Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Exam Results Taken. Now WHAT?????


So my sis just got her A'level results about a couple of weeks ago, and she's having a tough time deciding what next. See, she's REALLY interested in the SAF and army and chiong sua and all of that, and although I cannot understand why (yes, we are different that way lol), I support her decisions, especially since they are fuelled by passion. Then there are people who tell her what's supposedly "good" and "got more future", and the family expectations that she feels that she needs to meet.

Decisions, decisions...

I remember I was there once, and I remember too many of my friends just choosing the best course/degree they qualify for. Which I didn't think was the right thing to do. Of course, to each his own. 

Of course, if you have all As most people would expect you to take up Law or Medicine or some "prestigious" course likely to have something to do with the sciences. But honestly, if you don't like it, you'll end up dropping out or switching courses halfway, or spend many years on a degree which is irrelevant to a career you wish to embark on.

As cliched as it may sound, I'd say go with your heart. What does that mean?

Now, be honest with yourself here, and have a really good think through about what you like. Is it playing games? Is it beauty? Do you want to help people? Like animals? Doing business? Are you very good with talking? How about dancing? Or music? What comes naturally to you?

Based on what you know about yourself and what you like, pick a course that will genuinely excite you. Note that I did not just say "interest". You need it to excite you, before you will enjoy what you study, because studying it become a quest for the knowledge that you need to do what you like to do, instead of just something which you have to pass.

Sure, parents will want you to do this, do that, lead you by your nose to "what's best for you". And some parents are going to either hate or thank me for this, but you know what's best for yourself. 
They may wish that you are a doctor, but you might end up as one of the top architects/bankers/businessman in Singapore who earns so much more than what a doctor does. 

It might be hard to go against your parents' wishes, but sit them down, and tell them what you really feel and think. Then prove it in years to come. Remember - Great things are never easily achieved, but if you work at it hard enough, you bet it WILL come. Hard comes will give you results, but passion + hard work? Woohoo! Ho Seh!

Start emailing companies for scholarships if you have to. Some companies are willing to give you scholarships even if you are not a "Straight A's" student, as long as your results show that you are good in relevant subjects. Upon graduation, you are secured a job doing something you studied, and the company doesn't need to worry about their trained employee running away because of the bond you will need to serve upon graduation. Win-win. 

Else, just get into that course you really like, then study hard (In fact you don't have to study so hard if you like something. That's just how it is.) and apply for a scholarship later. 

Welcome to adulthood, and may this post serve you well in your future. I wish you all the best! ^.^

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