, and there will be more things for you to be grateful about.

Oh, and thank you, for being here! <3<3<3

Thursday, 22 May 2014

13 Tips on Travelling Alone

This is something I became super acquainted with for the last 5 years. Well, maybe not traveling alone per se (although life in Taipei is pretty much that), but taking a flight to your destination alone. Maybe you're meeting a friend/relative there, your friends are on a different flight, you're going there for a work trip. Basically, just flying alone. I have some tips for solo travelers as well la, so if you're doing that, you can reference this. =)

I can't remember exactly when I did my virgin lonely flight, could be a Taipei flight to meet friends there, or a KL, or China for work. To date, I have a box of boarding passes of flights I flew by myself. And I figured I should compile a list of tips for any of you doing that for the first time.

1. Do Your Homework. Plan Your Itinerary.

This is for solo travelers. And it's a Singaporean/Asian thing I guess, this planning the itinerary. I've had many friends from elsewhere tell me they just go to a country and start exploring. But hey, we are kiasu, cannot huh? We only have so many days for our holiday, and we want to make the most and best out of our trip, so we plan!

Look up trip advisor or some other guides. Read up, decide where you want to go, and put them down. Don't neglect food places! I tried to anyhow tikam eateries near my hotels, and sometimes I end up with crap. So make sure you find good makan joints too! Just key in keywords like "Breakfast Myeongdong" or "Goose Wan Chai" into Google and a list of reviews should come up.

2. Change Money

Please do this before your flight. I find the best rates to be at Mustafa Centre (inside at Level 1 where the watches are). I remember once when I changed RMB elsewhere for S$1 to 5.70RMB, then changed again somemore at Mustafa for 6.30. Yup. You get the idea. Another place that's recommended is at Cuppage Plaza. I heard. =)

If you forget, there's always the airport.

Don't think that you can change it when you arrive at the country. I mean, sure you can, but the rates may not be as good. And if you forget to change it in Singapore and have to change when you arrive, please do so at the airport.

Let me tell you why – I thought I could change money everywhere in Taipei, because that's the case in Hong Kong (and people tell me Hong Kong's rates are better than here, so...). I couldn't be more wrong. I had to go to quite a few banks and found out that only Bank of Taiwan and Zhao Feng does currency exchange for SGD. Talk about wasting time finding banks on your trip.

Also, I believe some countries like the Maldives don't do SGD currency exchanges. They only recognise USD, Euros and Pounds. I think. I can't be sure cos I have never been there. Really, just change at least a bit in Singapore, so that you can buy train tickets to the hotel and stuff.

3. Do a Screenshot of Your Flight Details

You'll never know when you might never get Internet connection. Most airports offer free Internet, but I've been to quite a number which give, but might as well not. Singapore used to be one. Like visitors have to log onto Wireless@Sg which you will need an existing Starhub/Singtel/M1 account to log on. How is that free for foreigners? -.-”

Another one is China. Almost all airports in China offer free Internet, but you will need a Mainland number to register onto the network, after which they will send you the password to log in. Seriously? Shouldn't most mainland mobile phone users already have like at least 3G on their phones? Hello! We need it to be friendlier for travellers, especially those with many hours on transit!

My point is, you don't want to get to a country and then forget your departure flight details and not being able to access it in your email. Screenshot once you get the itinerary, and save it in a proper folder in case it gets lost in your Picture Gallery.

4. Same For Your Hotel/Accomodation Details

So that even if you don't have Internet, you can ask around on how to get to your hotel.

5. Buy a Local 3G/4G/Internet of anyG SIM Card

DO NOT activate your roaming data! It will cost you a bomb when you receive your next bill. And do not bother with activating the $15 or $18 per day unlimited roaming by your mobile service provider. Most countries offer internet SIM cards for cheap. For Taiwan, for example, 3 days' unlimited data only costs 300NT (~S$13?) and 30 days' unlimited only costs 800NT. I remember it's quite cheap in Hong Kong, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Korea as well.

