Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Review: Eversoft™ Organic Mulberry Facial Cleanser

New fave!!!!!! I was given the New EVERSOFT™ Organic Mulberry Liquid Facial Cleanser to try a couple of weeks ago, and before I received it, I was like, okay, so what's another facial cleanser, right? 


Okay to begin with, I grew up with EVERSOFT™. I have fond memories of growing up in my grandparents' place and there would be a green signature tube of EVERSOFT™ facial cleanser for the whole family to use. I remember the first time I took it and used it, as a little kid. And I remember that I really liked it. It was the first facial wash I've ever used, my virgin cleanser, and here we are, once again reacquainted. ^.^

This time, instead of the usual squeeze tube, the packaging came in a pump bottle, and I love pump bottles! One - you don't have to pick up the usual tube, open the cap, then hold the tube and squeeze into another hand. So even if I have an injured hand wrapped in cast (CHOI!!!!) I could still wash my face. 

Then came the actual wash.

After that first wash with the EVERSOFT™ Organic Mulberry Liquid Facial Cleanser, I was blown away. Let me start with the smell - it smelt heavenly. I have never had a facial wash with a smell I liked this much. It's slightly fruity, kind of like mandarin oranges and grapefruit with a little bit of sweet. I have not smelt mulberries before so I'm not sure what they smell like, though I'm guessing it's this smell. Lol. It's refreshing without being too much.

This facial cleanser is infused with 100% organic mulberries, and mulberries are apparent really rich in anti-oxidants which means they are effective for anti-aging! They are also rich in vitamin C which works wonders if you're looking for a whitening products. They also help to clear out dark spots and blemishes so this is great if you have acne-prone skin or troubled skin!

Then came the texture - it felt like any other pump-bottle wash, but when it went onto my face...holy cow!!! Okay I might have been a bit dramatic, but it felt really hydrating! Maybe the smell added on to the heavenly factor, but that one minute might have been the best wash of my life. No facial cleanser has made me so reactive before. Lol.

After washing, my skin actually felt really clean and hydrated, and I felt it looked brighter. I could actually go about doing other things for quite a while without feeling like I need to moisturize now now now now now. Usually after a wash my face feels so tight it feels like someone is stretching my skin. Not for this one. 

It could be due to the fact that it uses a gentle and soap-free formula (many soaps dry out your skin), and it is enriched with Hyaluronic Acid which preserves long-lasting hydration to continuously feed the skin with long-lasting hydration, so your skin remains toing-toing for longer. 

It's got whitening and hydration benefits, deep cleanses without stripping your skin off its natural protective layer, and it's infused with 100% organic plant actives to improve skin texture. What's not to like?

This is great for those of you lazy to moisturize after you wash your face, though of course, a good moisturizer should always follow for better results. =)

Retailing at $9.90 for a 150ml bottle, I think it's really affordable for what you're getting.

There is also the evergreen EVERSOFT™Organic facial cleansing series which comes in 5 other variants (100ml) and a facial scrub (100ml) to cater to different skin types and needs. The other facial cleansers retail for $4.75 for 100ml and the scrub is $6.95, and they are all available at leading supermarkets, hypermarkets and pharmacies. =D

Here's a closer look at the other different cleansers and scrub.

Because different people have skin with different needs, each cleanser works in its own way to target your particular skin concern. Here's a little guide -

  • Organic Rice Milk and Honey: Double Moisturising, for Sensitive/Dry Skin
  • Organic Gingko with Grapefruit: For Oily Skin and Acne Control
  • Organic Avocado: For Deep Nourishing / Anti-Aging
  • Organic Pomegranate & Mulberry: For Whitening & Brightening of Facial Complexion
  • Organic Tomato & Cucumber: For Pore Minimising
  • Organic Apricot: For Blackhead Clearing

For those in their teens or with oily skin, I recommend the Organic Gingko with Grapefruit variant, as well as the Organic Tomato & Cucumber for Pore Minimising. For people whose skin generally have no issues, the Deep Nourishing one and the Whitening Action one should do the trick. Else, just take the Mulberry cleanser in the pump bottle which I am hopelessly in love with at the moment.

