Friday, 12 August 2011

Gelish by Pink Parlour

Long overdue!!! But I'm here still okay?

And I was talking about Gelish nail polish some time ago when I blogged about JNails. I said I'll come to the actual post talking about benefits of Gelish. Remember not?

Pink Parlour was very nice to offer to let me try Gelish nail polish for the very first time. 

I love the interior of this particular outlet at Orchard Central. It's very different from its very first outlet at Far East Plaza - this one's so much more spacious!

 Check out all the nail polish colours they have~
See the white bottles at the bottom? Those are the Gelish Nail Polish!!!

 And will you check out the waiting area???

Pedicure corner...

Seriously...why have I NEVER been to this outlet before???
Now I'm a convert. 

Anyways, I was talkina about Gelish....

So what's so great about Gelish?
Gelish is basically Gel Nail Polish in short. It works the same way as a nail polish in the sense that it gives your nails pretty colours the way normal nail polish would.So how is it better?

  • Lasts for up to 3 weeks without chipping. Mine lasted a good 3 weeks. ;) 
  • May take a little longer to apply because it needs time to cure under a UV lamp, but it takes seconds to dry. Compare that with a manicure session using normal nail polish and having you walk around everywhere looking like you have handicapped hands, or claws...
  • While conventional nail polish may stain your nails over time and cause yellowing, gelish nail polishis basically an odourless formula that will not cause any damage to the nails, even after prolonged use.

I don't know about you, but those 2 points are more than good enough for me. Lasting for a good 3 weeks means I do not have to bother about my nails or make additional trips to the manicurist to keep them looking in tip-top condition. Taking seconds to dry means that after I step out of the nail salon, I could dig my hands (or nails) into my overstuffed handbag and NOT worry about getting my newly-done nails smudged.

So what if the Gelish required 15 minutes to soak off completely? Travel time to the nail salon for each manicure? That's one-hour for a return trip. Each session at the nail salon? 1-3 hours. That's probably 2 hours each week for a normal nail polish manicure. Gelish nails? 1 session of 1 hour plus 1 return trip, and I don't need to repeat that for 3 weeks. Hello? Can you do the Maths???

So enough about the benefits, let's get straight to the my nails!!!

Er...yah...that's me when I'm filming anything. -.- Yah what, most times they just want plain nails, "dowan so nice can or not", so whenever I'm filming anything for TV (especially dramas) I just don't give a shit about my nails at all...


Anyway that is the past...after that I got really hooked on Gelish... Guess what? They have "non-striking colours" so I can still have plain looking nails that look beautiful...

The colours available. Actually Gelish comes in more colours la...I think the manufacturers have come up woth 48 colours, to be exact.

I wanted colour #4 but the girl at Pink Parlour told me #3 would be nicer. Alright then...I shall gamble and trust the professional...

Though I still wanted something nude-looking. I think pastel pink's more of her colour than mine.
I'm kinda bad in that way, not firm enough with trivial things like these. To think I should have learnt to be firm enough with regards to the things I want, anything I want....



This was what she did.

Since it was already so not nude and faintly decorated, I told her I wanted bling. Lol. Might as well right???
Either plain plain, or super 夸张. Don't like neither here nor there. 这是本小姐的个性。

My fingers looked so shiny because of the moisturizer they used - it has some glittery ingredient so you'll feel like you have diamonds applied on you. Lol~

What happened at the end after she was done removing the tacky layer of the gel top coat surprised me.
"It's done."
I touched it. It was COMPLETELY DRY!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!! I pressed on it. Nothing happened!!

I'm officially a Gelish convert. Right after this I went and bought myself a nude Gelish Nail Polish, but that's really because I have a UV Lamp and I know how to do this at home myself. Plus, when I do start filming and getting busy, I really won't have much time visiting nail salons. But for you, please, do go and try this product. Always look for this:

So you know you're getting the real deal.

Want to see more of what Gelish can do? Read my previous nail post.

Gelish is available at all good nail salons, including this pretty one...

Make your appointment today! *meow*



  1. why do you have a uv light at home?

  2. Because I have a Diploma in Nail Technology. I'm actually a certified nail technician myself. =)

  3. Hi Silver Girl, I'm glad you had a fabulous time at Pink Parlour. Thanks for your support! :)

  4. well, u should blog about the removal part for gel nails. how u need filing and how it does create damage to natural nails...

  5. Filing should always be done minimally, making the gel thin (and NOT the nail!). Then using acetone, it will be much easier to soak off the gel. Always remember to apply nail and hand moisturizer after as acetone can be drying!

  6. I am a huge manicure person. Bad enough having to work, makes me more depressed to see sad looking nails. LOL! I haven't tried gelish though I am a huge soft-gel fan. :)

  7. looking at your post, makes me feel like doing my nails too. like you, hated the waiting for the nails to be dried thats why i rather not do my nails :( then no chio nails. but thanks for the info!

    btw, i saw you today at hougang :) i think you were having dinner? with ben as well. looking really pretty!

  8. Hi. I don't know is it me or what but how come the gel nails look kinda weird?