Oh, btw, for South Korea, you can't get a SIM card, but you can rent an egg. It's like a wireless router. So you can rent one and everyone in your group can use as long as the wifi and sharing is on. 
I rented one for 4 days and it only cost about $30. Much cheaper than $18 per day I would say.

6. Download Stuff into Your Tablet/Laptop to Watch

You're traveling alone. And unless you're flying SQ, you can't be guaranteed inflight entertainment. For your info SQ doesn't really provide IFE if you're doing really short flights like to KL. I recently flew China Eastern Airlines and if not for my laptop, I'd be bored to tears. No TV~~~~

I was most surprised when I once flew United Airlines (can't remember to where but that flight will continue to the states) and THERE WAS NO TV~~~ How do those Americans do it??? Americans are generally larger than us Asians so I can imagine the discomfort already cos the seats were so small, how do they do 27 hours without anything to watch??? #respect

7. Bring a FULLY-CHARGED Mobile Charger (and your cable)

In case your tablet or phone dies on you. And I emphasize fully-charged because all too often I head out the house with an empty charger. Or forget the cable. Extra weight. No juice. Damn stupid.

8. Bring a Book

Just in case you're not a ipad/laptop/play with gadget kinda person.

9. Check In Early, and Choose Your Seats

If you fly alone, I'd assume you don't want to be squished between 2 strangers unless you're into that kinda thing. I always prefer the window seat cos hey, if I can't have a bf's shoulders to lean onto, I have the window.

Some of you would prefer the aisle seat for its easy access to the toilet and your bags. So take either window or aisle. Just my suggestion.

10. If You're Going Budget, Bring a Travel Pillow, and a Scarf/Cardigan/Jacket

Budget airlines do not provide inflight entertainment. Nor pillows or blankets. Unless you want to pay for them of course(Scoot provides iPads for rent.) It was really uncomfortable having to sit on an empty seat without any pillows/blankets.

It can get cold onboard, so bring a scarf or something that you can use as a blanket or to keep yourself warm. A travel pillow makes a LOT of difference, I get really grouchy whenever I forget mine.

11. Remember Your Water Bottle

This is for going out of Singapore. Bring an empty bottle, and once you get through the security checks at the gate, fill up your water bottle before you board. It's always near the aerobridge door. This was you'll always have access to water on your flight. This is a good tip if you are flying budget. You need to drink a lot of water onboard. And you know how pricey drinks can get on the plane right? 

12. Moisturize

Same idea. It's really dry onboard the plane and sometimes I get cold rash or itchy, especially at the legs due to dry skin. Itchy dry skin is something you don't want to spoil your trip with. Slap on moisturizer and chapstick onboard and overseas when it's cold and dry. Just make sure your moisturizer is less than 100ml so it doesn't get confiscated and thrown away at the security check.

13. First Aid!

You don't know when you will get the sniffles/cough/fever/laosai/blister. Bring medication. Plasters are easily available I think, but not medication. Not in all countries at least.

After a trip from Seoul some time back, I realised you cannot get any kind of medicine over the counter at the convenience store. I tried to ask them what I should eat for cough (cos I saw a bunch of medicine in the store), and the sales assistant said he cannot explain to me because he's not a doctor, or else he'll get jailed. And because I can't friggin read Korean, I won't understand what the box says. So no cure unless I go to the doctor. 

I'm sure other countries are not as difficult, but to be safe, bring your own medication. Essentials include paracetamol, ibuprofen (or some kind of painkiller), antihistamines, hydrocortizone, decongestant, bandages, and feng you (medicated oil). 
I need to rave about this. Because it's so multi-purpose. (And because I'm a mosquito magnet.) Feng you is great for nausea, headache, blocked nose, insect bites (damn you mozzies!), rashes, stomachache, colic, and muscle ache. Note that this is only for external application. Do not drink this.