I think other facial washes are going to have difficulty getting me to switch for a while. \^.^/

Also, it's good to do a facial scrub once a week to clear any clogged pores of sebum buildup. Or worse, remnants of makeup which weren't removed properly. *horrors!!!*

Skin regenerates every 28 days, which means that once a month, new skin will grow, and the old skin on the surface layer dies. This may cause your skin to look dull and sad, so using a facial scrub is necessary to help your skin rid itself of the dead layer, so you reveal the underlying brighter skin.

Just for my dearest readers!!!!! 

That's you! ^.^ You get to try my favourite cleanser as well!

I have 100 samples of 50ml travel-sized EVERSOFT™ Organic Mulberry Facial Cleanser to giveaway!

Simply click on this link, key in Promo Code: Silver, and fill in your particulars. The first 100 readers will get a sample of the cleanser mailed to you! Easy or what? 

I highly recommend you get it. Like now. Redemption is only until 31st March, or while stocks last, whichever is earlier. So HURRY!!! Get your sample here now!

Warning: In case of Addiction, you shall not hold me responsible. ^.^

Monday, 17 March 2014

Goodbye, KAP

King Albert Park, or McDonald's House, or more affectionately known to me as KAP, is gone. Forever. As of 16 March 2014, 23:59.

Sure, you can argue that a new KAP and this KAP Residences (as shown) will take over (why oh why???), but nothing can replace the KAP (pronounced Kay Ay Pee) that has taken a special place in my heart ever since I was introduced to it in 1998. 

It's 16 years of acquaintance. I practically grew up with you. 

You were there even before this thing known as social media came about. And I never knew you had a Facebook Page till today. (Of course I liked it. Duh.) 

I remember the first time my NYGH classmates suggested going to KAP. I was like "Huh? What's that?" Well, you see, I was from a neighbourhood primary school in Bt Batok, and knew not much about the going-ons and where's-what in District 10. Sure, family drives have taken me past this famous McDonald's building before, but no one introduced it to me as KAP. Until high school.

Ever since then, KAP has been one of my fave haunts throughout my Nanyang years, amongst Coronation Plaza and Serene Centre. It's the only one (out of the 3) along the way home, so every bus I take on my way home will get me there. And because of that, sudden cravings and friends jio-ing (as well as after every combined Sports' meet with Chinese High) will have me getting off at the KAP bus stop even when I had no intention of doing so upon boarding. 

In those days, a random trip to KAP McDonald's will ensure a bumping into of people I know. Namely from Nanyang Girls and Chinese High, and then later from Hwachong. And that's a really nice feeling, like it's a little village community hangout, and you can basically table-hop to say hi and talk to different friends. 

I miss that.

I remember staying at the hostel during the exam period when I was in Sec 4. I practically mugged every day with some of my friends on the second floor. The whole day. I would go with a few friends, and attempt tonnes of TYS questions as a huge group. 

I even remember a Maths paper passed to me from a friend's friend's friend from Chinese High at another table asking me to solve a question (I was then pretty good with both my maths). I was like "Eh whose is this? Why pass to me?" "Dunno la, someone passed over. Help solve leh." "Huh, okok I try." 

And if I had a problem with some of my other subjects I would ask around too. Cos someone is BOUND to know. (Cos we're all cool nerds and muggers and everyone is from an apparent "good school" so there had to be someone good at the subject.) Else, we'd all discuss together.

Such is the "study community" amongst the schools along the stretch.

Often, after a few hours of studying and information overload, the Cold Storage downstairs would be where I'd go for walks to clear my head. (The late night Cold Storage shopping didn't stop even as I got older.)

I also remember meeting my Sweet 16 sweetheart there, and thinking this guy would never look at me. I had body image issues, and this was a tall, dark, Water Polo hunk. He was a friend's god brother (back in the days when god sisters and god brothers were so in), and we didn't speak much when we were first introduced, though he did ask for my pager number which I thought nothing of giving away since I was sure he was just asking to be nice. So I got a really pleasant surprise when he paged me and asked me to hang out. (Yes, page. I used a pager in those days. I didn't have a hp until after I got my O'level results.)

