Friday, 15 July 2011

Pretty Nails from JNail!

Omg I can't begin to tell you how much I'm loving my new nail design now!!! It's the kind which, the more you look at it, the more you'll like it kind. Very 耐看.

It's done by this lady called Jess. At this super unassuming place beside Bukit Panjang Plaza, called Jalan Lompang, in a nornal-looking HDB flat. When she brought me into the room, I was impressed by the home-salon's decor...

 Super Korean/Victorian!!! Very sweet!!! And the whole feel is just super cosy~
Love the wallpaper TTM!!! It kinda reminds me of Milly's, the same feel~ Only difference is this is a home~

 And the clock!!!! I recently acquired a similar one for my room, but this one's much much nicer! And it says LONDON!!!! My favourite place second to home!!!!!

 Even her curtain has been specially chosen to match the whole theme. Nice. Aku suka...

Yes, Jess is an award-winning nail technician. She's also a qualified nail tech instructor. Whoooaaaa....don't play play. 来头不小哦~

She's got like the full set of the Gelish Nail Polish okay!!!! Tell u guys more about gelish in another post. Woohoo!!!! LOVES!!! I'm going to use THOSE!

I'm terrible when it comes to choosing nail designs. And knowing that, somehow I always go unprepared even though I ALWAYS tell myself to choose a design from a nail magazine then bring the mag along and ask them to do. I ALWAYS forget. ~.~

Anyway I just told her the colours I like, and I told her I'll let her do whatever she feels like doing. Lol.

 So while she did my nails, she kept me occupied with Jay Chou and Jolin... The room's got a TV and a DVD player, so if you want to bring your Gossip Girl or whatever drama you're in the midst of watching, feel free to. ;)


No...she worked on them a bit more...

 Mini roses!!!!!!!! It's amazing how the design suddenly came to life after she added the leaves! 
The design's so Cath Kidston! OMG!!! She's good man...
Okay so she painted a total of 84 ROSES on my fingers!!!!

 Finished product. She added a ribbon / 2 heart shapes across the french nail designs. 

The colours shown in this picture are almost as close the ones on my nails now. 
This was done using Gelish Nail Polish and Gel Overlay across the entire finished design. It's been 1 week and the nails are still intact with no chipping!

Thank you Jess for the lovely nails!!! 

Want to see what else she's capable of?

 Skirting, leopard prints, ribbons and bling... If you can't decide what style you want. LOL!

She MADE the Hello Kitty okay...if you want this you gotta tell her in advance so that she can pre-sculpt the kitty before you come (saves you waiting time!).

Pssst...she's got a promotion now....

A design like my nails will probably cost you around $48-$68 using Gelish. And the most important thing is...the designs LAST LONGER when you use gel overlay!!! So really, it's considered very affordable!!!

Still hesitating? Just go make your appointment now!!!!!!!

Blk 175, Jalan Lompang (it's JUST beside Bt Panjang Plaza!), #07-53
SMS Jess at 96908083 to make your appointment! ;)

That Silver Girl


  1. OMG!!! Your nails are so pretty!!!


  2. Hi!! I noticed your pretty nails on Saturday! They are indeed cute and beautiful! I always thought the small roses were stick on now I am amazed by the dedicate artwork!