Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Durian Buffet

Anyone's heard of a durian buffet? Yeah so far I have and they're only available in Malaysia. I was in KL about 3 weeks back to help a friend with his shoot and Ariel & Aric (I've known these2 since I was 16!!!) brought us for durian buffet!!!!!!!!

The eat until you vomit and die kind.

There were a few stalls, but we decided on this one - Durian SS2 Station.

 RM9.00 Per Person!!!!!!!! 
Are you reading this? It's not RM9 per durian, it's 9 Ringgit PER PERSON!!!!!
That's S$4 leh! Siao boh? Here in Singapore one kampung durian already S$3 lor!

Applicable from Mondays to Fridays only. Weekend and P.H I think got different pricing.

It says "EAT UNTIL YOU GET FULL FOR RM9.00 per person"
Literally "吃到你饱".

Apparently there is another option of RM15 per person. You will get the more atas, better durians like D24, 101 etc. RM9 is for kampung durians.

Of course we took the RM15 one la! Hello? How much is that only? Conversion rate is now $1 = RM2.36 (Appx 2.4). Not even S$7!!!!!

 So many people~~~ It was about 10pm when we got there.

 I heard they're open from around noon time to 12 midnight. Not exactly sure but you can the owner Ah Wai at 012-234-5619 if you really want durian for breakfast. Lol.

Tell me which other durian STALL has their own website!!!
Okay maybe Durian Lingers, but theirs is a shop, plus they sell durian at dok tao prices...(expensive)


They even have a page which tells you the different kinds of durians they have! So for those who only know how to eat, but not sure how to differentiate, you may want to check the site out!

D24. The most famous of them all, other than "Cat Mountain King". Lol.
According to the site description:

:: Strong fragrance & taste good
:: Sweet & acrid taste
:: Smooth flesh & sticky
:: High quality

"Strong fragrance and acrid taste"? Lol. Well, durians do have their very own distinctive smell and taste, so I guess describing them can be a real challenge. =D

:: Sweet & good fragrance
:: Smooth flesh & small seed
:: Red Flesh
:: Top 10 Durian
:: High Quality

:: Sweet & acrid taste
:: Strong fragrance & thick flesh
:: Special delicious taste

Wonder what "special taste" is...

ThRaka. Never heard of it right? Neither have I.
It's also called 竹脚.
:: Fragrant Durian & taste good
:: Sweet & acrid taste, small seed
:: High quality
:: Top 10 Durian

I found out that this one is second best only to the famous Mao Shan Wang! Not just Top 10 hor, this one Top 2. Don't got eye no see orh-yi-orh...

Raja Kunyit. This one you don't play...

:: Special fragrance Durian
:: Smooth flesh & flat seed
:: Very special taste
:: The best quality
:: No. 1 in the Top 10 Durian list

How come I've never heard of it?!!!! The best of the best leh! *looks around*
Or am I the only swakoo one around here???

Okay so I googled...
Raja Kunyit is your CAT MOUNTAIN KING 猫山王!!!!!
I found another site which gave a better description:

Characteristics of Raja Kunyit variety:
Color: Golden Yellow
Texture: Smooth, custardy and firm
Seeds: Almost Seedless! (No fully-formed seeds, with tiny seeds easily remove from flesh)
Taste: Sweet with a tinge of bitter aftertaste

The origin of the Raja Kunyit is Gua Musang. That's why it is also known as Musang King, or 猫山王. How come it's not Kucing King huh?

 This is a musang. Look like CAT meh?????!!!!!! -.-"

 Authentic Mao Shan Wang (Raja Kunyit).
The seeds of 猫山王 are usually flat, uneven and small, as shown above. NOW YOU KNOW! 
AND there are a lot of fake maoshanwangs around, so if you open and eat one, and the seeds are not as described, you dio pian already.

Now you know what to ask and look for!

All the (bitter sweet) 苦甜肉 ones!!!!! LOVE MAX!
All you gotta do is sit down, tell them what price range buffet you going for (RM9 or RM15), then they will just keep bringing and opening durians at your table. Shiok. And ALL the durians we ate were sedap lor! Don't have 失水准 ones.

 I have no idea how many we ate. Okay I have no idea how many I ate, cos apparently I didn't hear the rest when they said let's count how many "hood" we ate.

On average, each person downed like 15-20 "hood"!!!

P.s One "hood" is one piece of yellow durian flesh with seed. E.g. One durian has many "hoods". 
Lol. For the clueless to the colourful use of language.

 Can you NOT tell we were really happy????

If I eat until I vomit and die now, I will die a happy woman.
Then as a ghost I will always the durian smell, and anytime you SUDDENLY smell durian, you know I'm around. LOL!!! Okay okay choi! Chik guay cannot talk all these nonsense.
*bor bi peng an*

After that we were all really stuffed. The guys at the stall told us if we are full already right, can go walk walk jalan jalan a bit, then come back anytime before midnight for round 2, or round 3 or round 4....
(If you haven't vomitted by then. Lol.)

Durian is considered very heaty food, and if you don't want to fall sick or get a sore throat the day after a durian feast, have a coconut, or take mangosteens. These are said to reverse the effects of heatiness. =)

Oh and one more thing, I bet many people don't know this:
Do not drink alcohol with durian. One can of beer is fine, but no hard liqour. The stall owner said so.

Durian contains high levels of sulphur, and the high sulphur content will cause the body to inhibit the activity of aldehyde dehydrogenase, causing a 70% reduction of the ability to clear toxins from the body. 
Wah what the hell is Silver talking about? Okay in simple English:
Now when you drink alcohol, you need your body to be able to clear the alcohol from your bodyWhen you eat durian with alcohol, because aldehyde dehydrogenase activity is inhibited and toxin breakdown and elimination becomes very very slow, your body won't be able to get rid of the alcohol in your body as efficiently as it should, and you may die from alcohol poisoning

Read this if you need more information. If I were you, I won't try. Just eat durian with coconut juice, or liang teh. =D

I'm not really an alcohol fan, other than the occasional Muscat and Brothers Toffee Apple Cider, so...


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  1. Are your friends there Malaysians? The guy with cap on looks familiar.. Is he Malaysian too?

  2. Ohhh thanks for this! Nice photos and very helpful information!