Sunday, 15 April 2012

Alton BABY!!!!!

 Went to visit Alton for the first time in almost 2 months!!! (Confused? Read abt it here.) 

Oh gosh I'm like going crazy when I saw him. Have you ever felt like you miss someone so much, for so long, and then when you finally get to see that person you're so happy you're almost tearing and you don't know what to say? That was me. You have no idea how many nights I spent just thinking about how I would watch him sleep each night and how I couldn't for the past 2 months.

And I know he felt the same way too. The excitement, that speed and strength his tail was wagging at, and he kept running around in circles like how he always does when he's so happy.

Poor baby is in a cone because they don't want him to scratch and hurt the eye that was operated. That's the once-cataracted eye. His right eye. On your left. It's still red and swollen, and I can see the part where the eye has been cut open to remove the lens and that it is healing well.

I'm not really sure if he can see now because the hole where his pupil should be is now in a weird position, like above where it should be. His iris seemed to grow over where the pupil should be. Maybe it's still recovering and needs time for the wound to heal. But I'm not exactly sure how it should look like. I hope everything works out fine for him.

Whatever it is he seems to be much much happier than during those days immediately after the operation. Maybe because he's seeing me. ^.^ Okay I'm tearing as I'm missing him now.

I still can't bring him home as his medication needs to be administered a few times a day and he shouldn't be put under stress, and I have an overseas project coming up so I won't be able to do that (plus he gets very stressed up each time I leave the house). 

I'm very thankful that this family has offered to take care of him during recovery as they have a maid who is home all the time. I wouldn't know what I would do if not for them. Thank you.

 I brought him home for a few hours to help cut his nails, trim the fur around his paws and ears, and cleaned up his ears. Gosh his ears were so smelly! I think they didn't really touch his head and leaves the cone on him all the time so naturally the buildup inside his ear was max powerful. *faints* 

I gave him a good bath too, making sure I took extra care when I washed his head and face. 

And oh yes, I let him have some off time from the dreaded cone. You know when I tried to bring the cone near him he was so frightened of it he ran and hid under the table? He must be really relieved to be able to get it off for a while. I gave his head and behind-the-ears a really good scratch for him. Lol~ 

Recover well and come back soon okay? 

Mummy loves you too baby~!!!


  1. cheers Silver, on being such a loving owner to Alton! both of you are blessed to have each other:)
    hv 2 dogs at home too, but was exhausted from cleaning up after them time after time (cus 1 isn't toilet-trained and the other has really poor aiming -_-"),bt still dogs are man's best friend!!

  2. Hope he recovers QUICKLY!! :)