Sunday, 11 May 2014


Mum went out early this morning so I sort of spent the whole day at home nursing a terrible cough. I'm a firm believer of fengshui, and when I took one look at my desk, I understood why my health hasn't been all dandy. 

My desk is a huge mess. Of paper clutter, trash, media kits, products, urgh. You name it. 

No wonder I wasn't feeling well! In fengshui, it's said that your environment reflects on your life - health, relationships, career... hence I decided to do a purge today.

With a huge plastic bag in one hand, I threw away everything that I don't think I'll look at again, or will probably shift from point A to point B while not having a use for it. Throw! 

It's amazingly therapeutic when you throw stuff away. Sure, there's that moment of hesitation and struggle, but when  I made the ultimate decision to dump it into the plastic bag, I felt like I was released. As if each item was a burden on me. I'm not trying to sound like one of those inspirational self-help declutter gurus, but that was really what I felt! 

Now I can see my decorations and my desk top (no joke, I could only catch glimpses of it, and that was when I pushed things to the side)!

Am still wondering what to do with that piece of wall. It looks kind of bare with just the notice board. Any ideas?

This used to hold my stones and incense sticks. And since I don't have my incense burner anymore (waiting to get a nice one but I haven't found the perfect one yet), I took out the incense sticks, washed the bottle and soaked my stones with my Marimos! These marimos were sitting in a the ziplock bag they came in when I bought them, for like the past 7 months! Now you have a proper home yay! Oh, and I bought these stones because I heard they help with ren yuan and relationship luck! ;)

More corners to clean up! For now, dinner with the lovely Mummy! ^.^


  1. Hi you are too smart to believe in fengshui! Met some customers who believe in that and all I see is that they are missing on opportunities because they are just limiting themselves in not doing this or that. Work smart, be aware of your enviroment, do your best, help those around you and build people up and you will be fine.

  2. I believe in de-cluttering too... but just can;t get round to it. I shall attempt to throw out one item today.
    Just ONE.
    And I have marimo too; they live in a honey jar inside the fridge.