I compiled a list of travel essentials before so I'll not go into that too much. You can read them up here. I think it's also really useful if you're traveling alone because if you forget something, there's no backup.

I hope you'll find this useful! If you have any suggestions on what else I can add to this list let me know! Have a good trip!

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Review: SHR Super Hair Removal @ The Face Aesthetic Clinic - The Painless Way

That's a really long blog title by the way. Lol! So I have been instagramming quite a bit on SHR treatments since last year, and hardworking me only decided to blog about it now. 

*Wide grin*

Ok before you judge me, you have to hear me out - hair growth happens in cycles, and you can't capture exactly the hair at the time you want to when you do your treatments. I wanted to make sure that the treatment works, that hair growth is really stunted, before I write a longass detailed post to bore you about removing hair from everywhere on my body except my head and brows.

You ready for this hairy adventure? 

I blogged about and reviewed the Soprano Pain-Free Hair-Free a few years back. Treatment was done on my armpits and since then, some hair has grown back. They are not coarse, thick hair though, so don't be worried if you've gone for that. The thing with that was that the doctor didn't provide Brazilian treatments, meaning I couldn't go bald down south.

And my amayyzeeeeng handsome doctor at The Face Aesthetic Clinic, Dr Zhang Yijun, provides the service! Yay!!!

Yes, he's the guy who did my laser treatments for me!

And I don't have an updated picture of him because he always REFUSES to take pictures. (And he insisted he took ONE before and that's enough. Grrr...) Trust me, he's even harder than my dog when it comes to taking a good still shot. I always have to take like voyeur shots macam some teekopeh then it'll come out blur. -.-" 

You see:
I stole this shot while he was doing laser for me last week.
He is going to kill me for doing this. Okay technically he can't because he'll lose his licence. Lol.
Eh but to be fair I had to sacrifice myself and take a picture from a super unflattering angle. >.<
(But I saw other blogs he took nice photos! Dr Zhang you owe me a good proper picture! Or you risk having more of these posted on the www. #thisisnotathreat)

And here's a proper one from his site:
Source: Google images
If you're on Youtube or Facebook or some other site you might notice his face popping up on the banner:
Source: Screenshot of Lindsey Stirling's video on Youtube.

So if you think he looks familiar that's probably why. ^.^

Okay sidetracked too far. The topic is hair removal. Ahem.

Now now, before you judge me or get worried that a male doctor is going to see your privates and zap your pubes (or get excited because he's a cute male doctor...-.-"), stop that thought now. His trusty therapist will do the treatment for you. 

I can't decide if I hear breaths of relief or sighs of disappointment more. 

Anyway, what matters is this - it works. Duh, you pay money to zap your pubes or whatever hair you want to zap, you want it to be effective right? If you have other intentions, you better look elsewhere. ><

So let me take you through the treatment and advise accordingly on what you should do:

1. Schedule a consultation with Dr Zhang first. Call the clinic to make an appointment. (Details at the bottom of the blogpost.) He is a busy man and of late his appointments get crazy full, especially during weekends, so it's advisable to not just walk in and expect to see him. 

Tell him what your hairy concerns are and he will advise and discuss with you the best option you should take. Some people may be more suitable for IPL instead. From my understanding, IPL hair removal is only suitable for light-skinned people with dark hair. Darker-skin-toned candidates may risk getting burnt if they opt for IPL hair removal. SHR, however, can be used by people of all skin tones and hair colour. =)

2. Once you've decided on your hair-removal, in this case, I shall talk about SHR because that's what I did, you will be brought into the treatment room. 

I suggest at this point that you make a trip to the toilet. Clear whatever you need to clear, and most importantly, CLEAN YOURSELF PROPERLY. 

Even if you have no pee, go do a wipe, or something. It'd be most embarrassing if you open up and a most hypnotic smell wafts through the room, or the therapist has to clean up your erm...discharge residues. Yup. You don't need me to describe more, do you? 

