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Review: SHR Super Hair Removal @ The Face Aesthetic Clinic - The Painless Way

That's a really long blog title by the way. Lol! So I have been instagramming quite a bit on SHR treatments since last year, and hardworking me only decided to blog about it now. 

*Wide grin*

Ok before you judge me, you have to hear me out - hair growth happens in cycles, and you can't capture exactly the hair at the time you want to when you do your treatments. I wanted to make sure that the treatment works, that hair growth is really stunted, before I write a longass detailed post to bore you about removing hair from everywhere on my body except my head and brows.

You ready for this hairy adventure? 

I blogged about and reviewed the Soprano Pain-Free Hair-Free a few years back. Treatment was done on my armpits and since then, some hair has grown back. They are not coarse, thick hair though, so don't be worried if you've gone for that. The thing with that was that the doctor didn't provide Brazilian treatments, meaning I couldn't go bald down south.

And my amayyzeeeeng handsome doctor at The Face Aesthetic Clinic, Dr Zhang Yijun, provides the service! Yay!!!

Yes, he's the guy who did my laser treatments for me!

And I don't have an updated picture of him because he always REFUSES to take pictures. (And he insisted he took ONE before and that's enough. Grrr...) Trust me, he's even harder than my dog when it comes to taking a good still shot. I always have to take like voyeur shots macam some teekopeh then it'll come out blur. -.-" 

You see:
I stole this shot while he was doing laser for me last week.
He is going to kill me for doing this. Okay technically he can't because he'll lose his licence. Lol.
Eh but to be fair I had to sacrifice myself and take a picture from a super unflattering angle. >.<
(But I saw other blogs he took nice photos! Dr Zhang you owe me a good proper picture! Or you risk having more of these posted on the www. #thisisnotathreat)

And here's a proper one from his site:
Source: Google images
If you're on Youtube or Facebook or some other site you might notice his face popping up on the banner:
Source: Screenshot of Lindsey Stirling's video on Youtube.

So if you think he looks familiar that's probably why. ^.^

Okay sidetracked too far. The topic is hair removal. Ahem.

Now now, before you judge me or get worried that a male doctor is going to see your privates and zap your pubes (or get excited because he's a cute male doctor...-.-"), stop that thought now. His trusty therapist will do the treatment for you. 

I can't decide if I hear breaths of relief or sighs of disappointment more. 

Anyway, what matters is this - it works. Duh, you pay money to zap your pubes or whatever hair you want to zap, you want it to be effective right? If you have other intentions, you better look elsewhere. ><

So let me take you through the treatment and advise accordingly on what you should do:

1. Schedule a consultation with Dr Zhang first. Call the clinic to make an appointment. (Details at the bottom of the blogpost.) He is a busy man and of late his appointments get crazy full, especially during weekends, so it's advisable to not just walk in and expect to see him. 

Tell him what your hairy concerns are and he will advise and discuss with you the best option you should take. Some people may be more suitable for IPL instead. From my understanding, IPL hair removal is only suitable for light-skinned people with dark hair. Darker-skin-toned candidates may risk getting burnt if they opt for IPL hair removal. SHR, however, can be used by people of all skin tones and hair colour. =)

2. Once you've decided on your hair-removal, in this case, I shall talk about SHR because that's what I did, you will be brought into the treatment room. 

I suggest at this point that you make a trip to the toilet. Clear whatever you need to clear, and most importantly, CLEAN YOURSELF PROPERLY. 

Even if you have no pee, go do a wipe, or something. It'd be most embarrassing if you open up and a most hypnotic smell wafts through the room, or the therapist has to clean up your erm...discharge residues. Yup. You don't need me to describe more, do you? 

3. You'll be asked to change into a robe / remove your bottoms, including your underwear. Quite obvious why right? 

4. A goggle/eye cover gadget will be put over your eyes. This is because the light from the SHR is very bright and we want to protect your eyes. This thing can kill your hair follicles, remember?

5. The therapist will shave off and apply some gel onto the treatment area. It's going to feel wet, cold and squishy, but it helps to cushion your skin against the machine where light is going to zap your hair. 

The machine will be rubbed against your skin with a sweeping paintbrush technique, and it kind of feels like a hot stone massage. One tip if you are doing bikini area: although it feels weird having someone or something massage you down there, relax. It helps. Don't try to clench your meimei. >.< The only person who should feel awkward should be the therapist. 

Unless you are a guy. 

I once asked the therapist about most awkward sessions and she swore it has got to be doing SHR for men. Erm boys...trying having a girl massage you down there. We think you know what kind of reflex reactions you are going to have. LOL!!!!

It's painless really, and all you should feel is the massage sensation from the machine (not from the therapist's hands), and some heat. It might feel a little warm, and if you feel like it has gotten too hot, twitch immediately. (I find twitching faster than me telling them it's hot. Alternatively, just go "Ouch!") 

6. This is what it'll look like. If you think you're going to watch me put pictures or a video of them zapping my pubes, think again. This is treatment on my legs. SHR can be done anywhere on your body, even sensitive areas like your face and bikini area. Although it is most effective on fine hair, according to the therapist, it works really well on pubes for some reason. 

I've done it on my face, underarms, arms, bikini area and legs. Other than hair removal, it somehow also brightens the skin so I love doing the SHR treatment on my arms and face. 

7. My session was done within 15 minutes. Heck, probably within 10. It might take a little longer if you are SUPER hairy, although 30 minutes should be a good estimate. Of course, for simpler areas like underarms, you should be done in 10 minutes. =D

8. That's it! Dress up, and you are good to go!

Sounds like so many steps, but really, just remember 2 - make an appointment prior to visiting The Face Aesthetic Clinic, and WASH CLEAN, be it your underarms or under THERE. 

I've done like 3 treatments and my south pole hair is almost gone! They are still growing, but they kind of look like smooth baby hair instead of coarse uneven frizzy wires. I probably just need a couple more treatments and muahhaah~~~ I will officially become a *peh hor. My underarms are hairless already, and it's been more than a month since my last leg SHR session and I don't see anything growing out from my legs!

*The Chinese call a woman with no hair down there naturally a white horse, and they believe such a woman will shorten her husband's life. In traditional Chinese culture, they also believe hair is very precious and is what their parents gave them, that is why they don't shave. 
Thankfully we have evolved from there. I'd be a peh hor any day.
P.S. So 白馬王子 means...?

Have fun being hairless in all the right places! XOXO!

Disclaimer: As this is a review and not a paid advertorial, no monetary compensation was provided for this article. All opinions expressed are mine and mine alone, not by or validated/endorsed/manipulated by Dr Zhang Yijun or The Face Aesthetic Clinic, Q&M or any affiliated employee thereof, and written solely for the benefit of my readers looking for an honest review. Grammatical errors, intended or not, are also mine. Do note that this was my experience and your results may vary based on your individual condition. Thank you!

All rights reserved. Unless otherwise stated, I own copyright to all material in this blog post. 

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