Then I grew older and started driving. That was my favourite drive-thru station, and so many of my eat-alone meals were settled at this particular drive-thru. Here's my last one, taken a week ago.

Then there was the super intense Hello Kitty craze that had people queueing overnight and around the building for the kitties. That was madness, and I remember wondering why so many people would do this for a soft toy which they can't eat. Lol.

I became a blogger later on. By then KAP had already gone through a revamp, and had lost the kids' party corner. Because I no longer fit in upstairs where almost everyone knows everyone else (cos they're all in school and that's what's amazing about school days - you have the best network), I have a place at the hidden corner below the staircase where I bring my laptop to work on. If I'm not there I'm at the corner upstairs between the 2nd floor entrance and the washrooms. 

And I remember special people visiting me on some days when I work. ^.^

All these will always remain as memories, long after the building has been demolished and the new KAP and KAP Residences developed. For so many generations of students, from NYGH, TCHS, MGS, St Margaret's, SCGS, Hwachong, NJC, NP, and so on...you have served us well.

This was my last visit to the 23-year-old establishment. I regret to say that it was just a drive-thru. But I remember the last few visits very well. *reminiscing*

And this marks my meal from the McDonald's House / KAP we remember so well.

Thank you, KAP, for the sweet and delicious memories, which I'll always smile back upon. 


Sunday, 16 March 2014

A Very Long Dry Spell, & Singapore World Water Day

I can't remember the last time it rained. Growing up, I've always loved the rain. I remember standing at the window on a chair just smelling and then proudly telling my family "yao xia yu liao!" It's actually one of my favourite smells.

I haven't smelt that in months. Google tells me the last time it rained was 20th February, but I wasn't around to witness it, so in my memory, that didn't happen. Which meant that the last time I saw it rain in Singapore was in January. 


I felt 2 drizzles the last week, but that was it - drizzles. And they lasted like a minute or less before it's all sunny again. 

Now I understand what this means.

The grass along the sidewalks have all turned brown, and the haze from our neighbours' hotspots aren't helping much. 

Please rain soon?

It's *Singapore World Water Day today (15 March 2014), and I was at Marina Barrage for a water conservation event. It's really all common sense and was probably taught to us in primary school or elementary school, but do we know how to conserve water, and have we been doing so? Have we been taking for granted our water supplies? 

*World Water Day is on the 22 March 2014. 

I'm so used to having fresh potable water just by turning on the tap, and this crazy dry spell has led me to think - what happens if I don't have access to this anymore?

I remember when I used to stay in the Kampung, we had pails of water stored up in the bathroom. They were fond memories of course (think metal pails), but do we need to start doing that soon? 

Here's a recap on some of the things you were probably taught when you were a kid, and maybe it's time we start practising them. =D

Of course, the ways to save water are endless!
  • Shower instead of take baths. It uses a lot less water. If you HAVE to take a bath, keep the water for washing the floor and flushing the toilet.
  • Keep showers under 5 minutes. A 5 minute shower leaves you as clean as a 10-min one, and every minute you save in the shower saves you 9 litres of water. That's close to 5 days of drinking water! 
  • While shampooing or soaping yourself, turn off the tap.

  • Same goes for when brushing your teeth or washing your hands.
  • Use a tumbler/mug to rinse your mouth with when brushing your teeth, instead of leaving the water running.
  • Turn the tap on low. You don't need to turn the tap all the way. Usually a moderate trickle is more than necessary. 
  • Reuse your towels. You use it wipe your clean freshly-showered body, so it's going to be clean. I wash mine every 1-2 weeks.
  • Use one cup a day. You don't need one cup for each cup of something that you'd drink. Just reuse your cup and wash less!
  • *Use the rinse water from the washing machine to flush toilets / wash the floor.

  • Wash clothes on a full load. Don't use the washing machine for just one underwear. Like seriously? -duh-
  • If you're buying a new washing machine, go for a front-loader. It uses only 40% of what a top-loading washing machine uses, as it spins clothes through the water instead of sloshing them in it. 
  • Else, just choose your washing machine with many many ticks. From 1 April 2014, only washing machines with at least one tick will be allowed for sale in Singapore. The minimum standard will be raised to 2 ticks from 2015 onwards. Yay to nationwide water efficiency!