3. You'll be asked to change into a robe / remove your bottoms, including your underwear. Quite obvious why right? 

4. A goggle/eye cover gadget will be put over your eyes. This is because the light from the SHR is very bright and we want to protect your eyes. This thing can kill your hair follicles, remember?

5. The therapist will shave off and apply some gel onto the treatment area. It's going to feel wet, cold and squishy, but it helps to cushion your skin against the machine where light is going to zap your hair. 

The machine will be rubbed against your skin with a sweeping paintbrush technique, and it kind of feels like a hot stone massage. One tip if you are doing bikini area: although it feels weird having someone or something massage you down there, relax. It helps. Don't try to clench your meimei. >.< The only person who should feel awkward should be the therapist. 

Unless you are a guy. 

I once asked the therapist about most awkward sessions and she swore it has got to be doing SHR for men. Erm boys...trying having a girl massage you down there. We think you know what kind of reflex reactions you are going to have. LOL!!!!

It's painless really, and all you should feel is the massage sensation from the machine (not from the therapist's hands), and some heat. It might feel a little warm, and if you feel like it has gotten too hot, twitch immediately. (I find twitching faster than me telling them it's hot. Alternatively, just go "Ouch!") 

6. This is what it'll look like. If you think you're going to watch me put pictures or a video of them zapping my pubes, think again. This is treatment on my legs. SHR can be done anywhere on your body, even sensitive areas like your face and bikini area. Although it is most effective on fine hair, according to the therapist, it works really well on pubes for some reason. 

I've done it on my face, underarms, arms, bikini area and legs. Other than hair removal, it somehow also brightens the skin so I love doing the SHR treatment on my arms and face. 

7. My session was done within 15 minutes. Heck, probably within 10. It might take a little longer if you are SUPER hairy, although 30 minutes should be a good estimate. Of course, for simpler areas like underarms, you should be done in 10 minutes. =D

8. That's it! Dress up, and you are good to go!

Sounds like so many steps, but really, just remember 2 - make an appointment prior to visiting The Face Aesthetic Clinic, and WASH CLEAN, be it your underarms or under THERE. 

I've done like 3 treatments and my south pole hair is almost gone! They are still growing, but they kind of look like smooth baby hair instead of coarse uneven frizzy wires. I probably just need a couple more treatments and muahhaah~~~ I will officially become a *peh hor. My underarms are hairless already, and it's been more than a month since my last leg SHR session and I don't see anything growing out from my legs!

*The Chinese call a woman with no hair down there naturally a white horse, and they believe such a woman will shorten her husband's life. In traditional Chinese culture, they also believe hair is very precious and is what their parents gave them, that is why they don't shave. 
Thankfully we have evolved from there. I'd be a peh hor any day.
P.S. So 白馬王子 means...?

Have fun being hairless in all the right places! XOXO!

Disclaimer: As this is a review and not a paid advertorial, no monetary compensation was provided for this article. All opinions expressed are mine and mine alone, not by or validated/endorsed/manipulated by Dr Zhang Yijun or The Face Aesthetic Clinic, Q&M or any affiliated employee thereof, and written solely for the benefit of my readers looking for an honest review. Grammatical errors, intended or not, are also mine. Do note that this was my experience and your results may vary based on your individual condition. Thank you!

All rights reserved. Unless otherwise stated, I own copyright to all material in this blog post. 

The Face Aesthetic Clinic
Malacca Building
20 Malacca St #01-00
Singapore 048979
Tel: 6223 6788

Sunday, 11 May 2014


Mum went out early this morning so I sort of spent the whole day at home nursing a terrible cough. I'm a firm believer of fengshui, and when I took one look at my desk, I understood why my health hasn't been all dandy. 

My desk is a huge mess. Of paper clutter, trash, media kits, products, urgh. You name it. 

