Friday, 23 March 2012

I Feel Good

I know it sounds simple, but "I Feel Good" more than justifies how I have been feeling the past week.

How it all started: A trip to Batam with Mint.

 Every trip involves a mode of transportation to the ferry terminal, airport, or some other customs channel. Considering the fact that I stay in Woodlands (uber far from Harbourfront), a taxi both ways would set me back at least $50. And I wished I could ride cos per day it would only cost me $1.30 but I had a lotta stuff to carry. So I drove.

And this time, I was THRILLED to remember that the SEAH IM Food Centre Open Space Carpark is a 50cents/half hour carpark. If you've read my earlier post on parking in Singapore, that would mean a full day's parking is only $10 worth of coupons! 

That's 2 booklets of $2 coupons for you. You can get them from the Mama shop at the other end of the food centre, or cross the bridge and go to Cheers on Level 1 of Harbourfront Centre to get them. That was what I did cos I didn't have enough coupons.

Back to the story. Why thrilled? Last week I went to Batam with Angeline (for work la), and parked at Harboufront Centre. It was from 12pm this day to 5pm the next. Not even 48 hours right? Damage on my cash card? $38. 

My heart stopped for a moment when I saw that. Even more expensive than Changi Airport can?!!! Changi Airport has a cap of $17 something per 24 hours. Not Harbourfront Centre.

Now you know!

$20 for 2 days' parking. Savings of about $20. Happy or not you tell me! That's almost half a bottle of the (discounted) Bubble Mask okay! 

Mint has been crazy about Stitch for as long as I remember. No prizes for guessing which one's hers. ;)

And we have the stars for the trip~ Presenting to you Silver Ang~

And Mint Leong~! *drumrolls~*
I hate to admit this, but I feel oh-so-inferior when I look at my chest then see hers. Hmmph!
Oh well, 平胸也有平胸的美啦~
Models are flat too, with the exception of VS models.

Then again, models have legs that go on forever and ever.


Okay reminder: I'm happy. Life is good. ^.^ 

 A sisterly bonding trip is always amazing. I have had the fortune to travel solo with Cheryl last year to Hong Kong, then last week with Angeline to Batam, and then with Mint. And the best part? All these girlfriends know each other now! (Yishi I'm going to have to drag u in too, soon.) I think we can do a holiday together, all of us. 想了都興奮!

 I love boat/ferry rides! The waves swaying the boat like a slow dance~ Then sometimes it gets a little too choppy and then it feels exciting. =D

 Hello Resorts World Sentosa~

Because we were videoing so much for something really exciting that is going to be released in due course, I hardly took pictures. This is like the only picture we took of our activities - first day lunch. Lol.

We ate like 2 rice meals, with JUICE and we ordered an additional Lontong.

Cost us S$10-equivalent, in total. Woohoo!!!!!

 Mint got me this from 25 Hours. Purple strap GEMINI Watch! It's super pretty!

Watch camwhore. Lol~

 And she got one in White too! Hers is a Capricorn Watch. =D

Oh btw if you like one for yourself, there is a contest on Facebook which allows you to win one! Check out the 25 Hours Facebook page for more details! 

I'm really happy, only because I am on a sisterly bonding holiday; We shared so many secrets and talked about everything from private intimate experiences to silly scandals and cheap thrills, and pillow-talked till 4am in the morning when we were already on the verge of making a dramatic crash into Lala-land; had a couple massage together in the same room (have I ever been privately naked with a sister other than in an onsen? No.); We both know what each other was talking about, like a huge connection; She's ever so patient with me while I act stupid on my phone; & because I met one more friend I can connect uber well with.

She makes me laugh~

If that's not enough, I found out the family I left Alton with before my these 2 weeks' travels brought him to see the Animal Eye Doctor Dr Stanley. He's the ONLY vet specializing in eye surgeries in the WHOLE of Singapore, and he's based in Aussieland. Good money for him huh?

Anyway, he's in Singapore, and the family brought Alton to see him.
The doctor had to do an ERG to check if Alton's right eye's retina is still alive. And guess what, the day I returned to Singapore, I was informed that the ERG and the Cataract removal operation have been done.

Because the ERG also involves anesthesia, it wouldn't be good to do it twice, so the doctor decided to do it together. His retina is good and alive! His right Optic Nerve is already damaged, so they can't change a new lens for Alton, and the lens they took out from his eye had already hardened like marble!

See how opaque his right lens had become?

Never mind, so I was shocked right? And I went "How much is the Op? Can I pay you?". I know the op isn't cheap, and I have been saving up to bring Alton to go for the surgery.

What they told me next had me stopping the car and crying nonstop for the next 10-15 minutes -

"Don't worry it's on us. My kids don't want. They want an expensive birthday present for Alton - they pay for it."

I really broke down. Knowing that someone loves Alton the way I would, is something very very new to me. All his life, (except when he was a small little fat puppy) he has had to deal with people being very unfriendly to him, trying to hit him with umbrellas and newspapers, not allowing him on the bed, on the chairs, "because he is a dog". p

Alton is a very very loving kid, and is always friendly to almost everyone. And it always makes me angry when he runs to someone and they freeze and try to hit him or show a disgusted face. Alton's probably cleaner than them la kns.

So knowing someone really loves Alton the way they do, it moved me so much I cried. I cried and I cried. And I have to thank Mint for being there to share that moment with me. Not many friends have seen me tear with joy. In fact I can't remember ever crying because I was so overwhelmed with happiness. It's like first there was the trip, then everything else, and then the good news that Alton can now see clearly.

I'm over the moon.

Alton now has to wear this so he can't scratch his swollen right eye. He's on tranquilizers to sleep, but still very loving. Just that he doesn't have much appetite, doesn't want to play and all. But I'm sure about one thing, as much discomfort as he has, he understands, and he's grateful.

They keep the house dark now so it doesn't strain his eyes.

 I feel like going to visit him and hug him and tell him that everything's going to be okay. I can't, because he's not supposed to get excited or stress out his muscles (which he will with me after having not seen me in 2 weeks, for those who have seen Alton with me).

Thank you Anjli and family. Thank you Mint. Thank you, all those who have played a part in making my week so wonderful.



  1. hey there!
    nice Gemini watch u have! & THANKS FOR SHARING THAT 25 HOURS HAD THIS GIVEAWAY FB CONTEST! BECAUSE I WON THE PISCES WATCH!!! :DD super happy! 真的谢谢! 真的没想到!

    -Mei Mei ;D

    1. OMG CONGRATS!!!! I'm happy for you!!! I'm recently wearing more purple because of my watch! Lol~

  2. Great pics! Are you from Singapore? Cool :)