  • Soak, don't scrub. After you're done with your cooking/eating, soak the dishes immediately for a while before you wash. Scrubbing under running water is a waste of our precious drops!
  • Thaw frozen meat in the fridge. Instead of under running water.
  • Wash vegetables and dishes in a filled sink/basin instead of letting the water run. 
  • You can do the same for your toy dog.
  • Use water from washing rice and vegetables to water your plants.
  • Water your plants only when necessary. Many plants die from overwatering instead of under watering. 
  • If you live in a landed house, adjust your sprinkler such that only your plants and lawn are being sprinkled, not the road, sidewalk, or passersby. 

  • Use a pail when washing your car, instead of hosing it down. That wastes A TONNE of water, big time.
  • House train your pet properly so that you don't have to keep washing the floor each time he pees anyhow, anywhere. Alton is blind, but he tries to pee where he's supposed to, most of the time. 
  • *Repair leaks promptly. If you can't get a plumber soon enough, keep the water that's leaking out with a pail. You can use it for other stuff later.
  • Use the half flush. Trust me, it works, even for erm, big businesses which aren't too scary big. And remember those pails of water you kept from the washing machine and your baths? Use those to flush. Flushing accounts for 30% of household water usage. Have a think about that. 
  • If you can stand it, here's something I got from other countries' water-saving guides - If it's yellow, let it mellow. If it's brown, flush it down! Meaning you don't flush every time you pee. Like, maybe save it till the water looks really orange. Or brown. Erm...well, if you can stand it, you might consider this.
  • Throw the squished cockroach or the mucus-y tissue into the bin instead of flushing it. Unless once again of course, you're using recycled water to flush.
  • Monitor your water bill. That's the easiest way to gauge if your family members have been doing their part. ^.^

  • Growing up, I showered with my cousins a lot. Like all 5-6 girls together. Lol. You can try showering with your pet, or kid, or have your young kids bathe together. Or...you could shower with your partner (only works if things don't get out of hand). Of course, if things get too steamy, do turn off the tap first before proceeding with whatever. Every drop counts! Haha!

*Of course, with all these kept waters in pails, do monitor that they do not get stagnant for too long. You don't want a case of dengue attack amidst the dry spell and the haze. 

We don't know how long this drought is going to persist. It rained in certain parts of Singapore, or so I heard, but I haven't felt anything in Woodlands since January. So every drop counts now.

Can you think of anything else? How do you save water at home?

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Exam Results Taken. Now WHAT?????


So my sis just got her A'level results about a couple of weeks ago, and she's having a tough time deciding what next. See, she's REALLY interested in the SAF and army and chiong sua and all of that, and although I cannot understand why (yes, we are different that way lol), I support her decisions, especially since they are fuelled by passion. Then there are people who tell her what's supposedly "good" and "got more future", and the family expectations that she feels that she needs to meet.

Decisions, decisions...

I remember I was there once, and I remember too many of my friends just choosing the best course/degree they qualify for. Which I didn't think was the right thing to do. Of course, to each his own. 

Of course, if you have all As most people would expect you to take up Law or Medicine or some "prestigious" course likely to have something to do with the sciences. But honestly, if you don't like it, you'll end up dropping out or switching courses halfway, or spend many years on a degree which is irrelevant to a career you wish to embark on.

As cliched as it may sound, I'd say go with your heart. What does that mean?

Now, be honest with yourself here, and have a really good think through about what you like. Is it playing games? Is it beauty? Do you want to help people? Like animals? Doing business? Are you very good with talking? How about dancing? Or music? What comes naturally to you?

Based on what you know about yourself and what you like, pick a course that will genuinely excite you. Note that I did not just say "interest". You need it to excite you, before you will enjoy what you study, because studying it become a quest for the knowledge that you need to do what you like to do, instead of just something which you have to pass.

Sure, parents will want you to do this, do that, lead you by your nose to "what's best for you". And some parents are going to either hate or thank me for this, but you know what's best for yourself. 
They may wish that you are a doctor, but you might end up as one of the top architects/bankers/businessman in Singapore who earns so much more than what a doctor does. 