No wonder I wasn't feeling well! In fengshui, it's said that your environment reflects on your life - health, relationships, career... hence I decided to do a purge today.

With a huge plastic bag in one hand, I threw away everything that I don't think I'll look at again, or will probably shift from point A to point B while not having a use for it. Throw! 

It's amazingly therapeutic when you throw stuff away. Sure, there's that moment of hesitation and struggle, but when  I made the ultimate decision to dump it into the plastic bag, I felt like I was released. As if each item was a burden on me. I'm not trying to sound like one of those inspirational self-help declutter gurus, but that was really what I felt! 

Now I can see my decorations and my desk top (no joke, I could only catch glimpses of it, and that was when I pushed things to the side)!

Am still wondering what to do with that piece of wall. It looks kind of bare with just the notice board. Any ideas?

This used to hold my stones and incense sticks. And since I don't have my incense burner anymore (waiting to get a nice one but I haven't found the perfect one yet), I took out the incense sticks, washed the bottle and soaked my stones with my Marimos! These marimos were sitting in a the ziplock bag they came in when I bought them, for like the past 7 months! Now you have a proper home yay! Oh, and I bought these stones because I heard they help with ren yuan and relationship luck! ;)

More corners to clean up! For now, dinner with the lovely Mummy! ^.^

What Does Your Mum Mean To You?

Ever thought about this question? 

More than just the person who gave birth to me, my mother made the hard decision to keep me as her child, to bring me up despite all odds, to provide for me when I was unable to for myself, to keep the undesirable away from my life, to love me for who I am, and support me in the things I do.

Even when my mother was tight financially, she made sure I had enough, even if that meant having little left for herself. She took pains to argue and fight with me because she wanted me to grow up right and make what she believed were the right decisions. She sacrificed her most vibrant young adult years to be a good mother, while her friends were busy partying and travelling the world. 

She gave up her freedom for me, and in return, gained strength that she never knew she had. 

She's always there, picking up after us, giving love in the ways she know how, and often times, we overlook her efforts and take for granted these little things. 

It's Mother's Day, take time to show your mother that you appreciate her, and that you care. Although what we can do will never be enough to repay what they have done for us our entire lives, let them know that we love them nevertheless.

Thank you Mummy, for everything you have done for me, and for always being such a supportive mum. I may not be the most expressive daughter around, but please always know that I love you. You will always be the person who made me, me. And that means a lot to me. 

Happy Mother's Day, Mummy! 

Friday, 2 May 2014

Review: Naumi Liora Hotel

If there is anything I'm familiar with during my 3-year stint with Singapore Airlines as a flight attendant, it has got to be hotels. Comfortable hotels. 

Many people have asked me about what it was like to see the world. To be honest, because stays in most states were not exactly long (Australia, China, Japan, Southeast Asia, and nearby countries - usually just 1 night, whilst Europe and the US - about 2 nights), most times a lot of crew stay in the hotel to rest. If we do go out it's to the supermarkets, shopping, or to have our meals. I do go sightseeing, in case you think I don't at all, but I can safely say I have been a hotel-hibernating crew for most of my flying life. 

SQ has treated us well, giving us 4-5 star hotels every time to ensure we get a good rest after a tiring crazy flight. And truth be told, I love my hotel stays. Heck, I even look forward to my flights because of the hotel stays sometimes. Clean, white pristine sheets, comfortable duvets, no making the bed because all you need to do is go out, put up the housekeeping sign, and return to find that elves have miraculously cleaned your your room for you (that's my magic make-believe, yes, even as an adult).

5 years after leaving the airline, I jump at every chance to do a hotel review. And I'm really thankful for the Naumi Hotels Group for inviting me to stay at their second and newest addition - the Naumi Liora Hotel.

The Naumi Liora is a cosy boutique hotel along the once sleazy Keong Saik Road. For those not in the know, Keong Saik used to be a red-light district full of brothels and dodgy men. Thankfully, the area has been cleaned up and the only official red-light district left is at Geylang. What's taken over are award-winning restaurants, interesting (it's truly an understatement) shops, cafes with character, plenty of watering holes, and at least 4 exquisite boutique hotels, including the Naumi Liora. 

