Sunday, 25 May 2014


So recently I've been huge on this gratitude thing. And I swear I see the results. Give and you'll get. How true is that? How often have you smiled at someone and he/she smiles back at you. There you go. *smiles*

Here are the things and people I'm grateful for in my life:

My work. I grew up wanting to be an air stewardess and then an actress. It didn't change throughout my high school and poly days. And I got both. I'm living my childhood dream. So I'm really thankful I'm here, and I get great opportunities for exciting projects. Even though I'm half based in Taipei, I get opportunities for work here still. I'm currently doing Groom My Room for Okto, and it's so fulfilling to see these kids get their dream room, and know that I played a little part in it.

My other work. Blogging. I didn't start out wanting to be a blogger. I just had a blog that documented little interesting things in my life, and tadah~~~ somehow I got associated with being one. This journey has been really fun. Going to events and trips and meeting so many of you fun people! Of course there have been ups and downs, but hey, I'm grateful for the downs that have happened. They made me reflect and now I'm a better person. =D

My family. They have been the most supportive I can ever get. My family's not exactly huggy and the lovey-dovey muacks-I-love-you kind, but the love I get from them is amazing. From the little things like the housework that Mummy keeps up with, the ironing and buying of lunches by my Ah Gong, the yummy Monday dinners that Ah Ma cooks for the whole extended family...I love the fact that I have them as mine.

My home. It gives me a place for recluse, to hide out when it's raining or too hot, to rest when I'm tired, to refresh myself so I'm ready for all the challenges and amazing things waiting for me out there. It's where I know I can always come back to. I feel the Kit Chan song arising. Lol.

My friends. I have the sweetest friends ever. And knowing I can share things with them, especially secrets, nonsense, and laughter. These are the little things that make the friendships so special. Mint, Cheryl, Angeline, Evangeline, Johnson (yes you too!), Melody, Phyllis and those who shall not be named, you guys are the first class passengers on my flight. If I am a star, you are the light that makes me sparkle. Seriously, you have nooooo idea how glad I am that you're in my life. <3

My ex-boyfriends. WHAT????? That must be what you're thinking. Uh huh. I have been lucky to have had some great guys as my ex-boyfriends. So we didn't work out, but that means they were there to make me a better person for the final one to come. So, on behalf of he who's on the way, thank you. And I know someone great is coming your way too, if she hasn't already. ;)

My health and body. It's not perfect, but it allows me to wake up each day to do the things I want to do. I get to eat all the good food out there, smell the flowers, chase my dreams and spend time with the people I love.

I can come up with a thousand more. But these are the main ones. And trust me, more will come. Because as the law of attraction promises, you will only attract more of what you give. Give love, and only more will come back to you. Give gratitude, and there will be more things for you to be grateful about.

Oh, and thank you, for being here! <3<3<3

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