It might be hard to go against your parents' wishes, but sit them down, and tell them what you really feel and think. Then prove it in years to come. Remember - Great things are never easily achieved, but if you work at it hard enough, you bet it WILL come. Hard comes will give you results, but passion + hard work? Woohoo! Ho Seh!

Start emailing companies for scholarships if you have to. Some companies are willing to give you scholarships even if you are not a "Straight A's" student, as long as your results show that you are good in relevant subjects. Upon graduation, you are secured a job doing something you studied, and the company doesn't need to worry about their trained employee running away because of the bond you will need to serve upon graduation. Win-win. 

Else, just get into that course you really like, then study hard (In fact you don't have to study so hard if you like something. That's just how it is.) and apply for a scholarship later. 

Welcome to adulthood, and may this post serve you well in your future. I wish you all the best! ^.^

Sunday, 9 March 2014

When A Plane Goes Missing

I woke up yesterday to non-stop beeping of my phone - it was my SIA Training Batch's Whatsapp group chat, discussing a missing Malaysian Airlines' aircraft. 

For those of you still clueless as to what is going on, yesterday, an MH (the code for Malaysia Airlines) flight from KL to Beijing lost all radio signal 2 hours into the flight. The plane was uncontactable, and it only had enough fuel to fly for about 8 hours. Which means it has definitely landed somewhere. Unless it went into space and is in free orbit. 

If it landed on ground, it should have been found by now. With so many countries sending out airplanes and vessels to look for the plane (Philippines, Vietnam, US, China, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Indonesia and Thailand), it's almost impossible to not see it somewhere. 

Unless it landed on sea. 

I'm not trying to dampen hopes here, but I hear from my pilot friends that it's not good news if a plane ditches on sea. And if you have travelled on a China flight before, you would have experienced that many Chinese passengers tend to be very anxious when it comes to alighting and boarding. I had to shout at passengers to sit down too many times when they stood up to try to get their stuff while the aircraft was still taxi-ing. Imagine how chaotic it would be if it was a real emergency situation. 

I don't think the aircraft attempted a ditching at sea, because it should have sent out a distress signal, or established some kind of communication about some fault onboard requiring the move. No news. No signal. Nothing. A sudden loss of signal, and the plane was lost. 

I'm hoping the plane went into some kind of vortex like the Bermuda Triangle, or some kind of miracle happened and soon the plane or passengers will reappear somewhere, unharmed. 

A family member of a passenger onboard has somehow managed to call through his mobile phone but apparently no one answered it. How did the phone, uncontactable throughout the flight, suddenly have signal and became contactable? The phone was recently switched on? It went into an area with reception where it didn't before? Why didn't anyone pick up the call? Even if the phone was waterproof, if the plane really went into the sea, how could there be reception?

Also, why did the Vietnam Navy confirm that there was a MH flight that crashed into their seas, only to later say that this is unverified? Did other authorities make them say that? Because they didn't want to kill hopes until they actually find the plane?

So many questions, there must a million things running through everyone's minds now. Unanswered.

No one has answers. There are speculations that no distress signal was sent out because the plane exploded, or the pilot crashed the flight on purpose, or the plane was shot down suddenly. All of which don't sound very good. The fact that 4 passengers using stolen passports bought their air tickets  together doesn't help. Was it planned? What were they planning?

I was a cabin crew once. And I feel a lot each time I hear news about aircrafts and flights. Even bad turbulence has my attention and concern, much less a whole missing aircraft. 

For crew, flying has become so much a part and parcel of their lives that most of us just go to work like a regular day job. Sometimes your flight is in the middle of the afternoon or so early in the morning that you don't get to saw any goodbyes to your loved ones at all. 

I can feel what some of their family members and loved ones could be feeling right now. Together with the loved ones of all the passengers onboard. What were your last words to him/her before the flight? Did you quarrel? Were you looking forward to a holiday together? Did you tell her you love her? What exactly happened?

Malaysia Airlines has been one of my favourite airlines to fly with, amidst SQ and Cathay. In fact I love taking it because they have service comparable to what Singapore Airlines offers, yet at a more affordable price. The food is good, and security as well. I view them as a sister airline, so it's really disturbing to hear the news. 