Housed in an heritage Peranakan-style building in Chinatown, the Naumi Liora is a 4-star hotel which allows you to go back in time without compromising on modern amenities. The design has been carefully thought up, with double-leaf doors, bat reliefs, original timbre flooring, French-style windows and Singapore’s unique 'five-foot way’ tastefully and traditionally preserved. The design of the hotel exudes historical charm, and I felt like I was a 1920s rich man’s daughter living in a beautiful atas townhouse.

This is a far cry from the international big hotel brands I was used to. This is a compliment, by the way. I like the character Naumi Liora exudes. It's old, vintage, cultured, and there is a sense of romanticism about staying in a place like that. 

What caught my eye once I got there were the Chalk and Pumpkin hues, as well as the signature light motifs that make up the core of Naumi Liora’s design. Liora means “light” in hebrew, inspired by the colourful history of Keong Saik Road. 

The building facade, especially when seen at night, symbolises a reassuring beacon of light awaiting its traveller’s return. #poetic #idealist

The Awards
Though it's new (opened only in November 2012), Naumi Liora already has won some awards to boast about.

Hmm...bouncy bed, you say? I wonder how this is being tested... *many different types of thought bubbles are floating around right about now...* Lol~ Hey, anyhow, I'll take the plushiest and bounciest bed any day!

The only downside probably is the availability of parking spaces. Parallel parking lots are available along Keong Saik Road, and they are coupon-type yellow lots. For those not familiar with the parking system in Singapore, yellow lots cost $1 per half hour from 8:30am - 5pm and $0.50 per half hour from 5pm-10pm. Overnight parking is free, thank goodness. 

Many don’t know this, but yellow lots (supposing you are going to park there the whole day) cap at $16 per day. You can get the $16 parking coupons from URA or HDB, I think. Else, just note that your coupon value per day should only be a maximum of $16. Any more is a waste. (I did a post on this sometime back. You can read more about Singapore’s Coupon Parking system and prices here.) 


What greeted me at the door were these little men - scultures by local artist/sculptor KY Huang. They represent Chinatown's illustrious past and the vibrant environment Naumi Liora lies. You'll find more of these little men as you explore around the hotel. 
As I entered the reception lobby, there was a soothing sight of the hotel guests lounging, some reading papers, some chatting over a cup of coffee and nibbles. 

Snacks and drinks (including old school titbits, ice cream, Nespresso coffee, to name a few) are available complimentary to guests 24/7. Of course I made a mental note to come down for the Oreo’s and Chips later on that evening. ;) 

The staff were friendly, something very important to me when it comes to hotel stays. To me, hotels are where I rest, relax, and unwind, and the last thing I want to deal with is stress arising from rude customer service staff. They call their service the Liora Aide, like how light brings comfort through its warmth and security. I like that. The staff were not crazy friendly that it’s overpowering, just welcoming and subtle enough for me to know I can look for them whenever I need help. =)

The Naumi Liora has 79 rooms in total, and although there are 3 main room categories, each room is sized uniquely, and has a slightly different configuration. 

Liora Quaint

The smallest room type available in Naumi Liora, sized up to 25 square metres, with no windows. What the room lacks though, it more than makes up in its character. Ideal for travellers who want a cosy room to come back to and be well-rested for the next day’s adventure. 

(Up to 28 square metres)

These rooms come adorned with vintage French-styled windows and Nespresso coffee machines. These rooms are also fitted with work stations should you need to get some work done. I imagined myself a 1920s writer when I sat down at mine. #romanticideals

Liora Porch

I was given the Liora Porch room. Once again I thank Naumi Liora for the hospitality - the Liora Porch is the biggest (sized up to 60 square metres) and most beautiful room in Naumi Liora. 