Your loved ones want you home. Safely. It's the exam period in Malaysia, your kids need you there. So please, MH370, all pax and crew, don't keep us waiting for long. Come home to us, soon.

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Silver Travels: D'Kranji Farm Resort

I know I need to kick myself because I owe my blog too many posts. To make up for it, I shall blog daily for the month of March. 


You heard me right. 

You must be thinking "Yah right." I am also thinking that. Hahahah~ Ok it's the thought that counts ma. I try ok? I try. I haven't done daily blogging for so long it's crazy. If I don't, at least one every 2 days ok? New Year's Resolution at stake. 

I wonder how many of us have actually stayed in a kampung, or a farm, or ever been to one, or know that such things actually exist in Singapore. Sure you've heard of Lim Chu Kang and Kranji and Choa Chu Kang, but have you ever considered a staycation there?

When we talk about staycations MBS or RWS always come up, or some hotel in town. Personally I find town areas stressful, unless I hole myself up in the rooms and the facilities can keep me happy. Weekends are the worst, there are people everywhere, roads in town are jammed, and it's a whirlwind of activities out there. NOT my idea of relaxing.

Of course there are days when we wanna do that and throw ourselves in the crowd just for the heck of it, and it's especially fun when you don't have an agenda. (Nothing's worst than trying to buy clothes when you see people more than you see clothes, and the queue at fitting rooms are sooooooooo long that you put down your basket of clothes and decide to just give up.)

For those of you who work in the CBD (Central Business District), I'm sure you need another weekend staycation in town. Lol.

To help you unwind, I sourced out a resort hidden amidst the forests and farms of Singapore, where you can be away from (almost) everyone and the craziness you face everyday.

Let's start with the drive. I go in via Kranji Way and New Tiew Road, and along Neo Tiew Road, this is what you will be seeing a lot of as you drive.

3 minutes later... Lol. The first time I drove on this road, I kept wondering if I was lost. If you think you are lost, you are probably on the right track. Just keep driving straight once you are on New Tiew Road (of cos adhere to the bends as they appear!)  You will reach New Tiew Lane 2. 

Turn in and you should see D'Kranji Farm Resort. The first right turn will lead you to the facilities and restaurants area. The second one will be the entrance into the Villa.

See that little security guardhouse? That is the check-in counter. Check-in is very low-fuss, and I really like that. You just get off the car, let them know about your reservation, hand them your IC/Passport so that they can make a record (and credit card if payment has not been made), and then they'll hand you the keys. that's it! You may then drive in, straight to your villa.

Check-out is the same. Just drive here on your way out, hand them the keys, and that's it, you can go off. 

I like.

I see them!!! And I am excited!!!

I have been to the Superior Huts before, and they are pretty small, in my opinion. It's just nice for 2, so if you wish to hold like a party here, forget it. You'll have better luck doing it at the barbecue pits over at the facilities side, not in the room. 

FYI, Mint and I tried a party there, and 3 (or more) people in a Queen-sized bed could be a very tight squeeze, unless you are thinking of threesomes or some really close bonding session. You know you know? *cheeky grin* Lol!

Anyway, ahem, since I have been to the Superior Huts, I won't be trying that out. What I'm keen on finding more about are the new Superior Cottages. D'Kranji Farm Resort has gone through some serious revamping in the past year, and the restaurant and De'Beer Garden side is looking really good. New "cottages" have been built to accommodate to higher demands for their farm villas as well. 

They also have bigger Executive Villas if you want something more luxurious. By luxurious I mean each room comes with jacuzzi bathtub and sauna. Yup. 

If you're going with family, there is the Family Suite as well. =D

OMG every time I come here I get a cheap thrill - my own landed house for the next few days!!!! With my own personal car porch!!! 

If you are going there in 2 separate cars, you can park the second car at the Facilities/restaurants side. There is a side gate to the Villas along the carpark. Just tap your room access card and you should be able to enter. Remember this when you're going over to the restaurants side to have your meals / go prawning (yes you can go prawning there) - bring the access card. 

Back to my landed house. Lol.

Yes I dream of my own landed place. Doesn't have to be too humongous otherwise #cleandieme, but a nice spacious size for 2 - 3 cars, a nice fountain or pool outside, a garden for my dogs, a KTV cum movie and entertainment room, a huge bedroom with a walk-in wardrobe and a couch in the corner for reading, as well as an open bathroom that fits a pretty bathtub beside a large window with white/cream-coloured blinds. Okay maybe I'll get a maid to come in 2-3 times a week. ^.^

One can always want. Mmm~~~

*snaps back to reality*

And reality is this:

 Albeit just for the next few days, I'm going to imagine it's my small landed home. Even when I go out for meals, I'll say "Let's go home." ^.^ #likethatalsohappy

Are you ready? I was so excited when I stood here. Like OMG this is it! 

Yes, 我真會想。Lol~!

Upon entry, the first thing I saw was the bathroom door on my right.

Did I say I love basin tops which are flat? 

The rounded curved up kinds don't make sense to me because they just end up making the whole area around it wet when I have to take my facial wash or toothbrush with my wet hands. Know what I mean? 

For flat ones I can place items on the counter and wash my face or brush my teeth without wetting the whole area. The extra counter space behind the WC? Good idea too. 

If you're worried about what toiletries to bring, they provide the following amenities.

*Toothbrush (w accompanying tiny tube of toothpaste) 
*Bath Foam
*Cotton Buds
*Sewing Kit

So here's what you need to bring - 
*Conditioner (Unless your hair is really soft, don't ever forget this. I did. -.-)
*Other relevant haircare products (e.g. serum)
*Facial Wash
*Skincare products
*Makeup (should you wish to take pretty pictures ^.^)

And I really like the shower area....

It's open concept. So I can watch stars while I bathe. Or the sunset. Or sunrise. And of course risk getting bitten by mosquitoes but I'd like to think that I move a lot while showering, and that running water will help the mosquitoes not stay on me. Lol. 

I never got bitten while showering in my 2 nights there, and I am a crazy mosquito magnet, in case you're worried. ^.^

It's all enclosed btw (at least 2m tall), in case you fear peeping toms next door or across the street.

Going back indoors...

And this is the room. Expecting something bigger? It's basically the size of an average superior hotel room, so even though it looks like a huge landed house, this is all it houses. Now I wonder how big my dream house is going to look like. Lol. 

Having said that, what I never expected was how comfortable the bed was. It's really nice and firm, but not hard. The sheets were really smooth and soft, and the pillows come in different fullness and softness. If you like it tall and hard, they have it. If you like the sink-your-head-in kinda pillow, it's there too. ^.^ 

One of my best nights' sleep ever was on this unassuming-looking bed. #notkidding

The Bar Counter. Well it's not really a bar counter because these are all that's provided. 2 bottles of water and some tea bags and coffee sachets with sugar and creamer. No alcohol in the fridge. No minibar. And no room service menu to be found anywhere.

I knew this, so I took the initiative to do some supermarket shopping before I checked in.

Must-Do: Buy and bring your own snacks and drinks. 

They provide an empty fridge for you so you can actually bring your BBQ stuff if you intend to BBQ. They have pits though you need to check with the staff regarding availability.

Else you can just buy stuff which you wanna keep chilled, like fruits or wine. =D

I got myself some cheezels, twisties, chocolate, a 1.5L bottle of water, and Moscato (my favourite wine). Haha. If you wish to get beer (they even have Erdinger) or stuff like Vodka or Whisky, you can get them with mixers at the D'Beer Garden which is just a 5 min walk away from your room.

And the restaurant serves really decent food as well so you don't have to worry about food even though there is no room service. 

Tip: If you're eating at the restaurant I highly recommend the chilli crab and the salted egg prawns, as well as the bamboo clams. Prices are pretty reasonable and tze char there tastes really good. 

Just don't order the Butter Prawn (it looks deceptively like salted egg prawn with man tou but the base tastes like lemon chicken, which is super strange with man tou. Specifically ask for the salted egg one if you want no regrets.) #lessonlearnt

I thought my fridge was empty, but I found this and was slightly horrified. 
Like, what was that???? 

Turned out to be a piece of frozen papaya. I love papayas, but I had no idea how long this thing has been in the fridge, so wen, of course I threw it out. Small matter, but the cleaners could be a bit more vigilant when it comes to checking the fridge. 