 So thoughtful. It's these little details that separates good from Wow.

This is not just a mirror, or a wardrobe. It's the door to the en-suite bathroom. ;)

Notice how the light motifs are incorporated in every room? This wall behind is actually a screen, and allows light from the room into the bathroom. 

All well-appointed rooms come with an en-suite private bathroom with bath amenities from C.O Bigelow, a luxurious New York brand, LCD TV with cable channels, and complimentary WIFI throughout the hotel.

Also, you'll find these tongue-in-cheek amenities tags:
As the building is a preserved 1920's one with the original wood flooring, you might be able to hear people walking and going up and down the stairs. And erm, other sexy sounds in the middle of the night. So use the 'hear no evil' if the sounds bother you. Lol. 

So where does this door in my room lead to? 


Hahahaha ok I'm kidding! 有肥妞還差不多。=P

Like its name indicates, the Liora Porch has, erm, a porch. Lol. A huge, beautiful one at that, I must say, overlooking a quiet green backyard and the scenic Duxton Plains. 

The door leads out to this amazingly huge porch. Great for hosting guests!

View of Duxton Plains.

There's something really peaceful about this place. I'm in the city area, yet all I see as I look out my porch are greenery and a tranquil back alley. See those chairs? Sometimes you can catch the staff from the neighbouring shops taking their breaks there. Not hard to figure out why they chose this spot. =D

My room came with a Nespresso machine, so of course I enjoyed the following morning in the porch with a cuppa. Do it early though, you know how our Singapore weather is like after 10am. 

If coffees are not your thing, a selection of fine teas are also available in your room. =)

Fitness Room

The gym is pretty well-equipped with all the equipment I needed for a good workout. Best part? It’s 24 hours! I say this because my condo gym is only open from 7am until 10pm and I can’t workout if I finish work late! And yup, I usually exercise at 5am or after 11pm, so…24 hours for the win! Lol.

Breakfast @ The Study

The complimentary breakfast can be had next door at The Study. It’s not your 5-star hotel international buffet selection, but the environment is intimate, serving simple Western breakfast items which is great for a non-morning-eater person like me. 

What I love most about The Study is its interior. Really much like an old school study room!

From noon onwards, they serve normal meals, of course.

What's Around?
Next door to the Study is this Tailor which sells locally handmade suits and specially imported French/English-gentlemen-style items like shoes and cigar-cutters. Worth taking a look if you’re into classic Gentlemen styles. ;)

They are even selling this vintage sewing machine! I should've asked my grandmother to keep hers! If I remember correctly it was going for like thousand something! 

What’s behind the Tailor though? Ah~~~ This is only for those in the know. See the above picture? On the right of the picture there are door hinges. That is a secret passageway! 

At night, the tailor is closed, but you can still enter, for the secret passage will lead you to a hidden bar called The Library. You need a password to enter, and the password changes all the time. Word has it that they reveal the password only if you like their Facebook fan page. Oh, and for obvious reasons, photography is strictly prohibited in The Library.

I grabbed hold of some guests who happened to be leaving The Library as I arrived, and asked them for the password. You could do the same, or maybe you can check with the Liora Aide. They just might have the password. ;)

If you prefer being out and about instead of in the hotel room with your tv, gadgets and bounciest bed in town, Keong Saik Road boasts an eclectic mix of watering holes, hip coffee joints, old-school kopitiams, upscale award-winning restaurants, and interesting shops. Oh, and Chinatown is just a 5-7 minute walk away. Of course, you can go out and explore, then return to test your bed bounciness. Hmmm~~~ ;)

Plenty more stuff to discover around the hotel, and I'll leave it to you to have your own little adventure. ;)

 Specially for my readers! 

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Naumi Liora is located at:
55 Keong Saik Road
Singapore 089158
Tel: +65 6403 6003

All pictures were taken using the Canon 600D and the Samsung S4.