I was glad I found it frozen though. Imagine if I had bought fruits and stuff and just put them into the fridge set at freezer temperature. Guess everything happens for a reason. Of course, I turned up the temperature of the fridge for my own use. 

Probably the only entertainment source you have for the night. Note though that the TV Channels are limited to local free-to-air channels only. Meaning you can only get Channel 5, 8, U, Vasantham, Suria, Okto, CNN, and probably TV2 (our neighbouring country's channel). 

Tip: Bring your own DVD player / Wii / Playstation / Xbox if you need electronic entertainment. Or your laptop with stuff downloaded, then bring a HDMI cable to connect and air it on the TV.

Though for a farm resort with barely any entertainment at night other than the *diao hua chang at D'Beer Garden, it would really make a lot of guests happy if they have cable TV. Guess they wanted to bring you back to 1970s kampung days where there are really only local TV channels available?

*(where you hang garlands of different prices on performers you think have done a good job performing)

There is an outdoor seating area if you wish to sit outside and chill and chat, but unless you're the kind who does not get bitten by mosquitoes, I won't recommend going out unless you are adequately protected. 

You see, I am a Type A+ Blood person, and I am practically hairless except on my head. 
People like me are FAVOURITES with mosquitoes. Like their version of shark's fin, or bird's nest, or Durian, or Chilli crab. In other words, PREMIUM. 

I get bitten all the time so bad it's not even funny. Like 10 people would go out to places like these (farms, Sungei Buloh, Phuket...), and I would be the one with 8 bites at the end of half an hour. These bites on me swell so big they are usually at least the size of the old 20¢ coin. Which is your new 50¢ coin. And they are mad itchy. 

I found out from years of experience also that people who are hairy don't really get bitten where there is hair. Like my super hairy-legged guys. Maybe they might get bitten on areas where they don't have hair, but if I'm around, I'm the obvious target. Why get tangled up in curly leg hair when there are 2 huge fat legs for you to suck blood from right? 


Moral of the story: You are in a farm area. As long as you are outdoors, please be equipped with your mosquito repellent items, be they mosquito patches, sprays, coils, jeans, whatever. Just protect yourself. They say mosquitoes are generally prevalent during hot weather seasons, but I think they come out when it's raining too. I'm paranoid, so protection AT ALL TIMES is best. Lol. 

Your view when you sit outdoors - your neighbours. So kampung. Haha. It's really fun though, if you and a bunch of couple friends book a number of units. Then in the day you can explore the farms together, and at the restaurant you can all order and eat tze char, which we all know is so much easier to order when you have a lot of people. ^.^

Tip: Also, if you are going with a bunch of friends, I would like to suggest bringing board games. You're in a farm resort. The only gadget you need is probably your phone, which you can already *do a lot with. Board games can actually be fun when you have a bunch of friends to play with. Or stuff like Uno. Relive your childhood!

*Wifi is available, but from my room my signal was pretty weak and I relied on my 4G most of the time, which works beautifully anyway. 

Tip: Remember to set your phone to your mobile network operator instead of letting it search automatically. Else you will roam to Malaysia's network. You don't want anyone to call you and you accidentally pick up the call thinking you're still on SG network. Your phone bill might go crazy. 

Overall I like the quiet and privacy of the resort. Away from the craziness of the city, all you hear are the getai songs (if you keep all your doors and windows open) which start at about 6 and stop at 11pm at night. Else it's really peaceful and a nice place for a quiet retreat. And the air is so fresh, especially in the mornings and at night, that I feel good just breathing. Lol.

Just remember my tips, all highlighted in bold throughout this post, and you should be on your way to a relaxing staycation. ^.^

If you don't drive, don't worry, you can always access D'Kranji via the Kranji Countryside Shuttle Bus which has plenty of timings throughout the day to pick you up from Kranji MRT. This bus also makes stops at the various farms in Kranji Countryside so you can explore the farms even without a car! 

D'Kranji Farm Resort is located at:
10 Neo Tiew Lane 2
Singapore 718813
Tel: 68629717
Email: reservations@dkranji.com.sg